Representative Wakefield

A representative of the people of Lutetia. She is also in charge of public relations for Vindex.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Varden


Citizens of the Lutetian City State of Issunar
A small paramilitary mercenary group that was often employed by the various Terran governments and national organizations.

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Representative Wakefield's Story


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#, as written by Varden
Sometime on the third day after the incident. Some news coverage on the goings on of the Lutetia City government was on television.

"Thank you Mr. Chairman and I really wish our colleagues on the other side of the dais were here. I know Representative Whicker was here and that you had explained about Representative Thumn. This is a really important issue. This bit of discrimination and the impact it is having on the City of Lutetia. We are hearing in detail how it is effecting business. For a minute I thought I was the only one who woke up with extra angst about this situation and now hearing my colleagues on both sides. It is permeating and this is because we are getting feedback from our constituents and our constituents are suffering greatly.

As it is I am almost overwhelmed on where to go and which question to ask because I have so many questions. I could ask Mrs. Blakely about the current situation with mass layoffs of men and women found to be infected with lycanthropy which is severely effecting the economy. No. In the end this is not about one case of discrimination in a school. Mr. Chairman this is about mass discrimination and its effects on our city and the side effect that discrimination is having on our civil infrastructure. By current estimates nearly one percent of the total population of our city is infected with lycanthropy or is related to someone who is infected."

She paused briefly and glanced at the cards on the podium before returning her gaze to the audience and the others sitting at the dais. "Mr. Chairman, honorable representatives of our fair city, ladies, and gentlemen. Laws are already in place to outlaw against discrimination based on race, religion or belief, sex, age, spoken language, and mental and/or physical disability. These laws cover those infected with many incurable blood borne pathogens. These laws clearly outline that all students, employees, patrons, and indeed, citizens of the City of Lutetia are entitled to the same quality of life. If these so called werewolves are a race then they cannot be discriminated against because of what they are. Likewise, if they are sick they can not be discriminated against because of an illness.

While safety is of paramount concern we can not base our laws on fear or use discrimination as a tool. Our executive departments must uphold the laws. The EEOA must be amended and a funding must be placed in the budget for the organization and operation of an agency specifically tasked to represent and defend the rights of supernatural creatures in the City of Lutetia."

In the audience sat Bowen. The debates went on...

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Character Portrait: Representative Wakefield

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#, as written by Varden
Later that day...

Normal television and radio programming was interrupted. For those watching they would see Mrs. Wakefield step to the podium. A picture of Sophia was displayed. "Good evening. Sophia Richard, a girl, age: six is missing since this morning from her home in Lupaix. She was last seen at her home. She is approximately forty-five inches tall and weighs approximately forty pounds. Sophia Richard has waist length red hair and hazel eyes.

Sophia Richard was last seen wearing white and pink tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a pastel green shirt with a 'cat paw' print on the front and back. The police are not ruling out abduction and a sizable reward has been offered for information leading to her recovery. If you have any information on the whereabouts of this girl please call our emergency hot-line.", she said and then stated a number to call into.

Another picture was then displayed but this one was a composite sketch. "This man is wanted for questioning and is a suspect in a number of murders in and around Vargeras. He is approximately seventy-five inches, six foot, three inches tall and weighs one hundred and ninety pounds. His hair is described as brown and unruly or unkempt. His eye color is described as 'gold-ish'. He was last seen wearing a long leather trench coat, biker-like boots, dark gloves, and a round brimmed hat. He goes by the name, 'Alek'. He is considered armed and dangerous. Do not approach or attempt to apprehend this suspect.

A substantial reward is offered for information leading to his arrest. Call...", she said and stated the same number she had mentioned before." This broadcast would air on the hour, every hour until Sophia or Alek was found. No one knew at that time that if they found one, they would find both.