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Skyva Penelope June


You've got me surrounded,
It feels like I'm drowning and I don't want to come up for air.
I lost everything, I threw myself in and you took me when no one was there.
Well you can take what you need, take the air that I breathe and I'll give away all that I own.
Whatever I lose, is put back by you in a way that you'll never know.

'Cause I can't be without you

I'll be there when you need me most
I'll be there if you're ever alone
Together, we can grow old.
I can't leave you
I can't leave you,

There's no air around me, when we get this close but there's no where I want to go.
You keep it a secret if you feel the same and leave me dying to know.

'Cause I can't be without you

I'll be there when you need me most
I'll be there if you're ever alone
Together, we can grow old.
I can't leave you
I can't leave you

You're my way out
You're my way through
And I can't, I can't
Be without you
You're my way out
You're my way through
And I can't
Be without you

So be there when I need you most
Be there, whenever I'm alone
Together, will we grow old? I can't leave you
I can't leave you

I'll be there when you need me most
I'll be there if you're ever alone
Together, we can grow old.
I can't leave you
I can't leave you,






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Slim and curvy
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Preferred Clothing:



  • A slight skill in healing pokemon.
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Camping

  • Berries
  • Cute Pokemon
  • Rain
  • Adventure

  • Being told she can't do something
  • Pokemon Abusers
  • The word Halahmazam

Personality: Skyva is an energetic person. If she sees something she likes she will become super hyper. She is a pretty upbeat girl and rather see someone smile than worry about her. Skyva does have episodes when she is depressed, but refuses to show people that side of her.



"{Character Quote}"

Relationship Status:
Father- Harold June
Mother- Danielle June
Personal History/Background:
Skyva was born on a cold November morning to Harold and Danielle June. They were astounded at the color of her hair and eyes, neither one had red hair or green eyes. They figured it was a defect to an injection her mother had in the lab. Both were scientist and created Pokémon. Her first Pokémon was Spinda, whom she has till this day.
Skyva met Steve Denkenson at a park on spring morning at the age of five, she was playing on the monkey-bars when she fell off and scraped her knee. Steve was the first one to run up to her and helped her by covering her scrape and telling her everything will be okay. From then on they were inseparable. He was a couple years older and was like a big brother to her. On Steve’s ninth birthday she pulled him into a clearing that they regularly occupied, which was away from the rest of the world, and gave him a Castform that her father had created in his lap. Once he had calmed down from being excited she showed him that she had one too and that it could be like a best friend charm. That day Skyva got her first kiss and like a seed it was planted in her heart. She had fallen in love with him.
One winter day, she had just turned ten; they took the Castforms into the snowy forest and watched them change form. They were so engaged with the Castforms that they wandered to far from civilization. It started to snow heavily, until they could barely see in front of them. Steve grabbed her hand and led her into a cave a few yards away. She fell asleep against him, shivering. Once she woke up she was curled up with his jacket over her, Steve was staring down at her, smiling. The snow had stopped, but they were confused even more as to where they were. They headed into the direction Steve figured was home. Skyva had looked around and saw that downhill was a path into their village. She screamed for Steve to follow and ran, not thinking, and slipped. She rolled the rest of the way and into a fragile patch of ice, which broke. Steve saved her, once again, and fussed at her for being so stupid. Skyva, got silent and just nodded her head in agreement. She took a step away and heard a cracking sound, when she turned around she saw Steve falling and clinging to the edge.
Skyva tried pulling him up, but Steve knew there was no way she could pull him up and if she kept up she would fall with him. He smiled up at her and reached into his pocket, grabbing his poke balls, and handed it to her. She screamed at him that if she grabbed them she would have to let him go and for him not to be so stupid. Steve begged her to let him go, as the ice she was on was breaking also, and to take the balls. Before letting her hand go he told her he loved her. Skyva held onto the poke balls and stared at the black hole, when she heard the thump of his body hitting the ground she screamed bloody murder and threw his poke balls away from her in the snow, cursing them. A man from their village heard and came running. He brought her back to her parents, with the poke balls, and told what them about Steve. Skyva vowed she would rather see Pokémon dead than to ever save one again.
She inherited Steve’s poke balls but refused to touch them; she even refused to take care of the ones she had. Her mother and father took care of them for her, saying that one day she would change her mind. Every time she saw them she would growl and give them the death stare. Skyva took to isolation like a brat to its mother. Until the day she walked into her house to stare into Violet eyes. Her father had taken in a boy named Lazarus. He only stayed a week, learning from her father, but within that week he had changed her cold heart back into the warm heart that she had once before.
She promised him that she would repay him and when she turned sixteen, which would be in four years, she would set out to catch up with him and help him on his secret mission. Now she goes from town to town trying to find him, only to hear crazy stories that baffle her and getting glimpse of him.


[*] Bicycle with basket
[*]Camping Equipment -Tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, bowls.


1’ 4”
8.8 lbs.
Skyva first came into contact with MewMew while her parents were studying it, but was never really interested in it until after coming in contact with Lazarus. One few days after he left she went into her parent’s lab to get something when she turned around and Mew was face to face with her. From then till now she is seen with MewMew everywhere.
Mew is normally described as a pink, bipedal cat-like creature. Mew's hair is so fine and thin, it can only be seen under a microscope. It has a long, skinny tail ending with a rounded tip. Mew has big hind legs and short arms with three-fingered paws. Mew's feet are very large with oval markings near its three toes. Mew has triangular ears and baby blue eyes. Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokémon contained within its body. It also vaguely resembles an embryo or fetus, and is often depicted in a pink orb.
Mew is a very curious and intelligent Pokémon that will only appear to someone with a pure heart. It loves playing around and swimming, and is known to act very childish at times, wanting everybody it trusts to play with it. It is attracted to lullabies and will try to stay as close to the music as possible. All in all, Mew is known as a happy, playful and optimistic species of Pokémon, unlike its clone, Mewtwo.
Level: 40
Damaging Attacks - Retaliate, Aerial Ace, Fire Fang, Lick, Pursuit, Thunderbolt, Mud-Slap, Snarl.
Status Moves - Howl, Yawn, Thunder Wave, Work Up, Sank Attack, Hone Claws.
Utility Moves - Roar, Endure, Substitute, Odor Sleuth, Barrier.
Field and Hidden Moves - Rock Smash, Dig.

11 pounds
Tricksi was given to Skyva for her first Pokémon.
Spinda resembles a small, upright panda with rabbit-like features. Its head is almost as large as its body, and it is almost always seen sporting a smile. Its eyes are made up of two black spirals, which point in the opposite direction to each other, with a similar pattern on its ears. Spinda has four spots, which can appear anywhere on its face and ears, with a fifth on the back of its head. It has small body with short stumpy arms and legs, and its coat is primarily cream in coloration. Its arms are red and it has a red stripe bordering along the bottom of its belly, as well as two small spots on the soles of its feet.
Spinda have the odd habit of staggering around when they walk. This makes them appear dizzy, but they are not. The teetering walk helps to confuse enemies and potential predators, messing up their aim.
Level: 26
Attacks - Psychic, Rapid Spin, Dizzy Punch, Uproar, Psycho Cut, Water Pulse, Rollout, Shock Wave.
Status Moves - Teeter Dance, Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Psych Up, Swagger, Double Team.
Utility Moves - Disable, Encore, Safeguard, Copycat.
Field and Hidden Moves - Headbutt.

Casper and Cassie
Usually grassland but their Ability allows them to adapt to any habitat.
1.8 lbs.
Casper was created with a ‘brother’ for her and Steve.
Castform is an artificial Pokémon created by the Weather Institute in Hoenn. It was designed to help scientists predict the weather, and consequently changes its appearance (and type) when the weather changes.
In its natural state, Castform is small, gray and resembles a cloud. When it is extremely sunny, Castform's lower half becomes pure white while the head turns orange with smaller orange balls surrounding it. This gives Castform's head a shape that is similar to the sun. During rain, Castform's lower half becomes a darker shade of gray. The head is blue, resembling a drop of rain. In hail or snowy weather, Castform's head turns purplish-blue. The rest of the body changes into a mint green cumulonimbus cloud that also appears to resemble a decorative ice sculpture. Castform does not have a form for sandstorms or fog.
In all forms, Castform has markings around its eyes similar to a pair of sunglasses.
This Pokémon's feelings change with the weather.
Level: 25

9 lbs.
Skyva inherited Spikers from Steve.
Lillipup is a tan-colored, dog-like Pokémon. It has large eyes and a red nose, with its face covered by an abundance of cream fur. Its large ears have spiky lower extensions. Its fur puffs about above its paws, and its back has a spiky black stripe. Its tail is spiky and shaped similarly to Lillipup's ears.
Lillipup will bravely face strong opponents but will flee from unfavorable battles.
Level: 24
Damaging Attacks - Retaliate, Aerial Ace, Fire Fang, Lick, Pursuit, Thunderbolt, Mud-Slap, Snarl.
Status Moves - Howl, Yawn, Thunder Wave, Work Up, Sank Attack, Hone Claws.
Utility Moves - Roar, Endure, Substitute, Odor Sleuth.
Field and Hidden Moves - Rock Smash, Dig.

41 lbs.
Skyva found her injured.


Level: 25

Damaging Attacks -
Status Moves -
Utility Moves -
Field and Hidden Moves - Rock Smash, Dig.

So begins...

Skyva June's Story


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#, as written by Sambea
"Of course!" Skyva said too eagerly. MewMew looked up at her. She knew it was judging her.

She followed a little behind Radegast, taking in his new look. "Not too bad." She thought sighing at the fact he just turned sixteen. "Who the hell is allowed to look like that at that age." She thought again. "It's no fair." She mumbled out loud. His outfit did look a lot better than before. His sister and Roxie did a pretty good job on him, except the hat. The hat looked horrendous, but she wasn't about to say anything. Now that she thought about it, they both were complete strangers. Her eyes lingered down his back and eyed the cylinder.

"Could that be.." She whispered as she reached out and touched it without thinking. "Is that....a guitar?" She asked him, realizing she was so close she blushed and jumped back.


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One of the bandanas Margriet had gotten Radegast was rolled up into a long coil and wrapped around Radegast’s head. It kept most of his dreadlocks out of his face. The rest were held back by his visibly aged, and admittedly kind of grubby hat. Uncle Tarma had given Radegast the hat- he couldn’t toss it even if he wanted to. Even Margriet knew the value of the grey hat.

As he and Elder headed out, Radegast heard the woman in the lab coat, Skyva mutter something aloud. Something about how he shouldn’t be allowed to look his age or something? Radegast regarded Skyva with an unusual glance. “Not fair that I look like this?” he asked. “Well, can’t really do anything about that, sorry,” he grinned jokingly as his toned shoulders shrugged. Five… no, six years of travel and countless daring exploits, it was no surprise that the sixteen-year-old looked pretty strong.

At the mention of the guitar, Radegast’s face lit up. “Yo, isn’t it awesome? I walked through a sandstorm with this thing, and it didn’t even get a scratch.” He pressed a key on the cylinder, and the guitar automatically unfolded. Typical Ruulan technology automatically tightened the strings to a standard-ish tune, the pickups slid into place, and the frets automatically retook their respective positions. After a bit of tuning, Radegast began to play.

