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Unborg'd and ready to rock.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


Smoke (true name Smghiel Tzh Hin [Pron. Sch-mail Z-in], is a warrior of a tribe who specialised in combat and Shadow Magic.

He is of regular height, and has a very slim, but noticeable quite muscular, build. His pale skin gives an air of illness about him, combined with his frame it makes him appear weaker than he is. On his back there is a small scar in the shape of a half-circle going over his left shoulder blade. His hair is jet-black, short and somewhat messy.
Clothingwise, Smoke opts for Ceremonial Bandages. His arms and hands (except fingers) are wrapped up to the elbow in white bandages, his legs and feet (bar his toes) up to the knee, his neck up to his nose, and belly to sternum are all in white bandage, the rest is bare save for his hips down to his mid-thigh, which is covered by black kilt, decorated with a Sporran which has dark brown fur, and small animal skulls dangling from it, a thick leather belt, and a steel buckle.
His wrists and ankles hold a stream of red bandages hanging off of them, just about the length of his wrist to elbow.


Shadow Copy Technique:

Smoke is capable of creating "shadow copies" of his limbs which can extend out of any part of his body and function as a regular limb. These extra appendages appear entirely black and give off a ghostly black smoke. When used, these shadow copies cannot extend beyond the reach of the actual limb the are a copy of [they cannot reach farther than his real arms or legs can], nor are they any stronger or weaker than their solid counterparts. When they hit something solid with all their force, this is enough to break them, causing the shadow copies to burst into puffs of smoke, meaning they are more like single-shots than actual arms or legs. They can hit with all the force of his regular limbs, and are just as solid until they break.

Shadow Twin Technique:

If given sufficient time to focus his abilities, Smoke can produce a shadow copy of his entire body which he directly controls. These can be broken in just a few hits or one powerful hit, and do require a lot of concentration to both control and sustain, meaning in more dire situations they are not a good option. Much like the shadow copies, these shadow twins are entirely black and emit thin black smoke and will burst into a small cloud of black smoke when broken, which can quickly dissipate in the air. The unique power of a Shadow Twin is that they have all the abilities Smoke has, meaning they can use the same Shadow Twin technique, resulting in a theoretically infinite number of Shadow Twins.

Death's Fog Technique:

This is the technique that requires the most mental stamina and concentration. To use this, Smoke must focus all of his energy and quickly enter a meditative state. It is quite easy for this state to be broken.
The technique uses both Shadow Twins and Shadow Copies while Smoke meditates. When an enemy attacks, he quickly unleashes hundreds of shadow copies one after the other in a hurried torrent of weak attacks designed purely to break the copies and confuse the target rather than hurt them. This results in quickly generating a deep, black fog which permeates the air and grows thicker with each broken shadow copy or shadow twin. This fog can shield the sun and make day into night, it can make a battle arena pitch black. It is this technique that brought about Smoke's name. If something moves within the fog, Smoke will be able to feel it, and pinpoit its location. The strong advantages and disadvantages make this technique both Smoke's most useful skill, and possibly most self-destructive.


While Smoke has few allies and shows little-to-no emotion, he has been known to be very loyal to those he trusts. He doesn't get emotionally tied to anyone he kills, often seeing those who lose to him in a duel to be simply "fallen warriors." Smoke has a deep respect for fighters of all kinds, and relishes challenges. To him, the only truly honorable death for a warrior is one found in battle.


Smoke is primarily a martial artist, but has two throwing knives nestled into his left and right ankle bandages should he need them.


Originally a human assassin raised in the arts of Shadow Magic, Smoke was a moderately successful killer and warrior. He established himself well within his clan as a master of Shadow Arts, and together with his brothers who specialised in the other Deadly Arts, they became a force to be reckoned with. Their signature control of the Deadly Arts created a stir, and many fighters sought to kill them and steal their abilities for themselves. The Brothers of the Clan considered this foolish, but also interesting.

The Clan created a fighting tournament where warriors of other assassin clans could try to defeat them and the prize? The gift of knowledge in the Deadly Arts. For many years it was like a war, hundreds of warriors came and died at the hands of the Brothers. Many warriors of many skills found they could not best them. One day, the other clans gathered and decided that they would defeat The Brothers together. 500 men and women came to the Brothers and they fought. It was a fight that lasted many weeks without pause, and even the mightiest of warriors were feeling weakened. When it came to the final week of battle, the Brothers were bested. They were beaten and killed, their bodies burned, torn up and destroyed, parts sent away to different corners of the world.

Fast forward in time. Smoke had been dead for hundreds of years, but his body parts had been recovered by an aged Necromancer. The Necromancer used his magic to restore Smoke to his exact self just before he died: a young, battle-ready warrior. The Necromancer wished to learn Smoke's abilities, and his request was met with swift violence.

Smoke had awoken in a world that didn't know his name.

He swore he would carve it into the flesh of the Earth.

So begins...

Smoke--RPT1FTR's Story