Sofia McConnel

Gunny Sergeant in ODST

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by kodathecub


|Age: 21,|5'5|Hair: Brown|Eyes: Light Blue|Hometown: Dublin, Ireland, Earth|Languages: English, Gaelic|Catholic Girl|Loves helping people|Like a good drink|Father was a doctor, mother was a nurse|Father, brother and mother died on Reach, Sofia was orphaned|Scars on her back from her foster family|Built a robot assistant to help with engineering problems|Made a wrist grapple hook|Along with her dogtags she has a friendship pendant and a cross around her neck|Very comfortable with Sangheili|Likes: Listening to music and shooting shit|Dislikes: Talking about Reach, Innies|ODST Sniper|Engineer|Basic Medical Training|Qualified Pilot|Sniper Callsign: Dark Wolf|

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Sofia McConnel's Story