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Team Reskull

Turnin' a new leaf in Alola

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by HolyJunkie


ImageTeam Reskull is the formation of the remnants of Team Skull. Their goal is to work hard to fix the problems they had caused as the old Team Skull. Many are spread out, doing odd jobs to raise funds, but their current goal is to rebuild Po Town so people can live there again.

Known Members:

"The Boss" Guzma - Technically no longer a member, but Team Skull still respects him as a great leader. Currently MIA
Plumeria - The new leader.

OG Lee - An ordinary grunt. Real name is Langley, but only good friends call him that.

Known Friends:

Known Neutrals

Known Enemies


So begins...

Team Reskull's Story


Characters Present

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Visiting the malasada place served three purposes. The first was to appear very normal, very inconspicuous. A trainer-looking type entering a small joint for a bite to eat was incredibly normal, especially with the Pokemon League high above in the mountain and all. The second purpose was to gain information on recent events.

“Alola!” Radegast greeted as naturally as he used to greet before. He spread both hands apart in the traditional Alolan wave.

The clerk at the desk returned the greeting gesture and word. “How can I help you today?”

“I’m not much a fan of malasadas, actually,” Jakob shook his head.

“No?” Radegast shrugged as he turned back to the clerk. “Two of your specials then, if you’d be so kind.”

“Absolutely.” The lady gave Radegast a tabletop trinket with a big bold number carved into a wooden disc. The trio headed to an empty table and took a seat.

As soon as he took his seat, the door chime rang once more. The third reason walked right in. “Yo, I’m dyin’ for a special, na’am sayin?”

“He’s with me,” Radegast called.

“Dreads?” OG Lee’s smile widened enormously as he beheld his old buddy Dreads. “Daaaayum dude seems like only yesterday!”

“That’s ‘cause it was yesterday,” Radegast chuckled.

“Yo this is great, I gotta show you Po Town. Last I was there, we’ve been makin’ progress cleanin’ up the place, makin’ it respectable. You down for checkin’ it out?”

“Hell yeah dude.”

The malasadas arrived shortly afterward.

“So how’s things, man?” OG Lee asked, “Haven’t seen you an’ yours for over a year.”

“I’ve been outside of Alola, travelling the world,” Radegast replied.

“I gotcha, findin’ yo purpose in life n stuff.”

Something like that, “I dunno man, life purpose don’t seem my style. I just wanna do me, ya know?”

“Tru dat man… Mmm, this place always got the best malasada.”

“I was always partial to Melemele’s place,” Elder chimed in.

“Next time we’re there, we’ll get some of that,” Radegast replied, “Wait, I understood that.”

“Shit dude, you learnin’ Pokespeak n’ all? That’s rad!”

“Just picking up on things over the years,” Radegast chuckled.

“Yeah, if he tried and trained, he’d probably be speaking our language by now,”

“So who’s the owl?” OG Lee asked.

“Friend of Elder’s,” Radegast half-lied.

“He yours?”

“Yep,” Radegast full-lied. Elder winked at the Dartrix.

“Damn dude, you always findin’ the rare types. Dat Seel of yours, can’t find ‘em on Alola at all.”

“Excuse me,” a man suddenly approached. OG Lee glanced at the man, confused, with his mouth half-full of dough.

OG Lee quickly chewed and swallowed. “Sup, dude?”

“You know what’s “sup”, “dude”. You may have folks around here fooled with your “Reskull” rebranding, but I know troublemakers don’t ever change their tune.”

“So you want a battle?” Radegast asked as he stood up slowly.

“Yeah,” the man replied. Radegast could smell something rank in the man’s breath.

“Then we should take this outside,” Radegast glanced at OG Lee. “If you’re gonna mess with my friend, you’ll have to get through me first.”

The man stared down at Radegast, being a whole foot taller. However, when Radegast rose his hands together to crack his knuckles, the man then saw the scars that covered the sixteen-year-old’s arms and knuckles. OG Lee then noticed them too, and gaped.

“Personally, I wanna give peace a chance.” Radegast murmured loud enough for the man to hear, though his face was still friendly and bubbly, the Reginald voice bled through well enough., “But my buddies could use the training. We doin’ this or what?”

The man seemed somewhat sobered up (or disturbed) by the sight of Radegast’s scars, inflicted by many a Pokemon creature. “Nah,” he slurred, “I’ll come back later… with my pokemon… and stuff…” He left, and Radegast soon sat down once more. The two of them quickly paid and brought their food outside, wrapped in light paper.

“Dude how’d you get those?” OG Lee asked as they headed down the street.

“This one was from an Absol,” Radegast indicated a recent scar that he had received when he was tackled by Marth back in Castelia. It was a relatively light scratch, but there was a scab that was healing over. “This one was from an Octillary, this one was from a Tangela, and these ones…” Radegast noted the scars over his knuckles. “I got in a fight.”

“I thought we got Pokemon so we don’t gotta fight.”

“Yeah, but I dunno man. I like doing things by my own terms.”

“I hear dat. We’re doin some real good, but we’re doin’ it our way, the Team Reskull way.”

“How’s Po Town, exactly?”

“Still in plannin’ stages, really,” OG Lee scratched the back of his head sheepishly, “Mainly just gettin’ the dudes at the waste treatment to ship the proper boxes over so we can sort out the garbage properly. That means we also gotta get a bit of funds together. Some o’ da boyz are battlin’ for cash prizes at the Battle Tree over on Poni Island. There’s this one kid, Hau- really lay the smack-down on us over and over again, him and that super-strong champion kid. Makin’ it a little hard to get the funds together. Rest of us are spread out, doin’ odd jobs n’ stuff.”

“I’m sure you guys will get it all together.”

“Yeah, but it’s sure hard without the Boss.”

“Guzma’s gone?” Radegast could hardly believe it. He and Guzma’s Golisopod used to wrestle for kicks. The Boss was the keystone that gave the entire group their strength. How was Reskull going to ascend the challenges of its goals without such a leader?

OG Lee nodded, “Dunno where he’s gone, tho. I’m not sure if you wanted to see him again after what happened.”

“Prolly not…” Radegast finished his malasada, which miraculously became somewhat bitter. “I am sorry about what happened, though.”

“Water under the bridge, man. If anythin’, you gotta apologize to Boss, it’s him you wronged, not us.”

“It’s just the awkward air you guys had to experience,” Radegast replied, “I’m no stranger to being witness to shit like that.”

“As you say, but like I said, water under the bridge.”

The two of them headed out of town. Radegast took one look at the rocky terrain ahead of them and whistled low. “Good thing I didn’t bring my bike.”

“Yo, you got a bike? Well, I guess that makes sense, how you roll and all. Doesn’t look like any of the Mudsdales are available, though. Looks like we gotta-“

Radegast was already stepping confidently over the rocky terrain. “Yo what?!”

“You know those ledges people jump off from as shortcuts?” Radegast called back, “I really don’t get why no one thinks to climb’em again.”


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"It's water under the bridge, man."

For you, because you're very kind... but you were there. You saw what went down. Radegast grimaced as he stepped across the ice sheet road. The Dewgong Crystal had begun forming a flat, yet somewhat jagged path covering the worse-off rocky terrain. This allowed Radegast and OG Lee to cross with little effort. They stepped slowly and carefully to avoid slipping, but it was otherwise faster than the alternative. You saw how glad they were to have me gone...



