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Ryougi Shiki

A Teenage Girl with Ice blue eyes, her form wrapped in a pink Kimono. Possessing Split Personalities

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Iris Lilium



Name : Ryougi Shiki
Age : 19
Height : 5'2''
Weight : 104 lbs
Hair : Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue

Father: Ryougi Tetsumei (Deceased)
Mother: Ryougi Mizumi (Deceased) [Yuki-onna]
Brother: Ryougi Tohno


Cold and Hard, She rarely lets anyone close to her and looks to be devoid of all emotion, except for when immersed in combat. Though recently it appears as if she is thawing.


Twin Kodachis (Zetsumei & Zanmu), Dagger (Nanaya), Katanas (Nikeikan, Tensui Chiren, Hiraishin). all contained within a pocket dimension accessed by a pair of runed bracelets She wears.


Shiki is a teenage girl who possesses the "Chokushi no Magan (Demon Eyes of Direct Death)", a supernatural ability that allows the user to see the inherent mortality of everything (both living and non-living) in the form of lines.

Born into the noble Ryougi family line, she was destined not to ever live a normal life. She was the youngest of two kids in the Ryougi house hold, and as such under normal circumstances would have been raised normally away from the main family. But her brother was sickly and frail, determined to be unfit to be the head of such a family.

As such Shiki was raised to be the head of the family in his place, the customs of the family precisely breaking the girls personality into two distinct parts, as was customary for the next head. The two personalities would both be almost polar opposites. One a very Masculine Male personality, the second very feminine. her powers over water she inherited from her mother manifested at this time, and were secretly honed by training with her mother, who secretly was one of the mythological Ice Maidens

Life from here was normal, well as normal as it could be for the Ryougi Household. She was meticulously trained in various forms of combat. And so life went until she reached the age of 15. Reluctantly she had agreed to take her brother out to get some air in hopes of improving his health, during the return trip as night was falling the two were struck by a drunk driver.

Her brother being as frail as he was, was declared dead on the scene. As for Shiki she was left in a coma drifting in and out of death for the next 2 years. Her dreams frightening revelations of the true forms of death, random horrors from past history. She would wake up two years late. the male personality of her mind was gone. Some how he and he alone died to save the body and the rest of mind at the cost of her memories.

Her combat training still remained but the memories of her family and friends which were kept with in the Male Personality died with him, left behind was a lonely cold girl who didn't know how to handle the world. In addition the death of her male personality allowed her to experience death without dying, the coma opening her mind and allowing the Akashic Records to link with her, this link brought about the activation of her eyes, a gift bestowed on her unknowingly by the Record, The Chokushi no Magan.

From then on she would act as the counter-force of the world, receiving orders from the world it self through the link between the Akashic Record. Implanted in her body were the 2 spirits of the world in which to give them direct influence over the physical aspects of the world.

Minerva: The Will of The World


One of the two spirits that inhabit Shiki's body along with Shiki's soul.

Minerva is the World's Avatar, The thoughts and powers of the world given sentience and form she has access to the Akashic Vault in which the weapons of history lay. Combined with her power to freely move between these weapons at her will makes her formidable.

Sariel: The World's Judgment


Sariel is in every way what most would call "The Grim Reaper". She claims the souls of the passing and then deals Judgment on them deciding their final fate. She is the 2nd Spirit residing in Shiki's body along with Shiki's Soul and Minerva. This allows Shiki to pass Judgment in the physical realm.

So begins...

Ryougi Shiki's Story