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Signia Dversi

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Liquidus, as played by RolePlayGateway


Signia Dversi (Sig-Kneeah Dee-ver-see)




Species: Orbis Hominum. These are humans that are the closest descendants of earliest homo sapiens. They current live in a known secluded village on Aleutian islands in Alaska. They are use to extremely cold weather and they have survived for years in seclusion by living off the land. Once a child reaches the age of 16, they are set off on a pilgrimage to experience the world outside of their village. The first 8 years of their life, they learn about the world, and gain the basic knowledge they need to survive return every 4 years to bring new knowledge and cultures into their village, helping it grow and adapt to the world as a whole.

Personality: She has a child-like innocence to her, curious, inquisitive, and wondrous, but she is no fool, and she does have a temper; however, it does take alot to get her to that point. She is in tune with nature and she loves animals of the human realm, although shes only seen what's indigenous to her home island. She is brave and courageous, but she can be fearful and shy at times. She is a kind spirited person, but who knows what she will learn on her pilgrimage. She is a fairly good judge of character, or at least she likes to think so.


Appearance: Orbis Hominum. Look like normal human, but they differ in the natural average body build and physique. She is a tall young woman, with short shoulder cut black hair and a pleasant youthful face; her eyes are large and black and they fit her face well. Her hair is cut short to her shoulders and face her slender neck which lead to soft shoulders and a slim core. Her hips are shaply enough to be a woman's and her legs are rather powerful looking and lead to feet that fit her form.


She was born and raised in her village and grew to be a rather curious little girl with an innocence that could melt hearts. She didn't stay this way entirely though, being taken out to hunt with her father weekly and being taught to survive in the intense cold that surrounded her village. As she grew into puberty, she of course became like most girls interested in dating, considering she was taught about the rest of the world and the mannerisms of woman and man. She had a fairly normal life and she grew into a tough young woman, despite her innocence. At the age of sixteen she was scent away from the village...

So begins...

Signia Dversi's Story