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"The oath-breaker bleeds..."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Nemo


Rkyo Kyoujin


Empty-handed I entered
the world
Barefoot I leave it.
My coming, my going --
Two simple happenings
That got entangled.
Like dew drops
on a lotus leaf
I vanish.

-A Jisei, by Shinsui

Rkyo [rik-ee-OH] appears to be a boy in his late teens, perhaps around seventeen or eighteen years of age. His hair, perhaps his most striking feature, is a deep shade of vibrant sanguine, flowing effortlessly down to fierce eyes; black as ebony. His body is well-built and sturdy, carefully hidden beneath loose clothing and unremarkable dress-ware. Were one to manage a look at his muscled physique, they would find his torso tattooed in a plethora of etching scars, clustered about his chest, shoulder and abdominal in no discernible pattern.

While the boy appears more-or-less handsome, he emanates a cold, chilling aura... as dark and foreboding as it is mysterious. His gaze is sharp and feral; his touch fiery and stern. When he speaks, his voice flows smoothly and articulately; easy to understand yet strangely unpleasant to listen to. Everything about him looks appealing on the surface... and becomes horribly unsightly when examined more carefully. Indeed, the young man is quite strange... unsettling... almost inhuman...

"Dika ro a'tartoramren
Ulcisco ro o'rkyem
Nemonus securum eo
Temen imperi dikio
O'rkyo sangeo"

-From the Opuskro. Kyoujin law.

"Death to the traitors
Vengeance to the oath-breaker
No one is exempt
They must die
The oath-breaker bleeds"

So begins...

Rkyo's Story


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Having ordered several plates of her favorite foods and sake, Luna sat back leaning against the wall which she had placed herself and watched those who came and went while sipping the sake she had ordered.


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The Recruiter was quite pleased with the friendly reception. Even he found the smell of food, delightful. As they approached the Inn, he happened to notice a strange woman passed them. She was not from around here at all. Yet, there was something off about her. Something he would rather not find out. Perhaps she could be a useful asset. He has heard the leader has something of a soft spot for women. Or something like that. He wasn't sure, most low level guys don't even know who the boss is. Some big shot from Niihama they say.

Anything else about him is mysterious. As far as he should be concerned his boss is Ueda, and above him are the Vanguards. He has heard of the Vanguards. Four very powerful and dangerous men. Yet there are rumors of a higher position. Though nobody except the Vanguards know about it. As the women said their farewells and hopes of a pleasant stay, The Recruiter bowed his head. "Thank you!" "I shall!" He spoke with a smile as he saw them head off. He would enter the Inn as well. From there he can scope out his "talent" and converse with him over private matters.

Meanwhile the onlookers remained hidden and took notice the Recruiter entered the inn. They documented this. Soon they moved ever so silently into positions, where they gained better sight of the inn. More importantly kept surveillance of the Recruiter. Thanks to the tech, The Recruiter has on him. The Ninjas can keep records of his conversations, notice differences in heartbeat and body temperature, and hear everything he hears. So far they have no reason to intervene.