Rune Solaris

Phoenix; ex-leader of the Brotherhood

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DarKnight36


Around 6 feet in height, slender of build; dark hair, intense dark eyes; tends to slouch to disguise the "warrior's grace"


Quiet and a little hesitant about showing his emotions; however, his feelings are very intense. Self-sacrificing, especially when it comes to his friends; despite his own wants and needs, he puts others first. No matter the station, he treats everyone the same, which makes many nobles dislike him for his lack of titles.


Carries a long katana; Rune's Phoenician powers enable him to utilize any element, especially fire. His powers also enhance his senses, especially speed and strength, making him seem unrealistically strong in battle.


Rune Solaris was born somewhere in the Empire of Kalva, and was taken under Oblivion as a pupil after his family was mysteriously killed. Eventually, he met Darius, and the two trained together, becoming good friends. When Rune discovered his family had been killed by Oblivion, he began to plot revenge. He learned of Oblivion's plans to seal the Empire of Kalva away by making Rune & Darius into Phoenicians. Rune sabotaged Oblivion's spell, but not effectively, causing the seal to still appear. However, Oblivion was killed in the backwash.

Rune and Darius landed in Sahran, but were separated. Rune found the city of Nirvana, and on a routine expedition to one of the oasis around the area, found Darius. Realizing his friend had lost his memory, Rune brought him back to Nirvana. During the year that they spent there, Rune began to realize that there was someone else inside his mind: Oblivion. Somehow, Oblivion's soul had fused with Rune, and it was growing more and more difficult to stay back Oblivion's madness.

Finally, Rune snapped, killing everyone in Nirvana, and destroying the world. In a lucid moment, he took Teresa's body with him, and sealed her inside a crystal. There, he made plans to restore her life with his Phoenix powers...once Oblivion was exorcised from his body.

Realizing there was nothing to stop him from continuing his mad slaughter, Rune contacted the strongest men and women he could find, culminating in the Brotherhood. Loosely connected by the promise to stop Rune if he ever got out of control, the Brotherhood began working together to restore peace in one side of the galaxy. However, after a few raw meetings with the Ultimate Organization, and Darius' realization that Rune was the leader of the Brotherhood...

Rune, under the alias Scourge, met with government leaders soon after to reaffirm his political neutrality, although he wasn't believed. Several Brotherhood members began slipping out of his control, fighting the Ultimate Organization, and creating a massive army to fight the current governments.

Rune concocted a plan quickly, pulling together the Brotherhood for one last push at peace. Drawing the Ultimate Organization to him by using Darius, Rune used the Brotherhood and the Ultimate Organization as a smashing hammer upon himself, ending with the destruction of Oblivion's seal, and during the climactic battle between himself and Darius, the death of Oblivion.

Rune ended up half-dead, sustained by his Phoenix powers. He was rescued by the Emperor of Kalva, and brought into the Empire's services until he regained his strength.

Now, he is under the Emperor's orders to restore peace on the world of Crystalis, the same world where Darius and the remnants of the Brotherhood are fighting on......

So begins...

Rune Solaris's Story