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Sir Eric Werner

"In the name of cosmic justice we ride, glory will prevail this day, hail to the king of Galethane!"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Shpleem


First Knight of the Kingdom and wielder of the green flame of valor.

Eric Werner (pronounced in the German style: Verner) is a human Solarion serving the great King Aeru of the Stellar Kingdom of Galethane as First Knight. Standing approximately 6'4" with a medium-lean, athletic build, Eric is in excellent physical shape and maintains his physique through rigorous exercise and training, both combat oriented and not. His seeming Germanic heritage is rather obvious from his name to his blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as his facial structure and jawline.

As a knight of Galethane he wears the white armor of the royal army, trimmed with his family color of red. This power armor enhances his physical capabilities beyond human levels in terms of strength, speed, reflexes and acrobatic agility. It also makes use of attuned solstones in order to help him channel his Solarion abilities through it. The armor can be sealed against the elements and even the vacuum of space and other hazardous environments and is equipped with life support, numerous environmental and threat detection sensors as well as a flight system and storage hard points for utility items and weaponry.

Eric's personal weapon is a double bladed staff sword, generally stored as a short quarter staff, it can be separated into two halves, each of which can deploy long blades of starforged metal. These two halves can in turn be connected together at their pommels into a double bladed weapon. While he shows great skill with this weapon above all others, he is quite skilled at using many other martial weapons as well as firearms of varying kinds, often keeping a high energy pulse pistol on his person for some ranged firepower.

In battle Eric is typically accompanied by the mecha wyvern Acheron. This large, mechanical beast is capable of blasting foes with intense stellar plasma from it's mouth, unleashing cutting energy waves from its wings while in flight and tearing through the hulls of capital ships with its teeth and claws. While Acheron does have a cockpit in its back for Eric to use, the machine is capable of fighting autonomously to support its master, taking orders as needed.

When the need calls for it, Eric can link his armor to Acheron, initiating Fusion. During this Eric will take full control of the mech, which will reconfigure into a humanoid fighter mode, allowing Eric to utilize his personal combat skills to the fullest, wielding a larger version of his personal weapon.

As a Solarion Eric wields a cosmic force not entirely understood by the scientists and magisters of Galethane, dubbed the Green Fire of Valor to distinguish it from the power wielded by other known Solarions. Eric is able to use this power to further enhance his combat abilities, both for himself, and while fused with Acheron. It can be as simple as physical empowerment, or have other uses such as energy projection for defense or attack. There are other properties of the Cosmic Fire that are yet to be discovered, for now, Eric wields it bravely in defense of his kingdom.

So begins...

Sir Eric Werner's Story