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Saigō Toda

Saigo Toda is the 6th Soke of the Saigo Chaya Dojo on the 1st Floor of the D2 Arcology in Sector Two and near Sector Three of Niihama City.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Saigo_Toda


The Saigō Chaya Dōjō is the jingu (shrine) and chaya (tea house) of the Saigō family clan, as well as their dōjō (training hall) where they practice Saigō-Ryu's 18 Art Skills currently headed by 6th Sōke Saigō Toda of Niihama, the successor of 5th Sōke Saigō Takeda.

Identity Particulars

Full Name: Saigō, Toda Kuro Doshi
Former Names: Kai Mei Gui / Zheng Tou
Aliases: Kuro Doshi / Michael Kaiser
Date of Birth: 11月 (tsuki), Shōwa 62
Place of Birth: Niihama City, Niihama
Sex: Male
Race: Taiyou (Human)
Ethnicity: Mixed (Asiatic)
Complexion: Golden
Height: 6 ft (182.88 cm)
Weight: 165 lb (74.84 kg)
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Scars: None
Piercings: Black Triple Tomoe gem (left earring)
Tattoos: Hanebori Ryuko black tiger dragon (forearms), Shirohebi white snake (neck and spine), Shakura cherry blossom (left shoulder), white Noh mask (right shoulder), Tao Koi fish (stomach), Nin symbol (chest)

Contact Information

Permanent Address: D4 Arcology Unit 16, Sector Two, Niihama City, Niihama
Seasonal Addresses: Various (Niihama)
Work Address: D2 Arcology Unit 14, Sector Two, Niihama City, Niihama
Job Title: Sōke (Saigō-Ryu Ninpo), Jōnin (Saigō Ninja), Oyabun (Satsuma Yakuza), Sigung (Jiang Hu Triads), Isha (Saigō Chaya), Daimyō (Oniwabanshū)
Phone: +81-805-5599-477
Email: mikaiser88@ig.nh.te

Personal Profile:

Degrees Earned: Philosophy Doctorate (PhD)
Educational Institutions Attended: His Imperial Majesty Nobuo Takayama University
Occupation: Pharmacist (Tea Maker)
Former Occupations: Samurai (Bushi), Shinobi (Ninja), Yamabushi (Sohei)
Religion: Saigō (Ancestor Worship)
Political affiliation: Takayama Shōgunate
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single (Never Married)
Languages spoken: Taiyou (Nihongo) Chinese, Korean, Galactic Common (English)
Citizenship: Taiyou (Niihama)
Smoking Habits: Tobacco, Opium, Cannabis
Alcohol Usage: Yes (Occasional)
Illegal Drug Usage: None
Significant Health Problems: None
Mental Health Problems: None

Criminal History:

Arrests: None
Criminal Complaints: None.
Indictments: None
Detainments: None
Traffic Offenses: None


Family: Saigō (Clan)
Father: Saigō Takeda
Mother: Saigō Sasuka
Siblings: Saigō Sascha (sister), Saigō Tokai (brother), Saigō Kage (cousin)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Associates: Nobuo Takayama, Shimizu Takayama, Yukiko Takayama, Gunichi Mikawa, Daisuke Aramaki, Isoroku Yamamoto

So begins...

Saigō Toda's Story

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Much has changed in the course of history...

The once uncharted landscape was now a densely populated mega-city full of skyscrapers and tightly condensed buildings stacked on top of one another in a sort of hive-like formation with a layer cake design. Rooftops became the normal hangouts and typical way of traveling throughout the now modernized mega-city, as life evolved and started to change rapidly within just a few thousand years.

In the midst of all of it arose a single family clan by the name of Saigō which endured and persevered throughout the ages, yet remained relatively isolated and untouched by the rapid advancements of the Taiyou Empire, or at least it seemed.

Located in the slums, in the streets of darkness, far away from the capital in the lower levels of the Taiyou Empire in Niihama City, known for its acrid taste and smell of pollution, there existed a small pharmacy or tea house. The D2 Arcology building was an undesirable place with a high crime rate and low income housing. The streets were crammed and over-populated by day. But at night, the roads were dead as people tried their best to avoid the area in fear of the Triads and Yakuza gangs and crime syndicates, and especially of the Red Dragon Syndicate which had become extremely powerful during the reign of His Majesty Nobuo Takayama of the Taiyou Empire.

