Sameul Sullivan.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Chulance


Name:Samuel Sullivan

Powers:Terrakinesis-At Joseph Sullivan's funeral, Samuel was able to move dirt to cover his brother's grave, moving only a little at a time. He is also able to control a certain type of mineral-based ink, using it to form a tattoo of a hand and choke Edgar . He used his ability over ink three times on Lydia, to find Hiro and Danko , and then to see Claire, Sylar, and Peter. He also showed Hiro a tattoo of a compass that spins wildly. Samuel can absorb the ink into himself in order to transport it. He used that ink to create a compass tattoo on Peter, being able to control it later from a distance and has enough fine control over it to add an identifiable image of himself in one of Peter's newspaper scraps. He was also able to create a massive sinkhole underneath his birth home, destroying it utterly after being brushed off by the current residents . Samuel displays his vast control over terrakinesis when he completely destroyed a police station leaving nothing but dust , and also possesses enough fine control to manipulate multiple stone shards at once. Samuel can also propel rocks in a similar manner to telekinesis with objects. He is able to levitate them and propel them. He used this to kill Joseph by propelling a rock through his throat and tried to do it with Edgar, but was stopped by Hiro.

Mohinder learns from his father's research and from consulting with Joseph Sullivan that the magnitude of Samuel's ability is increased when in close proximity to a large number of evolved humans . Joseph and Samuel both indicate that Samuel can sense it on some level and that's why he surrounds himself with so many people at the carnival. Joseph says that if his power is amplified enough, he can destroy whole cities, even mountains. Samuel also seems to be able to feel the force which surrounds evolved humans. He tells Chris, Gail and Bo LoFontaine that he has "sensed" The Watcher and knows that he is strong. He describes his force as a "pull" that "few others do".

Samuel has also shown the ability to create stone bridges , as well as massive arms made of rock. Samuel can also use the power to travel long distances as he used it to travel from the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. on a massive trail of dirt.

Personality: He is a charming man, who always tries to get on the good side of others. He has good intentions at heart, and always tries to make his intentions into a reality. He seeks large amounts of power, so he can change the world. He also has a darker side to himself, as he will manipulate others. He will hold others hostage, and plot to ruin someone simply to get their assistance. He will take advantage of anyone with skills useful to his goals.



Bio: Samuel was born in Coyote Sands, causing a massive earth-quake as he was born .

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