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Sensei Ichi

0 · 221 views · located in Ahria

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


Ichi is an anthropomorphic Cane Toad, of heavy build which sits over a sturdy frame layered with a pot-belly and visibly large muscles. He stands at just over 6ft, with light cream skin, dotted with patches of black along his back. His large eyes are entirely black, save for some glimmer of gold in his iris. While most of his skin is dry and tough, but without much marking, his back is covered in many small tubercles.

For clothing, Ichi typically wears loose-fitting robes of silk, often in dark forest colors. If he is celebrating, or going to a fight that he deems could be life-threatening, then he wears often very bright and vivid robes.

He carries no weapons beyond a small dagger with a 3 inch blade, kept in a wooden sheath, tied to his side.


Ichi is well versed in using his knife for combat, but is a true master of Hand to Hand Combat, having studied it all his life and mastered a style of his own design.

Power Bloat:
Provided he needs it, Ichi can focus his energies over a small period of time, and cause his body to dramatically grow larger to however big he needs it. This is really only used to allow his height/size to match that of an opponent if they are too big to be taken as normal. While it doesn't require much energy to use, this ability does take time to prepare and use, and as such is only used if it's absolutely needed.

Ichi can naturally create a powerful toxin in his body, and secrete it from his eyes, mouth or skin. It is slow-acting but incredibly devastating. The poison attacks the nervous system first, by breaking off effective communication between the nerves the brain. When this happens, the body begins to rapidly heat up, causing sudden increased bloodflow and a weakness to natural temperature -- making the world feel a lot hotter. This causes sever Hyperthermia, nausea, vomiting, dizzyness and eventual unconsciousness. The posion, if left to do its work, will eventually cause rapid necrosis, and obviously death. However, Ichi can manipulate the poison before using it to change it's effectiveness, meaning he can let it only work up to specific stages. He prefers to only knock opponents out if he uses the poison.
*The Bufotoxin has to be put directly into the body, either by ingestion, in the eyes, or via the bloodstream. It doesn't go through the skin.

Tongue Whip (leading into) Predator's Bite:
Ichi's black tongue can extend to a great distance up to a maximum of 20 metres, it can be used to whip and painfully lash opponents, but is often used to tie them up, and reel them in. This is then the Predator's Bite technique: Ichi literally pulls his opponent into his mouth and crushes them with his mouth before spitting them back out. Not an flashy move, but is often used to break legs and arms, destroying any chance of retaliation from the opponent.

Ichi creates a fast build-up of bile and other foul liquids, then spews it out onto the floor. This bile, while completely harmless, is a powerful adhesive, causing any who step in it to be powerfully stuck in it's grasp. It's not so powerful that it will lock anyone down with a single drop, but if it can cover a foot, that foot would be stuck down with all the strength of reinforced steel. Each new layer of bile would basically double this. The drawbacks of this technique is that it takes a short while to build up the bile, and it is fired in a quick burst and is probably quite easy for most adept warriors to dodge, thus it requires timing and tactics to be of any use.


Quiet and stern, often keeping himself to himself. Overly protective of his ideals and philosophies, just as much as he is protective of allies. He is a warrior at heart, and finds tranquility in battle. Ichi strongly believes that there is wisdom gained from fighting, and that each warrior deserves respect in their battles. Ichi despises "disrespectful" warriors who care only for fighting and winning. With these warriors, he sees only to end them. However, when he fights "honorable" or "respectful" warriors, he often tries to win by debilitating the opponent until they can't fight, so that they may live and learn from the battle.

So begins...

Sensei Ichi's Story