“I yield!” The clicks rang familiar in Radegast’s ear as he felt the Golisopod’s shoulder lock into the sweet spot. It almost sounded like human speech, almost. “I yield” was the first Pokemon phrase he had learned. It reminded him of five years ago.

Immediately after the clicking sounds, Radegast carefully released the lock so as to not accidentally injure his opponent. “You’re something else, kid,” the Golisopod thrummed and clicked. “I failed to pull off the counter.”

“Want to try again, from the top?” Radegast asked.


The fourteen-year-old and the five-foot Golisopod were equals in height, though both of them showed potential to grow ever taller. It was only recently that the Wimpod had evolved, and the Boss wanted his main man to get used to the new form.

“Remember what I showed you,” Radegast said as the two of them closed in to engage.

“YOU ARE TRULY POWERFUL, FRIEND-DREADS! I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WOULD SHOW THE PATH TO GREATER STRENGTH!” It took Rage a surprisingly short time to adopt the nickname temporarily. Radegast was surprised as well, though he never showed it. It’d be silly to mock a trusting friend like that.

Radegast had managed to step around and grab the slower Golisopod’s arm once more. C’mon, you got this, he found himself hoping, though he did not let up in his grappling technique.

The Golisopod’s arm twisted like before, but it did not lock. The Golisopod shifted its stance to switch the direction needed for the arm-lock. Good, Radegast grit his teeth as he adapted accordingly. The Golisopod did not expect the technique to return with a vengeance, and once more it clicked “I yield!”

“Don’t give the opponent a chance to recover,” Radegast spoke not unkindly as he released once more. “You’re getting it, though, you’ll be a badass yet.”

The Golisopod hummed happily.

“Again?” Radegast asked.

“I think that’s enough for today,”

“Boss,” Radegast smirked as he flashed a casual salute. “Sup, man?”

“Haven’t hurt my good buddy, didja?”

“Tried not to,” Radegast replied. The Golisopod confirmed with a rumbling chortle.

“Good stuff, when this li’l guy was a Wimpod, he used to be this scaredy-cat. Gettin’ beaten by a kid over and over again, I worry it might hurt a guy’s rep. Know what I’m saying?”

“I feel you,” Radegast nodded.

“He’s not unkind, Friend-Guzma. I wanna go again.”

“You’re tired,” Guzma replied, “I could see it from the crib.”

“He’s right, you know,” Radegast gestured towards Guzma as he turned to the Golisopod, “Fresh rest means a fresh training bod.”

“Gotta stay fresh,” The Golisopod nodded, and Guzma recalled his pokemon.

“Got a job for you, Dreads,” Guzma stepped up to Radegast. The man was a head taller than Radegast, and quite muscular in his own right. However, his lanky look contrasted sharply with Radegast’s stocky brawler look.

Radegast wore a tank-top over a tee shirt, meant to hide the most prominent scar on his body- an acid burn on his shoulder that vaguely resembles the number 3. There were light scars along his arms from many an adventure before and even during his time in Alola, but none were nearly as prominent as the ones he’d eventually have. His knuckles were calloused, but solid and unscarred. Besides the untraditional wear, he wore the trademark Team Skull garb. Cap and bandana, baggy pants, and silver bling around his neck.

“Walk with me, we’re gettin’ a squad together.”

“Doin’ it Warriors-style?” Radegast asked.

“Somethin’ like that,” Guzma replied. “Tell me whatcha think of the whole Kahunas business. If you had one word, what would it be?”

“Traditional,” Radegast replied. He had thought about that since the first time he learned about the island trials and how eerily similar it was to the Pokemon League gym circuits back in Kanto.

“Some would say too traditional,” Guzma grinned, “All o’ us, rejects from that traditionalism. Rejects from community, from decency…”

A reject from the Family.

“It ain’t right, but I have a plan.” The squad was brought together shortly after. “Here’s my plan,” Guzma began, “What do you gotta do to complete the trials?”

“Beat the captains, yo!” One member called.

“And?” Guzma asked.

“And…” The Skull members had nothing. Not even Radegast, though that was because he was not terribly familiar with the trials. Guzma continued, however. “And you gotta claim the Z-Crystals each trial gives ya.”


“Without the crystals, the trial means squat.”

“We stealing the crystals then?” Radegast asked.

“Dreads’ got the right idea,” Guzma replied, “Find any you can find, but definitely get Buginium-Z. We control all of one crystal, then whoever takes on the trial’s gotta get through us too.”

“No one’s gonna mess with us!”

“Exactly, and because we’re the strongest, nothing’s gonna stop us from bein’ our own captains.”

Radegast liked this plan. Smashing traditionalist norms and giving the finger to the man who wants to control you, that was right up his alley. When details of the plan were discussed, the Skull grunts split off to spread the news to the rest of the gang throughout Po Town.

“Buginium-Z, that’s what we’re gettin’.” OG Lee formed up with Radegast.

“Hell yeah Langley,”

“It’s OG Lee, mayne,”

“Soz, brah.”

“Hey it’s all good, Dreads. You can call me whatever ya like, cuz we’re bros, bro!”

The two of them exchanged a secret handshake. As soon as they finished the handshake, a voice spoke up. “Got your own cute little thing goin’ there, huh?”

“P-P-Plumeria!” OG Lee stammered as he turned beet-red. “It ain’t mutiny, we just pals!”

“I know,” Plumeria jabbed playfully, “Saw you training Guzma’s little guy. Must be pretty strong for a fourteen-year-old.”

“Just somethin’ I picked up in the wilds, ma’am.”

“Ma’am,” Plumeria repeated with a chuckle, “You’re too proper to be hanging with this crowd, I gotta know: why did you join us?”

“Kahunas don’t like me,” Radegast had practiced that lie well enough that even the police believed it when they had asked one time.

“Indeed, we’re not well-liked at all.”

“Nothin’ wrong with disliking,” Radegast shrugged as he pushed himself onto a barricade, sitting down as if it were a bench.

“Yo haters gonna hate, bro.” OG Lee struck a pose. “We’ll bop’em like every sucka who cross us.”

“What did you do to make the Kahunas dislike you?” Plumeria asked.

Radegast was given pause. Most everyone in Team Skull just accepted that, since all of them were rejected by the Kahunas somewhere and sometime. It was what bound them together in this group; the core.

“Ran from home,” Radegast replied.

“Strict upbringing?”


“Your parents miss you?”

“… I dunno.” Radegast honestly had no idea what Marcus or Celadon were thinking now.

“Yo why you gettin’ in Dreads’ grill, Plumeria?”

“Lee,” Radegast shook his head, “I got this, bro. No worries.”

Plumeria seemed amused, “You got what?”

“I got the assignment for Buginium-Z, if you remember. If you’re gonna collect all of ‘em, you’ll need every guy you got,” Radegast’s confidence returned.

Plumeria huffed, once more, in amusement, “You seem to be hiding something, Dreads.”

“A sword is the hand that wields it, not the hammer that forged it.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means fuck where you’re from, it’s all about where you’re at.”

“Yo, maybe he’s got a past, but so do we,” OG Lee added, “You got yo past too, right? None of us dudes ask you about it, ‘cuz it don’t matter. We all in dis togetha, ya dig?”

Plumeria glanced at OG Lee, and then returned to Radegast. “Whatever,” She shrugged as she turned, “I’ll be watching you, though.”

“I wonder what that was about,” Radegast asked, though he had a semblance of an idea.

