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Ruby the Red (Captain Ruby Thawne)

The most notorious pirate that e'er sailed the great, grand ocean of stars.

0 · 296 views · located in Cerulean Cave

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Stitches


Name: Ruby Thawne.
Full title: Captain Ruby Rose Thawne.
Aliases: Ruby the Red.
Race: Human.
Age: Unknown.
Occupation: Pirate/ Captain.


“Ruby the Red, Ruby the Red,
If you cross her, you wind up dead.
The meanest pirate in the skies,
She brings chaos and demise.
So if you see her run away,
And you’ll live to see another day.”

Ruby the Red, the name was both feared and hated. Near and far, mothers and fathers would tell their children that if they did not behave, the vicious pirate captain would come for them. Such was Ruby’s legacy, and perhaps the juvenile nursery rhymes held a glimmer of truth to them.

Ruby has spent almost her entire life exploring the vast sea of stars, searching for the only thing in the universe that truly excites her- treasure. There was no heist to large, no job too small, if it was valuable, Ruby would strive to possess it, at all costs. Ruby was not afraid to destroy whoever might foolishly stand between her and her prize.

Ruby is not the tallest of women. However, what she lacks in height she makes up for in raw, callous attitude. She is a slender woman, who is both fast and agile. Gifted with a gun, and excelling with a rapier, in a pinch Ruby can protect herself even against the strongest of foes. She wears her notorious, figure hugging, red uniform. The skull and crossbones displayed, as if daring anybody to enquire about them. On her feet sit a pair of knee-high, black boots. Sandy blonde hair, cut to a medium length, compliments her deep-set, blue eyes.

With her she carries a laser gun, which resembles a musket, and to her side is a sheathed rapier.

Judging by Ruby’s reputation she would appear ruthless, but truth be told she would never harm anybody for sheer sport. She is quiet and collect, minding her own when in a public place. Rumours of a once lost, bountiful treasure have brought Ruby to mainland, and here she will stay until she has gathered the information that she requires.

So begins...

Ruby the Red (Captain Ruby Thawne)'s Story