Roxie the Virbank City Gym Leader

"AAAAAAH! You dim-witted...dense...dumb...daft...dippy...dorky...doltish DOOFUS!"

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The United Pokemon League is the federal government of Ruula and the governing force behind it's military.




Gender: Female

Occupation: Pokemon Gym Leader

Type Specialist: Poison-Type Pokemon (Toxic Badge)

So begins...

Roxie the Virbank City Gym Leader's Story

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The bouncer stood in front of the doorway, eyeing down the teen behind his sunglasses and blank face before inclining his head, "She ain't busy. Just at band practice. You can go in."

When the doors were pushed open, the smell of smog and the sound of hardcore heavy metal permeated the air around them. Everything was dark and musty. The charcoal gray floors were unparalleled to the state of the tables, chairs, and bars around them. The color pallet of hazy purple and radioactive waste green were barely noticeable in the restaurant portion of the place. However, it was clearly defined on the well-lit stage in front of Radegast. The design on the back wall was a very punk-ish style, almost graffiti, Koffing spray paint picture. At the moment, a band was on this stage, rocking hard to the music coming out of their guitars. The lead suddenly stopped, causing her two band mates to stop as well when she started shouting.

"No! No! NO! It's AFTER the rift when you begin your drum solo, Nick!" She made an irritated noise before lifting her own guitar in a ready position, "Alright, start again! And no-"

She stopped when she saw the casual boy in the casual hat standing idly by. Grunting, she waved up above, presumably to the people controlling the lights.

"Alright, take five guys! We've got ourselves a trainer!"

The spotlights turned off, the regular lights flickering on in their place. The lead hopped off the stage and started to inspect Radegast. The other two sat back and watched, used to this routine.

"Hmm...the hoodie's okay, I guess. Could use some more intense colors though. Your jeans need a couple rips in them. They're too plain. Oh ARCEUS, that hat is stupid! You look like a farmer's boy in them! And they hide those dreds! That's, like, your best feature!" Her eyes lingered on Elder, "At least you've got a pretty good taste in Pokemon, I see. Not bad." She glanced over the Operative as she made her way back to the stage, "I would probably toss the Joltik with the hat, though!"

She sat on the edge of the stage, kicking her feet up and repositioning her guitar to a comfortable position as she spoke, "Eh, you'll do, I guess. I'm Roxie, leader of the Virbank City Gym! But I'm not just gonna let you come at me and fight me. You're gonna have to prove your mettle! Nick! Billy Jo!"

The drummer and the guitarist walked off the stage to stand in front of Roxie, their eyes filled with the same amount of judgement for his fashion that the purple haired lead did. Roxie went on.

"If you can beat my band mates, I'll let ya fight me for the badge! Deal? No? Too bad! That's how I roll. But for the sake of time, cause we got a gig coming up pretty soon, I'll let ya double battle them. Sound good? No? Sucks for you, then!" Roxie kicked back and relaxed as Nick sent out a Koffing while Billy Jo launched a Venipede, the two Pokemon also appearing to eye Radegast's distasteful hat.

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The Operative chirped up an angry storm in response to the criticism. This resulted in Radegast laughing. He had his own fashion sense, and no amount of punk rock kid ever could change his mind about that. “Well, everyone’s a critic,” he gave off a friendly grin. He turned his head to Elder after the Koffing and Venipede were sent out. “What do you think?”

Elder tapped on his old pokeball, and one other. Chrome popped out, and so did Crystal. “I think they think your hat sucks,” Elder replied to Radegast. To Chrome and Crystal, he huddled up and whispered a good amount of strategy for the two of them to utilize.

“Why are we fighting?” Chrome asked, “I’m not sure it’s safe.”

“It’s for the prize money, so we can get supplies for our travels,” Elder replied, “Plus, it’d be good for each of us for all of us to get stronger, eh?”

Chrome’s single eye twinkled with an air of thoughtfulness. Indeed, evolving to a Metang would only serve to make it stronger. This current form was currently quite fast, but also too weak to be equipped with any decent psychic abilities. Only Zen Headbutt made up his psychic combat potential. It did not need pure speed anymore. It was no longer viable for capture by any other trainer. That was, after all, why the Beldum decided to join this crew.

After the strategy was decided upon, Elder and Crystal chanted “1-2-3-Break!” Chrome and Crystal hovered and flopped out onto the dance floor. Crystal’s eyes suddenly became shrouded in darkness as she mentally braced herself for combat. She and Chrome moved up. Chrome steeled itself as Crystal emitted a murderous aura. She and Chrome struck first, with Crystal billowing an icy wind to cover both targets with a biting cold. Chrome followed up the attack by charging psychic energy and blasted forward like a bullet. With the reduced speed brought on by the icy wind, Chrome had little difficulty aiming. It slammed into the Koffing; Chrome's steel frame was stronger than Koffing’s… well… not-steel frame. The psychic energy dug in and caused untold internal damage to the Koffing as well.

“Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo!” Elder pumped dual demon horns into the air.

Radegast, however, took interest in some of the rock n’ roll memorabilia hanging on the wall in cases. The human seemed uninterested in the battle, rather he was more interested in a particular acoustic guitar labeled as “Belonging to…” Radegast did not recognize the name, but it was a very fine guitar. From his left hoodie pocket, he produced a finger exerciser. Any time he had his hand in his pocket, he had always used the device to toughen his fretting fingers. As a result, he had a grip like a Krabby at the age of fifteen. What he wouldn’t give to have his guitar back from home.

He knew he couldn’t have brought it to situations like that Zoroark, or that cave he dislocated his shoulder in… or the dam… “Something troubling you, sir?” the Operative lowered herself in front of Radegast’s face using some silk to dangle from the brim of the human’s hat.

“They’re welcome to think what they think,” Radegast replied, “I grew up with dudes like that, no big deal.”

“That’s not what’s bothering you, sir?”

Radegast glanced at the left hand as it clenched and pressed down on the spring-loaded buttons on the exerciser. The scar tissue was always obvious to him. “That man we passed by, he had the same air as the Man in the Weird Suit. I don’t think I’m ready for another event like that. Everyone else pulled their weight at the moment of truth, but still…”

The Operative turned herself around on the silk. She silently stared. “Anyway, this guitar’s pretty sick,” Radegast raised his hand up to the Joltik, whom dropped from the string and crawled along his hoodie-clad arm to gather static electricity. The human turned back to the fight. “I wonder if they got an extra acoustic we could jam with…” Was it bad form to borrow a guitar from punk rockers from this region? Radegast did not know.

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The Icy Wind produced by Crystal were enough to weaken the two considerably, but Chrome Zen Headbutt was well placed and well aimed towards, hitting the Koffing at surprising speed and knocking it out before Nick even had a chance to call a move. The drummer stood there in frustration at his Pokemon being struck out before even getting to do anything.

"Aw, come on!" he groaned.

Meanwhile, Billy Jo pointed forwards with her Venipede, "Pursuit! On the Beldum! Go Venipede!"

The Dark-Type move hit hard against the Psychic portion of Beldum, but was weak against the Steel- Type portion of it. As a result, the two sides evened out and made a fairly decent strike against it. Meanwhile, a grumbling Nick had shot forth his second Pokemon, a Grimer. The gooey Pokemon stared at the Beldum, then the Seel, then Radegast's hat. It's gaze lingered there in distaste.

Roxie was taking in Radegast's fascination with the guitars she had strung on the wall. In fact, he wasn't even paying attention to the fight at all. His Pokemon did all the tactical fighting for him. Strange...

"That's one of my favorites," she commented, leaning on Radegast's shoulder as she smiled at her babies hanging on the wall. It was clear she didn't care about personal space, "Signed by Dean Friday. He kind of runs a part of the Pokemon Musical place over in Nimbasa. He can play some mean bass, too." He turned to Radegast with a genuine smile...one she didn't show that often, "Do you play? I've got a couple spare guitars backstage if ya wanna duke it out on the strings while we duke it out with our Pokemon. It looks like we're heading in that direction anyway." She inclined her head over to the continuing fight in which Radegast's Pokemon clearly had the advantage in. She also noticed that Nick was already down one man.

"Nick! Stop sucking!" she called tauntingly.

"Fuck off, Roxie!" the retort couldn't have any more venom spewed with it, "If ya hadn't noticed, it's kind of hard to fight a trainer that doesn't call out moves or nothing!"

Roxie laughed him off, but he did bring up a point, "Yeah, why is that anyway?" Roxie asked Radegast as he led him backstage to pick up an instrument, "Are you one of those Neo Team Plasma dorks?"

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“Deeeyum! that was awesome, Chrome!” Elder whooped and hopped into the air. Evidently the atmosphere of the punk rock club awoke a delinquent nature within the Haunter. “Remember if you need to swap out, I’m good to go!”

The Beldum, Chrome, took the Dark-type hit like a champ. It was not nearly as effective as one would hope against a psychic-type, and the steel-like armour left it healthier than expected. This was probably because the Beldum was not intent on retreating, where Pursuit would have been most effective. Chrome followed up with another Zen Headbutt, directed at the still-slowed Venipede. Meanwhile, Crystal’s eyes flared under the cover of their cold darkness, and a jet of water shot out and slammed into the Grimer. The water would no-doubt make the sludge of the Grimer run. Being sloshed by a jet of water would also no-doubt push the Grimer against the stage. Despite being their first battle together, Crystal and Chrome seemed to share an oddly solid chemistry.