“Maybe she’s gellin’ dat you’re in wit the boss’ trainin’, dude?”

Or maybe she’s seen me last night Radegast thought about the time he came strolling down Route 14.

He was collecting black sand in a rather large jar. When it was full, he hoisted it over his back and began heading back. He paused when he heard a childlike shriek.

“Let’s roll!” Elder, the Gastly, barked as he and Radegast dropped the jar harmlessly into the sand and bolted towards the sound. They stopped short when they also heard crying… and laughter.

“Hey look, she’s crying!”

“Aww, poor widdle baby.” The laughter that followed seemed to irk Radegast somewhat.

Radegast cleared his throat, loudly. Three boys were picking on a small girl.

“Hey look, a Skull freak.” The laughter resumed. “Looking to battle?”

“Sure,” Radegast replied as he stepped forward.

The boy reached for his pokeball, but he didn’t expect Radegast to completely close the distance. Most would assume a Pokemon battle would start, but all the boy felt was a fist connecting with his jaw.

The laughter turned to screams as Radegast turned his attention to the other two. The boy he had just slugged dropped unconscious from the blow. “Get an idea on how she feels?” He asks, indicating the girl. “Get outta here, boys, and take your goon with you.”

The Reginald voice was rather intense this time around. Elder almost moved to help them carry their unconscious friend away.

“You alright?” Radegast asked.

The girl backed away, seemingly more scared than before. “Mommy told me not to talk to Team Skull.”

Radegast smirked, “You’ve got a good mother there,” I envy you. “Just a suggestion: you should prolly go to your mother. The abandoned Megamart ain’t a place kids should be at, ya dig?”

Radegast turned and left without waiting to hear what the girl might want to say. He knew the tune of most everyone on Ula’ula. The boy was rather notorious as a tough kid that no one messed with.

“Dude you know who that was?” Radegast caught voices as he approached the area where he dropped his jar of sand, “It’s that Team Skull enforcer. They call him Dreads, ‘cuz everyone dreads to be on his bad side.”

“He ain’t so tough. He just got a lucky shot.”

Elder spewed poison gas in the general direction of the voices. This was followed by startled yelps and coughing. “Better be running home, kids,” Radegast rose his voice mockingly. “But you better get it in your own skulls, Team Skull are the baddest dudes on Ula’ula.”

Radegast and Elder laughed all the way to the jar. However, their laugher stopped when they found someone was already there.

A young girl with purple hair and a torn dress stood between Radegast and the jar. Next to her was the young girl Radegast had helped. “You’re a real troublemaker, aren’t you?”

“I don’t like trouble,” Radegast replied, “I just don’t like bullies.”

“And yet, you’re part of Team Skull.”

“I don’t think you understand us at all if you think we’re bullies,” Radegast replied. Team Skull were not bullies, they were victims to an unfair society. If anything, they were the ultimate examples of the bullied: outcasts and rejects, people who didn’t make the cut to The only thing that mattered. Pah!

“I think I understand plenty,” The girl reached for a pokeball. “I won’t go easy on you just ‘cause you have a ghostly friend.”

“No, please,” The girl suddenly spoke up.

Even Radegast was puzzled.

“He… helped me… He didn’t do anything wrong.”

“He assaulted a child and poisoned him and his friends.”

They were throwing rocks at the mart. I told them to stop.”

“Dang,” Radegast minded his tongue in front of the children, “If I’d known that, I’d have done more to those kids. Disrespectin’ Pokemon and people.” He spat on the beach, “It ain’t right.”

Elder seemed to hold the same sentiment, for he also spat. The spittle accidentally touched a nearby Finneon, which shivered. “Sorry dude,” Elder called, to which the Finneon glubbed in annoyance and dove into the ocean depths.

“… Who are you?” The purple-haired girl asked.

“Name’s Dreads,” Radegast replied as he flicked a thumb under his nose Bruce Lee-style. “I keep it clean.”

“And what do you plan to do with this black sand?”

“Wanted to try glassblowing.” It was actually true, though saying it aloud made it seem awfully suspicious that this “fly gangsta” wanted to take up glassblowing. “I made some pipes outta bamboo, and I got a buddy who can bring the heat, but I wanted to make something cool for my crib. Dig?”

“I don’t dig,”

“Don’t matter, ‘cause it’s the truth, and you got nothin’ on me.” He gestured towards the jar of black sand “May I?”

The Captain’s eyes narrowed, and she stepped aside, bringing the girl with her. Radegast thanked them as politely as his demeanour could muster, and he hoisted the jar over his back, a tremendous feat of strength for a human his size.

This feels weirdly limiting… Radegast’s face flickered with some sadness as he left. Like I’m walking on a fence.

“Thank you, mister!” He heard a voice blurt after him.

Radegast turned, and gave a smile. “Anytime,” he replied, very unlike his Team Skull attitude.

Today was the day. Radegast rose from his bed, Today was the day they would begin gathering all the Buginium-Z in the world. He stole a look at a rather sloppy vase of black glass, which he had set next to the door. To most, it appeared to be a work of modern art. To Radegast, it was a failed attempt at a simple cup that he decided not to tell people about. OG Lee had mentioned, “Deeyum dude, I didn’t know you was some artist man!” when he first saw the rather mangled piece of glass.

Fortunately, Radegast had improved his skills from the few days of just doing that on the rocky hills outside Po Town, away from flammable foliage. Last night, in fact, he had perfected a simple cup, thanks largely to Suros getting used to projecting a constant jet of flame similar to a blowtorch.

The bamboo tools had been weathered by the heat, charred black on the surface, but still solid underneath. The lack of smoke that appeared whenever they touched the superheated glass also made things easier to work with.

Radegast had placed all the failed attempts all around their crib, to the point where the others started calling it “Glass House.” OG Lee liked the name, as did the other boppers who lived in it.

The crew got their gear together and headed out the door, only for Plumeria to be out there, waiting for them.

“Sup, second boss?” OG Lee asked.

“You’re with me on this operation,” Plumeria replied, though she strangely didn’t care to look at Radegast. “Let’s bounce.”

They bounced southward, and spread out somewhat in order to better comb the area. Buginium-Z was a rather common stone, given how many Bug-types frequented such a tropical location. Even in Ula’ula, which had a marginally different climate compared to the Lush Jungle where the Treehouse was located.

I haven’t been there in a while… I wonder how Doc Holiday’s doing.

They passed by other crews throughout their search, but otherwise were not bothered for the first few days.

“It’s gonna get complicated if the kahunas catch wind of what we’re doin,” OG Lee mentioned one night as he stretched his legs.

It was hard work, walking around, bending down to examine stones left around the surface by whatever means. Careless trial-goers, released bugs that happened to still carry them, mischievous Pokemon who had stolen them- Rage bellowed challenges and slurs at one who had spat at him- a Pancham at the top of a tree, who was barking at the group while hiding a small green crystal. Why though? He’s no Bug-type, Radegast cocked an eyebrow at the Pancham in a universal “Why?” gesture.

The crew didn’t seem to notice Radegast trying to be somewhat friendly. “Yeah you tell’em, dude!” OG Lee added as Rage bounded up a tree to pummel a Pancham. Despite the Pancham’s confidence, Rage’s fury was shockingly (or rather, unshockingly) terrifying. It only took two punches before the Pancham surrendered the Buginium-Z and ran off into thicker wood.

Well, he did provoke Rage, that’s what people get when they have no respect for others. It didn’t feel all that bad. One down, countless more to go.

