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Rensu J. Ōkami

"Let's see where fate takes me this time."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Setsugie


Rensu Jaeger Ōkami


Quote: "I feel as though time is beginning to repeat itself."

Nickname/Alias: The Fallen Knight
Race: Human- Demon, Elf, Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Aprox. 3400 years, looks about 17
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Physical Description: Rensu stands at 5'11 feet tall, weighting about 154 pounds with Crimson hair reaching his slightly above his talons his eyes are gray colored. He has a muscled physique, with no types of scars or tattoos on his body except for one on his back a Curse mark that takes up all of his back.
He wears black colored tight Hakama with a black Mens kimono top piece; over this there are bits of steel armor in vital areas(Such as, the elbows, knees, shins, thighs and forearms). He wears a gray colored coat which is ragged at the end that has a Kanji for "God Killing Wolf" on its back, and it has steel shoulder guards.

He is also Blind.

Personality: He is usually a calm and serious person, but still has remnants of a child at his heart. Since he has lived for a long time he has gained much knowledge and has become very wise. He tends to be a good person to everyone and has an old style of thinking things but he has a tender compassionate heart; he is rarely angered and will tend to keep quiet most of the time giving of a slightly menacing and serious but gentle aura around him.

Peace and quiet
Abuse of power

Two Knight Swords Usually both worn on his right hip.


~Expert Swordsman: He was the best swordsman of his era during the war. He could easily slice a leaf in half(down the middle) while in midair.
~Hand to Hand Combat Expert: Even Without a weapon he is powerful, having learned many martial arts such as Taekwondo and Aikido during the war.
~Enhanced hearing: Being blind since he was 10, he has developed a keen superhuman hearing and is what he usually uses to move around and such. He is capable of hearing your heart beat to muscle movements from just a few feet away, he can hear thing from about a half a mile away with no problems. He can omit sounds from far away so he doesn't hear unnecessary things, louder than normal sounds due tend to cause strain on his hearing but not to a large scale.

-Blood and Shadow Manipulation:(Not his ability But the demons) Can control nearby exposed blood at will, as well as control Rensu's Shadow at will, giving them a physical form, stretching it, expanding it etc.

(Resumed story since the actual one was way too long)

Rensu at the age of 17 was a part of a very famous war called the War of the Ancients or the Demonic War, where demons tried to take over the world and the other species that dwelled within it. The Demons almost did this but races such as angels,Elves, Humans etc. formed a resistance to fight back creating the Three Pillar of Heaven, The Susano'o Unit, The Tsukuyomi Unit and the Amaterasu Unit to win the war. Rensu was the Famed captain of the main Attacking force The Susano'o Unit being the best fighter withing the resistance. After a year the resistance finally managed to seal the Demon Overlord and defeat the remaining Demon army but two captains of the Units died at the hand of a curse, Rensu managed to find a way to keep the curse from consuming it by feeding it with Life energy but the curse thus stopped his aging completely.

Know after Thousands of years Rensu is still trying to find a way to undo the Curse so he may age once more.

Fun Facts:
Niyase Alucard is the Demon overlord which he sealed long ago lives within his soul, thus he is also part demon. The demon usually takes material form of a little girl about 9 years in age and has Vampirical aspects, she doesn't cause any problems anymore as most of her powers long since gone, she shares a Telepathic communication with Rensu. Niyase have talks and such with him about the old times and such but she still hates him till death.

Also His soul was also bound and intertwined with an Angel/Elf, which is why he is also part Elf and Angel and shares their aspects to a certain point, he can sprout a set of Semi-Transparent Arch Angel Wings, but this does nothing its just for show.
If one where to sense his energy or feel his Soul, etc. they would feel the his Gentle Human self, his Evil demon part, and the warming good Angel, and the prideful Elf ones in one single being.

So begins...

Rensu J. Ōkami's Story