Radegast listened to Roxie talk about the guitars and memorabilia he had seen on the wall. With her leaning against his shoulder, Radegast noticed just how short she was. When asked if he could play, Radegast replied, “Yup, harmonica too." He noticed an expression of unrivalled disgust. "For the record, I would never bring a piece like this into a cave or a forest,” he added as he gestured to the acoustic.

The taunt and subsequent flak being spat between bandmates made Radegast grin. It was then that Roxie noticed Radegast didn’t issue commands. She mentioned something the last gym leader, Cheren, had mentioned. Neo Team Plasma, there was that name again. “Cheren mentioned that name, but I got no idea what that is,” Radegast replied. “I thought I was the only one, to be honest. Anyway, I haven’t held a guitar for a while, you mind if I play a few licks?”

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Crystal's Aqua Jet had indeed had the effect she had expected it to and the Grimer was slammed back against the stage. Chrome's Zen Headbutt may have been even stronger the second time around, squashing Venipede like...well a bug. Recalling her initial Pokemon, Billy Jo continued to be rather focused on beating these two as she sent out her own Koffing. Meanwhile, an irritated and cranky Nick was just about done with whatever the Seel was going to attack with them next, so he finally decided that she wouldn't.

"Disable the Seel, Grimer!" he commanded, more frustration in his tone than anything else.

Grimer made a motion with his sludgy body, almost like he was blowing a kiss. At that point, Crystal would suddenly find herself unable to attack with anything substantial. Her moves had been disabled. This would leave time for the remaining two Pokemon to double up on Chrome.

Meanwhile, Roxie lifted the curtain and walked under it, holding it up for Radegast to follow. She scoffed as she heard the first gym leader's name, "Cheren. The goody two-shoes know-it-all! I figure you had no problem dealing with him, right? He likes to study his opponents and their Pokemon more than he likes to challenge them. I, on the other hand, will at least make it interesting. I always do." She began gazing over her spare instruments for one that Radegast could strum for a bit while she explained.

"Neo Team Plasma is a bunch of babies who don't like the way the world works. So, they choose to change that. They think Pokemon shouldn't be trained to battle and that they should be domesticated as pets and blah blah blah and all that. Right now, they're trying to spread a new way to train Pokemon without using Pokeballs. It just complicates things, is all." At last, she plucked a guitar out of a case, examining it closely. It was mostly black with little accents of purple and green here and there. The design choice was paint splotches and as a whole, it matched just about everything Radegast had seen so far upon entering the gym. She went on, "As for me, I think it's about the Pokemon's spirit. A part of them loves the battles they fight...almost like Arceus created them that way. Their soul yearns for it, y'know? And while I'm not against PokeBall free training, it's just more practical to use the thing. Makes it easier to go from place to place. You know you can't take the ferry to Castelia unless your Pokemon are in their PokeBalls. right?" She made sure the guitar was tuned, then played a few chords to test it out. Finally, she held it out for Radegast to take.

"You can use Belchin' Bessie. She's got some history to her, but she can play about as good as any of these other guitars if not better. I'll let you get a handle on her before we begin." She peeked around the curtain to keep updated on the fight. Now both of her bandmates were using their tag-ins while his Pokemon were still up and about...not even one switch out as of yet.

I think I'm gonna need to use my improvised team... she thought as she turned back around to hear whatever was gonna belch out of the guitar Radegast was about to play.

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“He was certainly tougher than your buddies,” Radegast joked as he crossed under the curtain. He had yet to look at the fight, but he seemed to know just how well it was going.

“Domesticated as pets?” Radegast grimaced, “Yeah, I don’t think I’d get along with them.”

The point about “pokeball-less training” struck Radegast as odd. He found it really easy to crack into the pokeballs so they would be simple shelters. To someone like Radegast, Neo Team Plasma having difficulty doing what the 15-year-old accomplished by acting naturally seemed to speak loudly about Plasma’s overall character.

Belchin’ Bessie was a fine little guitar, electric, with standard tuning. The body looked like an arena from Splatoon. The design would have altered the sound in an acoustic, and not in a good way. However, the paints did not affect the pickups of an electric, so it was suitable. “Pokeballs are certainly handy tools,” Radegast replied, “It’s like telling someone to fend for themselves in the wild without something like an axe or a hammer,” Incidentally, Radegast realised long ago that he set off into the wild without an axe or a knife. He was lucky enough to have met Elder that day.

Radegast plugged in Belchin’ Bessie into a single amp and gave a quick thought to what he should play after five years of using the finger exerciser. He stretched the fingers of his left hand and placed them down on the fretboard. He played some sick chords to warm up.