Many days passed, and they had set course to other islands from time to time. Eventually, their search brought them to Poni Island, the least inhabited of the islands, and the one place Radegast had yet to visit throughout Alola.

“Careful dude, lotta strong folks out here,” Radegast called as he was the first one off the boat.

“We got the numbers,” OG Lee reassured, though Radegast was really talking about the wild Pokemon.

“And you’ve got me,” Plumeria added, “No one’s messing with my crew.”

“Yeah, dude!”

The gang cracked jokes as they crossed through the dock town, watched with suspicion and derision by citizens. Team Skull never did anything bad in town, but it was almost like they didn’t know that particular fact. Radegast marked that as a sign of bad rumours, and that means he’d later have to find whoever bad-mouthed Team Skull to people.

Out on the road, they came across a trainer- a Bug-Catcher, to be specific. He was an older boy, around Radegast’s age, and he carried a tough-looking net.

When the boy saw the Skull group coming, the boy paused, and lowered the net. There was a smaller figure behind the boy, but Radegast didn’t get a good look yet.

“You look strong,” Plumeria commented half-heartedly, “And I see you got yourself a bracelet too.”

“What do you want, Skull?” The boy asked.

“Buginium-Z,” OG Lee blurted, “We need it for a project. We’re gonna change the world, man!”

The boy stared puzzled, but concerned. “I dunno what you’re planning, but if it involves taking my Buginium-Z, I don’t think I wanna stand for it.”

“Bones, Get’em.”

“Can do, El-Tee!” A Skull Grunt approached and shouted a challenge to the boy. “Fight us, or surrender your Buginium-Z, kid.”

“Big bro? This is scary.”

Radegast’s eyes widened. What were even the chances that the same little girl happened to be on Poni Island? Her eyes looked the same as back then: afraid.

“Whoa, hold on,” Radegast stepped forward ahead of Bones. “I got this, dude.”

Bones stared at Radegast, an expression unreadable due to the face-covering bandana, but Radegast ignored it. The two similarly aged boys stood a few metres apart.

“Look, we just don’t agree with the way the kahunas treat us outcasts. Your trial system is flawed if it gives no one a second chance if they fail.”

“The only way to fail the Trials is by not trying, and by not working hard at it,” The boy replied defiantly. “Who are you to know how the Trials works?”

“Where I’m from, it was even more strict,” Radegast replied, “It ain’t right to judge a dude’s worth by Pokemon battles, man.”

“Dude, just don’t waste your time,” Bones shoved Radegast aside. “Hand over the damn Buginium-Z, kid.”

The other Team Skull members began bringing out their respective Pokemon. Radegast spotted the little girl go pale in fear, and their eyes met.

“What are you guys doing?” Radegast demanded, “We’re not bullies, we’re Team Skull!”

“Funny thing coming from you, Mr. Enforcer,” Bones jabbed.

Radegast jabbed back, with a hard fist. Bones didn’t even know what hit him. “Get out of here! Run!” Radegast found himself barking at the boy and the girl.

They took the advice of the voice, with the boy picking up his little sister and bolting towards the shrine- the safest place, for the Tapu was there.

Radegast felt a satisfied smile tug at his face as he turned to face his punishment.

Radegast did not know what had happened afterward. The first thing he knew, he had knocked out one of his friends. The next, he was rolling on the grass.

“Should’a known,” The gruff voice spoke, one that Radegast didn’t think was around.

“Boss!” Another voice called, “What are you doing here?”

“Plumeria had her suspicions. Seems they’re well-founded.” Guzma had a scary look on his face, a toothy grin wide enough to show the more pointed teeth. The Golisopod reared up once more from its hard tackle.

Radegast spat on the grass and pushed himself back up. “This can’t be the way to go.”

“Then pray tell me how we’re supposed to get all the Buginium-Z. I’ll wait.” Plumeria replied mockingly.

“I won’t,” Guzma replied, “I know about you gettin’ friendly with a Captain.”

“That wasn’t…” Radegast grit his teeth, “It wasn’t like that.”

“Seemed pretty clear to me: You’re a traitor to the cause, Dreads. It pains me to say, but it’s true.”

“No way!” OG Lee exclaimed, “It can’t be!”

Plumeria produced her phone, and brought up a photo snapped at the black sand beach, taken incognito. There were more photos too, like when Radegast had brought the same Captain a black glass vase. He remembered that one. “Give it to that girl for me,” He replied, “I only brought it to prove I’m an honest kid. Ain’t nobody judges Dreads wrong.” Radegast clenched his fist at the severe lack of trust. The Skull grunts bought it, though. Of course they would. They were good people, but they weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer- they never were.

He couldn’t bear to look at OG Lee or the others. He couldn’t afford to either, because Guzma’s Golisopod moved in. Radegast was ready, however, and he caught the Golisopod’s arm and shifted his stance to lock it.

Meanwhile, Plumeria summoned one of her own Pokemon to keep Elder busy. “Dreads!” Elder called as he swerved to dodge some incoming attacks. “I’m sorry dude! I can’t get close to help!”

Radegast moved faster than back in training, but the Golisopod managed to perform the counter-maneuver flawlessly. Radegast would’ve been proud if he wasn’t concerned with the sudden madness overtaking the Boss. Radegast readied a fist to follow up before a counter-attack could be launched. No, not him… he’s a slave… a slave to new madness.

The moment’s hesitation allowed the Golisopod to slam a plated arm into Radegast’s gut. With a grunt, Radegast was sent back to the ground. I can’t beat him… Even though I could…

“Come on, dude,” Radegast groaned, his lungs felt strained as the wind had been knocked out of him. He attempted to bring out the Voice, but he couldn’t. He could only scramble back to his feet and prepare himself for the next attack.

The crew jeered and cheered as Radegast dodged. In the heat of this terrible moment, Radegast finally figured out who liked and didn’t like him after all. Most didn’t, and the boy couldn’t understand why.

“I don’t want to fight,” He found himself saying as he dodged the next attack by the Golisopod. “I don’t want to mug people.”

“We’re on a mission, Dreads,” Guzma replied, “We’re gonna bring Team Skull to the next level. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with us!”

That’s right… they have ambition. The one thing the runaway Reginald couldn’t understand. He moved to dodge, and dodge, but the Golisopod was faster. X-Speed! he realised as he got knocked down by another attack. He stood up once more, but a plated arm slammed into his chin.

This time, he tasted blood. I don’t want to fight… he thought as he dropped once more. I just wanted friends…

“You betrayed this brotherhood, Dreads.” Guzma continued, “You betrayed your friends.”

I betrayed no one… I’ve only been… true to myself.

A pokeball burst open, and screams erupted, Despite blurring vision, Radegast heard a Gastly laughing.

“Demonslayer!” The clicks of a Golisopod pierced the skies. “I thought it was a myth!”

Screams and shouts followed, as savage shrieks were followed by explosions and crackling flames. Pandemonium ensued, but Radegast couldn’t quite gain his bearings to see it.


“No time, dude!” Elder called, “We gotta get him out of here!”


“Dude I have never seen her this mad! We gotta bounce right now!”

Radegast squinted, and saw only orange and red, with black smoke billowing high above. Within moments, the area was a venerable firestorm. Trees and grass burned to cinders as the Fletchling flew around, enveloped in roaring fire with heartbroken madness in her eyes. Silent, unrelenting fury left room for only the thundering blaze. Team Skull and Wild Pokemon scattered all the same.

