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Saellina Darkwood

0 · 171 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by CausaMortis




Sexual Orientation:
Bisexual (Rank 2 Kinsey Scale.)


Long wild red hair drape her young face, which is decorates with slight freckles across her nose.
A sheer contrast with her piercing light green/grey eyes.
She is petite, only about 5'1" (1.57m) of length.


Her real only and best friend is however Dec, her loyal dog of an unknown breed as usual among street dogs.
Dec has short hair and a hunter build, one capable of long runs. He is however most notable due his size,
a sizable 40 inches (97cm) tall and 7 feet(2m) from head to tail. His fur is black with white on his chest.

Very enthusiastic and passionate about anything she does. Very cheerful in general,
sarcastic remarks are however not unprecedented; It's rather one of her favorite pastimes.
She is unlikely to trust people though, due her looks and red hair she has drawn many unwanted attention
in the past and has learned to avoid and escape undesired hands.

Greatest Desire:
A safe place to call home, her own home.

Greatest Fear:
Being forced to work for Dekker and his prostitute ring.

Herself she learned the best escape routes through the city,
running over walls and roofs has earned her some capability in climbing and running.

However that what separates her from most people she met is that learns very quickly,
regardless the task or skill at hand.

So begins...

Saellina Darkwood's Story