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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Kanrie, as played by Jade-Venom


Swiftstar is a long haired tabby she cat with dark green eyes.


She is a proud, loving, kind, and ambitious leader.


Claws and teeth.


Was born into the clan with the name of Swiftkit. At six moons old she was made an apprentice and revived her new name, Swiftpaw. She worked her way quickly through the training and within eight moons she was made a warrior. Her new name was then Swiftclaw. She worked as a warrior for a few moons when the clans deputy had died and was then made the new deputy of her clan. She then worked at organising her clans movements. Her leader died only three moons after she was made deputy and she was then made leader. Two days after she was made leader she traveled to the moonpool to receive her nine lives and her leader name.

So begins...

Swiftstar's Story