His vision had cleared only for a moment, before he blacked out.

“You have got to be the luckiest guy in the world,” Elder’s voice emerged, “I feel like I’ve said that a dozen times already, but I dunno if that’s a good thing or not.”

Radegast felt cold in places, he awoke to find his team skull touque and bandana missing, and some parts of his body wrapped up with ice packs resting against painful areas. Crystal the Seel sat on the end of the hospital bed Radegast lay on. To his right, Rage was trying to pull the leaves off a berry, but hissed as he pricked a raw-looking thumb. To his left, Suros lay unconscious, on a bed of charred leaves meant to protect the bedding beneath.

“Multiple fractures, the doctor said,” Elder continued, “They set them right, and your special healing thing… Without it, I dunno if you’d have been able to move anytime soon. But what I was talkin’ about is you never got a single burn throughout.”

“Do we need to move soon?” Everywhere ached.

“Skull’s on the lookout,” Elder replied as he nodded towards Suros, “The Golisopod managed to land an Aqua Pulse on her, and she got dazed- Made her crash and knock herself out. Rage had to run and grab her.”

“Is she okay?” Radegast asked, “Are you guys okay?”

“I got hit by the El-Tee’s pokemon, but I’m fine. Rage’s hand got burned when he grabbed Suros. Can’t wait to hear them talk about that.” The Gastly smirked. “Crystal’s in top condition, so she’s on watch. Alolan police are here as well, they wanna ask questions.”

“I’m happy to answer questions, as long as we can recover,” Radegast sighed. His eyes seemed distant all of a sudden.

“You doing okay?” Elder asked.

Radegast shook his head as tears welled up in his eyes. “I just wanted to chill out with people again, people who were free… but I guess I’m just… a wildling at-heart…”

Elder stared at Radegast, and turned to check up on Rage- who was nibbling on a Rawst berry with his non-dominant hand. Suros had been laid out, unconscious, on a table next to Radegast.

“This is the first time I’ve lost friends…” I don’t like this feeling…

The questioning was rather standard. Identifying attackers, witnesses to match up stories, and the promise that the boy known as “Dreads” would not be charged under Team Skull’s crimes in exchange for said information. Radegast was quite happy with name-dropping all the members who clearly expressed their disdain for him. For those who were still good people, OG Lee for example, Radegast left them out.

“Team Skull has gotten rather violent. That’s troubling news,” the doctor commented as he went over the recovery notes Radegast needed to follow before discharge. “Fortunately, all of your friends are back in good health. Your fractures need time to fully mend, so you’ll need to take it easy. No running or heavy lifting for a week, maybe two if the pain persists.”

Radegast didn’t tell the man about his healing factor, or how it had already mended most of the fractures, leaving him with minor ones remaining. “Thanks, doc.”

“What will you do, if you don’t mind my asking?”

He had thought about his next course of action after the past day of recovery. He had a free pass for one boat ride to any island he wanted. However, when he asked what the limitations on destinations were, the police said there weren’t any. “I’m gonna go home.”


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"Do you really have to go?" the young girl asked the Trial Captain as she hugged her Teddiursa plush.

"Aue! what's the matter?" Acerola bent to her knees with genuine concern on her face.

"You're always going somewhere," the young girl said, crossing her arms exaggeratedly, "And you don't play with us as much as you used to."

Acerola sighed as she put a hand on the girl's shoulder, "I know. I wish I was around more, too. But I'm an Elite Four member now. I have so many responsibilities on top of the ones I already have as a Trial Captain. I don't have as much time I used to."

The girl lowered her eyes and sniffed.

The Captain thought for a moment before smiling warmly, "Hey now. How about we hang out when I get back? I'll even let you guys stay up an hour later so we can have more time!"

The girl looked into Acerola's purple eyes, "Promise?"


Now the smile emerged, making Acerola's grow bigger. "Alright, I'm off now. You all be good now, okay?!" she called to the rest of the children. She heard audible sounds of agreement from behind their closed doors. She gave one last passing look to the girl.

"You're in charge while I'm gone," she said with a wink before she opened the door and left.

The place was still called Aether House, now that the Aether Foundation had a strong leader in Gladion and were on the course to actually preserving and protecting the Pokemon in the regions, both on the outside and from within it's operations. And also she liked the name. Taking a deep breath, she walked off the front steps and headed towards the direction of the Tapu Village. From there, she would make her way up to the Pokemon League and resume where she'd left off...

Fending off strong trainers from taking the Championship position.

Lukas has it easy... she thought as she walked along Route 14. He got a notification on his RotomDex every time a challenger approached the Pokemon League so that he could arrive there by flight if there was any kind of chance he would be challenged that day. But Acerola had to be there when the challenger approached, since she could easily be the first member of the Elite Four to be challenged. As a result, she had less time on her hands than she had a year ago, even if they were more dangerous times then.

Ah, the curse of a noble, she thought to herself, a smile spreading on her face.

That smile faded when she saw two boys walking down the path towards her. One had blonde dreadlocks and green eyes under a faded grey cap while the other had the Team Skull attire. Even though she knew they were no longer led by Guzma and were trying to get on the right path, she couldn't help but tense up slightly. More out of protective instinct than anything else. They had been consistently terrorized by Team Numskulls before Lukas, Hau, and Lilly saved the day. Had it really been a year ago?

Though the nostalgia crept in from further back when she got closer to the two and stopped upon a second glance to the blonde one. He had a complexion she recognized from her past, although something seemed off. Her purple eyes made eye contact with the blonde.

"I feel like I know you from somewhere," Acerola stated suddenly, "Have we met before?"


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Acerola looked exactly the same, only with an air of maturity to her that wasn’t there before. Compared to her, Radegast had changed tremendously. Between the scars on his uncovered arms and knuckles, growing a good foot at-least, and the makeover, and the completely different attire, Radegast may have been an entirely different person. Plus, the Gastly was now a Gengar. Despite all that, there were still recognizable aspects to the sixteen-year-old.

OG Lee glanced between Radegast and Acerola. Remember: Dreads and Radegast are two different people. Radegast told himself. Plus, she was a smart girl, probably smarter than Lukas. If that kid could suspect anything, this girl could find that anything in no time flat. OG Lee knew it was Dreads, and he already knew he had been somewhat friendly with the trial captain since Plumeria ratted him out. There was no reason to hide anything that didn’t need to be hid.

“I took up glassblowing,” Radegast smirked, “Long time no see, Captain. How’s things on Ula’ula?” He jerked a thumb at a large structure close to the tip of the mountain, where the Alolan League building stood. “That’s new, I bet.”


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Acerola's face lit up and her eyes widened slightly as the term "glassblowing" took her almost two years back.

"You were the one..." she said, "The one who beat up and poisoned those young kids awhile back." Now that she knew who she was taking to, parallels were being drawn. The boy had grown much since she'd last seen him. Before, they were at eye level, maybe he was an inch taller. Now he practically dwarfed her in height and in build. Not like that was an impressive feat, given her petite and frail stature. But the blonde dreadlocks were still a notable feature. The scars on his hands and arms, albeit multiplied, were still an accessory of his he couldn't hide very well. And there was still that calmness in his attitude...his ability to have a cool and clear head, unlike most of the Team Numskull Grunts she encountered. It was what set him apart.

