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Satsujin-han Yamato

Yamato - the Muse of the Harbingers of the Pal

1 · 340 views · located in Hayslem City

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ArvKyu



Name: Lord Satsujin-han Yamato/Asteontylth the Voiceless
Aliases: The Muse (of the Harbingers of the Pale) | The Nemesis of Man [Asteontylth, not Yamato]
Age: 19/Unknown
Race: Aster (Conduit)/Unknown


The Light of the Aster: Heliokinesis, photokinesis, and photoniokinesis (possibly full-blown radiogenesis depending on the person). Due to his age and inexperience, Yamato, though possessing potential for great power, does not have as much control or power as one would expect of a Harbinger of the Pale. Most notably, he also does not have much access to the powers of photoniokinesis past photokinesis and the most basic applications of each aspect of the highly versatile power.
Aetherial Conduit: Yamato is capable of pulling soul-force and aetherial energy from not only his surroundings or himself, but far-flung places and other individuals.
Soul-Force/Aetherial Metabolism
The Flight of the Crane - A martial art that you will learn about ICly. He was taught this martial art by one of the Beasts of the Song. He is a protege of the Song's Crane. It is learned by those who do not have much body strength to take advantage of.
Art Manipulation/Muse Embodiment Yamato's most powerful ability, and the one that earned him his position as a Harbinger. More will be learned about this ICly, and I'll try to keep this page up to date.
Powers of the Wraithguard

The Yangwu Conspiracy: Yamato has a flock of three pets that are, as a whole, referred to as the Yangwu Conspiracy. The valravns are the giver of the name to the Song's Valravns - who also breed the birds for themselves and their most valued servants, the Satsujin-han - and are a matriarchal raven species, known for being as large as a Haast's eagle. Yamato can spy on others through the valravns, and is linked to them in various ways. They are capable of easily understanding multiple languages, thanks to being as smart or even smarter than a cat or a dog, and are frequently used by Yamato in everything from combat to hunting when she needs food for survival. Like the Haast's eagle, they are each capable of targeting prey weighing up to 230 kilograms (510 pounds). These are the capabilities of adolescent birds like Yamato's, which can grow larger. Though unknown to the public, they are magical creatures. However, Yamato has yet to explore the full capabilities of the valravns [or even teach them much, beyond aura bolts, protecting themselves with aura, and hiding the fact that they can turn their wings/feathers into incredibly durable cutting blades with aura, the last part just hiding a natural capability of the valravns; they are also capable of shooting lightning from their maw as an elemental power], whom possess far more developed vocal chords than even parrots. They are often somewhere in Yamato's radius, even if they are flying high in the sky and people aren't necessarily aware of them. The Song are the only known breeder of valravns, and theirs are much more capable than those found elsewhere, with other valravns frequently being smaller and not having as much magical or even intellectual capability, though they are usually always larger than the average raven, more magical than the average raven, and more intelligent than the average raven.



Description coming soon

The Dagger of House Satsujin-han

Description coming soon

Svalinn, Barrier of the Sun

Svalinn is a mighty and legendary shield among [redacted] followers. Some of Yamato's kind are known to, occasionally, produce the burning, all-consuming mana that Yamato himself possesses. Nothing can sunder it, and it protects its wielder from curses, poisons, toxic gases, and venoms alike, allowing them to fight even against an assassin’s toxic blade. It rests on Yamato’s back, prepared at all times for battle.

Meant to “keep back the sun”, being in its presence helps the young Clan le D’Aboville member maintain control of his burning mana. Should his full power be released, may Kemoth help friend and foe alike.

Svalinn allows for the generation of barriers of energy, perhaps composed of life-force, mana, or a combination of both, that is capable of blocking teleportation past the barriers, preventing psionic or psychic abilities from penetrating the barriers, and reversing the direction of things that come into contact with the barriers. One could generate several shields that rotate around the user, each manipulated individually and acting as an extension of one’s senses and body, while simultaneously protecting an ally by holding them in a barrier. These barriers are platforms, too, and can be made rapidly to climb on, walk on, and more. More experienced users are capable of actually using Svalinn to manipulate the vectors of things that come into contact with it, even teleporting objects or one’s self if one touches it, and even returning the state of something or someone within the barrier to a state that something or someone was at before in a form of ‘healing’ or ‘repairing’, but Yamato isn’t experienced enough to do that, yet.

Yamato’s shield has a higher capability, though. It is capable of generating a great barrier in the midst of battle that can literally protect entire armies, even if just for a moment. Yamato has to rely on Asteontylth, however, so that he doesn’t become exhausted too quickly, whether that be by using this or the other attributes of the shield.

Just be aware that it is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the inexperienced, the desperate, the uncaring, or the stupid. Not to others, necessarily, but rather to themselves. Overuse will lead to a complete depletion of life-force and mana alike in more dire circumstances which will, inevitably, result in death.


Andvaranaut-Draupnir, frequently confused for a single item, translates to ‘Andvari’s Gift, the Dripper’, and is an enchanted item of extraordinary wealth - or at least will bring its wielders extraordinary wealth. A tool of transmutation and production, Andvaranaut-Draupnir is capable of doing many things, such as turning specific portions of a fine art piece into gold, or making a carved wooden ring into one of mithril and star gem. Far more potent than a simple transmutation rune and any related things, it can change the state of things - allowing Yamato to, say, turn water to ice or liquid into metal without changing the temperature - or allow Yamato to petrify the air near an enemy he is striking, layering stone over parts of an enemy rapidly to slow or immobilize them. As much of a tool as it is a weapon, Andvaranaut-Draupnir is a golden arm ring that might be used to sharpen a blade, coat a blade in diamond, or cause a wooden statue to become a metal warrior. It might turn sand in a desert into a horse that can be ridden upon, yet never needs to be watered. Quite useful, it is a tool empowered by the mightiest of magicks meant to make the Muse's work a bit easier.

Personality: Coming soon. This was put together super quickly.

Note: Yamato's mother is of the Clan Tsubasa

So begins...

Satsujin-han Yamato's Story


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#, as written by ArvKyu
Hayslem City

Yamato was sitting at a table in an outside dining area of a cafe that also seemed to function as a restaurant. He always liked these kinds of places. You could eat, just have a coffee with friends, or get the munchies halfway through your sixth cup. That was always amazing. There were similarities in this city when compared to other places, but, in the end, this world was diverse. It possessed a different kind of diversity than the chaos of Terra, and yet even still was different from the structured diversity of the Sinhai Confederation. How intriguing. Mother would have probably loved it here.

The Aster sipped at his tea, which was situated in a nice teacup. It worked well, but didn’t compare to the art Yamato was known to make. Perhaps visiting Origin could work out well. Perhaps the Song territory here, or a parcel of land in the country he could purchase. The city was nice, too, though, but other parts of Origin were excessively beautiful from what he had seen of his studies before arriving here.


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Halitrax had grown bored with the academy and posing as a student. He left the school and decided to roam Hayslem city for a little bit to see where the winds of fate would take him. He was still a little miffed about being talked down to in the class he had attended. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of a little cafe and something felt odd.

Halitrax turned and saw no one around aside from the workers and a single person sitting at a table sipping on a cup of tea. There was an aura around him that seemed to radiate calm and yet there was a warrior under the aura as well. Halitrax went and ordered a cup of coffee and then sat down at the table directly across from the cute stranger. He took a sip of his coffee then looked over at the young man.

"Hello there, I hope you don't mind if I join you." He said with a sly grin.