The Saigō Clan of Sector Two was not as popular or as powerful as other gangs, but had remained isolated and kept a very low profile, upholding one of the clan's oldest traditions of secret loyalty. Their ancestors had served the empire for hundreds, if not thousands of years since before the time of Emperor Yoshiro Takayama, and had somehow figured out a way to live in silence as humble peasants and humanitarian nobles.

Although they came from the upper classes, having served the imperial royal family both strategically and militarily for centuries as daimyo, samurai, sohei and even shinobi before the Umibozu was formed, the Saigō clan eventually retired from politics and settled for a more humble reputation as pharmacists and tea makers at the Saigō Chaya shrine in Unit 14 on the first floor of the D2 arcology in Sector Two, deep in the lower levels of Taiyou society. But they never forgot their ancestors or the roots from which they originated.

The Saigō Chaya looked like a very small, very simple business. There was nothing unordinary or secretive about it. There was a bright red double door, with a fancy looking red Torii gateway-like doorframe and a huge white sign above the entrance which read 西郷茶屋 (Saigō Chaya) in large bold black kanji script. On either side of the entrance were two Shíshī or stone lion statues painted gold. One of the statues was male and had a gaping mouth with a menacing gaze. The other statue was female and had a more delicate appearance, but was equally as menacing as her male counterpart.

In front of the tea house, there were plants and herbs arranged in clay pots which decorated the entrance, but were also available for purchase and were outside on display for all to see. During the day, the doors were propped open so that people could see inside and out, and the smell of sweet incense emanating from within provided some relief from the stench of the surrounding city. Saigō Chaya was an inviting place, open to everyone during business hours, and there was a menu on the wall that provided a list of prices and services in several different languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English, listing several different brands of tea and herbs, many of which described as having medicinal properties.

Inside the Saigō Chaya was a waiting room where customers and patients could sit down, relax, watch television and read books or magazines while waiting to be served. Beyond the reception stand, the tea house was divided into four sections. The largest room was an open restaurant or dining hall with many chairless floor tables where customers could sit and eat, drink and sample different kinds of tea or traditional Saigō cuisines which were prepared in the small open kitchen right in front of them. Next to the dining hall was a closed off doctor's office and pharmacy with a massage parlor which offered privacy for patients and customers who needed medical assistance, or something to boost their healthcare and supplement their daily lives.

Farther back into the tea house was a large terrarium or plant nursery where the Saigō family grew their own indoor garden. Customers were permitted to walk through the rows of potted plants and herbs and look at their prices, as almost all of them were available for purchase. Some of the plants did not have pricetags, however, and when inquired about, the customers were told that such plants had already been sold, or that they were for display purposes only.

Finally, in the very back of the tea house was the Saigō jingu or family shrine. It was the smallest room of all, and the only room in the entire tea house that was not accessible to the public. However, the doorway to the shrine was kept open during business hours, but was roped off so that customers could gaze inside from their floor tables as they enjoyed their meals and drinks. Past the doorway against the back wall was an altar covered with red silk. On top of the altar was a miniature golden statue of Wu Lin, one of the Saigō family's ancient ancestors, which appeared to gaze back at them as they dined and relaxed in the traditional styled tea house, where the customers removed their shoes at the reception stand and sat on floor mats around a small coffee table rather than sitting in chairs, as was the Saigō custom.

Above the statue on the back wall was the daishō, a pair of traditional samurai swords including a katana and wakizashi that had been passed down from generation to generation. In front of the Wu Lin statue on top of the altar was a small wooden bowl of sweet burning incense. Apart from this altar, the shrine room was completely empty and devoid of any furniture or other decorations. Above the doorway was a small white sign that read 西郷神宮 (Saigō Jingū) in red kanji script, which was translated below into several languages with a sign in English politely asking guests to respect the tea house by not crossing the red velvet rope that separated the shrine room from the dining room.

