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Sprarx - Electrical Elemental / Spirit

Physical Appearance:

Sprarx is most commonly found loitering round back alleys and bars in the bodies of wildcat, arguably his favourite animal. The features of almost all these possessed corpses is generally the same, green eyes, stripped ginger brown coats and a bad smell.


However, While Sprarx is able to possess any soulless body to do his bidding there are occasionally times when he has to take on a physical form. Unfortunately these manifestations require huge amounts of electricity to create and maintain, This is why it is very rare for him to ever use these forms, unless he is put into a situation where his own existence is at risk.

Sprarxs physical manifestations are often humanoid in structure and moulded from pure electrical energy, rendering them untouchable by most folk. Some might say he looks like a certain monster from an old tv show*.

Known Abilities:

    +Audible Inudation: He can project his voice into the minds of others.
    +Omnilingualism: He has an understanding of almost every language.
    +Psychic Shield: His own mind his protected from mind control or other psychic attacks
    +Psychic Shadow: He can hide his presence by creating a shroud around his own mind.
    +Absorbing electricity: That which touches him is absorbed passively but he can also choose to actively absorb any electricity in a short radius.
    +Possession and Manipulation - He is able to possess any soulless body through possession or a corpse using electrical pulses.
    +Controling Electricity - He is able to control the flow of electricity and any electrical appliance within a short distance
    +Electrical Transportation: He can travel along any kind of wiring or cable and through anything which conducts electricity.
    +Electrical Mimicry: If enough electricity is stored or present he can create a body from pure electrical energy.


Similar to the wildcats that he often possesses Sprarx is aggressive and territorial, though not towards humans or any other living things, only other spirits. This attitude was just something he picked up by accident and hasn't been able to shake off. He was only able to cope with humans after realising they are not so much a threat as others like himself. Past this cautious, or in some situations ferocious, side of Sprarx there is a unpredictable prankster who doesn't know whats good for him. The naive elemental spirit goes by an act first, ask questions later policy. So he is fairly often in trouble, being chased or hunted down, but doesn't really care. When he isn't patrolling his territory or pranking innocent bystanders Sprarx tends to get himself involved in anything he finds interesting, whether that be a gunfight or a baking competition doesn't matter to him. This could all be blamed on his one goal which is to use all the time he has left to the fullest.


Sprarx doesn't often speak about his past, preferring to keep it to himself. This is because when he was alive there were many people he pissed of and even more that wanted to kill him. If he does talk about his past he doesn't ever go further back than a few years, to the day he was drawn into this dimension from another.

*The monster Im talking about > http://scoobydoo.wikia.com/wiki/10,000_Volt_Ghost <

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