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Tallana Davindral

A dual lore Master Wizard, adept in both the Lore of Light and the Lore of Metal. One of the most highly respected figures in her homeland, and a popular favourite for succeeding as the Lord of the Order of Light.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Script, as played by Disdain


The students, staff and affiliates of the esteemed magical educational institute that is Academia Celestia.
Registered citizen of the Terran National Government



Full Name: Tallana Maerin Davindral
Titles: Mistress (to apprentices and journeymen), Lady (to those of equal rank and non-mages)
Class: Master Wizard
Age: 51
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Grey Blue
Number of Siblings: 1
Star Sign: The Bonesaw
Place of Birth: Altdorf, Reikland

Skills and Talents

Academic Knowledge (Magic, History, Mathematics)
Magical Sense (the ability to sense magic in an individual or object)
Speak Arcane Language (Magick, Arcane Elf)
Petty Magic (Arcane)
Lesser Magic x 4
Arcane Lore (Light, Metal)


Petty Magic
Glowing Light: An item in the mage's grasp glows with the light of a lantern.
Sounds: The mage creates a phantom noise, with volume ranging from a whisper to a roar. The spell can reproduce any type of noise but speech, and can last for up to 10 seconds.
Drop: A target is compelled to drop any item they are carrying in their hands.
Marsh Lights: Several floating lights appear, resembling the glow of torches or lamps, that naturally follow corridors or paths, or can be controlled so long as they remain within line of sight.
Magic Dart: A dart of magical force strikes out at a target, though small, striking with considerable force.
Sleep: The touch of the mage sends a target into a deep slumber for up to two minutes.

Lesser Magic
Move: The mage can lift and direct a light object within line of sight, or open/close a door, or knock over a heavier object.
Aethyric Armour: The mage weaves the Winds of Magic around them, protecting them from harm. The mage gains a powerful armour on all locations for one minute.
Magic Alarm: The mage creates an alarm on one spot. When another comes within 2 yards of this spot, the mage is mentally alerted instantly, no matter how far away they are.
Dispel: The mage can stop another spell being cast prematurely, either dismissing an existing effect or stopping it from reaching completion.

Arcane Lore: Light
Dazzling Brightness: The mage creates a burst of light that dazzles those in the area.
Radiant Gaze: The gaze of the mage focuses radiant power on one target, searing their flesh with magical energy.
Shimmering Cloak: The mage surrounds themselves with a field of light that protects them from range attacks.
Healing of Hysh: The touch of the mage heals an injured target, restoring the gravest of wounds.
Banish: The mage wraps a demonic entity in tendrils of Hysh, using the pureness of light to banish it back to whatever dark realm it hailed from, after a test of willpower between the two.
Inspiration: The mage opens their mind to Hysh and lets the light of wisdom illuminate a vexing intellectual problem.
Eyes of Truth: The mage's eyes shine with the light of truth, allowing them to see through illusion, darkness, invisibility and disguises.
Blinding Light: The mage creates an explosion of light that completely blinds those in the area.
Demonbane: The mage rends the very Aethyr and casts a group of demons back to whence they came. Similar to the effects of Banish, however the spell affects multiple targets.
Pillar of Radiance: The mage focuses and concentrates the energy of Hysh into a deadly column of burning light, dealing searing magical damage and dazzling them.

Arcane Lore: Metal
Guard of Steel: The mage creates several orbiting spheres of shimmering steel that protect them from attacks.
Law of Logic: The mage uses the power of logic to aid one feat, allowing them new insight into how it might be accomplished.
Curse of Rust: The mage rusts and corrodes one metal object, making it pitted and useless.
Silver Arrows: The mage creates eight magical silver arrows, and hurls them at one or more opponents. The arrows disappear shortly after impact.
Armour of Lead: The mage causes the armour of an enemy to have the weight of lead.
Trial and Error: The mage guides allies with magic, allowing them to perform tasks they would otherwise have failed with ease.
Transformation of Metal: The mage can change a metal object into a different one, not altering the type of metal but changing its shape. For example, transforming a steel sword into a steel spoon.
Enchant Item: The mage can temporarily enchant an item to increase a characteristic of an ally, their strength, speed, intelligence, etc.
Transmutation of the Unstable Mind: The mage attempts to transmute a sick mind into a healthy one. The spell has a chance of curing insanity, but also a lesser chance of worsening it.
Law of Gold: The mage wraps a magical item with stands of Chamon, suppresin all magical effects.
Transmutation: The mage can convert a metal object of one type into another, for example steel to gold.


Swan: Swan, Tallana's staff, is enchanted by her own magic to change its properties to her will. If she swings it, and wishes it to cut, then it will cut; but if she swings it and wants it to remain blunt, it will remain blunt. Equally, it can be flexible, brittle, liquid, and etc.

Amulet of Minds: This amulet allows Tallana communication with her home, and advisors.

Grimoire of Light
Grimoire of Metal
Writing Kit
Apothecary Tools
Purse containing on average 30 gold

So begins...

Tallana Davindral's Story

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