The guitar awarded to Radegast by Roxie produced great sound. Even if it was primarily an electric, it did have some hollowed-out sections to carry sound like an acoustic. Though it was not nearly as powerful as the hollow case of a true-blue acoustic, Radegast’s guitar did carry sound farther than a true-blue electric. It was a hell of a piece. Interestingly enough, the paint job of the body matched Roxie’s recommended fashion change.

“Elder, how about it?” Radegast reached into his pocket and passed the Haunter his harmonica. The Haunter grinned widely and joined in. “Welp, off to take on the gym!” Radegast jabbed a finger towards the building that was obviously a gym, if the Pokemon League sign out front indicated anything. The building was a few blocks away, but the sign allowed it to stand out very conspicuously. As they played together, Radegast and Elder headed closer to the gym. “So what’s your story, Skyva?” Radegast asked to the one in the lab coat. “You also travel?”


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#, as written by Sambea
(Collab between Sambea and HolyJunkie)

Skyva stood up straight at his comment about looking older, but being only sixteen. She didn't answer him, but let him get carried away about the guitar. "You took it into a sandstorm?" She said her voice a little strained. She knew how strong the casing for the guitars were, but even to chance it was crazy. They were super expensive, well super expensive for people who made average wage.

"Yeah," Radegast replied with a grin, "It was on the way here, to Nimbasa. Turned out that the sandstorm was being generated by this Pokemon slave camp. Pretty insane, eh?" He continued to strum happily. Granted, it was pretty scary that such a facility existed on Ruula. The sixteen-year-old seemed incredibly satisfied that it had since been dismantled entirely, and the leader of the slaver group arrested.

She blinked, "Slave...groups?" She mumbled. On all her travels she had never seen, or even heard of, a slave group. The thought of pokemon being enslaved caused her face to turn red. "And what happened to the camp? Did you let anyone know about it? Maybe if I called my father he could get some people to go..." She asked him while looking around, trying to figure out which way the camp could be. "Maybe I can walk there...I don't need to go to the gym." She thought.

"Yo, it's really cool that you're concerned!" Radegast interrupted his lyrics, but not his strumming of chords, "But it's alright. Slaves got refreshed, freed, My friends and I took down the bad guys, and the police... well, maybe since this invasion thing's over, they're finally getting around to investigating..." He trailed off, "Anyway, it's dismantled, and the wild guys are free birds now. Pretty legit."

"Lord-Regent," Elder said during an off period for the harmonica, "We nearly got the stuffing kicked out of us."

"Well, Suros freed the slaves, at least," Radegast chuckled, "That girl really pulls through when she wants to."

Skyva blinked at the boy and his pokemon. The boy alone didn't seem like he could take on such people. Now that she thought about it she had no clue what pokemon he was packing. Her eyes lingered over the Haunter. It was unlikely for someone to catch a Haunter. She hugged MewMew a little tighter and smiled, "Well then, someone deserves a medal....or well something for being so courageous. Plus it is your birthday, sorry for not getting you anything. Maybe a meal after the fight at the gym? Or something...." She trailed off thinking of what food there was here. MewMew made silly faces at Elder while she day dreamed of food.

"Oooooh stop," Radegast blushed, "I don't deserve a medal or whatever. And you don't need to get me anything. We just met!" Elder stuck his tongue out at the Mew. "Though lunch sounds awesome," the sixteen-year-old added.

She looked at Elder and then back at her Mew. Skyva tried not to laugh, "Well lunch it is! So you better work super hard to win...uhm...not to be rude or anything, but what other pokemon do you have? I know Elder can't be the only one."

"Well, if you're gonna be watching these matches, my buddies will introduce themselves in due time," Radegast finished the song just in time for the group to arrive at the double-doors. Radegast swung the guitar over his back, and pushed the doors open.


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The first thing Radegast would likely notice wasn't the small crowd gathered around the illuminated catwalk. It wouldn't be the three fashionistas that stood in the way to the center stage which was shrouded in darkness. It wouldn't be the silhouetted form of the Gym Leader that seemed leagues away from everyone else. It would likely be the boy walking back down the catwalk towards the entrance to the gym...a very familiar boy.

"Radegast?!" Maxin Shepherd gaped incredulously at the teenager with the new clothes as he approached, his messy brown hair shimmering in the stage lights and his green eyes sparkling ever so brighter. "Holy shit, it is you! Wow, I didn't expect to be ahead of you already! You had the head start after all." He held out a fist bump for the teen to accept.

Meanwhile, a Servine slipped out from behind Maxin, approaching Elder as if they were old friends...to which, they kind of were. "Hey there," Snips also held out a fist for the Haunter to bump, "Glad to see you guys are okay. After seeing that Raikou, we weren't sure you'd escape them." Elder would realize upon sight that it was the same Snips they'd met on the way to Castelia City, only he had evolved since their last encounter.

Maxin glanced curiously towards the lady wearing a lab coat, his eyes lighting up at the sight of the Pokemon she was carrying, "Oh...my...Arceus! Is that a Mew?! Damn, I never though I'd see one in my lifetime! How in the holy hell did you catch it?" His voice carried the right mix of naive and interest in them, a thing one would expect to hear from a ten year old boy.


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Radegast returned the fist bump to Maxin, as did Elder to Snips. Elder recognized the Sevine immediately. “Glad to see you got stronger,” he flashed his critical gaze for a moment. “Still got a lot to work on, I can immediately tell, but you’ve made excellent progress.”

“Ahead? Oh, you mean you beat the Gym leader?” Radegast shrugged with a laugh, “Well, to be fair, we were caught up with a couple of things…”

He trailed off. A figure sat in the VIP lounge overlooking the stages. The figure had stood up. Even in the relative darkness, Radegast could not mistake the silhouette of the sword and shield that hovered next to him, nor the circular ears of the withered old creature on the other side. “Well, anyway,” Radegast continued as he pat Maxin’s shoulder, “It’s no competition… well, maybe it is, but not to me.

“Anyway, I guess I’ll need to wait for them to get healed up and ready for the next challenger,” Radegast shoved his hands into his pockets. “Excuse me, I’ve… got to see someone.”

Radegast waved at the figure in the VIP lounge. The figure returned the wave, and began to limp out of the VIP booth with the assistance of a cane. The Noivern and the Aegislash followed. Radegast said nothing until the old man arrived on the ground floor, using the Noivern as additional support for descending stairs.

“Radegast, my boy!” Uncle Tarma called as he opened his arms wide. His voice deep, smooth, and slightly whispy like an elderly Blues singer. “How’s my favourite nephew?”

“I’m your only nephew, Uncle,” Radegast’s eyes glinted in an unusual joy. The two family members hugged as if they hadn’t seen each other in six years.

“By Arceius, you’ve grown! You were this high last time I saw ye,” Tarma held a hand at about half Radegast’s height as they broke the hug, “You got yourself one of those high-end guitars?” Tarma pat Radegast’s shoulder, mostly for support. “Man, how did you manage that?”

“Oh, you know, just a prize from the gym challenge.”

“Gym challenges give you too much stuff,” Tarma huffed, “Just a chunk of change and a grubby old one-use TM back in my youth. Hardly worth a damn, If they were giving out swag like this…” Radegast let Tarma hold the guitar, “Hell, man, I’d probably have actually gone and won a championship.”

“Reggie,” Radegast greeted the Aegislash, “Soundwave, how’s it going, guys?”

“Gnarly, dude,” the Noivern wheezed. The audio barely registering through the ear-speakers, “At least I can still fly.”

“The Coat of Arms is always in perfect condition, young Reginald. You would do well to inherit my power.“

“Oh come off it,” Tarma swat the shield harmlessly with his cane, followed shortly by wobbling. Radegast caught his uncle before he could fall. “Thanks…” Tarma laughed. “I’m sorry, Reggie, I ain’t dead yet. Gotta deal with me a little while longer.”

“Why can’t my sister be the heir?” Radegast asked Tarma.

“Would if I could,” Tarma shrugged.

“Our tradition is as old and ancient as the Catacombs, as old and ancient as me,” the Aegislash answered, “Your ancestors willed it, so I too will it.”

“Yeah yeah, tradition and all that jazz,” Radegast shrugged, “Tarma you always said Reggie was a riot, but I never see proof of that.”

“I am not a riot, I am the Coat of Arms for the Reginald Family.”

“You fluster easily,” Tarma added.

“I... I do not fluster!” The Aegislash firmly stated, obviously flustering.

“Ahh! I get it now!” Radegast burst out laughing along with Tarma.

“Anyway, Radegast,” Tarma wiped a tear from his eye, “You should get on with your challenge. I’d like to see how you’ve beaten the last three challengers. I'd like to see what your friends can do.”


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#, as written by Sambea
Skyva took in the gym. She was in awe. Shockingly in all her life she has never set foot in a gym. She refused to use her pokemon in a sport of battle. It was hard enough to let them fight if need be when she was on the streets traveling, but to purposely do it...that was a negative. The lights and just the gym itself dazzled her, she didn't pay attention to who the people surrounded, but rather the pokemon that were out. "Oh my goodness look at all of them!" She thought.

"Oh...my...Arceus! Is that a Mew?!

That sentence snapped her back to reality and she whipped her head to the person who said it. It was a boy, who stood a little taller than her. "Uhm, yeah. The name is MewMew and I didn't catch it." She said her eyes grew big for effect. "It caught me." She laughed and so did MewMew. Its tiny paw waved at the boy.


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Maxin was a bit confused about what she meant by "It caught me," and he was about to press further on it, but Snips stopped him with a little whack of his tail to his side. The boy jumped in surprise.

"Hey, what was that for?" Maxin rubbed his side. Snips motioned towards the audience, telling Maxin that he would like to sit down and watch. Maxin shrugged.

"I guess we can stay a bit and watch Radegast take on the Gym," Maxin answered. "After all, I have yet to see how he battles opponents." He made his way to a table near the back and sat down. It had the perfect view of the catwalk and the center stage. He looked at Skyva, unsure about whether she was taking the Gym challenge like he and Radegast were or if she was just tagging along.

Meanwhile, it seemed the stage was set, ready to take on the next Gym challenger. All Radegast would need to do is walk up onto the runway to begin.


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Radegast shoved his hands into his pockets and nodded to Elder as Tarma climbed back up the steps to the VIP booth. The Aegislash hovered around for a little while longer. “Young Radegast,” the Aegislash said.”

“Sup, Reggie?”

“Make your ancestors proud.”

“I’m not doing this for you,” Radegast smirked as he and Elder exchanged a knowing glance. Side by side, Radegast and the Haunter stepped up the ramp, onto the stage. The Aegislash hovered after Tarma and the aging Soundwave.

Margriet had just completed preparations for stepping out on-stage. She was wearing an outfit she had modelled for when she and Logan were in Castelia. “Elesa,” she started, “One of the challengers you might be facing is my brother. Would you be a dear and don’t go easy on him?” she asked with a friendly smile through one of the dressing room mirrors. “My uncle is watching.”


