Tamesis the Wanderer

He is the end . . . .

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by The Adversary



What is he? No one is truly sure.

A long, frayed, black cloak, graying and ripped with age conceals his form. A long robe beneath of the same color hides the rest of his body, a simple leather belt with a tarnished gold buckle tying it at the waist. A fraying, gray-black, wide-brimmed hat sits atop his head and hangs low over his face, showing only his mouth and chin. Long white hair falls to his shoulder, and a white, full beard hangs down from his chin in a braided knot, and his skin is aged. His hands as well show signs of aging: They appear thin with cracked, wrinkled skin. In his right hand is clutched an old wooden staff that seems to have been cut from a tree. Ravens surround him, for they are his sign. Some have called him Odin, but he is no god, and he is not benign. He is an entity, whose only goal is to extinguish all life. If he should ever lift his hat, look away, for his eyes are hollow windows to a black, chaotic void; a nothingness: death.

For that is all he is.

Quote: "I am come: the flood to wash away."

Abilities -

Quoth the Raven . . .: He can simply extinguish any life he wishes, but his use of said power is extremely rare.

So begins...

Tamesis the Wanderer's Story