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Ricardo Lengeles

A bit overconfident in his knowledge of Fuchsia City, and Pokemon as a whole. But, he is a nice guy, once you get to know him.

0 · 140 views · located in Fuchsia City

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by EpicsaucePDX


Born and raised in Fuchsia City, he practically grew up in the Safari Zone, and he knows the Pokemon in the Zoo by name. His main Pokemon was and is a Cubone. He is a fair bit overconfident in his abilities. However, he is a very friendly person, especially to newcomers in his home city. He loves listening to others talk, and he is quite the social person. He aims to find the person who killed his Cubone's mother, and hopefully avenge her death. He wants to do this, because he saw her die, while in the Safari Zone one day. That's how him and his Cubone met. The Cubone's name is Chihuahua, because he has a similar personality to that of a chihuahua, however he is able to hold his own in combat. Ricardo, despite being a fairly powerful trainer, with the help of Chihuahua, doesn't have a single Gym Badge. That's because he wants to stay home and protect his family from the various criminals and the like that frequent the area.He keeps Chihuahua out of his Safari Ball, because Ricardo doesn't like forcing things like that upon him. Besides, Chihuahua is friendly, most of the time.

Ricardo also has several other Pokemon, due to his experiences in the Safari Zone. The first Pokemon he ever caught was a Chansey, in a streak of pure luck. He named her Lucky. Unluckily, it ended up dying within 2 years of that date. It was then that he learned Chanseys were being bred too much, especially with the Pokemon Tauros, which made them very anger-prone and less obedient to their Trainers. Luckily, he managed to convince the Warden to stop that practice, and let them breed naturally. The next Chansey he caught, it ended up being much more obedient, and less angry. In fact, it evolved into a Blissey, a Pokemon thought to have been extinct by local residents. Ricardo named her Miracle, because it was a miracle to see a Blissey at the time. Miracle is still on his team to this day, providing valuable healing.

So begins...

Ricardo Lengeles's Story