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(co-written by HolyJunkie and NeverEndingFlip)

The first obstacle Radegast would have to hurdle was the beaut in Black. A sleek yet tight suit accented all of Model Nikola's curves and she almost seemed to blend into the marble runway beneath her, almost like she melted from the floor to greet the boy. The only other color that was on the suit was a bright yellow bolt in the center of her chest, the insignia of the Gym Badge. It glowed under the stage lights that popped on around the two of them.

"You have a lot to prove before you get to meet Elesa," she noted condescendingly, "Though that suit is a pretty nice start!"

She tossed the first ball in, a pink Flaaffy appearing from it, ready to do some combat. The runway model stood behind it, crossing her arms and waiting for Radegast's move.

"Whatcha think, buddy?" Radegast asked the Haunter. Despite the sheer beauty of these models, the sixteen-year-old seemed pretty much oblivious. Radegast was paying more attention to the condensed purple gas next to him. Elder's signature gaze commited every initial detail of the Flaaffy to memory. The Haunter then hovered forward. "Ah, taking point, are ya?"

Up in the VIP booth, Uncle Tarma did not move an inch. His eyes were wide, and almost as filled with intensity as the Haunter's. The Aegislash silently hovered next to the old man.

The Haunter made the first move. He swooped in, with claws dripping with Toxic poison. Elder jabbed as quickly as he could.

"Cotton Spore!" Nikola pointed as the Haunter swooped in. The Flaaffy closed her eyesand shot her arms forward, releasing massive amounts of floating pieces of cotton. The exchange of blows would send both Pokemon back to their initial positions.

The Flaaffy was poisoned badly. That much was assured. But the Haunter now looked like a fuzzball with the excessive drag it had accumulated in the exchange. Not to mention it would be much harder to fly around with all that cotton stuck to it. It made Elder incredibly slow.

Elder raised a clenched fist, which made Radegast's smirk switch to an expression of no-nonsense. The sixteen-year-old produced Elder's empty pokeball and recalled the Haunter. As Elder vanished into red energy, the cotton swabs began to float in all directions. Now that they no longer clung to the Haunter, they dissipated harmlessly around the stage and into the crowd. Elder immediately burst out of the pokeball, and tapped on another pokeball on Radegast's belt.

The Beldum appeared. "Chrome, I set 'em up. Wanna knock 'em down?" Elder asked.

"This one would like to get stronger," Chrome replied as it hovered into the center spotlight. With a slow-ish charge-up, the platinum-coloured Beldum burst forward to attempt a Zen Headbutt.

Nikola took the switch to prepare for something she planned to do later, "Flaaffy, Charge!"

The Flaaffy began to rub her feet together, producing static charge as the Beldum appeared in front of her. Now that she was more "amped" up, her eyes held a more surge-like glint to them as the Beldum approached with Zen Headbutt. She took the hit dead on.

"Ooooh, that one's pretty," gushed the model, " But I guess I have to take it out. Thunder Shock, go!" came the call. While the two were interlocked from the blast, Flaaffy surged, the jolt of electricity having no problem with hitting the Beldum. The power of this move was significantly doubled due to the Charge she performed before Beldum entered the arena. The result of this was a very shocking discovery for Chrome as it would likely be forced backward from the electricity jolt. That would do MUCH more damage than anticipated, leaving Chrome with the worry to be knocked out on the next hit.

"Oh, so close too!" Nikola pouted.

"Significant damage!" the Beldum hummed. Radegast stole a glance at the VIP booth, but then he glanced back at Elder. "Plan B, eh?" he grinned.

Elder nodded as Radegast recalled the Beldum. Elder swooped in once more. His fists began to burst in dual sprays of some kind of poison. Elder swung both fists as he manifested a Venoshock for the first time.

"A multiplier of you own, eh?" Nikola's eyes narrowed as the Flaaffy was completely wiped from the blow. "Man, you're kind of like Roxie."

She recalled her first and input her second, an Elekid with a bad attitude. Both him and Nikola seemed to share that same smirk with them, that same glower of a superiority complex. It was clear that this was the model's signature Pokemon.

Radegast produced a super potion to apply to the weakened Beldum... only the Beldum began to glow brighter than the platinum sheen. "Huh..." Radegast regarded the glowing creature with some sort of positive emotion. It seemed like pride, but it was more like... nostalgia...


“What is that?” Elder asked. He and Radegast were sitting between a solid, yet oddly comfortable deposit of stone, located at the tip of a huge mountain. Behind them, slight heat waves rise. In front of them, the entire region of Hoenn expanded all the way to the huge blue oceans far, far off the horizon.

“Looks like a Snorunt,” Radegast replied.

“What?” The Ghastly turned to the human. Radegast pointed up into the sky. A triangular clown with an unusually symmetrical shadow slowly drifted high above. “Oh, nice! … But that’s not what I meant.”


Elder pointed out the unusual sight to the human. Far down the mountain, a flash of red appeared between rocks. The approximate location appeared to be the same hiking trail Radegast and Elder had used to scale the inactive volcano.

“It’s a hiker,” Radegast leaned back in his makeshift seat. He could have used the bench several feet behind him, but he found this off-beat seating area surprisingly comfortable. “Hey, sup?”

The red poked over the rock to reveal a red-haired woman with gleaming, matching eyes. “Oh hey! Are you also a hiker?”

“Just a traveller,” Radegast and Elder both rose their hands in a chilled-out wave.

To Radegast and Elder, the thirteen-year-old boy looked rather normal. To Flannery, all she beheld was a kid almost her age wearing tattered clothes, and covered with a layer of ash disturbed only by several handprints. The boy was absolutely filthy, as if he hadn’t seen a proper bath in a long time. “Jeez, you look terrible.”

“Well, that’s your opinion,” Radegast shrugged, “I’m Radegast.”

“Flannery,” the girl replied, “My grandpa runs the Lavaridge Gym.”

“A Gym leader?” Radegast whistled, “Impressive.” The boy did not seem all that impressed, but the friendly demeanour did not indicate any ill feelings.

“Wanna battle?” Flannery asked, “I’m training to take grandpa’s place.”

“I guess if one of my buddies wants to help,” Radegast turned his gaze to Elder. “Up to you, bro.”

“Rage is always down for a fight,” Elder condensed a section of gas into a more solid chunk and tapped one of the four pokeballs.

With a shrill, piercing battle cry, the constantly enraged Mankey burst forth in a flash of red. “ELDER I WILL HAVE YOU DESTROYED IF THIS IS ANOTHER ROSE BUSH!!!!”

“Nah, bro,” Radegast scratched behind the Mankey’s ear, calming the pig monkey instantly. “This trainer wants to battle… Flannery, right?”

“Mm-hm,” Flannery sharply harrumphed like a gym leader-in-training. “Go Numel!” she called as she threw a pokeball with all her might. The Numel appeared, and cried it’s name.

Rage stamped on the ground not unlike a sumo wrestler. “YOUR GREATEST MISTAKE WAS THINKING YOU CAN DEFEAT ME! BUT ENOUGH TALK! HIT ME WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT!!!”

The Numel got into battle mode, baring it’s teeth with a bloodlust oddly fitting with the lazy-looking camel. Flannery called “Lava Plume, go!” From the hole atop the Numel’s hump, liquid fire blazed and splashed against the ground, cooling quickly upon contact with the ground, but emitting a lot of steam from the hidden pockets of water within the mountain stone.

Rage darted from side to side, expertly tapping his feet between splashes of slag. Being much stronger and faster than the Numel, Rage closed the distance while dodging every lash of deadly fire.

With a fist, Rage chopped directly across the side of the Numel’s head. The blow was fast, clean, and devastating. The critical hit had landed, and the Numel was launched to the side under the force of the blow.

“ORAAAAAAA!!!” Rage bellowed while thumping his chest savagely. Flannery beamed the Numel back into the pokeball seconds before the rounded creature could start rolling down the hiking path.

Suddenly, Radegast’s senses became oddly dull. A sharp pain sliced through his being like a bolt of lightning, and all feeling vanished. Like a sack of potatoes, Radegast dropped to the ground.

“Get rid of the pokeballs!” one voice shouted, “Leave them!”

“Why? They’re perfectly good fo-“

“They’re tampered, son. Let’s go.”

Radegast awoke, his dreadlocks disheveled in his face as he lay on his side. The cot he was left on was hard and flat. There was nothing fluffy to speak of. He might as well be laying down on an oversized bedroom shelf.

Probably because it was a shelf, in a room full of cases of multiple types. Every cage was empty, but in the middle of the room, a box glowed blue with crackling energy, and hummed an overpowering noise that barely disguised the sobbing within.

“Flannery, are you alright?” Radegast stood up, only to feel something tug at his wrist. With a glance, he found out that he was chained to the wall next to the cot. The links had not seen humidity in a long time, and were solid. He tugged a couple more times to confirm that the wall was just as solid. “Shit…” he muttered as he sat down on the cot. Soon enough, someone’s going to check up on him… That’s what they did in a prison, right?

Voices began to echo from a door on the far side. Radegast focused to understand what they were saying. “The girl got away.”

“It wouldn’t have been good to capture her regardless. Didn’t you recognize the hair? That was the Lavaridge Gym Leader’s daughter.”

“She defeated two of ours and recovered the belt and pokeballs the boy had.”

“That just means she’ll be heading back to call the police. At the very earliest, they would arrive within an hour. That’s plenty of time to pack up and vanish.”

“This would be a huge setback, though.”

“Then it’s good we have the Heir to the Reginalds in our custody. The Shield’s brother would pay dearly to have their only son back.”

“You hear that?” the voice continued as the door swung open. “You’re our meal ticket, kid.”

“How did you recognize me?” Radegast asked.

“It’s not like a layer of ash will cover that face, those eyes, that jawline. That’s not how foundation works, kid. In any case, we should get started on evacuation. Tell the grunts to pack up everything, get disguises ready. We’ll need to decide on a rendezvous point and several decoy clues for the cops.”

The door slammed shut, and the voices subsided along with fading footsteps. Radegast shot a look at the glowing blue box, and then he focused entirely on the cuff.

“I can take care of myself,” Radegast growled as he pressed his free hand’s thumb against a point on the chained-up thumb. After second thoughts, he grabbed the ash-covered hood of his hoodie and wrapped it around his head, so his mouth could bite down on the thickly layered fabric.

He had never attempted this before. Biting down on the makeshift “belt”, Radegast pushed hard. He winced and tried very hard to not squeal in pain. With the thumb dislocated, the hand barely managed to slip through the cuff.

With another wince, Radegast pulled the thumb back into place. “I can take care of myself,” he repeated weakly. He was rather spent from the pain, but he had no time to rest. Silently, he paced closer to the box.

A Meloetta sand sadly in the middle of an electrified cage. The magnetic waves that the bars emitted within the box negated psychic energy. Radegast only needed to take one look through the viewport to understand just what kind of shady business these goons were up to.

Radegast gripped at the handle of a door in the box and pulled. The outer box swung open rather easily. Considering the electrified bars, the box door hardly needed a reason to be locked.

The Meloetta flinched and backed as far away from the ash-covered boy as possible. Radegast ignored the pokemon. At the bottom of the box, a fair amount of circuitry painted a complicated picture that the thirteen-year-old couldn’t possibly comprehend. Radegast reached to grab some wires and pulled without hesitation.

