Shanna Zluvechki

In the cold grip of ice and death, survival is not a commodity afforded to the weak of heart and will.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Vincent the Dark God




Somewhat withdrawn from social groupings, she prefers the company of one or two friends along with her befriended wolf. Her trust is hard won for she is an ex-sniper for an elite mercenary squad. Her spotter, a good friend of her's and the team's, sold them all out to the enemy for extra pay.


One heavy camo rain coat customized with extra netting for easier blending.
One 7.62mm rifle with thermal scope and folding stock for medium range firefights.
equipment belt with six satchels holding extra clips and other equipment (ex. decoy grenade, flashbang, etc.)
One 9mm pistol, hollow point armor piercing rounds, 12 round clip.
One combat dagger, 8" blade.
One white Dire Wolf, 9 yrs. old.


She was once a member of the mercenary squad, The Five Rings. Due to a trusted member, her partner and spotter, betrayed the team to the enemy for an extra payout. The betrayal led to her team's death and very nearly her own. Whilst wondering through the snow layered forests of Northern Russia, gravely wounded and near death, she came face to face with what seemed to be an equally wounded Dire Wolf, as white as the snow around it save for the blood matting it's fur. It was obvious to both that neither had the energy nor the desire to fight, instead of fighting each other and possibly becoming more wounded than they were already, they banded together, hunting together for food and survival. With both helping one another she was able to find enough herbs to nurse both herself and the wolf back to health. Ever since those days in the unforgiving wilderness of Russia, her and the Dire Wolf have never left each others side.

So begins...

Shanna Zluvechki's Story

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A loud bang of a rifle rang through the gardens, the uniformed man's head was right in the bullet's path. A 7.62mm bullet fired from a high caliber rifle should be more than enough to splatter the bastard's brains behind him.

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Character Portrait: Shanna Zluvechki

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Four more shots rang out in quick succession, four more pigs fell dead. It was then Shanna revealed herself, stepping from behind a large hedge sculpture mounted on a pedestal, "Are you alright?" she called out to the slave girl, her voice had a slight Russian accent.