"Ula'ula's fine now, thanks to the Champion," she replied, looking up at the tall mountain she was about to climb, "Things weren't so great for a while. Y'know, when Team Skull started to bang on our door and harass us and steal the young orphans' Pokemon." She shot an accusing glance towards OG Lee before turning to Radegast. "Had it not been for Lukas, we'd probably be in a much more evil place than we are now." Her face made a small frown as her purple eyes seemed to vibrate with examination, "I didn't see your face among any of the Team Skull members during those times, though. Where did you run off to?"


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“Hey yeah man.” OG Lee added, “I haven’t seen ya since dat firestorm, dude! Yo Dreads, I never knew you were such a strong trainer to have such a strong pokemon! That Fletchling looked really pissed after Boss gave you a licking.”

Radegast shrugged off Langley’s comments. “I got kicked out, so I went home. Anyway,” Ever happy to change the subject, “We’re about to go to Po Town to check it out.”


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Acerola smiled despite the curtness of Radegast's reply, "Kicked out, huh? Well, I think you went home just as things were getting bad, so that must've been good for you!" She looked back down the Route she'd just come down, in the direction of Po Town.

"It's starting to look nicer again," she commented about the city, "Everything's getting cleaned up and refurbished. They're not asking for any favors from anyone, either. It's all by themselves. They even turned me away when I offered to help."

She turned back around, continuing to speak, "I'm sure they'd be more than welcoming to you, Dreads. Especially since Guzma left. Team Skull's now run by...Plumeria, I think her name is? So you should get a fresh start!" She nodded her head as she walked between the two boys. "I've stuck around too long, I think. I need to head up to that Pokemon League. Dreads, if you don't mind, can you stop by Aether House after you visit Po Town? I'd like to find out what Team Skull's going to do now that things have changed. They've left us in the dark for a little while and it'd be nice for some insight."


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Jakob eyed Acerola as she passed by, and exchanged looks with Elder.

"Sure thing," Radegast nodded, "Lookin' forward to it. Good luck up there!“

As they left their separate ways, Radegast and OG Lee continued talking about news on Alola and the like. While the two humans continued the course, Jakob finally spoke up to converse with Elder. “Didn’t know you guys knew one of the Trial Captains.”

“Not really that close,” Elder shrugged, “Friendly enough, I guess. Surprised she was chill about me poisoning children.”

Jakob stifled laughter at the thought.

“It wasn’t that bad. Just something to annoy them for a day. Nothing an antidote can’t fix.”

“I can’t say I’m not happy about that, if you don’t mind my saying.”

“Well… I guess I do mind. I don’t like’em either, but Humans are people too.”

Jakob nodded, feeling a slight pang of shame in his gut. “That is correct.”

Soon enough, they arrived at the Po Town area. This particular area of Ula’ula often got more rainfall than most everywhere else in Alola, but right now there was a clear sky, with only slightly damp grassy plains. The high walls of Po Town loomed over them, but something seemed rather off.

“Most of us are out and about, Dreads,” Langley reminded Radegast, “I bet there’ll be some dudes waitin’ to greet us inside.

They pushed the double-doors open and began to step inside, unaware of what may be happening within.


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"Master. We have visitors at the outer gates." Karpov's Russian-clipped common tongue, which wouldn't be out of place somewhere like Silph's Tiksi branch, rang through the empty halls of the Shady Mansion. The chandelier that had formerly been blocking the grand staircase had been rigged into a booby trap for anyone that didn't know where to step.

"Fucking..." Tungsten pounded on Guzma's old armchair, adding to the indentations present. "Send Bradshaw. The rain seems to be letting up. Probably some visitors checking on the exterior. If they make it all the way back here, we're going to have some problems. We're not yet strong enough to announce ourselves to the world like Weyloran's gang can. But these Skull grunts that insist on volunteering to clean this place up...they will serve as useful puppets and a cover for our real mission. Clipper would rather see why they're here than interfere with them getting inside, plus none of us save for the idiot fire cat are from around here."


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Despite movement of garbage materials into orderly piles by the double-gate, Po Town somehow looked worse than nearly two years ago. “Any of my vases survived?”

“Sorry man. Dudes used’em for target practice.”

“At least they got use out of them,” Radegast smirked, “I could always make more.” It was a nice little thing he and Suros did by themselves. I should make some glass stuff for the Treehouse. he thought as he took note of the graffiti covering most of the place. “Looks like you guys need a lot of paint.”

“Not too much, man,” OG Lee replied, “We’re turning the stuff on concrete into one big mural. The rest, we’re covering up or replacin’ the walls in general.”

“So you need funds for getting Waste Disposal to rent out some bins to use for clearing all this out,” Radegast began crunching numbers in his head. Having been to the plant before, he remembered a price list he had seen at the visitor’s lobby. “After that, you’ll need… materials for walls. That’s 2x4’s, plywood sheets, replacement insulation to keep the homes cool in this climate, drywall…” Radegast pointed out the Pokemon Centre. “That’s gonna take a lot to fix.”

“You should see the interior, dude,” OG Lee cringed, “At least the power’s still good- we just never paid the bills.”

“You know this for sure?”

“‘Course, dude. I’m an electrician, remember?” OG Lee replied.

“That’s right,” Radegast nodded. “Okay, so electrical’s good to go- just needs to get switched on again. How about the other houses?”

“I’ll get a better idea on that once we finish clearing all the trash.”

“Good to know.” Radegast took note of some scrapes on the cobblestone roads, as well as burn barks. They looked recent. “Any squatters?”

“Not that I know of, but if there’s anything-“

“You’d have to bring the whole team, just to be safe,” Radegast interrupted as he glanced to Jakob and Elder. The two of them readied themselves into an alert phase. “We’re not alone here.”

OG Lee slowly reached for his pokeball. "First sign of a fight," The Reskull grunt said, "Retreat and get help."

Radegast nodded. He was impressed at the surprising maturity the twenty-something-year-old grunt had become over the course of a year or two.


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Nothing seemed to approach. OG Lee waved a circle with his hand pointing up, and pointed an outstretched hand towards the gates. Radegast nodded, and the two of them backed towards the exit.

Jakob watched the gate while Elder vanished into his mist form, hiding in the shadows of the high walls of Po Town.

The tension in the air became almost sufficating, but the four of them had arrived at the gates, and Radegast and OG Lee slipped through, along with Jakob and Elder.

“I didn’t like the look of that place,” Radegast said as the group began to move quickly away from the abandoned town.

“It’s why we’re tryin’ to change it, bro.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

OG Lee waved a hand as they slowed down to a walk. The joke was somewhat poorly timed, but the intention was good-hearted. “Welp, I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna head to Poni Island and get the gang together. We’ve been trainin’ hard at the Battle Tree, so we’ll clear out whatever squatters are there,” The Reskull grunt held out a fist, which Radegast bumped. “Let’s bounce.”

“Can’t just ask the kahuna?”

“You remember Nanu doin’ anythin’?

Radegast snorted.

“Even when we went all bad, he barely did jack.”

The two friends continued moving down to the fields of red flowers, only for Radegast to call for a stop. Suros had suddenly emerged and was roosting on his shoulder- pecking at his blonde dreadlocks. “What’s up, Suros?”

The Talonflame turned her head to gaze towards a path further inland. Radegast and Elder exchanged glances, before Radegast turned to OG Lee. “You’d best get to Poni Island, Langley. I think this is just for us.” The Talonflame nodded.

“Sure dawg,” OG Lee continued heading down the route, making his way back to Mallie to charter a course to Poni Island.

