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I'll ease your pain in the most humane way I know...

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by EnigmaticallyEerie


Theme: Nocturnal -The Movement

Role: Soul collector
Gender: ♀
Nickname(s): Sin, Snow, Blossom.
Age: She appears rather young, from mid to late teens. Her true age is unknown.
Race: Reaper (Of sorts)

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Build: Fit/Voluptuous
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Aquamarine

Skills: Brilliant sword fighter
Likes: Cherry Blossoms, Full moons, forests, kind spirits, weaponry of the bladed variety, warm summer nights.
Dislikes: Fire, guns, smoke.
Hobbies: Collecting souls, though at free will of the spirit. Sinoku will not collect a soul with no desire to be taken.
Phobia(s): For her own soul to be collected. To live
Personality: Reserved, Sinoku enjoys her solitary moments, however, shes not one to deny good company. Good company is just hard to come by these days, so most of her time is spent alone with her spirits.

Weapon(s): 2 Katana (nihontō), 1 Wakazashi. All blessed with the blood of Sinoku, giving
Fighting Style: Heavy
Abilities: To be able to come into physical contact with spirits.

Relationship Status: Single
Family: N/A - As far as Sinoku knows, she was an orphan.
Personal History: Sinoku was found, as an infant, upon a shrine that was a guide for lost spirits that were lost in their travels to the afterlife. The one responsible for her discovery was an old weapons smith of fine Japanese weaponry. Being superstitious, the man had thought that Sinoku was a blessing from the fairer of souls. A maiden sent to help the lost spirits of those who had come to pass. However, the smith knew that such a task was not without its share of dangers. And so, the smith crafted a trio of blades for the young one to wield when the time came. Once of age, Sinoku was brought to a temple by the smith that she had come to accept as her father. The priest of said temple blessed both the weapons and the young woman. Sensing her abilities, the priest used Sinoku's blood to bless the weapons, to give them the same spiritual abilities as their new master. Like herself, the weapons can come into physical contact with with souls, causing them pain and inflicting wounds that were thought to not be possible. Defeating of a spirit, however, does not condemn them to eternal nothingness, for Sinoku is not cruel. By her prayer, the soul will be ferried to where it belongs in the afterlife.

After the blessings were compete, it came down to Sinoku's final trial. To ferry the soul of her adopted father to the afterlife. Turns out, the old man was not truly alive, but a spirit lost in its travel to the afterlife. It was a truly testing fight, to go against the only one she could consider to be her family. However, Sinoku passed the trial and brought peace to her father's spirit. However, the man's soul did not travel on to the afterlife as most souls would have. Instead, he remains with Sinoku in the form of a wisp, a glowing orb of ethereal energy. It was his choice to stay with Sinoku, and so he remains, a mentor, a guide, a father, forever watching over the only precious thing he had come to love as his own child.

Years passed, and yet Sinoku never seemed go age with them. Her youthfulness stayed as she successfully guided each lost soul to the great beyond. Gifted by each and everyone with years of life equivalent to those that they had been trapped wandering the earth.

So begins...

Sinoku's Story

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Sin's steps beat at an unnaturally quick pace upon the roof top. A pause every so often as she leaped to each structure. A force, some undetermined source of spiritual energy had caught the young woman's attention. Sensing the spirit with her 'talents'. From the fluctuations she felt, the spirit she sought was not of the friendly 'Caspers' she often came across. No, this one would be a fight.

Sin's next leap came to a screeching halt as the felt the presence of another being, a soul not yet ready for reaping, or at least not yet. Something about the second soul seemed off, which further enticed Sinoku's curiosity.

Crouching low on the roof, Sin placed a hand upon the pommel of her Wakazashi blade. Moving slowly to the edge, she'd peer down to the scene below. A young red head, and a spirit wielding a bow.

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Sinoku stood from her crouch as the red haired sorceress as she became airborne. She winced at the woman for a moment before glancing down at the spirit, and then snapped to what seemed to be an elf that had opened fire with his own arrow. Elves, in death nothing but wisps, much like her companion, of whom was MIA at this point in time.

Drawing the Wakazashi blade, Sinoku tok a step off the roof, as if it were a a single giant step. Gravity took over from their, causing the pale, young, woman to fall to the pavement below. Hitting the ground, Sin let her knees buckle and she rolled forward to absorb the impact and turn it into forward momentum, of which she used to charge at the spirit. If she was quick enough, the spirit may be either hit, or the arrow would pass through, either case causing a distraction long enough for Sinoku to pass her spirit bane through the angered soul.

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Character Portrait: Sinoku
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Sin came to yet another screeching halt as the spirit seemed to poof into a rodent and vanish from sight. Sin huffed before her attention was caught by the Elven fellow.

"I'm not a spirit, yet, Elf. I'm as alive as you are." Sinoku replied, slightly irritated by the elf's lack of observation. "And honestly, if you can't see that, then what chance do you think you have against something that isn't living?"
Sinoku's gaze angled to glare at the man from the corner of her eyes.

"Thank you for prolonging the lost soul's torment. He would have passed into a better place, had you not interfered."

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Character Portrait: Sinoku
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Sin shook her head as the Elf just seemed to meander away. Frustrated about the escaped spirit, Sin wasn't about to just let this failure slide. And so, Sinoku turned to the red headed young woman.

"No, it won't." Sin agreed before raising a brow at Terra. "Why was the spirit after you?" Sinoku inquired as she began formulation a plan of sorts.