With a shower of sparks, the crackling blue vanished. Radegast stumbled backwards with a handful of over-stretched wires with snapped solder endings. “Son of a gun,” Radegast hissed as he blinked his eyes to regain his vision.

“You set me free?” a voice asked- it was in pokespeak, but the voice was calming and beautiful, like a singer’s voice.

“I’m breaking out,” Radegast replied as he pushed himself back onto his feet, “My friends aren’t around. I’d hate to ask for a favour, but could you help me out?”

“It’s the least I could do,” the Meloetta twirled. The music-sheet hair wrapped around her hair a couple of times, leaving her in her Pirouette Forme. “They used a clever trap to capture me, because they are too weak to resist my song.”

“Hey, if you’re gonna be doing some sound-based stuff, should I plug my ears?” Radegast asked.

“Don’t worry, human. Allies will enjoy the music,” the Meloette hovered gracefully to the doors, and placed both note-like palms against the door. With inherent Fighting-type ability, the door was blasted off it’s hinges, just when a guard was about to open the door and investigate.

“Jesus dude!” Radegast stumbled over the guard and checked for a pulse. “Oh thank goodness, he’s knocked out,” he sighed in relief before taking the stun baton the guard had strapped to his belt. The pokeballs on the guard’s belt did not open. They were not like Radegast’s modified pokeballs. They would not open on their own unless unlocked manually.

Meloetta continued hovering carefully, with Radegast close behind. The two of them took turns to take down guards. Meloetta brought it’s opponents down with either it’s fists, or with powerful psychic potential. Radegast, however, jabbed them with the stun baton.

“You are a natural fighter… for a human.”

“I’m not even sure what you said there, buddy,” Radegast pulled the baton away from a now-unconscious guard. “Why did they capture you, anyway?”

“They called it Project Siren, it was meant to use my song to hypnotize huge groups under their control to-“

“Sorry, sorry. I shouldn’t have asked a question like that to someone I can’t understand. That’s my bad.” The Meloetta halted and glanced at the human. The human boy read nothing but concern, and a whole lot of pain. “Eesh, must’ve been something shitty,” Radegast replied. “Well, I’m no fan of cages, so Imma help you out.”

“You won’t take this opportunity to capture me?” The Meloetta indicated a fifth pokeball in Radegast’s trousers pocket. Evidently, they did not confiscate that one, as it was empty… and broken. It hung open, uselessly in his pocket, with both ends of the clamshell design pressing lightly against his leg.

“Wait… I have an idea…” Radegast pulled the pokeball out from his pocket.

“To capture me?” Meloetta regarded the human boy with amusement, “I’d like to see you try.”

Radegast noticed the Meloetta had crossed it’s arms. “No no, not like that. Listen…”

“Help!” a voice called from down the hall. “I need a medic over here!”

The doctor rushed out. A uniformed grunt was carrying another grunt over his shoulders. “The intruder got out! This guy got hit with the door. He’s bleeding!”

The doctor rushed the two of them inside. The doctor then called for the two grunts stationed inside the infirmary. “Damn, he’s probably got a concussion. You said he was hit by the door, right?”

“Yeah. The kid and that thing we’re keeping hold on broke out. I don’t know how they did it.”

The doctor produced a small light and checked the glaze in the unconscious guard’s eyes. Suddenly, the doctor was filled with a tingling sensation. The feeling of a blast of electricity.

Radegast pulled the stun baton away to leave the doctor laying over top of the unconscious patient. The Meloetta burst from the pokeball and arm-barred the two guards at once. “They are quite uncomfortable… And I can’t believe that actually worked.”

“Yeah… I thought for sure one would have noticed I didn’t look like an adult…”

“You and this one were about the same height, actually,” the Meloetta examined the doctor as Radegast closed the door and began looking through an unlocked terminal.

“Finally,” Radegast smirked as he found a full blueprint of the base. “Looks like our shortest route to the exit is this way,” He pointed out a couple of quick turns, followed by a straight shot down a long, huge corridor. It resembled some sort of garage from the perspective of one who would read the blueprints. “Looks like that area might be too open.”

“We have the disguise, though,” Meloetta pointed out.”

“We do have the disguise,” Radegast repeated without knowing. “Alright, let’s hide these guys.”

Like the previous guards, Radegast and Meloetta hid the four unconscious men far in the back of the infirmary. Thankfully no one showed up. The Meloetta returned to the broken pokeball and Radegast readied his act once more. He slung the stun baton back in it’s sheath on the uniform and strolled out. Radegast kept the brim of the uniform’s hat relatively low, so no one would see his eyes and recognize him easily from a distance. He took light steps, and listened closely for anyone who would approach.

Somehow, no alarms had been sounded yet, even by the time Radegast arrived at the huge chamber. It was no garage, however. An enormous stealth bomber sat dormant at one end, being worked on by nameless workers. No one had spotted the disguised Radegast. Besides the stealth bomber workers, Radegast was the only person in the hangar.

He had half a mind to run… but it seemed too easy… It almost seemed like a trap to run toward the exit. Plus, these guys had something really terrible in mind. Radegast tapped on the pokeball to inform Meloetta to come out. The pokemon eyed the bomber with disgust. “That’s what they want to use me for.”

“Do you know how to fly it?” Meloetta nodded, pointed an arm at one eye. “Saw it done, eh?” Radegast smirked, “Wanna trash it?” Meloetta’s face beamed as it nodded once more.

Radegast used his commanding Reginald voice to bluff the workers into heading to Central for an emergency meet. The workers did not question, in fact, they ran like they were just threatened by a gangster. Once they boarded the vessel, Meloetta once again popped out from the pokeball and high-fived Radegast. “I can’t believe that worked!” Meloetta sang.

“Alright, let’s get this party started,” Radegast searched assorted cupboards for supplies as the Meloetta took the pilot’s seat and began adjusting for the smaller body of the pokemon. “Got a parachute here,” Radegast pulled the parachute from a locker. “Let’s get this going fast. Those workers will absolutely blow our cover.

The stealth bomber whirred to life as Meloetta remembered every detail of the launch process. The engines were revved, and the entrance was closed to a flatness that seemed seamless. “Wait…” Meloetta paused as it came to the last step.


“This needs confirmation from Central…”

“Shit… there’s gotta be an override somewhere,” Radegast began checking the controls for anything that could be related. Few of the buttons were actually labeled. “Shiiiiit.” The alarm then sounded off. “Shhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

“OH! I remember! There’s an override on the co-pilot’s panel,” Meloetta pointed at one of the other two chairs. “I remember they did a test on that system.”

Radegast scrambled to that seat. “Which one is it?”

“The big red one.”

“There’s like, three of them.”

“Hit all three of them!” Meloetta’s impatience rang loud and clear to the human.

Radegast slapped all three. The second one turned out to be the override.


“Good thing too. I just remembered that the third one’s the self-destruct.”

Radegast cringed. “Oooooohhh….” The first button, however, fired off dozens of flares, which caused the approaching guards to scramble in panic. “Alright, let’s fly!”

Meloetta punched it, and the stealth bomber began to move. Pokemon were now being summoned, and were launching attacks at the bomber. “Damn,” Radegast flinched as a thunderbolt bounced right off from the cockpit window. “They really pulled all the stops to build this thing… I almost feel bad we’re gonna trash it.”

“I’m not,” Meloetta flatly replied as the bomber picked up speed and deflected a Rock Throw with ease. The aircraft was designed to really shrug off some serious anti-air capabilities. “They tormented me to sing for hours on end while they tested the Siren system…”

Radegast glanced toward the back of the bomber. Beyond the loading ramp they had just used, a storage container with similar bars to Meloetta’s cage sat, crackling and blue. At the bottom, a label read ‘SIREN’. “Anyway, once we get out, you might wanna lay low for a bit, or at least jump to the next region.”

“Something tells me there’s another option,” Meloetta said as Radegast rose from his seat.

“Or, we turn around, and disguise our sky-diving with something truly spectacular,” Radegast searched a panel directly under the plaque. Inside a small drawer was an unusual disk. Without a second thought, he shoved the disc into his pocket. It looked immensely important. Maybe the police could use it… or maybe it could be insurance to keep this strange group off his back.

Meloetta seemed to like what Radegast was thinking. “You must be a good trainer.”

“Nah,” Radegast replied, causing the Mythical pokemon to double-take. “I’m no trainer. My dad is, but I’m not my dad.”

The bomber was turned around, and set on auto-pilot to fly low up the mountain, past the mountain, and self-destruct over the ocean out past the dead volcano. Meanwhile, Radegast and Meloetta would use the cover of the trees to hide their early jump.

Soon enough, the bomber soared, tilting slightly to barely avoid clipping the tip of a particularly higher peak of the volcano. Distant shouting was muffled immensely by the trees that surrounded Radegast. After throwing off the uniform Radegast quickly moved through the trees, down the mountain.

As they reached Lavaridge, a distant rumbling noise washed over the volcano. Officers were already on their way up the mountain to investigate, and all of them were immensely worried at the implications of the explosion. The lead officer called for backup, and a lot of help from other cities.

Radegast slipped in with the rest of the crowd, and seemed like he had been there the whole time. “What was that?” he asked innocently.

Many citizens muttered something about an explosion. Soon enough, police helicopters began forming up around the top of the mountain.

“Radegast?” a familiar voice asked. Radegast turned to see Flannery.

“Yo, are my friends…” Radegast then saw Elder carrying the belt and belt bag next to Flannery. “Oh thank goodness, I was worried about you guys.”

“Speak for yourself, Lord-Regent. I saw them take you away.”

“Next time,” Radegast pounded fists with a condensed block of gas as he whispered, “We’ll take on some criminals together, a’ight?”

Elder jabbed Radegast’s shoulder, and the two of them laughed. Flannery gave the two of them an odd look. “Are you really okay, though?” Flannery asked.

“Yeah, perfectly fine,” Radegast replied, “Bu-u-ut I think I should get going. You understand.”

Flannery extended a hand, then thought against it. “Well, you might want to hit the hot spring before I can shake your hand.”

“No can do,” Radegast puffed his chest, which caused Elder to laugh once more. “I gotta get into hiding, in case some of those guys get past the police.”

The thirteen-year-old boy vanished into the bordering trees, carrying the belt Elder retrieved. Once they were out of view, Radegast tapped the one pokeball in his pocket. The Meloetta burst out. “About time,” Meloetta hummed in annoyance.

“Sorry about that,” Radegast said, “Had to make sure I wouldn’t be seen as an escapee.”

“Well, thank you for your assistance,” the Meloetta regarded the Ghastly with a condescending look. It shook it’s head to let the notesheet hair flow down in an Aria form.

“A Meloetta?” Elder asked with a dull expression. “What kind of Mythical-based superweapon could some criminals build with a Meloetta?”

“Hell if I know,” Radegast chuckled with a shrug, “Point is, we’re free to go. I guess we’ll see each other later then?” he held a fist up towards the Meloetta.

It’s expression softened, and the note-like fist met the human’s. “You are just adorable, thinking you can gain my trust so you can capture me.”

“Eh, believe what you want,” Elder rolled his eyes.

“Excuse me?” Meloetta asked.

“Believe what you want,” Elder repeated, “That’s technically what being free means,” he grinned widely.

