Roisin Inkson

"Don't run with scissors, Corchek~"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Jehanne, as played by ~Dark~Alice


ImageName: Roisín Inkson


The also-younger-than-Elliot daughter (12) is a very playful and boyish young girl. In her own weird way, she sympathizes with Corcheck, holding a slight grudge against 'Granny Ink' for her treatment of him. However she is very loyal to the family -- again, 'in her own weird way' -- and would seem to an outsider not to have a moral compess or be capable of sympathy.


Corchek - Roisín's physically deformed and mentally handicapped twin brother (12) and constant accompaniment. He exists inside a ragdoll: towering at six cubits and a span. When ripped open his "stuffing", you will find that Roisin filled him with "snips and snails and puppy dog tails", taking a very liberal interpretation of the phrase to make "snips" include almost anything, alive or not, cut into tiny peices. Just as Xander is the family disappointment, Corchek is the skeleton in the Inkson closet. He was never really given the inkspot last name and Granmother Inkson doesn't even acknowlege him as a human, much less a member of the family. She insists that every treat him as if he were simply some magical golem of some sort.

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Roisin Inkson's Story