Crystal shuddered as the Aqua Jet up and stopped, as if someone just twisted a valve. Almost immediately, she hopped backwards toward Elder. “Tag out!” Crystal barked. Elder and Crystal exchanged a high-five, and the ghost/poison-type swooped in. Facing the Koffing, Elder lashed forward with his abrasive tongue.

Chrome, meanwhile, did not let up on the aggression. Rather than go on the defensive, It zipped forward once more, in a Zen headbutt, directed at the Grimer. Two poison-types stood no chance against a steel/psychic type, and the Beldum knew this. Between Crystal and Elder, this fight was hardly a concern.

What Chrome did not know, that Elder knew very well, was that this was merely softening them for the Gym Leader to understand their tactics. When they were huddled, Elder told Crystal and Chrome to just be mindlessly aggressive. Only the simplest of tricks, and attack attack attack! This Leader would not know what the Haunter and his friends were capable of until the real fight. What surprised Elder was the strength of the bandmates. It's no wonder Roxie was the big cheese, if these two other humans were so weak. Even that last gym leader's Watchog would have beaten all of these on it's own.

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Roxie laughed in agreement, "Yeah, they're getting creamed." her eyes wavered towards Radegast's fingers while he played. It was at that moment that she saw the scars on his knuckles while his fingers ran up and down the strings, testing the chords. She stopped his playing in that moment, grabbing his fingers and holding them closer to her eyes to see the scars at a better angle.

"Huh...what happened here?" she asked him, "How'd you manage that?"

Meanwhile, the fight was nearing it's end. Nick's Grimer was still hanging on, but barely. And Koffing took the Lick much better than they may have anticipated. Nick knew that Grimer wouldn't do much here, but he could at least plague Radegast's team with statuses to deal with in the next bout.

"Disable the Zen Headbutt," he told it and pointed at Chrome.

Meanwhile, Billy Jo was gunning for Chrome as well, "Assurance, go! Let's do some damage!"

The Koffing shot forward, slamming into Chrome. It would prove to be somewhat effective. And if Koffing could take the next blow, then it would do twice as much damage the next time, likely knocking the Beldum out.

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Radegast paused, unsure of what to say. The scars were typically unnoticeable in the brightness of day. With the multiple spotlights amplifying the shadows between scar tissue, his hands became a lot more visible, even from a distance. “Bullies in school,” Radegast eventually half-lied. He did have bullies in school, but none of them were tough enough for the fifteen-year-old to split the skin of his knuckles so harshly. “Long time ago, no biggie.” He heard the command for “Assurance” and smirked, “Looks like your friends are finally going on the aggressive.” It was an obvious dodge of the question, but Radegast deep-down hoped that the gym leader rock star couldn't tell that the scar tissue was rather recent.

“Hang on, I gotcha!” Elder zipped between Chrome and the Grimer, and took the flash of disabling light for the Beldum. “Ah thon of a bitthh,” The Haunter’s tongue suddenly became numb. Lick was the last attack he used, so it was the move that got disabled. Despite blocking the disable, the sudden action took Chrome off-guard, and the Koffing managed to land a hit. Slightly annoyed, the Beldum flared up it’s psychic energy and returned the full-body hit in kind.

Crystal continued trying to shoot water. When the Haunter was struck with the Disable, the Seel could shoot water again. “Elder! I’m good to go!”

“Underthtood,” Elder wanted to land one more hit, so his hand vanished, only to appear once more out of a huge, arcing sucker punch, directed at the Koffing as well. He didn’t care to hang around after the swing, whether it hit or missed, and he swooped back to tag Crystal back in. The Seel's eyes, in preparation for the return to the fray, became shrouded in cold black once more.

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Now Roxie may be a standard punk kid with some attitude and a disregard for the simple rules, but she could read people. She knew when she was being lied to and she knew when people were trying to split hairs in their speech. Those scars were fairly recent. Older scars would've been less visible in this light. However, she also knew that other people had buttons...triggers that unleashed a part of themselves that the presser would never see coming. And while Radegast seemed like a fairly chill dude, he could just as easily turn a one eighty and snap at her should she press hard enough.

So, she let the conversation drop.

"Eh, they're really trying to give your Pokemon hell to fight through when you battle me," she winked at him, noting the Haunter's rather lavish tongue hanging out, "I think he's going to be like that for a while."

The combined strikes of Zen Headbutt and Sucker Punch were enough to wipe out the Koffing in full, leaving Billy Jo without any Pokemon to battle with. Grumbling, she recalled the defeated Koffing and walked backstage to retrieve her guitar, "Whatever," she muttered.

Meanwhile, Nick knew he was going down on their next turn, but he was going to do what he wasn't able to do last time. Now that the Haunter was out and the Seel was in, he could easily take down that blasted Zen Headbutt.

"Grimer, disable the Zen Headbutt...for REAL this time," he called, knowing the Seel would likely be too slow to take the strike this time.

