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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by shadowlord123

So begins...

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It was a bleak morning, the haze of mist surrounded and enveloped the city streets, adding to the overall depressing atmosphere. People were just starting their days, heading to work in various shapes and forms. Wing City Hall wasn't particularly bustling with activity, but it was nonetheless active as various public officials began to go about their daily business. Bureaucrats, politicians, city police, and more entered the chambers.

Outside, making entrance into the building difficult were many assorted protesters. One prominent design of flag was waved in the air among them - a maroon, white, and black tricolor with an emblem in the center of an off-red skeleton wrestling a lion into submission. All of the people wore similar clothes; slim black uniforms akin to that of a military outfit. Each of them wore or had gasmasks on in some way shape or form. Despite being protesters, they were organized...planted here, by the NPM. And their goal was the same as ever, to make a scene. To show their displeasure. To convince others to their cause. And most importantly, to be noticed. They often vented their frustrations during these protests about their ideologies not being represented in government.

This had been a recent occurrence in the wake of a perceived lack of stability and lack of will on behalf of the Terran government to deal with what the group called "Rotten Organizations". What this meant changed frequently, but often it was in reference to the various governmental bodies in charge of Terra. Today, it was Wing City which had one of these faux protests. Tomorrow, it'd be another city. And another. Local cells were stationed, and people were sent across the world to participate in these protests to bolster numbers. In practice, with every protest, people are swayed to their side of things. Gradually ands surely, a poisonous brain rot culminated. They were radicals today, but the radicals of today could be the rulers of tomorrow...and that's what they truly wanted. To rule. To enact their "pure" Futurist ideology upon the masses, and to improve people.

It wasn't just Terra...the NPM had aspirations outside of Terra. The Aschen and Taiyou governments were tougher shells to crack thanks to their more authoritarian systems and were not quite as open as Terra, but in due time they could be 'enlightened'...

As time progressed, the protestors begun to become more aggressive, never outright escalating to violence but escalating nonetheless. Police stationed at City Hall begun to emerge for backup. Things were getting ugly, and putting people on edge...hoping this wouldn't escalate past a simple protest by delusional ultranationalists...