Saigō Toda was the owner of the tea house, and the doctor or pharmacist that many patients and customers went to see. Toda was a very busy man during business hours. His clan strived tirelessly to provide their customers and guests with the most accomodating and satisfying environment as possible to compete with neighboring businesses and restaurants. Business was good, and despite being in the slums, people came from all over Niihama City to eat and drink at the Saigō Chaya, simply because of its authenticity and relaxing open atmosphere. People trusted the Saigō, so much so that even other Yakuza gangs sometimes went there to drink and discuss business.

The dining room walls were decorated with several different picture frames depicting old vintage photographs of various important individuals and events from Taiyou history. Some of the older black and white photos were pictures of soldiers, high-ranking generals and navy officers, many of which were people who had long been deceased, but who had once belonged to the Saigō clan. One particularly rare photograph showed the imperial family itself, with Emperor Nobuo Takayama and his wife Keiko posing with their son Prince Shimizu and their daughter Princess Yukiko, a testament to the Saigō family's appreciation for Taiyou history and cultural heritage. Indeed, the tea house was very ancient and the Saigō family sought to keep it feeling this way by purposefully decorating the tea house with antique furniture and old vintage photographs, and by keeping with the traditions and tea making practices of their ancient ancestors.

After sunset, the traffic to and from the D4 Arcology started to dwindle as people settled down, locked their doors and retired for the evening. At that time, subtle changes began to occur throughout the city as the slums in Sector Two became a haven for street gangs and criminal activities. Many of the adjacent building units next door to the Saigō Chaya and on the many floors above it had noticable bars on their windows and door cages to prevent unwanted burglars from breaking and entering, and while the tea house itself had no windows, this didn't stop the Saigō clan from putting thick padlocks and heavy duty chains around the bronze double door handles to prevent people from trespassing.

The last person to leave the tea house would lock the doors behind them, accompanied by their whole work crew on the last shift. Whoever was in was locked in, and whoever was out was locked out until sunrise as the work crew got in their vehicles and drove home. A small security camera hung discreetly from a light post near the entry way, allowing the Saigō family to view the outside of the tea house entrance from within.

To the outside world, it seemed like any other normal business. There was nothing unordinary, particularly interesting or different about the humble little tea house pharmacy. But inside the Saigō Chaya at night, Unit 14 was anything but an ordinary tea house. Behind closed doors, the Saigō clan doubled as members of the Satsuma Yakuza, and also the Jiang Hu Triads, and at night the tea house served as one of the clan's three district headquarters.

Saigō Toda was a well known and well respected pharmacist. But unbeknownst to anyone, he was also a member of nobility who hailed from the upper class of Taiyou society. Not only was he the Oyabun of the Satsuma Yakuza, but he was also an official high-ranking leader of the Oniwaban, an imperial military organization so secretive that even the Umibozu and other branches of the Taiyou military were completely unaware of its existence. The Saigō clan were not just gardeners, cooks, store owners, tea makers and doctors, but they were also shinobi-no-mono trained in the 18 Art Skills of Saigō-Ryu Ninpo, and the humble humanitarian doctor Saigō Toda Kuro Doshi was their Jōnin or leader.

Saigō Toda was the 6th Sōke of the Saigō-Ryu tradition, having inherited it from his father. The shinobi-no-mono, sometimes referred to as the Saigō Ninja, were divided into 3 branches or sub-sects which made up the bulk of the Oniwabanshū, and they operated completely in silence, independent not only from other branches of the military, but also independently from one another as well. Entering this underground secret organization was no easy task. The Saigō kept no public records of the Oniwaban's existence, and the only way to become a Saigō Ninja was to be personally chosen by Dr. Toda himself.

New cadets were always trained in pairs. They were put through rigorous tests and obstacle courses in which both cadets would be forced to work together in order to survive, developing a close bond and relationship of trust and teamwork which only strengthened with time. This was all part of the training, however, for the very last test involved a violent duel in which both cadets were forced to fight to the death. This was the ultimate final test in which only one of them would survive. The last one standing at the end of this test would go on to become the next Saigō Ninja, and would move on to the rank of Genin where they were then initiated into Niihama's Oniwaban.

