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Summer Rose

Kind, peaceful, content with life. But because she sees no wrong in the world; can she survive in Gambit's much long?

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Wynter


Name: Summer Rose
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity/Species: Human, American
Natural Color/Current Color/Highlights or Not?: Light blonde, light blonde, dark blonde highlights.
Length: Mid-back.
Eye Color: Dark brown.
Clothing: A yellow dress.
Accessories: A golden locket necklace.
Summer Rose


Summer is a free spirit, and always has been. She see's no wrong in the world; a trait that leaves her unable to determine between good and evil.
Trust is what she holds in anyone and everyone around her, and she is terribly optimistic, making her dangerously friendly. Why dangerously, you ask? Because if someone's head is cut off right infront of her, she will commit an act of justification in her head, deeming said person who cut said other person's head off perfectly good because there must have been a liable and good reason for the attack, right?
She is not shy, hense her overly eccentric friendliness, but can balance being polite also, without crossing a line and being rude.
She loves nature, animals, singing, helping people; you know, doing things to lighten the mood.
Not much hard-ship has come upon her; she hasn't had a perfect life, but again, she justifies everything to be holy and good. She has never felt hatred towards someone in her life, so far.


The most dangerous thing every carried by Summer was... Well, herself. And to hell with the idea that she has any idea of how to protect herself.
She's seen guns, knifes, bullets, neuses, the hole lot of weapons, but she avoids them at all costs. She finds reasoning and 'talking things out' to be a much stronger way of settling a ordeal.


Summer does not know her background, but that doesn't mean it is lost.
You see, 'Summer' isn't even her real name. Not that she knows that. Nor is 'Rose' her last.
At the age of 15, she underwent a strong stage of amnesia. Though the cause was never pin-pointed, and Summer herself still doesn't know that she had forgotten 15 years of her life.
Yeah, it seems insane not to question the disappearance of your childhood, your life so far.
But, she does have memories of the 15 years. Not real ones, but those she was told were true.
Summer was found lying in the forest, after amnesia hit, dazed and confused, not remembering anything of course. Darian Rose was who found her.
Now, let me tell you a bit about Darian.
Darian had a daughter, promptly named Summer. Summer had blonde hair, brown eyes, and looked almost exactly like 'Summer' (the one found in the woods.)
When Summer (Darian's daughter) was 11 years old she was kidnapped out side their home. A large federal investigation went into the kidnapping, but the girl was never to be found.
Darian was slightly psychotic, and when she found Summer (found in woods) she was convinced it was her daughter, and that all her family who had left her and the police and feds had been wrong. Summer (found in woods) had come home, as far as she was concerned.
Darian had persumed the cause of amnesia was because of the tramatic kidnapping, and told the girl all of her daughters past, even though it wasn't her daughter. Summer lives with Darian in a cabin, just on the edge of the woods.
Summer's history before the amnesia:
Summer Rose's real name is Mia Chloë Tyler.
Mia's birth father's name is Gavin Tyler.
Her birth mother's name is Arianna Avery Tyler. (Maiden name: Dalcin.)
She had two sisters, and one brother. Below are the names and ages of each sibling when Mia was 15.
Avery Grace Tyler:
Age: 6
Gender: Female.
Isabelle Sophie Tyler:
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Riley Jayson Tyler:
Age: 3
Gender: Male
The Tyler family looked for their daughter for as long as was possible, but no evidence was found or presented towards her disappearance. After Mia's dissapearance her father, Gavin, died after he sent a bullet through his own heart 2 years after Mia was gone.
Arianna, her mother, was diagnosed as depressed, but recovered shortly after the disappearance, because with her husband's death she realized that she was the only person the children had left, parental figure wise.
Isabelle coped the best with her sister's seemingly permanent absense; having not been told where Mia was, she found out after asking someone working the case. Isabelle got the highest grades in her class, straight A's, because she coped with the loss by studying hard for tests and keeping busy with homework.
Avery misses her sister terribly, and writes notes to her asking where she was and when she will come back.
Riley was three at the time, and was told that their sister was staying with 'Grandma' because the family thought he was too young to understand the concept of loss let alone deal with it. Each family member had agreed to go along with it to save bringing up more pain, and to avoid traumatizing the child.
Now, I hope you weren't expecting a typical story of over-protective parents 'shielding' their daughter from the harsh world. Nobody's life is really a retell of a Disney movie.

So begins...

Summer Rose's Story