The Meloetta seemed put off by this demeanour. Radegast rose his hands. “Look, if you don’t wanna join the crew, that’s perfectly fine. Everyone’s free to join and leave.”

“This must be a joke,” Meloetta seemed almost… unsure.”

“Bro, he breaks pokeballs to make sure we still have control,” Elder picked up his own pokeball. it flopped open, as uselessly, yet technically functionally as the one Meloetta had used. “It’s your choice with the Lord-Regent. What other trainer would offer that?”

“I apologize for my… rudeness,’ Meloetta bowed low in mid-air, “Regardless, I must decline.” It shook it’s head.

“No worries bud, you’ll always be a friend in my book,” Radegast’s stance slackened a little as he grinned happily. “I got some buddies like that already, you know.”

“I’m sure you’ve earned their trust as well as you’ve earned mine,” Meloetta replied, “If we cross paths again, I’m sure adventure would follow.”

“Here’s hoping next time isn’t a crazed criminal hell-bent on controlling a city,” Radegast and Elder laughed, unaware that the Dam was only a couple of years away.

They parted ways, and Radegast’s next sighting by an unaware civilian was in the small town of Odale, several weeks later. He graciously used the services of the Pokemon Centre, and was one again out of sight.


Elder, however, was not one to stop the fight to enjoy a glowing light. He's a dirty fighter, after all. Once more, he swooped in to jab the Elekid with the same Toxic poison as before.

Nikola grinned as she knew the Haunter was setting up his dirty tricks once again. This would give her time to set up a dirty trick of her own.

'Alright Elekid! Let's show this ugly brute what's what! Light Screen!"

The Elekid closed his eyes and held his palms out. Immediately, a barrier of Light emmitted between the Haunter and the Elekid as the two separated. Nikola's Pokemon was poisoned once more, but Nikola had her doubts she was going to win this fight anyway. After all, she was only the opener.

Elder grinned wildly as he activated the Venoshock. The Light Screen would really do nothing to "protect" against the attack. That was not how the move worked.

Radegast chuckled with glee as the shiny Metang experienced depth perception for the first time. Chrome examined the two arms it had grown, and pulsed a magnetic wave of... some sort of joy. "This one can fight now," The Metang hummed. "No more tackles... I would like to use one of those discs, human." Chrome pointed at Radegast's pouch.

'Oh, want a new move?" Radegast asked as he flipped through the different discs. Chrome tapped a finger lightly on the one labeled 'Rock Slide'. "Alright," Radegast registered the move in the indescribably technological way that TMs... did their thing... and shit... fuck how do they even work you slap them on a dude's head and shit? How the fuck do I describe that?

"Exactly like that," Nikola replied immediately to the writer for Radegast before turning her attention back to the fight.

The Elekid tightened it's fists and pulsed, a bright yellow wave extending outward from his body as it engulfed the Haunter. The familiar purple jolts appeared on Elder's body as he would likely sieze up from the Paralysis set in on him. However, the damage had finally set in. The Venoshock would've wiped him out had the Elekid not set up Light Screen before Venoshock, allowing him to get a Thunder Wave in before passing out from the Poison. Nikola stamped her feet in frustration before recalling her Pokemon and stepping to the side.

"Ugh, I guess you can pass," she muttered before looking towards the stage.

Elder's eye twitched in annoyance as the paralysis kicked in. Radegast had to move up-stage in order to drag the Haunter off to their side of the unorthodox arena. "You able to talk?" Radegast asked.

"And move slightly," Elder replied through gritted fangs. "Or maybe one of the Full Heals..."

Radegast produced one of the Full Heals Margriet had bought, and applied it to Elder. The paralysis faded rapidly, and Elder could move unimpeded once more. "Alright, one down... looks like two or three to go."

"We got this, buddy," Radegast pounded fists with the Haunter.

The second trainer in their way brushed her long flowing hair to the side as she stepped forward. What would be instantly noticed by both Radegast and Elder was that it was electric blue. Her get-up, unlike the sleek black tights Nikola had wore, was vibrant and loud. Multiple bright neon colors in the shape of dotscoated her entire aparrel, giving her the look of a walking disco. The only noticeable mark upon her was the Gym Badge insignia shining brighter than the rest of the colors, the yellow bolt a constant reminder of what Radegast was trying to go for. The beaut in Neon produced an Ultra Ball and tossed it casually in her hand.

"Well, well, not a bad choice of apparel," Model Fleming winked as she posed, "Looks like you took a dig through Roxie's closet."

She produced a Blitzle, who whinnied in response to the lights and the runway and struck a pose herself. It's eyes were also electric blue and waiting to see what  Radegast and company would do first.

Radegast regarded the beauty with the same indifference, as if he had seen models trillions of times, and was now completely unaffected by their astonishing looks... Perhaps Margriet and his mother were to blame on that front, or maybe there was something else that made him very different to most other people. Six years in the wild, as Margriet said in the store, is bound to change people on a deeper level.

"Well, I couldn't refuse," Radegast shrugged, with his hands still in his jacket pockets. "Wouldn't wanna look a gift Blitzle in the mouth, you know?"

Elder seemed to vanish into a puff of smoke. The gas rematerialized back on the field, and Elder's eye flashed bright. A ghostly hallucinogen flared and embedded into the Blitzle's mind. Following the attack, Elder swooped back to keep his distance, ready to follow up the Confuse Ray with another Toxic injection, or retreat if an attack was launched in his direction.

Fleming knew what kind of angle Elder would be playing at immediately the moment the Confuse Ray hit. To which, she had a retaliation planned, "Thunder Wave, go!"

But the Confusion did it's part and Blitzle ended up being hurt in the confusion.  Adding insult to injury was Elder with another Toxic injection. Fleming tried again, "Alright, this time! Thunder Wave go!"

But luck was not on her side as the Blitzle hurt itself again, taking in even more damage from the Toxic piled onto it. Fleming would sigh in relief as the Blitzle shook it's head and regained focus, the Confusion wearing off after those two strikes. She called hurriedly to her Blitzle.

"Thunder Wave, go!"

She wouldn't get the attack off fast enough, meaning Elder would have another chance to strike before the Wave hit and the paralysis sunk in. Perhaps she could get one in...

lder's fist materialized with a puff of smoke. A Sucker Punch was launched, poised to clock the Blitzle in the jaw. The Thunder Wave did not have a chance to be launched. The Blitzle collapsed under the force of the punch and Fleming grinded her teeth in frustration.

"Okay, no more miss nice gal! Flaaffy go!"

The familiar pink form of Flaaffy reemerged, a confident smirk on it's face.

"Oh, you were being nice?" Radegast quipped, "Sorry, it didn't seem like it. I thought you were going all-out there."

Uncle Tarma's raspy laugh erupted from the VIP booth. "Come now, my boy! You shouldn't taunt a lady like that!"

Elder considered his options for a split-second, before coming to a dastardly, terrible plan. "Rage!" Elder called as he retreated.

The Primeape burst from the pokeball, materialized in mid-air, and bellowed a wordless battle cry that shook the acoustic buffers all along the walls. With a single fist, Rage slammed into the stage flooring. A concentrated earthquake shook the entire stage. Elder was unaffected, while Radegast seemed to expertly shift his balance.

"By Arceus, I'm gonna need a hearing aid at this rate, kid!" Tarma jabbed.

Fleming had a hard time keeping her balance, especially in her high heels. Flaaffy had a much worse time with it, becoming knocked out before even having the chance to do anything. This left the model literally stunned.

"What...the fuck..." she muttered, too shocked to even step out of the way for Radegast to go past her. There was enough room on the runway to scoot past her.

"Hey," Radegast held up a fist to bump with the model as he passed. "We all have off days, it's all good." Rage bellowed a victory shout before returning to his pokeball. Elder could barely stifle immense laughter. "Hey come on," Radegast said as he noticed Elder shivering in a pathetic attempt to hide his unintentional mockery, "That's not polite."

Uncle Tarma, however, was roaring with laughter, as was the wheezing Noivern that lay next to his oldest friend. "That means you too, Uncle!" Radegast barked.

"Tarma Reginald, please control yourself," The Aegislash robotically suggested like a slightly unnerved butler. "You are mocking the establishment.

"Yeah, whatever Reggie said, I dunno what he said," Radegast shrugged.

The third and final hurdle on the runway stood out from the other two. While the beaut in Black was sleek and the beaut in Neon was vibrant, the beaut on Fire was intense. Her stance held no humor in it and her eyes always seemed to look furious. But what was most off-putting about this trainer was her clothes. Despite being in the Electric-Type Gym, she dressed in a gorgeous red dress that seemed to lick out towards the audience as if they were flames. Even her PokeBalls glinted as if they were embers of their own design. She was gorgeous and she knew it.

She spoke no words, only flicked her wrist and sent a Pokemon out, ready to battle. Another Elekid as Radegast would figure out. This one held itself in a stance of combat and eyed the dreadlocked teen with an intense stare. She was ready to put on a show.

Radegast's eyes were completely relaxed, completely the opposite of Elder's critical gaze, and the short-lived Primeape's eyes that blazed hotter than the beaut could dare to dream. "Whatcha think, buddy?" Radegast asked, as calm as ever.

Elder took point. Any move he had was risky at this point, since they no-doubt knew his moveset entirely... except for Lick... but Lick was not an advantageous move since Electric-types were immune to paralysis. Elder decided he would retreat as soon as he had more intel.

This lady knew better than to wait around. Instead, she took the opportunity to get an early strike in.

"Shock Wave," she called, her tonality in her voice representing intensity and vigor.

The Elekid proceeded to charge up it's attack...and was interrupted by the familiar fists of Sucker Punch. Elder's gleam of delight in his eye and chuckle accompanying the first strike seemed to stir frustration in the Elekid's demeanor. Her attack struck quickly and almost immediately after the Haunter's punch. There would be literally no room to dodge such a strike.

Elder was sent flying from the blast. He crumpled onto the ground with a groan. "Worth it!" Elder called weakly. "Let's get Chrome back out, I could use a medic or something."

Radegast couldn't help but corpse. His laughter was complemented with the Haunter's own. "Shit dude, that was awesome!" Radegast said.

"Mind your language, boy!" Tarma called, though the stern tone was betrayed by tears of laughter in the old man's eyes.

"Actually I'm perfectly fine," Elder resumed hovering, "But I did some good setup there. Whatcha say, Chrome?"

"This one will utilize a greater arsenal to achieve victory... like so," The Metang hovered past Elder and rose both arms. Using magnetic potential, the Metang formed rocks from dust in the air, on the ground, on tables and shelves. Chrome fired off a Rock Slide directed at the Elekid.

The Elekid crossed her arms as it took the full force of the newly formed Metang's attack...and lived to tell the tale. She had one eye closed and she seemed to be struggling from the hits, but she was still able to get another move off.

"Elekid, Electro Ball!" she called.

The Elekid produced a pulsating orb of electricity in it's palms before firing it at the Metang with full force. It was more than double it's speed, meaning it would hit for more damage. The Metang would likely be able to take a couple more hits like it, but any physical move it could get off would likely mean the Elekid's defeat.

