Shiori Ren

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Crystal Blood


Shiori has long pink hair that is kept in a braid. She wears her military issued black and gold trimmed uniform which consists mainly of a long trench coat, white gloves, hat, tall boots, black pants, and military vest.


Shiori can be cold and insensitive, mostly because she is afraid of getting to close to anyone. She is very down to earth and straight forwards, but is also easily anger.


Two small pistols she has modified to shoot ectoplasm. (she can also make a small shield of Ecto-p, and can use it to hover short distances.)


Shior was once a beautiful young women(25), who was deadly on the battle field and one of the lead paranormal scientist, it was her life's dream to serve her country and unlock the mystery of "the other" world. But on one of her missions something happened... Shiori herself is still unsure of the details, but the end result was her transformation. Now it seems Shiori is trapped in the body of a nine year old girl, who doesn't seem to age as time passes. Determined to continue her career, Shiori didn't let this stop her. She continued to advance in rank, and just recently had been sent over sea to her ancestral country of Japan.

So begins...

Shiori Ren's Story