Radegast, however, followed Suros’ directions. Elder and Jakob glanced at each other, but walked/hovered on either side.

“i just want to see something,” Suros said, before Elder could ask what was up.

“Of course, buddy,” Radegast smirked, “Where we go, we go together.”

Suros playfully nipped Radegast’s head through his hat. “Keep going.”

They came up to an enormous castle, but Suros shook her head. “Not here, that way.” The group moved off the beaten path, rounding the huge lake where the castle had been built. They walked and climbed for what felt like hours, until they were on the far north side of the mountain, in plains where humans never go. Far in the distance, Radegast could spot the smoke stacks of the Mallie Waste Disposal Plant.

Hardly any Pokemon were around either, whether in the few trees that were present, the thick grass scattered about, or the ocean waters to their left. To their right, the enormous Mount Lanakila stood, recently conquered by an Alolan Pokemon League.

Now that he got a better look, the incredible changes to the mountain troubled Radegast. How many Pokemon were relocated from the construction process? He had no real idea. He remembered Tapu Bulu had torn down that one Thrifty Mart because it had gravely affected the environment… but what about this project? Why would the island’s guardian deity allow this one?

I may have to ask him if I ever meet him again, Radegast decided in his mind. He then suddenly noticed he had walked out of the tall grass, onto charred grounds, where weeds and other grass had recently began reclaiming the area.

“Is this…” Radegast noted that the damage in the area was at-least six-years-old.

“There he is,” Suros extended her wings and glided down towards a pile of strange-looking stones.

No… that’s bone… Radegast realised. Charred bone.

Dragonite bones. An antennae was missing from the skull, while the other remained, dried and jagged.

“Demonbreath,” Elder said with a low voice.

“By Arceus…” Jakob added.

“You’ve never seen this?” The Gengar asked. The Dartrix shook his head.

“Why are you showing us this?” Radegast asked.

“I wanted to see him again,” Suros replied, “He was a brute, a monster among monsters.”

“It’s impressive that you had slain such a beast as a Fletchling,” Jakob said.

“A Legend is worth squat if there’s no one to share it with.”

“You’ve got us, though,” Radegast replied, “You’ll always have us, if you’ll have us.”

“Didn’t you say that already?” Elder asked.

“Has it changed?” Radegast smirked.

Elder laughed. Radegast stepped over to the Dragonite’s skull- easily the size of himself. Demonbreath was an enormous Dragonite even by Dragonite standards.

“I’m ashamed, though,” Suros suddenly said, as Radegast held an arm low for her to climb onto.

“Why’s that?”

“I evolved to be stronger so I could help you… but if I evolved then, I could have…”

“If I hadn’t butt my nose into that business at the dam,” Radegast rose his free hand, with scar tissue and callous covering his knuckles. “Woulda, coulda, shoulda, but it happened. Our experiences shape us, good or ill. No sense brooding over it, na’am sayin?”

Suros nuzzled on Radegast’s cheek. “There’s still something else I wanna do.”

Radegast held his roosting arm out, and the Talonflame streamed a jet of fire at Demonbreath’s skull. The immense heat of a blowtorch sliced right through the bone, cutting a huge jagged slice through. “Take that, bitch! I’m still kicking!”

Jakob gaped. Elder and Radegast laughed.

The group continued moving East through the plains. They were headed to Malie.

The setting changes from Ula'ula Island to Akala Island


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  1. (co-written by HolyJunkie)

    by NeverEndingFlip

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(co-written by HolyJunkie)

The jungle eventually opened up to the farmland and Miltank of Paniola Ranch as Radegast made his way south. The group of Radegast, Elder, North, and Jolder strolled down the long straight road leading past the ranch town. As they strolled, Radegast waved a greeting to a rancher. The Operative, if she were out, would have given a salute and said something along the lines of "Excellent work, Breeder Cadet! You do your service proud!" The idea of it amused Radegast.

The Breeder waved back regardless, repaying the courtesy to the teenager and went back to her work.

Directly in front of them was the smaller Paniola Town, a rural civilization for a rural lifestyle. Even though not many people lived here, the hustle and bustle of the community could be felt in the wooden structures and the dust in the air that refused to settle. The L-shaped town was very active at this time of day with many people having a destination in mind...a task they needed to complete before the sun set in the sky. Most wore cowboy hats or wore their hair in braids, but a few had a more modern aesthetic to their style and even a few tourists were walking around, studying the unique architecture in relation to the other cities in Alola. A couple people gave second glances towards the teenager with the Salazzle wrapped around him like a fashionable boa, but most were friendly.

Speaking of destinations, the sixteen-year-old had his own business to attend to, and it did not involve the rustic town straight out of a Spaghetti Western. They probably didn't have must up-to-date news anyway. With Jolder still wrapped around him, Radegast and Elder headed further down the path. The caked mud and dried grass of Paniola gave way to lush green grass and foliage. The path forward was still wide and well-trimmed. However, the thickening canopies gave the path a sharp contrast compared to the relatively barren ranch land, almost like he was back in the jungle.

"The path has changed quite a bit since last time I was here," Radegast noted, recalling the younger trees from over a year ago, as well as the new trimming that local workers have conducted to make the path safer for tourists.

"It's too wide," Elder criticized, "Not enough spots for cover, especially in case of an attack from the trees."

"Don't be ssuch a wet blanket," Jolder purred. North, however, said nothing.

To be honest, it did seem difficult for Elder to be anything but. There was a change to him that had been present since the battle with Skyla. The memory of his old life. Radegast was concerned, and he wanted to make resolving that his first step into the greater goal.

But before that, he had to find a newspaper.

The path twisted and turned and the next thing he knew, he could see the sun again. Well, he could if the large hotel jutting into the sky wasn't so distracting. Heahea City held it's namesake as a tourist villa due to the grandeur of the hotels present there. Many of the upper class folk proclaimed Akala Island as the most beautiful of the Alola Region and even went so far as to say there wasn't much else to the region other than that. The quality of the hotels exemplified the posh atmosphere in the city and it's infrastructure. Though it was still another day in paradise. Clouds were building up in the South, predicting a small thunderstorm in the afternoon for the residents of a couple unlucky island inhabitants, but that didn't stop the tourists and locals from flocking to the beaches to soak up as much sun as they could.

But as Radgeast and company made their way towards the Pokemon Center to learn more about what was going on, something shady was going on within earshot of them. Oddly enough, they were the only ones on the street when it broke through to the teen's ears...the sound of a fight going on in the sun bleached alleyway to their right.

"What the..." Radegast didn't even hesitate to step into the shade of the building surrounding them. Elder flinched as he realised he wasn't following, and leaped into the air soundlessly. Jolder's eyes narrowed as her serpentine body shifted around, ready to pounce from her perch if necessary. The sixteen-year-old, on the other hand, pulled his scarred hands from his pockets as he rounded the corner and came onto the scene.

It was brutal. The first thing Radegast likely would notice was the small pool of contrasting dark red blood on a yellowed pavement before glancing towards the three individuals present. One was on the ground, the other two weren't, an apparent double team. The one on the ground was breathing, but with a sharp intensity as if he was suffering from many wounds. The most apparent one was the gash in his right arm, large and deep. The cause of such a cut was in the right hand of a large man in a green cap, features hidden in the shade despite the knife gleaming around them. His accomplice, a skinny man wearing a tank-top and board shorts, had him pinned beneath him and was delivering snide comments.

