Steel Wing

A mobilized unit available for free lance work. Experienced in several fields including machinery.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Delve


Roleplay Type: Mobilized Unit - Steel Wing
Number in Party: 4
Background Info: The unit is known as ‘Steel Wing’, which excavated mech units up to full functionality as free-lance work but after being oppressed by a higher power it has been downsized to a couple of individuals. Steel Wing is in the process of being resurrected to a fully functional unit. They continue performing free-lance work in order to re-supply their mech units. Their funds are running low, and currently recruiting for more pilots, mechanics, and navigators.

1) Name: Alex Russell
Code-Name: Eagle
Race: Human
Age: 28
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, slicked back. Chin hair.
Class/ Abilities: Pilot. Former Assassin, experienced in several weapons and survival tactics.
Bio: Wing Commander for the Steel Wing, and the former Commander’s right hand man. Alex was once apart of the government 8 years ago and left, changing his identity and appearance completely and joined the Steel Wing. After the Steel Wing was almost diminished, he has taken an oath to get back at the madness the posses the future of mankind; he has kept to himself and has notified no one in Steel Wing of his plans, and the mobilized unit remains unaware of his previous ties with government.

2) Name: Penélope
Code-Name: Quetzal
Race: Human
Age: 20
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, shoulder length
Class/ Abilities: Pilot. Sniper. Experienced in several weapons.
Bio: Panélope is the daughter of the former Wing Commander, Salvador. Although she inherited the position shortly after his death, she passed the command to Alex who she felt was more experienced in running the unit towards recovery.

3) Name: Key
Race: Android
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Silver
Hair: White, jaw line length
Class/Abilities: Key has the ability of self regeneration; her abilities include but are not limited to Data Processing and Piloting. Other abilities are yet to be discovered.
Bio: Key is an android who was found dormant within Alex Russell’s excavated mech. Although analysis of her body reads as organic, there is still a lot of missing information about her origin and her mechanical components. Steel wing has not been able to investigate any further information due to lack of resources. Key reveals no sense of emotion and has a blank face, except when she is with Daniel. The only time she speaks is when she is translating other languages, providing coordinates, weather, time, chemical detection, radar detection, heat detection, and storing alphanumeric data.

4) Name: Daniel Baker
Race: Human
Age: 19
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dirty Blonde, wavy ear length
Class/ Abilitilies: Mechanic, can repair any type of machine. Medic and Chemist, can perform several operations on the human anatomy.
Bio: Daniel has known Penélope for six years, after he held interest in her at a gun shop he joined Steel Wing with the most experience in mechanized units. He is able to understand the mechanics behind most machine by simply observing them, he is also able to analyze the human anatomy the same way. In the time spent in Steel Wing he was trained in medical procedures, in addition of being able to identify symptoms, foods, and making medicines. Daniel is in the process of analyzing Key, and whenever he makes a discovery--Key is able to smile in response.

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