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A Daedayre

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sick Puppy


Tawny is now a 22 year old woman with long shiny black hair that frames her bright green eyes. Her small frame can noly be described as indeceptive as she has no real talents in combat. She could be described as intelligent and trustworthy with a general demeanor thats pleasant and welcoming, meaning shes highly sociable and always up for a laugh.

She does also have one other unfamiliarity and that story is held accountable to the beautiful owl she carries with her. Tawny could now be described as a True Daedayre, a very rare race of beings imbued with the spirit of an animal through extraordinary circumstances.

The Making of a Daedayre
Tawnys story began when she was 19 and, living with her parents, she came back home from her day at the academy with a small cardboard box in her hands.

'Mum, could you get me some antiseptic wipes, some masking tape and some lollypop sticks if you have some please' she said quite demandingly, her mind set at the task in hand.

'A please wouldn't go amiss young lady,' Her mother replied getting up to fetch the items from around the house. 'What do you need them for anyway?'

Not expecting her mum to be very happy with her answer, she dismissed the question with a 'It doesnt matter.'

'Well, whatever your doing be careful...and be sure to clean up after yourself when you've finished.'

'Thanks, i will,' and upon taking the items, she proceeded to head up to her room being careful not to jolt the contents of the shoebox.


Upon entering her room the young girl placed the box carefully on her bed and begun arranging the various bits and bobs her mother collected, along with a pair of scissors, needle, thread and tissues, all upon a clean towel.

'Lets see what i can do for you' she said compassionately and seemingly to herself, but as she removed the lid from the shoebox and reached inside, what could be described as a small scuffling sound could be heard.

A small owl was lifted upon to the towel, its beautiful feathers emblazoned with delicate patterning up its back and its right wing hung lifelessly at its side. It was obvious it was broken, the odd angle of the structure would make anyone concerned to look that this was the case, and if that wasn't enough, the large amount of blood and the unconcious state confirmed it further.

'That dog got you good ,didnt he, hey?' she continued in a soothing tone as she carefully lifted the wing to see the full extent of the damage. It was worse than shed thought, the muscle on the underside was ripped at the shoulderblade, and at this point most people would pass the bird for dead.

She began using the antiseptic wipes to clean away the blood and the open wounds for bacteria and disease before trimming away at a small amount of surrounding feathers.

She wasn't a nurse, or a doctor, or any type of medical staff. She just felt...guided, as if it were her task to complete.

'Such a pretty thing aren't you hun?' she reassured the bird whilst stroking the feathers at its neck, and upon doing so, she felt the bird had dropped in temperature. It had lost alot of blood, and the shock of the mauling was enough to kill the strongest of birds, but she wasn't ready to give up yet.

After already sterilizing a thin sowing needle, she threaded it and spent the next 15 minutes totally focused on repairing as much of the damage as she could.

The bird still unconscious, and the young girl now completely worn from not only these events but from her day at school, she grabbed a hot water bottle and a few blankets and tucked the bird up against her as she fell asleep.

Hours passed, and the 19 year old was awoken to the sound of her door banging.

'Are you up?' her mum called, 'Your going to be late for school.'

'Her eyes flew open and upon realising her predicament, in her best fake husky voice, she called back ' Mum, i'm feeling ill, i dont think im well enough.'

'Well alright, but make sure you catch up on your work, im going out shopping i'll see you later'

'okay, have fun. ' and the sound of footsteps signalled her mothers retreat.

She got up and pulled the bird from its 'nest' to study it, only to find, although weak and malnourished, it was staring back at her.

'Well hello handsome,' she said ruffling its feathers. To which the bird just looked up at her.

A few weeks passed and after much coaxing and hard work, the girl managed to feed, water and bathe the bird back to life. When she could shed sneak her knew friend out to the large garden where the bird could begin to regain its balance, and stretch its wing. The wing wasn't fully healed yet and the girl was uncertain it would ever fully recover, at least enough to allow the bird to regain flight, but one thing was for certain. Over the weeks that had passed the small bird had shown an immense amount of gratitude in the form of friendly pecks, calls and even in becoming clingy when she had to leave for school. She hadn't expected it, but the owl had grown to adore her and she returned the love happily.

The following spring came and in the recent months the owl begun to fly and attempted to hunt independantly to no avail, yet would never leave the young womans side for more than a few minutes.

Then came the day.

She was out at the bottom of the garden in a small wooded area with Shakespeare, When she started feeling a niggling pain in her chest. Ignoring it, she chased after the owl in a playful manner. Her heart felt suddenly heavy and in moments she was on the floor gasping for breath under the influence of a heart attack.

With no one to help her she just lay there defenceless and dying until Shakespeare landed a few feet away with the first mouse he'd caught since his wing broke. Upon seeing something was wrong, the little creature walked up beside her face and began almost headbutting at her cheek as if to comfort her.

Whilst gasping for air she reassured him 'Ye-yes i'm her-here, dont wo-worry, be saf-fe' and with a smile at the little bird and those last words, her eyelids fell shut and all was silent.


The little bird hopped onto her chest and began to call. it was a sad low call as if all his happiness had suddenly been taken away from him. He closed his eyes and began to dream, it was all he could do.

'Shakespeare? what are you doing here?' Tawny asked confused, she had accepted the prior events took place and was confused at the presence of the small bird she loved here with her. She noted a small object at the birds feet, a scroll, along with a locket, written on ancient and worn parchment. She picked it up and read;

' In light of occasions and sacrifices made, the brotherhood of light
has consented to the request of a new Daedayre.

The Daedayre has now fulfilled all the necessary laws
- passing -sacrifice -compassion -love -acceptance
required to complete the ritual... and shall continue to exist
under the name Tawny .... '

More information followed on the scroll about her task and the ritual that followed but she watched and smiled as Shakespeare took flight and landed on her shoulder. She rubbed the plumage at his back gratefully and in the full knowledge that this bird was special. A small feather escaped his feathery ranks and was drifting upon the air and landing in her palm.

She raised the pocket from the perch where Shakespeare showed, and placed the feather inside before hanging the locket around her neck. Suddenly she was made aware of a beating heart...her heart, and everything seemed to Vanish into the sound.

She woke from her slumber laying in the woods at the bottom of her garden, the wind gushed through her hair and she was astounded. didnt she just die? Had Shakespeare really brought her back? it seemed impossible, but the locket around her waist and the scroll in her hand was evidence enough. she looked at the bird who nudged the scroll with his head, as if she should read. And she did.

'As part of the contract the Daedayre must leave the old life
behind them and instead follow their journey, taking the
companion along.
Two become one, where one falls so not does one but all.'

And so Tawny and Shakespeares lives became conjoined, happily up till this day.


So begins...

Tawny's Story


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Tawny blushed slightly having the woman relate to her in such subtle adoration. '' Well i'm not. like, super smart or anyhting i just get around'' she continued modestly. A large splinter of light appeared in the room and Shakespeares grip tightened on her arm. '' Oww, honestly can't people be a little more considerate in their entrances, Animals get anxious to you know.'' she petted the bird across its downy chest withone finger and eyed the newcomer wearily. A lifetime of experiences dictating people who arrive in a clap of thunder and large flashes are rarely to be trusted. ''So you've travelled alot too?'' Tawny enquired to El, ''Would you tell me one of your tales?''