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Takawa Lilith

I'm not a fighter and not lover....I'm somewhere between the two!!!

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mimi Shizuen



Lilith has light cream-colored skin and long pink hair that reach her lower back. She stands at a short and lean 5’5 and weighs around 135 lb. She has light blue eyes that are the color of the ocean in the morning. She doesn't look like most of the seductive sirens she has come to know through books and research, but there is something captivating about her refreshing and peachy exterior. It kind of reminds one of the coolness of a soft breeze in the summertime, while sitting by the ocean’s side with one’s toes in the cool sand.

Siren Appearance: She has bird like wings, but usually chooses to hide those. Like all Siren's, Lilith's appearance only majorly changes only when she comes into contact with water. Shimmering white lines trail across the top of her skin, outlining the appearance of fish scales. Her irises go from an ocean blue to a blue that's almost clear, like the water. Pale blue fins emerge on her lower arms and at the sides of her calves.


Lilith at rare times has a stoic exterior personality. She conveys a lot of emotion through her facial features. She has the tendency to daze off, lost in her own thought. She speaks quietly around those she doesn’t know at first, but can be pretty boisterous once you give her a minute. She likes to run around and act silly, but only around those she knows. She believes much of what anyone tells her, because she’s pretty naïve and very trusting. She’s used to people trying to look out for her best welfare, so she doesn’t think of deceit or ulterior motives. Sometimes it’s like she has the mind of a seven year old. But one thing is for sure, Lilitha doesn’t fit the description of most sirens (who are bewitching and seductive), but maybe that’s because she simply chooses not to. Not because she couldn’t.


Can manipulate or affect others through song or music. For some reason, her powers are useless at night and only work during the daytime.

Mastered Songs: Unless the song is a really strong one, the affects of one are usually temporary. Whether or not one is affected by a song or not is determined by the complexity of their mind and their mind's natural defenses. All songs are sung in Siren tongue, though translated into English they'd sound somewhat like this.

Sleeping Song: This song is almost always affective for putting someone asleep for a good few hours.

Sleep / Sleep / The wind it creeps / Quietly ‘round the shore / Softly whispering / Of a water’s glistening / In a dream forevermore.

Puppet Song: The puppet song is one used for mind control. It's one of the hardest of the Siren songs. It's only affective on those with weak will, or when one lets their defenses down. It usually lasts longer than the sleeping song, sometimes for months.

You’ll hear only me / You’ll see only me / I you will not ignore / Blissfully ignorant / Your mind still turbulent / But heart calling / Obey / Obey.


Lilith comes from a wealthy household of sirens who lived underwater in the Pacific Ocean. The kingdom she lived in was ruled by a kind and elderly king, who was becoming a little senile with age. The majority of his subjects still loved and supported him. Lilith’s father was one of the king’s knights. Lilith was forced out of her homeland, however, the day a rebellion swept across the kingdom. Her mother fled with her by her side, towards the coastline closest to their home. She sat Lilith on the rocky outcropping, swearing to return when the fighting and bloodshed was over. But she never did.

The next morning, Lilith was found by an elderly fisherman and his dog. He took the toddler in and reported her missing to the authorities, but of course her parents could not be found. The man was given permission to foster Lilith until a home was found for her, but over time he became accustomed to the tiny siren girl and adopted her himself. She grew up fast and well in the tiny seaside house they called home. She learned to fish, she learned to sail, and she learned to cook delicious meals. When she was eight, she began to realize there was something different about her. She was a natural virtuoso and could play any song on any instrument by simply listening to it. She could also write and compose songs and lyrics as easily as she could sit down and compose a grocery list. She’d stare out at the ocean for hours, lost in her thoughts and a daze, before finally coming to. One day, while walking on the beach, she stumbled across a message in the bottle. The message was addressed to her from her mother. Her mother informed her that she was doing just fine and then proceeded to tell her about her family and what she really was. She was informed that once a siren leaves her homeland and begins becoming accustomed to the human world, they could no longer return to the sea.

Lilith longed to know more about her family and her race. After researching it, she practiced her powers on random subjects (but never on her family).

So begins...

Takawa Lilith's Story

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Character Portrait: Takawa Lilith
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ic Takawa Lilith

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A wooden cart rolled slowly into view, its old wheels creaking slightly. Two shimmering blue outlines of horses could be seen pulling it; it was obvious to any who studied spell craft that they were creatures summoned from the otherplane. Two girls in their mid-to-early twenties sat atop a pile of crates. One had curly brown hair and was dressed I a leather breastplate and long sleeved cotton shirt as well as leggings- travel gear, clearly. The other was wearing similar clothes, despite having a different color of shirt, and had white hair and red eyes. Both had their hair in messy buns and looked sleepy, as if they had recently woken up. In the front section of their cart was filled with leather bags which a black cat slept against. As the strangers made their way closer, the heavy magic odor made clear the enchantments on their weapons and wares. The brunette leaned over and kissed the white haired one on the nose, causing both to giggle. It was hard to decipher whether this confidence of security was warranted...