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Tarvon Duradon

Dwarven warrior. His great hammer and fiece strength make up for his small stature by a longshot.

0 · 1,101 views · located in Solinus Sea

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Vio-Lance


[*]Age: 90
[*]Race: Dwarf
[*]Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
[*]Birth Place: Unknown
[*]Date of Birth: December 3rd
[*]Weight: 180
[*]Eye Color: Whitish-Blue
[*]Occupation: Profressional Mercenary, Berserker
[*]Titles: Juggernaut, Ironarm
[*]Education:Common Knowledge, Morality
[*]Combat Knowledge: Dwarven Hand to Hand, GFTT(Gigantic Foe Takedown Tactics), Master Mace and Axe work, Throwing Profecency
[*]Organization/Tribe/Clan: Iron Mountain Dwarf
[*]Former Affiliations: None

Statistics are figured into numbers one through twenty.

Power: 19/20
Speed: 14/20
Combat: 13/20
Intellect: 10/20
Technique: 15/20
Endurance: 20/20
Magical Resistance: 5/20
Vitality: 16/20
Energy: 13/20
Spiritual: 5/20

Overall Score: 130/200


Tarvon is brash and hardheaded, like any good dwarf warrior. He's quick to act, and even quicker to draw his hammer. He's a tad hot-tempered as well, tending not to be very friendly to anyone whom he doesnt know.

Class: Berserker- Berserkers are strong, hearty units with great ammounts of strength and health. They also tend to have decent speed and defense. However, they have low resisitance to magic, and dont usually have brains(though this does not make them dumb, simply uneducated!) to back the brawn. They also have very loose spiritual attachments, believing that the only way into their god's favor is by ending others.


Dwarven Tyrant Armor: As seen above the armor is extremely menacing to simply look at. It is half plate, and scalemale covers the softer places and joints, allowing a greater ranger of movement with very little less protection. The plates themselves are made from heavy steel, but the scalemale is mithril. The bladed shoulders and horned helm can easily be used as a weapon. The inside is padded generously to absorb blunt forces, and the steel plates are extremely resisitant to slashing and piercing damage. The scalemail offers no extra protection against blunt, but still is capable of warding off minor slashing and piercing attacks completely.

Final Word: Tarvon's keepsake Mace. It is enormous, even for human standards. The handle is made from iron, while the head and blades are made from titanium, adding extra weight and sharpness to the weapon. The hammer is capable of dealing all three major types of damage: Slashing, via the obvious blades on the side. If turned the right way, Final Word is no different from an axe; blunt, by hitting multipule sides, can simulate blunt damage, though still has a cutting edge to the weapon, and finally, with it's pronged blades, it can puncture lesser armor, and draw the foe closer to Tarvon. The overall weight is roughly 45 pounds.

Dwarven Throwing Axes: Strapped to the man's hips and chest are heavier dwarven throwing axes. Each one is sharpened to a keep edge, and weighs roughly six pounds. Heavy for a throwing weapon, but only to give it the mass it needs to slice flesh easily and rend lighter, tougher armors such as hide or chainmail. If thrown at full strength, they might be enough to knock someone down. Tarvon has near mastered the throwing axe, and can use them while running, jumping, or lying down.

Boot Dagger: Self explanitory; a dagger kept in the boot, usually used as a one handed, last resort weapon.

Dwarven Flame Bomb: Essentially, a molotov cocktail, thick clay orbs on Tarvon's sides. They subsitute pitch for gasoline. Tarvon carries tindertwigs to light the bomb's wick, which is made from cloth. They break on impact, and cause fire damage, and pitch tends to stick to things.

------Skills and Abilities-------

Dwarven Resistance:
Dwarves are known for their resistance to poison and some acids. And their extreme resistance to cold and heat.

Dwarven Heartiness: Dwarves are tough foes, with a fit body and an iron will, a dwarf is a hard enemy to defeat.

Battle Charge: Throwing his weight to give him a running start, Tarvon can reach incredible speeds for a heavily armored dwarf with lots of gear. He usually uses his armor or hammer to smash his foe.
-Prep time- 0
Cooldown- 1 turn

Mortal Strike: Using his weapon's blade like edges, Tarvon can hew at an enemies's mass, and inflict a serious gash, that will cause the person to bleed immensely. The wound is typically delt under the arm, neck, or groin.
-Prep time- 0
Cooldown 3 turns

Pommel Strike: Using the hard back end of his hammer as a stave, Tarvon bashes his target's face, or pummel's his chest. This deals little leathal damage, but tends to wind opponents, and interupt spellcasting.
-Prep time- 0
Cooldown 1 turn

Weaponbody: The skill comes from the Tyrant Armor. Unarmed attacks against Tarvon may result in self injury. Not to mention tackles and headbutts have added leathal effects.

Second Winded Last Stand: Seeing his accomplished works, weither they be positive or negitive fills Tarvon with pride. The pride fuels him alllowing him to continue his fight even if critically wounded.
Prep time-0
Cooldown Once per battle

Shatter Hammer: Focusing his immense strength, Tarvon can smash cracks in the very ground. Extreme damage to anyone whom is hit directly, and shockwave damage to those within 10 feet of impact zone.
Prep time- 3
Cooldown- 5 turns

!!!!Ultimate techniques!!!!

Heroic Leap: Using his extremely strong legs, Tarvon can leap roughly seven foot in the air, and travel roughly 10 yards. Minor shockwave damage to those within 5 feet of impact zone.
Prep time- 1
Cooldown 3 turns

Berserker Rage: Using his berserker herritage, Tarvos enrages, becoming a bloodthirsty, merciless killing machine, whom knows only how to end life. His becomes immune to pain, and will not be slowed by critical wounds, or crippling blows. His strength, speed, vitality and combat stats are maximized, while his spiritual and intellect are greatly diminished, but not zero.
Prep time-1
Cooldown once per battle. Duration is 8-10 turns.

Obliterate Hammer: Combining the skills Heroic Leap and Shatter hammer equates to Obliterate Hammer. Direct contact is extremely leathal, and targets within 50 feet are dazed, and spells are almost certainly interupted.
Prep time- 4
Cooldown 5 turns


(I decided not to fill this out, as a history doesnt seem like you'd need for a battle...but I might edit later.)

So begins...

Tarvon Duradon's Story