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Steven Wrisdale

The leader and one of the founders of CEDA

0 · 105 views · located in Wing City Town Square

a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Cordeaux, as played by RolePlayGateway


A company up and running mainly in Wing City that is basing it's operations around Humanitarian Aid and Community Restoration.




Right we will start with some questions about your physical aspects okay?
Sure thing. Ask away.

Name/Aliases?: My name is Steven Wrisdale, some people just call me Wrisdale.
Age?: I'm in my early thirties.
Height?: About 6'1"
Weight?: I like to think I am on the average weight scale.
Body Type?: More muscle than anything.
Phsyical Condition?: I'm not ill and I'm alive so I'm fine I guess.
Ethnicity?: White American.
Hair Colour/Style?: Dark brown color with the length being not too long but not being too short. Medium short I'd say.
Eye Colour?: Dark blue.
Any Tattoos?: I don't stain my skin with that horrible crap.
Scars?: A scar on top of my head. I got it because I tried to defend my wife during a robery and they hit me, hard.
Describe what you would usually wear: Casual clothing you could say, I'm no soldier or fighter. Jeans, maybe combats and a button up shirt is the average I guess.

Now I'm going to ask a few general information questions.

Current Residence?: I live here within the walls of CEDA's main office building.
Previous Residence?: I used to own an apartment with my wife in down town Wing City. Biggest mistake of my life.
Current Profession?: I am the founder and leader of CEDA.
Any Previous Professions?: When I lived in the apartment I was a lawyer. Another huge mistake.
Birth Place?: I was born in an in-the-middle-of-nowhere town in a desert state. You wouldn't have heard of it.
Belief/Religion?: I believe there is no god, if there was he would have sorted this place out years ago.
Sexual Preference?: I am no longer interested in any form of romantic relationship. All I needed was my wife, she was my life. She was taken from me.
Have any hobbies?: I don't have time for hobbies, I want to change Wing City for the best interests of everybody. I'm devoting my life to this cause.
Your Strengths?: I am extremely focused on the things I want, those things are not only my desires, but the people of Wing City. That is excluding the psychopaths and murderers that inhabit our once beautiful city.
Weaknesses?: Bad memories. The nightmares of the night my wife was taken from me. Oh god the screams... Please turn the recorder off.
The subject then left the room for a break. The rest of the interview carried on slowly when he returned.

Any Disabilities?: I have no disabilities, my left eye is weaker than the the right though.
Any Family/Friends?: My friends are my colleges at CEDA and my family... I left them to seek out fortune and ended up finding the love of my life. Then... Wing City took her from me.

Okay I'm going to move onto your mental health and psychological status.
Okay. Let's finish this.

Do you have any life goals?: My life goal is to change Wing City for the better, right now it is a dark and gloomy and horrible place but together we can restore it to it's natural, bustling beauty. Together we can achieve anything.
Believe any Superstitions?: None that I know of.
Any recurring dreams/nightmares?: Take three guesses.
If you could do whatever you wanted to the person you hated most without repercussions what would you do? I wouldn't kill or harm them, simply make them see the brighter side of everything. No more committing crime or judging people, make them give and not expect to get. I am not a violent person and I don't wish to be.

Okay well that concludes this interview, thank you for answering the questions asked today.
No thank you. I'm sure it has been more than a waste of time for both of us. Good luck in the future.

So begins...

Steven Wrisdale's Story

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