The Metang followed up the rock slide by moving forward. At-first like a glacier, but the magnetic power began to build an incredible amount of momentum. The Electro Ball splashed against the Metang, technically with no physical force. While it did the great amount of damage, it did nothing to quell hard physics. The Metang bowled towards the Elekid, aiming to grab the pokemon and bring it into a devastating Take-Down.

The Elekid groaned as it fell from the force of the strike that wasn't as devastating as the Metang thought, but it did the right amount of damage and that was better. The model merely grunted before tossing in her second Pokemon and the last one to beat before Radegast could face Elesa...a Blitzle. This one played no games unlike his counterpart controlled by Fleming. He held that same furious stare...that same intense drive within him to be fabulous...to be glorious...to be powerful...

The Metang retreated, very much weakened from the recoil of it's attack and the Electro Ball. Elder held a hand up high, which brought a confused expression from Chrome. "It's a high-five, bro," Elder said, "Come on, gimmie some skin."

"I don't understand this tradition," Chrome flatly stated before returning to it's pokeball. Elder's spines drooped slightly, only to spring back to a youthful straightness as he tapped on Rage's pokeball once more. "You got yourself an admirer," Elder teased as the Primeape burst out once more.


"Might wanna... like, do that then," Elder smirked.

"WHAT?!" Rage's eye twitched. "OH!... DAMN THE GODS!! DAMN THE EARTH, FOR I SHALL SUNDER AND... UUUUURGH!!!" Steam began to waft from the incredibly furious Primeape. "I WILL... I... FUCK LET'S JUST FIGHT!!" Rage then bounded into the arena. The Blitze seemed a little more agile, but a Blitze was still grounded. Rage extended his legs in a stance similar to a Sumo wrestler. With a stamp, the stage once more shook violently.

As to why Radegast wouldn't just use Rage and his Earthquake for the duration of the runway, the Gym staff would never know. Perhaps it was to spread the experience across Radegast's team. But, regardless, the final hurdle was hurdled, the finishing blow delivered, and the final model stepping aside to let Radegast take the spotlight at center stage. 

"Good luck," was all Ampere said to Radegast.

"Thanks," Radegast held a fist to bump with Ampere. "You're pretty cool as well."

"I'M JUST TOO POWERFUL NOW!" Rage shrieked as he passed by Ampere alongside Radegast, "IS THIS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE SUROS? IT'S AMAZING!"

"We just took on subordinates," Elder said, "We're going to be facing the real challenge soon... Shouldn't we rest up before the last fight here?" he asked to Radegast.

"Any chance we could heal up after three fights in a row?" Radegast asked in that very stoner-like demeanour he held, "I mean, why not?"

Ampere nodded as Fleming and Nikola joined her. Together, the three models walked onto the stage and stood off to the side. Whenever Radegast was ready, he could proceed to fight Elesa.

After a quick rest, where Elder and Chrome recovered some health, Radegast stood firm and approached the stage. "Alright, let's get this party started!" he called.

Uncle Tarma whooped, which triggered a coughing fit. Soundwave automatically pat Tarma's back lightly to try to help the process along.

All of a sudden, all of the lights faded. Nothing could be seen except for the barely visible motion of the crowd below them and the dizzying array of lights that seemed to fly around in random and various patterns. If Roxie's stage had been preset and punk rock-like, Elesa's stage was techno-esque and very modern.

"To meet a Reginald is an everyday occurence," came a feminine voice over a microphone, "To work with one can be considered a standard. But to fight one...now that's an honor."

During the fights to get to the stage, Radegast may have been oblivious to the audience that had been watching, the largest one out of any of the gyms so far. But now that his mind wasn't on combat, he could take in the full atmosphere he had set in his wake. Many were roaring their approval towards the teenager in dreadlocks that stood alone on the stage, chanting his name over and over. "Radegast! Radegast! Radegast!" It was no surprise as to who had taught the mass of people his name as a very young Maxin stood in the corner and gave the teen a thumbs-up.

"Three Gyms you have gone up against," the voice continued, "Three Gyms you have conquered. Some were easier than others. Some were more worthwhile than others. But now you stand in my Gym. And while I can't speak for you, I can only hope this gym becomes a turning point for your journey, for the better I would assume."

The lights flashed on by the entrance, revealing a woman with a clear sense of style. She wore a massive billowing yellow scarf that seemed to be larger than her figure over a tight fitting electric blue and yellow skirt and sports top. Her hair was jet black with a single blonde strand running across the front of her face. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of red shades and the headphones she wore ovver her ears were ornate and cream colored, a blue antennae sticking out of the left ear cup while a red one stuck out of the right. The way she strutted across the runway asserted confidence in her form. The crowd went wild when she walked onto the stage and stood face to face with Radegast for the first time. She was taller by quite a bit, the teenager would find.

"Ready to go for the Bolt Badge?" she asked.

Among the models that formed the backdrop, Radegast spotted his sister, sporting an electric-yellow and blue bellydancer's outfit that matched much of the fashion present on-stage. Radegast put off answering Elesa's question by calling out to his sister. "Yo! Put some clothes on, Marge!"

Margriet took every ounce of self-control to avoid purpling in fury. However, not even that self-control withstood the subsequent guffaws of Tarma Reginald. "Damnit kid you're killing me!" Tarma wheezed, "Nah but for real, put some clothes on, Margriet," he joked.

"Uncle!!" Margriet's face turned a deep red.

"Just kidding," Radegast smirked, "Anyway, let's do it."


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#, as written by Sambea
Skyva decided that she wasn't going to watch the fight. She wasn't a big battle watcher and couldn't take it when other pokemon got hurt. Slipping out of the gym quietly she decided to wait outside. The air was a little hotter than it was inside, but she felt refreshed. Kids and even adults walked passed her, she was trying so hard not to pick up some of the other pokemon. The people stared at her in disbelief at her Mew. Some even got the chance to pet it.

It wasn't long before she could hear the battle begin. Skyva took that as the go ahead and walked to the nearest sitting place where she couldn't hear the fight.

"Friendly.." MewMew said once it got free from her arms.

Skyva smiled and stretched, "Yeah, I am happy they were friendly too you. You are doing so much better around humans. I am so proud!"

The Mew laughed, doing flips before settling in front of her again, "It has been long time since someone tried capturing me."

"That is true! Once Radegast gets out we can celebrate that too!" They both giggled. Some people stared at Skyva. She was used to it and paid no mind.


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The Gym Leader merely smiled as Radegast appeared to straighten himself, "Oh, relax young Reginald. There's no need to present yourself like that." She smiled...genuinely smiled, at the dreadlock sporting teenager before continuing.

"Radegast, many things are learned from a Pokemon battle. Not just things like the strength, skill, and strategy of a trainer, but things about their personality as well. More importantly, we learn about ourselves and shape who we want to be and how we wish to present ourselves to the people around us. I learned just as much from you as you likely did from me...maybe even more. The way you present yourself in front of me, not out of desire or pride but out of companionship and compassion...it's not something I've seen from a person with a last name such as yours in a long time." Elesa made a slight glance upwards towards the VIP booth and gave the spectator there a knowing grin before grabbing Radegast's hand and holding it out in between them. Elesa's electric blue eyes bore right into Radegast's calm exterior.

"You have a lot to prove, young Reginald. To your friends, who see you as an equal. To your family, who doesn't. To the world which contains a lot of mixed entities, both good and evil. Most importantly, to yourself and where you want to end up at the end of your journey. These paths will come in due time and when all is said and done, you will make a decision. I hope you make the right one. Until then..." she let go, releasing the pin she had placed in his palm. When Radegast would unfurl his fist, he would see this:


The Bolt Badge gleamed with an uncanny luster to it, one that out-shined the other badges Radegast had collected so far. It seemed to sparkle within the stage lights, much like everything else that was of Nimbasa City origin. At the same time, the massive screen behind the two of them lit up, showcasing the face of Radegast plastered onto it.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Elesa spoke, holding a hand out as she presented Radegast on the center stage, "I hereby award Radegast Reginald the Bolt Badge!"

The crowd erupted into cheers and applause as the familiar chant of the teen's name began to sound once more. Elesa's smile returned to it's familiar gleam, the gleam of a performer as she presented him with 3840 Poke and the TM for the move he was more than familiar with...the glory of Volt Switch.

"Thank you for helping me retain my spark," she told the boy as she gracefully held her hand out towards the catwalk that led to the exit, "You may leave when you are ready."


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“Thank you,” Radegast replied as he held the badge up to watch the light catch the intricate marble-like details within the make of the badge. From the corner of his eye, Radegast watched as Margriet kept in-character as she and the other models left the stage. He thought about how he might have been too hard on her, especially in front of a huge crowd like this. Six years now, the boy had forgotten about things like self-consciousness, or how it was immensely important for someone like his sister. He couldn’t help but wonder if he had been a bully in that instance, making jokes at her expense for his own amusement, as well as Uncle Tarma’s.

The crowd began to mill about, ready to head out to one of the many other attractions that helped give Nimbasa the reputation the city was known for. Radegast pocketed the badge and the money, as well as the disc. (reluctantly) He turned to leave briskly, for his friends were in the second-worst shape he had ever seen. Thanks to the engagement after Burgh’s gym, Radegast felt a little anxious to reach the Pokemon Centre. Preferably before-

“Radegast,” a neutral-sounding woman's voice greeted Radegast as he stepped off from the stage. Marcus stood in front of his son. At his side, a woman of unparalleled beauty, wearing a ring that matched Marcus’ own. Her evening dress was red, old-fashioned, chic, and bold. Only a woman like her could pull off such a striking look to rival the latest in fashion trends. Her eyes were ice like Radegast's, and her hair- black as Margriet's, with veins of silver- cascaded down to her lower back with a fullness that rivalled Radegast's thick dreadlocks.

Celadon Reginald.

“Mom,” Radegast greeted casually, with only a hint of caution.

“Congratulations,” she stated, though she spoke unnervingly flatly while her eyes ran down the bridge of her nose. She was taller than Marcus by a significant, but not absurd margin. At least half of the height was due to high-heels that matched the simple, yet elegant dress.

Radegast felt his throat tighten. His mother was never like this before. She had never been so cold.

“An acceptable show,” Marcus tapped a finger to his glasses, “I do hope you know exactly what you’ve done wrong, and how your pokemon have suffered because of it.”

Despite how unsure he felt, Radegast automatically puffed his chest out defiantly. He and Marcus were the same height now, but he imagined he would reach his mother’s height by the time he stopped growing. “I’m going to visit the pokemon centre,” he simply replied as Celadon continued to look down on her son. Deep-down, his mind was racing in confusion. Celadon Reginald was not herself.

“Marcus! Celadon!” Tarma descended the stairs with Soundwave and the Aegislash flanking either side. He wore a smile as big as the S.S. Anne, betrayed only by a single forming bead of sweat. “So glad you made it. Did you see that fight? The mind-games at-play, using every aspect of a battle-”

“Yes, it was a fine show… but it was a pathetic display,” Celadon bluntly criticized, loud enough for the entire audience to hear. They were intent on leaving, but this chilling outburst caused everyone to fall deathly silent and watch as this public execution took place. “If it were a real fight, you would have lost. You would have been crushed under the power she held. Do you understand?”