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This time, the Disable made it’s mark. The Beldum’s psychic ability was weakened to the point where it could only keep itself stable in mid-air. Chrome grunted as it dropped slightly. While it managed to stabilize the psychic energy required to hover, it’s combat potential didn’t really matter anymore. Crystal may not have been able to take the hit like Elder did, but an Aqua Jet is cold and unfeeling, even when it wasn’t an ice-type attack. As soon as Elder and Crystal clapped fin with claw, the Seel launched the beam of water to slam directly into the Grimer’s face. Beldum hovered away rather slowly to make some distance. Crystal would suffice to finish this engagement.

Meanwhile, Radegast watched as Billy Jo entered the area. “Good fight, Jo,” Radegast smirked. He rose a scarred fist to bump with the other girl. Though Radegast's friends were savage beasts, the human was obscenely friendly, even though he didn’t like to talk about the scar tissue. Whether Billy Jo returned the fist-bump or not, Radegast eventually returned to plucking the strings. As he got used to the instrument again, he began to play more complex tunes straight from the streets of Mexico… or the Pokemon World equivalent of Mexican music.

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  1. In case you were wondering, yes I created that song just for this occasion. XD

    by NeverEndingFlip

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If there was one word to describe that final attack on Nick's Grimer, it would be "overkill". Needless to say, Crystal did her part and washed away the competition. Nick put his Pokemon back in it's ball before walking backstage himself, picking up some drumsticks.

But some damage had been done. Elder wouldn't be able to use lick for some time and who knew how long Zen Headbutt would be inactive for. Without dealing a single damage point, the Grimer had weakened some of Radegast's team enough for it to be a concern in the next fight.

Roxie nodded her head to the flamenco style Radegast was playing on the electric guitar. The two tones meshed together surprisingly well and she was impressed, "You've got some fingers on ya!" she noted, peeking around the curtain to see that the fight was done for, "You may give Billy Jo a run for her money!"

Billy Jo, who accepted the fist bumb, nodded her head in agreement, "Not a fan of the genre in particular, but that's just me."

Roxie motioned for Radegast to follow her onto the stage, "Anyway, it appears that your Pokemon have proved their worth and taken my band mates down rather quickly. But now the real test begins! I'm the Gym Leader for a reason, ya know!"

The lights were dimming as she took her position on one side of the stage, Billy Jo and Nick behind her. Nick tested his drums out, making sure they were all set and ready to go. Billy Jo was tuning her string on her guitar. It had a knob on the side with the setting set to "Inferno". Roxie had her bass guitar at the ready, eyeing Radegast down as she pointed at the guitar in his hands.

"I expect you to use that, now. Don't disappoint me!" her face was intense, "Now let's kick this Gym Leader Battle off!"

Roxie VS. Radegast

Her fingers started moving across the fretboard in a blur, her pick appearing as if she had pulled it from her string and keeping in time as she began to play.

"Go Koffing!" she called, the Inferno guitar sound blaring from Billy Jo as Roxie's first Pokemon appeared on stage. It was clear what the band's signature Pokemon was. The Koffing's eyes started to narrow in intensity as the drums kicked in, awaiting to see what Radegast's Pokemon's first move would be.

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“Chrone?” Elder’s tongue flopped uselessly as he brought the Beldum and Crystal in for a huddle. “You and I thould focuth on recovery. Crythtal, you good to fight?”

Crystal nodded silently. Her piercing cold gaze met the new Koffing challenger.

Radegast removed his hat and the band that kept his ponytail in place. He then met Roxie’s bass with his own shredding as his dreads bobbed around with rapid head-banging. Turned out the kid was a metalhead at heart. As Radegast played, Elder massaged his large tongue with his pointed claws, like some form of “anti-disability acupuncture”… it was as stupid as it sounds, but the Haunter felt it would help him recover. Chrome, being made of hard metal, had no pressure points to massage for such effects. It continued hovering in place, letting psychic energy flow naturally. As soon as Chrome would recover, it would feel it.

The Seel glanced back at Radegast, and hopped onto the dance floor. She fired off with an Icy Wind. The gusts of wind enveloped the dance floor area. It would damage and slow the Koffing. However, any escaping air was sent away from Crystal, in case the Koffing were to use a gas attack to try to turn Crystal’s wind against her.

The Operative crawled down Radegast’s hoodie and began tapping in rapid succession on Suros’ and Rage’s respective pokeballs. She produced an unusual pattern...


Suros tapped angrily back. Neither exited their pokeballs… which was the idea. Operative felt it wasn’t necessary for everyone to reveal themselves at the same time.

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"Yeah!" she shouted over the music as Radegast began rocking out on his end of the field, "That's what I'm talking about! You show those dreds boy!"

