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Sam Skull

The leader of the Skull and Daggers

0 · 227 views · located in Icarius

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by TFlow64


Pirate Smugglers


Physical description: *Pic*

Personality: Secretive- He knows how to keep his business to the paying customers only.
Charismatic- He is a true salesman when it comes to his goods.

Equipment & Abilities: Armed with duel pistols he uses them a little more then he should in the underground.

Historical Background: Lived a poor life and survived by doing anything he had too. So crime has been his whole way of life and now has decided to make money at it.

So begins...

Sam Skull's Story


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#, as written by TFlow64
Sam Skull has found his home for the Skull and Dagger "Trade Commission".

He has made his home on Icarius, the Tarsus moon. Shielding his operations by the fear of the beasts on the planet.

He sends out message pods to begin his marketing campaign. It is a coded message only those who are truly looking for his services will figure out.

Sam Skull will float around the galaxy for a bit before returning to his headquarters to fuel up.

The setting changes from The Onyx Galaxy to Icarius


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#, as written by TFlow64
Sam Skull has moved into the area. Seeing a good amount of people who are in need of money. He has moved into an old warehouse he has made the perfect headquarters for his new smuggling company. He has now created many new jobs for Icarius and its people. As he lands his ship near his new warehouse. Stepping off his ship he takes a deep breath and says "Home" with a smile and begins unloading his goods into the warehouse. He then goes around town and puts up some posters. The posters read:

New Job Opportunities

Filling all positions.

Apply in the warehouse district.

Bring this flyer and I will find you.

Best pay in the city.


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#, as written by Awinita
An industrial center was normally the place a momb maker was employed to blow stuff up for building work, demolition work, or even just every day kaboom. Vinny didnt much care, but it worked. But things had confused him rather recently. "Hello, what is this ?" Vinny stopped his wandering and halted, seeing a pile of strange dust upon the grown before him. Picking up a piece of it he gave the dust a practised eye. "Hmm, I wonder if this would have the same kick as gunpoweder ? Nah, looks more decrative. Something to go on a flower boquet" Vinny smiled then, sticking his matchstick in his mouth like a toothpick he gently picked up the Void Dust and headed for his new shop.

Thankfully the new shop was in a slightl better part of town thanks to the recent happenings. Vinny had noticed an increase in soldier presence and other events having occured in the area. Just getting his new flower shop was the fun part of his whole time there.