Radegast did not respond. His mind had calmed somewhat when he realised that his mother still thought that he was the one conducting the fights. “And that’s somehow your problem?” He asked through gritted teeth. He tried not to return the outburst in full. There was an audience! What was she thinking?

“Radegast, don’t talk to your mother that way,” Marcus’ eyes darkened slightly, just like Crystal’s.

The whole audience could feel a brick wall of tension. Doubtless the closest observer, Tarma, felt the worst of it. The Aegislash sensed the dark aura between them, and had materialized between the parents and the child. “Tarma, get out of our way,” Marcus glowered at the older man.

“No,” Tarma wagged a finger as he said that with a sudden sternness, “He’s only sixteen, little bro.”

“He is our son, not yours, Tarma. I do not trust your parenting skills since neither of your daughters even took on a single Gym! By Arceus, even you took on the Elite Four when you were twelve, Tarma,” Marcus hissed, “I thought my son’s rate of growth only began a month ago, but now I know that he’s sorely underprepared. This was a travesty to the Reginald name!”

“The crowd loved it, they were on his side,” Tarma stepped forward, and slightly stumbled. Soundwave quickly slipped under one arm.

“The crowd was the only reason he won!” Celadon’s word cut Tarma like a deadly throwing dagger, “A Reginald relies only on themselves in the heat of battle.”

“Yeah, solid advice there, mom,” Radegast barked in annoyance from behind the Aegislash’s shield, “Why don’t you follow your own advice and climb out of my ass? First time we see each other in six years and this is how you act? Arceus alive! Aren’t I your son?”

“If you were not the only heir,” Celadon’s eyes narrowed, “I would have disowned you the moment Percy and Greg came back without you. You should be thankful you still have a family to speak of.” She then turned to Marcus, where her expression warmed up completely, as if her coldness towards her son never happened. “Let us go.”

“Yes, let’s…” With a harrumph, Marcus and Celadon left the gym together. They left behind a terrifying air, one that Radegast had to admit was bone-chilling. He was thankful that none of his friends were out to see it, especially not Elder. Everything the parents had criticized was a blow against Elder, really.

Tarma limped over to Radegast. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Radegast asked.

Tarma was silent for a moment, where he took a deep breath and sighed. “You had a battle to focus on… Your mother was utterly heartbroken when she first noticed you were gone. She was the one who found the note in that guitar I gave you… I was there when Greg and Perc came with their report…”

Radegast recalled the time when he was between ferns, hidden under a layer of mud, completely avoiding contact with the servant brothers. He remembered the salt of the tears, and his mental chanting, “A Reginald never goes back in their word,”

“Six years is a lot of time to let something terrible fester,” Tarma continued.

“The anonymous tip you guys got,”

“I know it was Agent X,” Tarma replied in a hushed tone as he limped closer, beyond the prying ears of the masses, “I may be a family black sheep, but I do earn my place as the Carrier. He only told us your location, nothing more.”

“Do mom and dad know who it was?”

Tarma shook his head, “Champions make a lot of contacts, but they don’t make a lot of friends. I’m glad you went on your own journey, where you had that control.“

I’m going to fight Dad… no, Mom and Dad… probably at once, Radegast’s face drained from colour at the inevitable prospect. “Uncle, am I a disappointment?”

“Yes,” Tarma replied bluntly, “And you’re a shitty trainer to boot,” The old man laughed. “But so am I, and so are my daughters, and I couldn’t be more proud of my daughters. You know, you really should take Reggie with you.”

“Thanks, uncle…” Radegast sighed, “But you know I won’t take a slave.”

“I would rather you than Logan,” Tarma added. “He’s a good kid, but he’s loyal to my brother, to a fault. The difference between Reggie and any other pokemon is that he’s more like an extension of your hand, rather than a friend.”

Margriet appeared from one of the side doors. She was out of the belly-dancer’s outfit and was back in the basic, yet fashionable skinny blue jeans, black blouse, and blue lightweight scarf she had been wearing during the shopping trip. It was an outfit more fit for travelling. “What happened?” she asked, clearly noticing Radegast’s pale complexion.

“Father came by, and Mother,” Tarma replied for Radegast.

“Ohh…” Margriet shrank, “Yeah…”

“You knew as well?” Radegast asked.

“Duh. They’re the reason I haven’t been in Kanto for a long time,” Margriet meekly replied, “Well… Daddy’s still himself when he’s out on his own, but… It’s been hard, bro.”

“You thought if I lost to Elesa, I’d have given up and returned home…” Radegast sighed as he thought about what he’d have needed to do to get back in Celadon’s good books if that happened. It wouldn’t have worked, though. His friends would have formed a grudge and worked through hell and fire in order to resolve it. Still… “I’m sorry I busted your balls, Margriet,” Radegast found himself saying, “I didn’t know how much damage I’ve caused.”

Margriet stood with a nervous air, but she nodded with a hum as her accepting the apology. Tarma opened his mouth, but no words came. No more words were exchanged for a while. The audience, how aware of the end of the drama, began milling out of the doors in an orderly fashion.

“I think… I think I might take Reggie… when the time comes,” Radegast finally said.

Radegast emerged from the relative darkness of the gym entrance to find Skyva talking and playing with the Mew. “Didn’t watch the fight?” Radegast felt he should be relieved. He had no idea how the woman would’ve reacted to… that… “It was okay,” he hastily described with an oddly small voice. “Just a normal battle and all… I’m gonna head to the pokemon centre, get everyone healed up.”

Tarma and Margriet left shortly after, catching up on Margriet’s career and Tarma’s old stories that Radegast already knew. They exchanged a nod in farewell with the sixteen-year-old before departing.

“Yeah, pokemon centre, right,” Radegast stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked. He needed a walk to clear his head, at least. He knew Maxin was probably with him, but his mind was racing too much for him to consider looking back to check.


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#, as written by Sambea
Skyva turned toward the boy, her smile faltering when she saw his face. Mew could see what she saw and instantly perched on her shoulder. "You...okay? You sure?" She asked worried. She might have been shorter than him, hell even weaker, but in this instance she felt like she could cuddle him up.

"Look battles aren't what make a person or even a pokemon. What makes a person is the way they see life...their personality...above all else their heart. If you won, great. If you lost, well...there are more battles and stuff. I already think you are awesome for what you did with that slave camp. Don't let whatever happened in that gym get you down, boy." She spoke confidently, like a big sister would and patted his arm softly as they walked.


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"You'll make us proud! I know you will!"

"Dad...," Maxin couldn't help but let a couple tears slip past his face. He was as excited as anyone to be starting out on his adventure, but deep down he knew he was going to be a bit homesick. He loved his family and their undying support for him while he grew up. His father stood in front of him, a short, burly man with the thickest of mustaches and the widest of grins on his face at all times. Today his grin was abnormally wider as he wrapped around his son in what appeared to be a bear hug.

"You know I'm going to miss you," the gruffness and tenderness in his voice sent another tear rolling down Maxin's cheek.

"I know," Maxin replied, his face buried in his father's chest. When he lifted his head, there was a slight wet spot from where he had cried on his shoulder, "You...you've got a little something..."

His father laughed and patted his son on the back, "Don't worry about me, kiddo. You've got a Gym Challenge that awaits you. No need to focus on stains in my shirt. You've packed everything right?"

Maxin nodded, wiping his eyes and he went through his mental check list, "Uh-huh, I've got some Oran Berries, some Pecha Berries, some Rawst Berries, a Potion, all the Poke I've been saving up-"


"Yup, got ten of them."

"Food for Snips?"

"A couple bags full of vegetables. I'll get more when I'm on the road."

"Food for you?"

"Again, I've got two bags full of vegetables."

"And where is Snips?"

"He's right..." Maxin looked behind him to find the Snivy having completely disappeared from view, "Woah, where'd he go?"

His father chortled, "A slippery Snivy, ain't he? Ya might wanna use that PokeBall on your belt-"

"Nah, I'm giving him the option of when he wants to be in his PokeBall," Maxin told him, to which his dad made a slight frown.

"You sure that's a good idea?" he asked.

"I'm sure," Maxin replied, shrugging, "I trust him." Just then, the Snivy appeared from around the left side of the house, carrying a yellow Crystal in his hand. A revive.

"Look what I dug up!" the Snivy presented the object in front of him. Maxin examined the Revive, brushing the bits of dirt off of it before throwing it into his backpack.

"Wonder where that came from," Maxin thought out loud as he turned to Snips, "Where'd you find it?"

"Over here," Snips turned and darted towards the backyard. Maxin and his father followed suit. The Snivy led them to a small hole in the ground, a small pile of freshly dug dirt lying next to it. His father put his hands on his hips as he gave the hole a quizzical look.

"I've been scavenging through this yard for years," he said, "How did I miss such a thing?"

"I dunno," Maxin began refilling the hole, "I guess it's possible you missed a spot or two."

"I guess so," his dad finally sighed, rubbing the back of his head, "You should be off now. Mister Cheren is waiting for you at the school yard. You don't want to be late for your first Gym Leader battle."

"Right," Maxin stood up, putting a determined look on his face as he stared down at Snips, "We're going to do this together. We can beat Cheren. We know everything about his fighting strategy and what Pokemon he uses. We should beat him easily. Especially with you by my side."

Snips winked at him in response.

Meanwhile, about a few hundred yards away, a large Xatu peered down at the yard as the boy gave his father one last goodbye hug before running off to earn the Normal Badge from his former school teacher, Snips in tow. The Xatu waited until the father went inside before taking flight.

Maxin stood stock still as Radegast's mom and dad left the gym, leaving a cold chill behind them. His glance back to Radegast was one of sympathy for the teenager. This was what his family was like? he thought, That's not okay...

The Servine hopped onto the boy's shoulder once more. "Maxin, don't," Snips warned, using his tail to rub across Maxin's chin to get him to look in his direction, "Your questions will only make him feel worse."

Maxin seemed to get what he was saying. "But I want to help him," he told his companion, "Look at how shaken to the core he is." Sure enough, the color was drained from the teenager's face, a haunting shell of Radegast left in his wake. His Uncle was trying to comfort him, but even that seemed to only be proving mildly effective. Even his sister had come over, seemingly putting her snarky nature aside for a moment to really talk with Radegast. Maxin had been suspicious of her when she saw her face among the other models and recognized her from the event in Castelia City, but she wasn't going after him directly...at least not yet. This was proven when the three of them left the building together.

"Maxin..." Snips's voice help apprehension in it as Maxin began running towards the entrance after Radegast. Sighing, the Servine followed right behind his friend, shaking his head as he went.

When Maxin caught up, he recognized the girl he'd met from earlier talking with him and patting his shoulder. He heard the words she spoke and walked up next to the two of them.

"She's right," he spoke genuinely, "If there's one thing I've learned from my dad, it's that endurance is the best attribute a person has. You can move past whatever has you down. If not through will, then through time. And to the borders we have yet to cross, we travel onward, for there is no greater glory than that earned from perseverance."

Snips stared at Maxin, wide-eyed. He had never seen the boy speak so...wisely before. Sure, he was intelligent and naturally curious with a big heart and a good set of morals, but Snips had yet to see anything profound and deep in thought come from his mouth since he'd known him. That is, until today.


