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Saoirse Alaric Navid

0 · 72 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by LittleSun1


Saoirse possesses the soft, light skin, long, pointed ears, and deep green, almond-shaped eyes typical of an elf. In contrast to her small, steady hands and feet, well suited to the work of a Rogue, she stands at 5’4, the taller side of the races average height. The Rogue is clothed in studded armor, just a few shades darker than her hazelnut-brown, shoulder length hair, knee-high elfin-made leather boots, deeply worn by several decades worth of use, and a threadbare grey cloak, worn mostly when attempting to conceal herself. Despite the fact that Saoirse now ‘worships’ Olidamara, god of the rogues, she wears a thin chain bearing both his and Ehlonna’s symbols as something of a good luck charm.
~Other Info~
Age: 134
Height: 5'4
Weight: 107
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Stats: Str # 9(-1), Dex # 15(+2), Con # 10(-0), Int # 15(+2), Wis # 14(+2), Cha # 10(-0)
Racial Adjustments: Immune to sleep spells and their effects, +2 saving throw bonus against Enchantment spells and their effects, Low-Light Vision, +2 for Listen, Search and Spot Checks, when passing within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door elfs are entitled to a spot check.
HP: 6
AC: 15 (10+3Armor+2Dex)
Saves: Fortitude 0, Reflex +4, Will +2
Skills: (8+2*4=40) 4 Balance(+2Dex), 4 Climb(+0Str), 4 Disable Device(+1), 4 Escape Artist(+2Dex), 4 Hide(+2Dex), 4 Jump(+0Str), 4 Move Silently(+2 Dex), 4 Open Lock(+2Dex), 4 Tumble(+2Dex), 4 Use Rope(+2Dex)
Feats: Dodge(During your action, you designate an opponent and receive a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class. You can selsec a new opponenet on any action.)
Alignment: Neutral, “Undecided”
Deity: Saoirse was raised to worship Ehlonna, goddess of the woodlands, but now puts her faith in the god of rogues, Olidammara, though she is far from pious. In general she only feels a desire to pray when in need of aid or luck.


(Personality and History)
Saoirse, though a full blooded elf, spent only the first 87 years of her life among the fair-folk. During this time she became somewhat attuned to her races strong will, indifference to world events and fondness of nature, but also failed to absorb their tendencies to express lower energy emotions and to slowly distribute trust. As a young elf among humans, an eleven year period during which time she ran the streets with a small band of human thieves, she became impulsive and filled with the short-lived race’s stories of silver, gold and rare treasure. The one that stuck with her most, that of Saogart the Grey (who entered the kings castle and ‘liberated’ the entire months tax collections and the queens crown.), went so far as to shape her adult name(Alaric Navid being her given one.). Having lost contact with her clan and family as a result of her early wanderlust, Saoirse now wanders the land on whatever whim hits her, aimlessly pursuing greater risks and their resulting rewards.
Saoirse, despite fostering a deep love of risk, prefers to sneak and snipe in place of outright melee or even long ranged combat.


Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Thieves’ Tools, Grappling Hook, Hempen Rope(50 ft), 29 GP, 9 SP.
Weapons: 3 Daggers (1d4, 19-20/x2), Light Crossbow (1d8 19-20/x2)
Armor: Studded Leather (+3, ACP -1)

So begins...

Saoirse Alaric Navid's Story