I am a viking woman with tremendous strength, I have a well built Axe also having tremendous strength too.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by tinerbugx3


Has very long brown hair that feels like silk. Her armor plates around her body for protection where a silver color. She has think leather knee high boots. This is to protect herself from any battle she is involved with.


Is enthusiastic about anything that comes her way. Has a attitude when someone starts something with her. She keeps things to herself unless there are problems. She is very patient with any situation except from crime and men being rude to women. Has a big heart. Thor is her best friend and has grown up with him for a long time to know what he is about.


Has a very well built axe like Thors. Her armor is the only thing that defends her. The only other thing that keeps her protected is the small blade tucked in her leather boot hiden to safe for last resort.


Has lived in the city for many years and has become very familiar with its pub which she is addicted to go to and her friends that she has met along the way. Thor has been one of her true best friends through all her problems.

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