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“I appreciate the words, really,” Radegast said as his easy smile returned. It did a little to help with the prospect of something he was absolutely terrified about. “It’s just…” He sighed in order to buy time to think, “We go on adventures because we never know what’s going to happen.”

He entered the Pokemon Centre and handed all six balls off to the Nurse. Soon enough, everyone was restored to full strength, and Elder appeared from his pokeball as soon as it touched the countertop. “Lord-Regent, how was the fight?”

Radegast’s face was once more full and vibrant, and his smile as friendly as it’s always been. “You guys won,” he produced the Bolt badge, “Also got that Volt Switch if you guys all want to learn it.”

Elder huffed as he examined the badge, “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, dirty fighter or no.”

“Kinda puts into perspective how you feel about a strategy when you’re the victim of it,” Radegast chuckled, “The Operative might like it, though.”

“She loves having a weapon in the arsenal,” Elder admitted.

“I’ll do it later,” Radegast produced the pouch, now containing over seven thousand. “I’m thinking we get some more supplies before we get outta here.”

The next stop was… well, the same shop that Radegast had acquired his new wardrobe. This time around, he passed the clothing store and arrived in the general goods place that Margriet had gone to. He bought ten bottles of lemonade, an escape rope, and three Full Heals. After the purchase, Radegast had 1380 Pokke left.

Across from the aisle, however, was what looked to be a brand-new bicycle shop. Radegast and Elder exchanged a look of utter excitement, and the duo rushed over to the counter.

“Hey! Welcome to the newest chain in our-“ The cashier flinched when Radegast slammed a coupon down on the table.

“I’m so glad to finally be able to use this!” Radegast’s eyes seemed to waver, as if he almost had tears in his eyes.

“I guess this is what we get when we give no expiry date,” the man chuckled, “Alright, pick out the bike you wanna have, sir.”

“Whatcha think, guys?” Radegast asked as he waved his arms and spun around the bicycle store, “Two years I’ve been waiting to use this thing,” he held up the coupon, labeled for one free bike.


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#, as written by Sambea
Skyva nodded towards the boys and smiled. She followed behind them, humming an ole tune her father used to sing. All her pokemon were healed up so there was no need to take them out. She did however take out Spikers, her lillipup, and Tricksi, the spinda, so they could stretch. The two pokemon looked around, obviously confused.

"Where are we?" Tricksi asked.

Skyva bent down and patted the Spinda. "We are with a friend healing his pokemon. The humans are Radegast and Maxin." She said with a smile.

Both pokemon looked up at them and gave a small wave before heading out with the rest of the crew to go get a bike.

Skyva looked around, not needing one since she had her own. Tricksi, Spikers, and MewMew played around as they looked.


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Maxin watched the color return to Radegast's face as the Haunter popped out of the ball and the two began interacting. It was a relieving sight seeing him full of warmness in his face once again. Perhaps that was all he needed...to see his friends again. He appeared to find as much solace in them as they did in him, Maxin realized.

As they walked around Nimbasa, gathering final supplies before heading to the next town, Maxin looked down at the Spinda and Lillipup and waved back. He turned to Snips, "I suppose we should let our other buddies roam around too."

The Servine was one step ahead of him, already opening two of the PokeBalls on his belt. The familiar face of the Drilbur and the unfamiliar face of a Minccino hopped out and began to stretch their legs. Unfortunately, Smashball had already evolved into a Boldor, so he wouldn't be able to move very fast. But Smashball was fine with it.

"Wow!" the Minccino gaped in awe at all the lights and attractions around them, "So many colors..."

"It's pretty," Drilbur nodded in agreement.

As the trio made their way into the bike store, Maxin began to wonder of he should purchase a bike as well. They were halfway through the Gym Challenge and he had saved more than enough money. Perhaps it was time...

"Alright guys, don't stir up any trouble," Maxin told Snips and his other two Pokemon, "I'm going to look around for a bike."

Snips snorted, "About time you got a bit practical."

"What was that?" Maxin turned around, eyebrow raised.

"Nothing," Snips waved him off, "Just go find your bike."

That didn't stop the boy from giving Snips a lingering stare before looking around once more. Meanwhile, the Drilbur and Minccino decided to make friends immediately striking up a conversation with Skyva's Pokemon.

"So, what's the all mighty powerful being like yourself doing in a bike shop?" asked the Drilbur directly to MewMew.


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#, as written by Sambea
MewMew, Tricksi, and Spikers and all stopped and turned around. MewMew landed on Tricksi's head and smiled. "I am with Skyva!" It pointed to the red head girl looking at the newest model of bikes. The girl leaned in too much and nearly fell over. The three pokemon belonging to Skyva sighed. "I am MewMew. This here," it tapped its foot on the Spinda's head, "is Tricksi and this one is Spikers." It pointed to the Lillipup. The Lillipup wagged his tail happily.

The Mew raised off Tricksi's head, causing the Spinda to stumble, and landed in front of the Drilbur. "Are you with the young boy? The uh...shorter one. It asked, its tail swaying from side to side.

Spikers started sniffing around before settling at Skyva's feet. "Hey there, little guy." She spoke softly and picked him up nuzzling him. She giggled as he began to lick her cheek.


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The Drilbur and the Minccino widened their eyes a bit at the nature of MewMew. It seemed so...playful. Too playful to be a legendary Pokemon and the hardest one to catch if at that. The Servine was analyzing the Mew's behavior and smiling at how naive it presented itself. Friendship really did triumph over all...

"Yep," the Servine nodded at Tricksi, "I'm Snips."

"I'm Dalia," the Drilbur replied.

"And I'm Liam," the Minccino introduced, "I'm kind of the new one on the team."

"And that is Maxin," Snips pointed towards the boy, who was examining a sleek black mountain bike and debating in his head if it was worth buying. Dalia had her gaze on Radegast, who was looking at the bikes on the right side of the store. Liam smiled warmly at Skyva's team.


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#, as written by Sambea
MewMew and Tricksi smiled in unison. "Hello!" They both said to the two other pokemon. "The newest would be me." MewMew said. "Skyva hasn't really caught anymore. Or rather she doesn't really want to. I chose her and I think that is how she wants it to happen. Tricksi was her first, given to her by her parents and Spikers...well...she inherited him and Casper and Cassie the Castforms were made for her and a friend of Skyva's" The MewMew talked low. Its smiling face disappeared. "She...She doesn't take them out too much in public. Once we get out of the city, if you all come with us you might see them."

Tricksi frowned, "They are okay with this...they know what happen and understand. Steve died, so they mean a lot to her and refuses to take them out for battle." MewMew stared at Tricksi in shock that she would share that.

"Sorry, guys." MewMew spoke.

Skyva headed towards the group of pokemon. "Look how cute you all are!" She giggled at Maxin's pokemon. "I am Skyva!"


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Snips, Dalia, and Liam all exchanged a look at the mentioning of this Steve...that was a bit of unsettling bit of information to receive. Fortunately, Snips wasn't Maxin and wouldn't press the matter...not when there might be pain involved. Physical or emotional, it didn't matter. Snips dropped the subject immediately.

'Well, I'm Maxin's first," he told them, "I was a bit scared of the idea at first, but he's a pretty alright person...when he isn't sticking his nose in business he doesn't belong in."

Dalia followed his lead, "I found them outside of Virbank. They helped me out of a tight spot and I've been with them ever since."

Just then, Skyva appeared and greeted them. They all waved back in a friendly manner. Maxin was over at the counter, pointing towards the mountain bikes. It appeared he was going to get one after all.

"So you guys don't seem too interested in battling," Snips noted towards her three, "Why are you guys in Nimbasa?"


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A purple bike that matched the Scorupi logo on the back of Radegast’s jacket seemed to speak to both the human and the Haunter. Radegast surrendered the coupon and received the bicycle in exchange. The bike was developed with similar technology to the guitar, and as such could fold up without compromising the structural integrity of the bike. The lightweight, yet durable vehicle had two gears, between Acro and Mach speeds. Radegast folded up the bike within the store and slipped it onto a latch that the backpack happened to be built with. He thanked the man at the counter, and returned to Skyva.

Maxin was still picking out a bike, so Radegast took the opportunity to converse. “You a scientist or something?” Radegast asked Skyva as he put his hands back in his jacket pockets. “Well, what with the lab coat and all.”


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#, as written by Sambea
Tricksi giggled and said, "Looking for Skyva's bboooyyyfrriieenndd!" Skyva gasped and blushed.

"No no no, we were now we are just traveling. Seeing the world. Stuff like that!" She waved a dismissive hand. Radegast came in time to save her.

"A Scientist? Oh no, I mean I know a few things. My parents are scientist and my father gave me this jacket. I am just traveling to see the world, help where I can, and just...find myself I guess! It know a little in aiding pokemon too." Her smiled up at the giant sixteen year old.


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“Aiding Pokemon?” Radegast repeated with interest as he shifted his stance, “Planning to be a nurse, or something more traditional, like a medicine woman?”

“Boyfriend…?” Elder had never heard of this terminology before, shockingly enough. “Weird human term, seemingly redundant. I mean, why would the “boy” aspect change anything about the “friend” aspect?” the Haunter stroked his chin as he muttered aloud.


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Liam laughed hard at Tricksi's outburst. Dalia and Snips tried to suppress their grins and ended up failing. At this time, Maxin had shown up, his folding black mountain bike placed on his own pack. He shot curious glances around to see his Pokemon and Skyva's muffling their laughter.

"What did I miss?" he asked Snips who just rolled his eyes in response.

"What kind of bike did you get?" the Servine nudged the folded up thing on his back.

"It's a Shimano Mountain Bike," he told Snips, "An 8-Speed with 24 shifts and made from a super light and super durable metal. Can handle a smack down on the trails...which I think we'll need at this point since I don't think there's any bike shop anywhere else. We're going to Driftveil after all..." he reached into his pack and pulled out a map, unfolding it and placing the entire Unova Region on display for everyone to see.

"We're here," Maxin pointed to a city below the dead center island on the map. It was labeled Nimbasa City, "We need to get to here," he moved his finger left until it rested on a black dot labeled Driftveil City, "To do that, we need to go down Route 5 and cross the Driftveil Drawbridge."

"That land is mostly flat though," Snips pointed out the lack of geographical lines on the way to their destination, "Why do we need bikes then?"

"We won't need bikes here, but we will after Driftveil," Maxin circled the area ahead of Driftveil with his finger, showcasing the mountains that seemed to crawl all around Mistralton City, "And while I'm sure we won't have much trouble finding a cave, I don't want to chance it. Just in case we need to actually climb over. And I'd rather not do that on foot, would you?"

"Well, I wouldn't be on foot, so that sounds like a 'you' problem," Snips smiled wickedly and crawled onto his shoulder as if to demonstrate what he would do in a situation like that.

Maxin snorted, "You're a devious one, aren't you?"

The boy began to fold the map up into it's perfect neat little square before slipping it into his backpack once more, "Well, it's only going to get tougher from here, so I think we should do some training as we go along." He smiled to both Skyva and Radegast, "I could sure use some company to come along. Especially from you, Radegast, since you're doing the Gym Challenge with me. But I'd love to have you come along as well...er...I don't think I got your name, did I? I'm Maxin," he held out a hand for the girl to shake.