The Icy Wind did...something at least. The Koffing braced against the wind and was ready for his own rebuttle immediately after. Sure, it was a bit slower, but that wasn't saying much considering it was already fairly slow.

"Koffing, use Sludge!" Roxie called, managing to keep perfect time with the bass as she did.

The Koffing belched out a wave of Sludge that would be near impossible to dodge, especially given the Seel's natural lack of speed. But what made Roxie grin in triumph was seeing the purple bubbles coming from Crystal's body after the attack.

"And I poisoned her!" Roxie smirked, keeping an eye on Radegast as she continued to play, "Bonus!"

The luck was in her favor out the gate, something she wasn't used to. But she'd make sure to capitalized upon it. And she knew exactly how to do it.

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Crystal certainly felt under the weather. However, she did not care to show it. Her darkened eyes continued to glare, and she shot another Aqua Jet. The now-decimated speed of the Koffing made the Aqua Jet very certain to hit.

As the Jet pounded against the Koffing's shell like a high-pressure water cutter, Elder’s tongue began to regain feeling. Chrome’s psychic potential, however, was still crippled. At the very least, the Haunter could speak clearly. “Crystal, how you doing?”

“Poisoned, Elder,” Crystal simply replied, “I’ll handle another hit with this poison, maybe two if I’m lucky.”

Elder and Chrome exchanged glances. “We may need to buy more time,” Chrome hummed, confirming to the Haunter that the Beldum was still disabled.

“I know a guy,” Elder replied as he hovered over to Radegast. “Operative, what are you doing?”

“Instructing them to stay in their pokeballs, so they don’t reveal themselves to the enemy early, sir!”

“Smart,” Elder winked as he listened to the tapping, “But your Morse is garbage. Lemme do it.”

Elder tapped expertly on one of the pokeballs, W-A-I-T.

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Roxie laughed as the Aqua Jet hit the Koffing's shell with massive pressure. It did almost nothing, despite the power flung into it. It was like giving the Koffing a bath!

"Man, you're really kind of disappointing me here," she smirked, the tone being borderline insulting. But she was going to tell it like it was, "I hope you're other Pokemon fare a bit better here. But hey, at least you can play! Venoshock, go!"

Koffing belched out another undesirable substance...this time more liquid than solid. Definitely less viscous. It washed over the Seel with a foul smell. Normally this would do about as much damage as Sludge would, but with the desired Poison effect Crystal had to carry, it would likely knock her out...or at least come close.

The latter of the two options held true, as Crystal was now on the brink of fainting. "Ah, so close!" Roxie snapped her fingers at one of the held points in the song to show her disappointment, "But hey, one more hit, right?"

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Crystal felt like a train had just rammed into her. Between the nasty hit and the poison she was on her last proverbial legs. It bought enough time that she could manage. Now it was up to Elder’s strategy. As Crystal retreated on her last legs, Elder tapped, N-O-W.

The Mad Primeape burst from his pokeball. The huge, angry monkey turned menacingly and rounded around the rocking-out Radegast.

“FRIEND-CRYSTAL, I WILL AVENGE YOU!!!!” the Primeape bellowed.

“Nah dude,” Radegast interrupted as he stepped up to Rage. He still played as he talked, “You gotta shout it more guttural, try again.”

As they conversed, Elder reached into Radegast’s bag. The Haunter produced a couple of Pecha berries. Crystal popped one berry in her mouth and felt the poison get filtered out very quickly. Elder sighed in relief. Any longer, and the Seel would have dropped unconscious. However, she was not fit for the rest of the fight. She simply lay down next to a stool. Her darkened eyes softened and brightened once more as she closed them to rest.

“FRIEND-CRYSTAL!!!” the Mankey pulled off a deep screamo almost effortlessly, though his blazing eyes did betray puzzlement, “I WILL SHOW YOU HOW IT IS DONE!!” After receiving the Pecha Berry from Elder, Rage leaped onto the dance floor, and burst forward to attack. He leaped, grasped the Koffing by the easy-to-grip surface, and plunged the Koffing upside-down into the hardwood dance floor. Though the fighting move was not as effective, Seismic Toss was a unique move that did “full” damage regardless.

The Haunter, on the other hand, took note of the move that was just used against Crystal. He knew he could use such a move to great effect when combined with Toxic. For now, he needed to be ready to move up in case Rage couldn't buy enough time for Chrome's recovery.

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Indeed, the Seismic Toss did the same amount of damage no matter what type differences may be. And no good opportunity for Koffing to dodge the grab either given he lacked phalanges to block it. After all, he was orb shaped.

The Koffing was slammed into the ground at such force it even made Roxie wince a little bit. Another one of those and her Koffing would be done for. But she had a fail safe for situations like these. She knew the opportunity was ripe and she was so eager to call this move out juts because she rarely got to use it. She couldn't hide the excitement in her voice.

