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Powerful war wizard of the Southern Islands now searches for the truth in the world.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Rox was not only learned magic from the very best but he also acquired the "Skill" which is a mind like magic able to give simple commands over those who are weaker in control.


Not picky on those who he finds attractive for he truly believes that love is a mixture of that and Lust. He truly is a sadistic person and finds great joy in tormenting those who he finds interesting.


Dictation-- An elegant Longsword with gems embroidering the hilt of the blade. It almost seems lightweight and is the perfect length for Rox to use. It is an enchanted blade that seems to have a black aura outlined by gold and is able to bring light to even the darkest of areas.


Rox was a strong willed child who was born on one of the seven Jamalian islands, known as Rashada, and was bought for one silver piece in to slavery to a lord with odd taste however this was common in the Jamalian islands. When Rox reached the age of 19 he was tout in the arts of magic only to be sent off by his lord to fight a war with the outislanders only to return home without being thanked for his actions, except from his master who found that Rox had grown to be a more difficult piece of flesh to pursue. When rox hit the age of 24 he slayed his master in a bet winning over all of his estate including the original slaves which Rox promptly set free. Now still 24 he has visited Wing City in hopes of finding love and new aid for him when he returns to his island home.

So begins...

Rox's Story

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Cuspid spots a bottle of Blud and grabs it. She bit and spit the cork off and away, chugging until a buuuuurp. Cuspid tossed the bottle in the bin and slinked into the shadows, heading for the only exit.