Sallos of the Flame

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Rainynight


Sallos of the Flame


Name: Her current name is Sallos, although everyone that knows her calls her "Flame".

Personality: Sallos tends to act like a spoiled brat, and for a reason. She, along with other young demons, are used to being served by imps and respected by lower demons and other lifeforms. So she expects humans to listen to her. And when they don't, she gets a little hissy.

Weapons of Choice and Abilities: Sallos prefers to use conventional weapons, but her absolute favorite method of execution is her long bow, Ralian, which is an enchanted bow that focuses her abilities into a single arrow and amplifies them. She can create portals, explosions, and flying objects (Or people) when ever she fires. She uses Pyrokinesis, like many of her chosen mortal champions, but has more control and power over it. She also possesses the ability of flight, although she cannot fly for too long, or too high. And finally, she has a small degree of control over the dimensional plane, allowing her to travel between realms.

Background: Sallos is a minor demon lord (Or lady for you people that like to be technical), and has lived in her role for as long as she can remember. She is actually rather young in comparison to the other lords, and acts accordingly. She is rash and enjoys chaos, so this inevitably led to her wandering. She went on to travel between realms, having adventures, misadventures, and the like. Eventually, she returned home, only to find that another demon had taken her place. She went ahead and killed him, and absorbed his power. She is now currently wandering again, running away from the other demons that seek her death.

So begins...

Sallos of the Flame's Story