"Koffing! Self-Destruct!"

The Koffing glowed a bright white and then exploded in a mangle of shards and smog everywhere. He was still in Rage's hand when he performed such a move, likely scoring a critical strike. Roxie waited in apprehension as the music stopped, her eyes quivering with excitement to see just how much damage her Koffing's explosion had done as she recalled Koffing...or what was left of Koffing anyway.

It did a lot of damage...much more than a standard attack. But Rage was still on his feet, smoldering a bit from the blast and clearly hurt to a major degree, but he wasn't knocked out. Another hit could do him in though.

Roxie tightened her lip in disappointment, "Hmm, that was awesome, but I was really hoping for the two Pokemon, one Koffing approach...oh well! I've still got two more for ya! Let's kick it up a notch, Grimer!"

The Sludge Pokemon slumped out, an oozing grin on it's face as it looked at Rage. This was gonna be fun.

Meanwhile, Roxie pointed at Radegast, "Feel free to hit us with a song you want to play. We'll follow your lead!"

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Rage was launched across the dance floor from the blast. He hit the dance floor, tumbled, and landed sloppily on his feet. His eyes were filled with absolute madness as he straightened out and thundered his fists against his chest. “A MERE EXPLOSION CANNOT QUELL THE FURY OF RAGE!!!! OOOOOOOOH BY THE ANCIENT STARS THAT DOT THE NIGHT SKY THIS HURTS!” The Primeape cringed and began to limp back to the edge.

“You good yet, Chrome?” Elder asked. Chrome’s eye blinked twice, which Elder understood perfectly. “Alright, guess I’m up to tank.” Operative could manage some fight, but Elder did have complete immunity to poison. “Alright, let’s rock and roll,” Elder grinned. After passing and high-fiving the limping Primeape, Elder moved up close to the Grimer. Before the Grimer could launch a move, Elder's fists vanished in a puff of smoke. A Sucker Punch was thrown, aimed directly at the Grimer's eye.

Radegast, in the meantime, began playing a song very fitting for Elder’s actions. His dreadlocks were swung back and forth as the Operative hopped down and sat down on the human’s hat. The hat, and Joltik, were set on the floor, next to Crystal as she rested.

Rage’s injuries notwithstanding, Radegast’s friends were in pretty good condition all things considered.

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Roxie raised a brow as the Primeape tagged out, replaced by the Haunter who had his little tongue numbing experience out of the way, "Huh...guess I did then."

He heard the familiar strum of the opening chord. Billy Jo adjust the knob accordingly and began playing intensely. Nick was already hyped up for this and was drumming along with extra energy. Roxie nodded her head and strummed along.

The Sucker Punch slapped against the Grimer's skin, knocking it back a little, but not much. Making a sickening pulling sound as the fist disconnected, Roxie knew what would work here.

"Thief, Grimer!"

Another close ranged attack for the Grimer to partake in as it's sludge covered hand swiped at Elder, the attack finding it's mark. For a slow moving guy like her Grimer was, she could certainly swipe fast. Not to mention the attack hit very hard and would likely cause Elder to stagger back. The Dark-Type move proved rather effective against the Haunter. Another Thief would do it.

Roxie laughed as they reached the chorus of the song, "Man, this is NOT your gym, my friend!"

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“Yeah, it kind of isn’t, is it?” Radegast called over the loud music, “You doing alright, Elder?”

Elder staggered. The jab hurt, to be certain, but Elder did not have an item to steal.

“Good to go!” Chrome chimed robotically.

Elder flashed a grin, directed at Roxie. “Tag it up! Tag it up!” Elder swung his fist in the air with a “Whoop-whoop!” as he glided back and high-fived the three-pointed claw at the end of Chrome’s body. “Take ‘im out!” The Beldum’s eye focused sharply, and it shot forward, once more, like a bullet. It needed to land the Zen Headbutt before the Grimer could follow up, whether with that Thief, or with a Disable.

Across the dance floor, Elder’s grin vanished. His ideas have been supported on dumb luck. It really dawned on the Haunter that he was not used to duel tactics. When it came to swarming, he and the others could take on even tougher odds than this. This was… stifling, to describe with a word. All Elder needed to do to wipe the floor with this Gym Leader’s team is to… well, swarm.

Should I munch on an oran berry? Elder pondered. He checked the wound. Dripping purple essense where the jab had struck. It was pretty nasty… but a brief healing session at a hospital was free, infinite; their supplies were not. Elder began considering his options. There was a third Pokemon, that much Elder could discern from the battle with Cheren. He just needed to figure out what the pokemon could possibly be.

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Roxie grinned back as he realized what it was the Haunter was trying to do...buy time. The type-advantage played into effect here and for the first time, Roxie looked a bit apprehensive. She had wiped through three of Radegast's Pokemon just to deal with the Beldum. It was likely going to hit massively hard.

