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A member of the Firewalker Corps and mid-range tactical assault specialist

0 · 63 views · located in Gilgamesh: Deep Space

a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Smith, as played by RolePlayGateway


Samuel Alexander Mako

Alias: Sam
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Build: Tall and well built
Hair: Black, coarse, cut short and neat.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin: Medium Brown
Handedness: Right handed
Scars: Alot...a small one on his upper lip, numerous cut-scars on his hands and forearms, a few cut-scars on his legs as well as a fair sized burn scar on his left thigh and a very large crater scar across his shoulderblades
Tattoos: A black sun on the lumbar region of his back
Basic Description: Most of the time Sam is hidden under layers armor, his visor almost always being pulled up. Under all of the concealment, layers of metal and straps though Sam is a pretty decent looking fellow. He is a tall, dark man in the prime of his life. Strong jawline, a small amount of facial hair, slightly slanted eyes and full lips. He also has a fair amount of scarring, and a fairly toned body. The man has an odd tendency to walk on his tip toes though. All the time. At least he's quieter than most people when moving.


Equipment: x1 Custom 7.35mm Carcano M38 short rifle with an adjustable 100-1000 meter sight. Fitted with a 4X telescope sight and a six-round clip. Samuel also has two extra clips.
x1 .45ACP Mauser M2 semi-automatic double action pistol. Holds 8 rounds and Samuel has three extra magazines.
x1 Gerber LHR Combat Knife 6.87" Fixed blade and strap on sheath built with full tang construction for maximum strength.

HOUND Power Armor- As experimental as Samuel himself, this set of anti-personnel combat armor was designed for the sole purpose of granting the wearer enough protection to gain enough ground on a target for the killing blow. It appears to be a gunmetal-gray plated suit with breaks at the natural joints of the human body that reveal a jet-black skin-tight suit beneath. The armor, or the exo suit of the HOUND, is made of a compact kevlar material with a tensile strength-to-weight ratio roughly 7 times stronger than steel. Due to the nature of it's micro-structure, the damaged armor collapses and breaks off immediately after absorbing the impact of a strong enough kinetic attack, generally that of ballistics fire. An internal monitoring system links up with a heads-up-display inside of the helmet for a constant feed of bodily statistics. The helmet itself is a complicated piece of machinery, appearing to be an unadorned shell of the same material as the exo armor except near the neck and in the center of the front piece which is a fist-sized circle of orange fiberglass; The optics display. It is through here that a 180 degree view is processed and displayed to the wearer. As for the black inner suit below the exo armor, it is a rubbery fiber substance that provides only meager protection against kinetic force but allows for maximum mobility.

Abilities: As a member of the Firewalker Corps, Samuel has been subjected to numerous genetic and chemical enhancements. There are three in particular that stand out among the rest; The Hellion Glands, the Stolidus System and the Catharsis organ.

*Hellion Glands- Twenty-two pea-sized glands located primarily in the chest, abdomen and joints that supply a steady stream of a synthetic adrenaline-type hormone. This increases reaction time exponentially, allowing the body to react at the speed of thought, which in turn allows for perfect synchronious interactions between mind and body. Only ten of the glands are active at any one given time, the rest being back-ups for when the others are damaged.

*Stolidus System- A series of vein-like structures interwoven with the normal arterial systems within the body. These smaller tubes transport a modified form of platelets that allow for rapid clotting and healing of minor wounds. A secondary effect of the system is to shut down nerves in a localized area, numbing Samuel to all feeling.

*Catharsis Organ- A flat organ attached to the back of the heart that has a rather unique function. True to it's name, the organ purges Samuel's system of any intruding, viral or harmful substance by emitting a combination of chemical and sonic responses over the course of ten seconds. Consequently, this near-prefect defense mechanism shorts out his power armor when used and therefore must be used sparingly.

The other enhancements are less specific, targetting more general faculties such as strength, speed and durability. As a result, Samuel is gifted with the strength of four men, a max natural running speed of 87mph and skin fibers that resist up to twenty pounds of pressure per square inch.

Skills: Extensive combat training in both close and long ranges, First Aid, Basic driving education, College level knowledge, tactical range positioning, Cooking, Gas siphoning


Birth date: April 29
Homeworld: Terra Delta
Belief/Religion: The human spirit
Affiliations: The Firewalker Corps, U.S. & U.K. military/intelligence
Strengths: Very quick study, good with his hands, deals with heat well
Weaknesses: Overconfident, doesn't care about his own life too much, the cold
Likes: Heavy rain, dark clouds and learning
Dislikes: Bright light, the sun
Fears: Open water, being alone
General Philosophy: "If it can withstand one-hundred shots, shoot it one-hundred and one times."

So begins...

S.A.M.'s Story