The only non-members to know about the existence of the Oniwabanshū were members of the imperial royal family of which they served. The Saigō clan was completely loyal and devoted to the Takayama Shōgunate and His Majesty the Taiyou Emperor whom they had served faithfully for many centuries. They maintained their secrecy by disguising themselves as imperial bodyguards, palace guards, police officers, and soldiers of the Imperial Taiyou Navy, or as secret agents within the Umibozu who were actually not members of the Umibozu at all, but spies and sleeper agents appointed by the Takayama royal family themselves in order to keep tabs on their own government and eliminate any possible threats to the imperial royal family, both foreign and domestic. They served as assassins, counter assassins, enemy disruptors and double agents who were specially trained in Saigō-Ryu Ninpo specifically for these sort of highly delicate and extremely dangerous tasks.

All of the Saigō Ninja in all 3 sects under Saigō Toda were on a need-to-know basis. Not only were they unaware that Toda was the leader of all 3 sects, but one sect did not even know of the other two's existence. So when the Takayama family was split between two emperors, some of the Saigō Ninja served under Nobuo Takayama, while others served Shimizu Takayama accordingly. They all followed a very strict code of honor known as Bushido, and were so extremely fanatic about the master/retainer relationship that they would sacrifice their own lives to protect the emperor they served at all costs, even if it meant having to assassinate their fellow Saigō ninja, or publicly disgracing themselves in order to maintain their secrecy, so long as their actions were justifiable as being an act of loyal service to the emperor, whichever one they served. The Saigō Ninja were completely selfless, and if given the order, would even commit seppuku.

It was hard to imagine that such a devoted, highly organized faction existed in Niihama's slums and operated secretly within the Saigō Chaya, as there was nothing at all about the place which even remotely conjured such an image in people's minds. Most of Taiyou nobility and the other government buildings resided near the Taiyou Royal Palace in Sector Five, and it was for that very reason that Saigō Toda instead chose to live a quiet, humble life in the lower class domains and unimportant depths of Niihama City where nobody would suspect him of being a shinobi.

Dr. Toda was in the doctor's office filling out paperwork and writing up a prescription for one of his patients who was complaining of a sore throat and respiratory problems due to the pollution and smoggy air. It was a common problem among the denizens of Sectors One and Two, and the good doctor had just the solution and medicine needed to counter it. His services were cheap and affordable even for the poorer members of the lower class society. But he made a small fortune off of the densely populated mega-city, and used the money he had accumulated to run his business and provide funding for his secret organization.

Dr. Toda was dressed casually on this day, wearing a simple white hoari jacket and black hakama trousers with a saffron colored belt around his waist and his long black hair tied back into a bun. He was wearing simple hemp sandals without any socks and the bottom of his feet were dirty, presumably from walking around the tea house barefoot as he so often tended to do. Saigō Chaya customers loved the fact that despite being a doctor, he preferred to be informal during business hours, treating the patients and guests as top priority and as equals, if not better and more important than himself. Doctor Toda filled out the prescription and handed it to his patient with a smile, thanking them for allowing him to help. The patient smiled happily and thanked Dr. Toda for his services before leaving the doctor's office.

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The sun had slowly began to set, and to Yukiko it was by far one of the worst sector two neighborhoods she had been in. She took one brief moment to look up to all of the arcoligies that towered high above her, spreading out into metal decking that supported the urban sprawl above them. Her eyes then briefly darted back to the well decorated teahouse in front of her. She paused a moment to reach into the front pocket of the jeans she was wearing, to pull out a small crumpled note.

Scribbled on the note was a set of Kanji characters, she glanced down at them, and then back up.

"So this is the rumored 'Saigo Teahouse'" she mused to herself as she glanced upwards, and slid the note back into her front pocket, smoothing the creases in her form fitting anime themed t-shirt, which was worn under a loose fitting hoodie, it was a fitting disguise and tended to keep people from bothering her, if she looked like a common street urchin. It was a clever disguise she had used often to blend in with the local populations.

So she decided to take a step forward. Slowly she reached out and grasped the door handle, and slowly pulled it open, marveling at the inside.

She stepped in, hood pulled over her head as loose strands of hair flowed across her face, she knew all eyes were on her, but she decided to speak up, swiftly entering as the patient had left.

"I need to see Doctor Toda."