But another shock awaited her as the Zen Headbutt found it's mark on the Grimer with a sickening slap! Her Grimer was fine...in fact it didn't appear to take much damage at all. Realization dawned on Roxie as they played and she looked at the Beldum with a newfound knowledge, "Your Beldum isn't experienced enough...?"

Roxie let loose another cackle, throwing away whatever fear she may have had before, "Then this will be cake then! Grimer, Thief it again!"

The blow was just overwhelmingly powerful to Chrome, despite the metal exoskeleton Her Grimer might as well slammed a home run with the swipe as she knocked it out in one fair swipe of the claws. Chrome had nothing on it, but that was fine. By technicality, this was the first of Radegast's Pokemon she had knocked out. The other three were barely hanging in there, but still functional.

"So, I've gone through four of your Pokemon in a matter of rapid fire. Is it time for you little Jol-prick to come scurrying out, or do you hold a magnificent beast in that final Pokeball of yours?" Roxie retained her smirk from before as she stood in front of Radegast.

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“Shit…” Elder swooped out to carry Chrome back. With a grunt and a whole lot of effort, the Haunter barely managed to lift the Beldum high enough to avoid dragging it along the solid hardwood floor. His mind raced as he considered their options. His critical gaze determined that the Grimer was at about half combat potential. Rage was in no shape to fight, Crystal was recovering rapidly, but was still asleep. Chrome was knocked out entirely, and Elder felt about equally as bad as the Grimer must be.

That left the Operative, and… Elder glanced up at Radegast, regret filled his eyes. “Ah crap,” Radegast’s playing stopped entirely. “I really don’t wanna, dude,”


“Thanks,” Elder grunted. Despite Rage's uncharacteristically encouraging words, the Haunter's ego was bruised twice in two gyms.

“What about me?” Operative asked.

Elder nodded, “Would you be able to take on this Grimer and one more?”

The Operative sized up the Grimer, and replied, “The Grimer is no issue, sir.”

Elder hummed, understanding. He once more glanced up to Radegast and held up one finger. “Aw jeez…” Radegast turned and paced. “Alright, if you’re feeling up to it, buddy. Just remember, we can always forfeit and train.” He had only 240 Pokke to his name, a loss would result in very little lost cash, all things considered...

“I won’t let you down, sir!” Operative chirped as she hopped in place. She then bounded swiftly onto the dance floor, and flung a comically sized web of electically-charged string shot to envelop the Grimer.

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Roxie's lips buzzed as the Joltik hopped in, flinging Electroweb at her Grimer. It didn't cause any Paralysis like she thought it would, but it did lower his speed, a feat which was surprisingly lackluster considering the Grimer couldn't move very fast anyway...or barely move at all.

"Hmm..." she thought as she studied the extremely tiny yellow tick on the other end of the field, "You may have Grimer just about done for with that choice. But I'm not gonna just give up! Hit it with Sludge!"

The Grimer practically blanketed the opposing side of the field with it's Sludge, making sure to hit the Operative. Roxie was really hoping for that Poison to work it's magic again, but when she found the Joltik, it wasn't poisoned. In fact, it looked like it would take a few more hits of that.

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“The Grimer is nothing, Sir!” The Operative squeaked and hopped and spun. Once more, she weaved another set of electrified webbing, and she flung it at the now molasses-esque Grimer. She was going to tear down this Grimer or drop her soldier demeanour trying.

Radegast’s eyes, for a split-second, flashed a similar intensity as Elder’s own critical gaze. He then began tapping his foot and returned to the music. Elder noticed the look. “Something the matter, Lord-Regent?”

Radegast smiled, but otherwise did not reply. He caught up with the music and continued playing.

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That Electroweb did the trick. Grimer slumped within itself as it was knocked out by the charged blow. Roxie's smirk returned.

"Man, I didn't even have to use Disable for that fight," she called as she recalled the Grimer before yoinking out her third PokeBall, "Alright, Radegast! This is it! My third and final Pokemon! Let's see if you've got enough in ya to take it down! GO...SCOLIPEDE!"

The red light shone from within and out came the Poison Bug, it's megapede-like body whizzing around, showcasing it's muddled pink exoskeleton with the sickly purple rings on it. The look the massive bug gave the Joltik was that of menace and assured confidence. It was clear who was faster.

"Use Poison Tail!" she called, her bass playing ramping up in intensity as the final fight began. She had a more powerful move that could take it out in one shot if it landed, but she sacrificed power for accuracy instead.

The Scolipede's tail shot forward, like a viper strike. It was blazingly fast and would likely strike the Joltik despite it's evasiveness. But it didn't Poison and it didn't hit critically, meaning the fight wasn't over. However, another shot could do it in.