A fierce warrior woman with all the knowledge of war. The most dangerous of the Eight in terms of skill.

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Name: ?

Nicknames: Scathach, the Shadow

Age: ? (Appears to be early twenties)

Height: 5'8''

Race: ? (Appears human)

Home: Innis Skye (Isle of Skye)

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Known Family: Aife (Sister), Uathach (Daughter dead), Shannon (Husband)

Quote: "See me in the shadows."

Appearance: Wild, straight, red hair hangs down just below her shoulders. Her skin is pale, and her hands are callused from years of training with all weapons imaginable. Her eyes are an emerald green that seem to pierce through your soul. Her build is athletic, but still distinctly feminine. Black lines are tattooed on the sides of her face, around her upper arms and her shoulders, and down the middle of her chest to trace intricately on her stomach. Her clothes vary, as she has worn everything from Gallic hides, leather, and cloth to medieval armor, modern clothing, and advanced exoskeletons.

Abilities -

Achilles had his heel . . .: The Shadow can find most any weakness, even the most seemingly absurd.

Aegis Fate: Her vicious gaze strikes fear in the hearts of lesser warriors, seemingly paralyzing some with fear.

"See me in the shadows.": Her acute stealth abilities allow her to move around soldiers and some less advanced sensors. Almost as if she becomes one with the dark.

Ardgeimm Blood: She can summon the strength of her sister in times of need and break near any blade.

Gae Bolg: The skill she taught to Keegan and Cuchulainn. The most terrible feat of all. The summoning of the hundred-barbed spear, Gae Bolg. A last resort, when thrown it almost aslways results in death. As, when it hits, one-hundred barbs shoot forth from the blade, tearing the victim apart.


Her demeanor is quiet, but she stands tall no matter where she is, and her imposing presence radiates with power. She demands respect wherever she goes, and is very serious on all matters. She trusts very few, and is cold towards most people she encounters. She is considered the second leader of the Eight, alongside Raghnall. In combat she is fierce, and sometimes unpredictable. She is able to take advantage of an enemy's most hidden, or unlikely, weakness. She and her sister Aoife are rivals, though that rivalry has died down some over the years, especially since the gods punished the seven of the Eight they could get to.


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Her casual weapons include a short sword and a long sword, both authentic weapons used by warriors of Innis.


The High God Innis sacrificed himself, in the process creating Innis Skye and the Eight: Keegan, the Morrigan, Shannon, Cuchulainn, Scathach, Aife, Raghnall, and SinΓ©ad. Scathach is blood sister, by creation, to Aife just as Keegan and his sister the Morrigan are to each other. Created to be a warrior and a tactician alongside Keegan and Chuchulainn, Scathach stands out as the most formidable warrior of the Eight, taking her place alongside the eldest and by far the most powerful of the Eight: Raghnall. She is one of the Ardgeimm sisters. For years she lived on Innis Skye, never aging, never knowing of the seven-world Geosa Cluster hidden from them by the dead god's design. While her sister developed a passion for breeding strong, beautiful horses alongside her love of battle, Scathach found her own loves as well. Namely in Shannon, one of the Eight. Though she did not marry him, as her sister had wedded Cuchulainn, she did have a child with him: Her daughter, Uathach. Scathach taught Keegan and Cuchulainn the ways of war, and helped them to develop their potential as warriors and tacticians. At the same time, though, she opted to keep her daughter out of a life of battle; unlike her sister's husband, who taught their son Conlaoch all they knew of war. She grew apart from Raghnall when her daughter fell in love with him, and when he did not protest.

Keegan's encounter with the Wanderer was the first of two momumental moments in the Shadow's life. It allowed them to enter the courts of the dark, powerful, and frightening Giasara. The gods feared them all, though none more than Scathach and Raghnall, the two most powerful of the Eight. When Raghnall pledged to the gods to remain on Innis Skye for the most part, and when the other seven grudgingly accepted the gods' offers of serving them, Scathach and Cuchulainn were the first to feel that something was terribly wrong. When Keegan formed the Red Branch Knights, Cuchulainn the Hounds, and the Morrigan the Carrion Knights, she formed the Shades. Its intelligence network was vast, putting Keegan's to shame, and it was far deadlier and more efficient than Cuchulainn's army.

As the tension between the Blessed and the Eight mounted, and physical clashes became more frequent, Scathach was almost unsurprised when the Morrigan went on a rampage, killing all of them. Though she was as disturbed as the rest when the Crow knew not why she had done the deed. When the gods poured their wrath upon the Eight - all but Raghnall, who was on Innis Skye, therefore unable to be touched by the High Pantheon - the majority of the Shades managed to hide, like the Hounds did. Keegan and his sister's armies where not so lucky. She was shocked at the two-hundred year torture forced upon the Morrigan, and even more so when Keegan demanded he be subjected to the same treatment, unable to see his sister suffer alone. She was horrified when the gods tricked Cuchulainn into killing his own son, Aoife forced to watch but unable to intervene. But the worst blow came when the gods slaughtered her daughter before her very eyes. She was then tortured, and killed so that she returned to Innis Skye. She wishes most for the chance to kill the god Tranon, who had personally killed her daughter.

So begins...

Scathach's Story