"How does it feel?" he jeered cruelly.

"I...I don't know what you're talking about.." the man on the ground shot back weakly, "I didn't do anything."

"Cut the shit," the man in the green cap spoke, the tone of voice ringing a familiar warning bell in the back of Radegast's mind, "We know you did it."

“Jolder,” Radegast whispered, “We need a doctor.” The Salazzle eyed Radegast for a moment, and then she nodded. Soundlessly, she slithered down his leg and slipped out of the alleyway. "North, get a cop." The Magneton nodded and hovered away.

“What’s the plan?” Elder asked.

“I’m not taking any chances.” Radegast unhitched a pokeball with an ancient wood finish, “Not when a life is on the line.”

Elder nodded, and he whistled at the two of them. At that moment. Radegast’s eyes sharpened like a wild animal, and a blast of red filled the area with light.

A whirling hum echoed through the alleyway as a massive sword and shield rocketed towards the duo. They turned around, shocked by the sudden noise filling the air. Radegast caught the eye of the man in the green hat and knew him instantly...the man he ran into at the Malasada Shop on Ula'ula island. The man who had given him and OG Lee a threatening glower.

"Fuck!" he cried as he rolled to the right, the sword of Reggie missing him by inches. Making his way back onto his feet, he snarled at the teen, holding the knife in front of him threateningly, "You little Reskull fuck! How the fuck did you get here?"

What the man did not see was a particular Gengar vanishing into the ground.

Reggie did not plan to cut anyone, and he merely served as the majestic distraction, leaving Elder a perfect opening to jump right in front of the man- unaffected by the knife as he jumped- before shooting a puff of toxic gas directly into the man’s face, who cried out in anguish. The Aegislash whirled on the second man, aiming to slam the rim of its shield into his side. The second man didn't even look back, running towards the jungle directly behind him in a desparate attempt to escape and never look back.

"I ain't Reskull, buddy." Radegast's eyes flared in the terrible fury only a wildling could achieve.

The larger man was now face down on the ground, screaming bloody murder from the pain he was experiencing. Reggie gave chase to the skinnny man, only to pause as Radegast thought, Gotta check on that third guy… “Should I silence the screaming man?”

Radegast didn’t even need to say “No!” He merely gave Reggie an annoyed look. “Just make sure he doesn’t run away.”

“I shall slit his tendons to ensu-“

Radegast’s eye twitched at the idea, “This isn’t Scorpion times, dude.” The sixteen-year-old stepped forward and crouched down to the third man- the apparent victim- as Reggie and Elder kept watch on the screaming larger man. “I hope Jolder gets back soon,” Radegast muttered as he examined the wounds by rolling the person onto his back.

It didn't look as bad from an appearance perspective. However as Radegast began poking around to find injuries below the surface of the skin, it was apparent how critical the man's condition was. He had a few broken ribs, a cracked right tibia, a snapped left fibula, and a few bruises in general places, his skull included. His right eye was swollen shut and his lower lip looked like a plum was beginning to grow out of it. Apart from the gash on his arm and a little bit of blood drooling out of his mouth, nothing was too messy. Though something would catch Radegast's eye when he rolled the man over. He could've guessed from the context of what he knew about the attackers or even from the discernable black clothing the man wore. But nothing was more telltale than the black bandanna draped across his head with the emblem of a Skull on it.

“Oh jeez,” Radegast grit his teeth as he discerned the severity of the victim’s condition, “Change of plans,” With a tap on three pokeballs, the sixteen-year-old summoned Rage, Chrome, and the Operative.

“WHAT HAPPEN?” Rage bellowed over the other man’s screaming.

“Operative, I need you, Chrome, and Elder to secure that guy,” Radegast pointed at the screaming man.

“Yes sir!” The Galvantula began weaving together some tight silk bondage around the man’s hands and legs- which were grabbed and brought together with the Metang’s vice-like grip. The Operative also covered the man’s mouth for good measure.

“Reggie, can you carry this guy with the shield?”

Wordlessly, the Aegislash lowered the shield face-down next to the Reskull victim. “Rage, help me lift.”

The two of them hoisted the victim onto the shield, and Reggie hovered towards the exit. With the screaming man tied up, Chrome and Rage had no problems carrying him out. The Operative jumped onto Elder’s head as the Gengar followed Radegast, who in turn followed Reggie and kept watch over the victim’s status. It was out in the sunlight that he finally noticed the Team Skull emblem. The sixteen-year-old’s eye twitched, but he otherwise seemed unfazed.

“Giving orders suits you,” The Operative chimed.

“It’s just to save a life,” Radegast replied.

"Hrn..." the sound of the Reskull grunt silently taking in the pain could be heard as he stirred on Reggie's shield, "Who...who's got me? Am I...dead?"

"Not on my watch," Radegast replied, "We're almost there. You're gonna be fine."

"Who are you?" the grunt tried to lift his head and turn it to see who was helping him, but siezed up from the pain his efforts had caused him.

"... It's Dreads," Radegast reluctantly replied, "Save your strength."

"Dreads..." the boy repeated before slipping into unconsciousness again.

Radegast practically sprinted out of the alleyway, running towards the Pokemon Center as fast as he could. A few stares were sent in his direction by his urgency, though a lot more were directed towards the Aegislash carrying the injured man. A couple gasped as they went by, sprinting through the doors of the Pokemon Center and making their way to the front desk.

Jolder was already there, talking to the Chansey behind the counter and relaying the urgency of the situation. All eyes were shot in Radegast's direction when he entered, from the cafe to the PokeMart and everywhere in between. The Nurse behind the counter stood up, knowing something was wrong. When she spotted the injured Reskull grunt, she nearly dove over the counter to meet them halfway.

"Nina, I need you now!" she called back to her associate, who was already running over to see what was going on. "Prepare a bed for this man. Call the doctor in. Tell him it's an emergency!" Four patrons from within the cafe were already around Reggie, reaching for the teen with gentle care in mind as they carefully lifted him off the shield and into their arms. Together, they began following the associate into the back room.

Meanwhile, the nurse began seeking Radegast for information, "What happened?" she asked as if the world would fall out of orbit if he didn't answer.

“Yeah, about that,” Radegast jerked a thumb out the door, where Rage and Chrome approached to enter, carrying the tied-up perpetrator. “I sent a guy to call the police, but he hasn't come back yet. We got one of the guys who did this. He needs some Toxic antidote, though.”

With a nod, the nurse ran to the back room, leaving Radegast, Elder, and Jolder alone with the man for a moment.

“Heavy shit, man,” Elder muttered as Rage and Chrome arrived with the poisoned man.


“Two people,” Radegast corrected.

Rage began to seizure in pure hatred. “TWO! … PEOPLE! …”

“Please don’t hit him,” Elder replied.

The nurse came back with the antidote via a massive needlle that looked like it could stab into a heart. The man's eyes widened at the size of the needle and proceeded to squirm.

"Good thing you tied him up," the nurse said to Radegast as she prepped the needle, "This isn't gonna feel good. Hold his head still for me, please."

Radegast obliged, while Rage and Chrome kept a hold on the man's limbs. Meanwhile, the Operative returned to her pokeball. Jolder eyed the tied-up man, and Radegast's arms as they got a secure grip to hold in place. The man protested into the silk gag covering his mouth, but the muffled voice went ignored.

"Ooooooookay," the nurse put on a big smile that went much further to unsettle the man than provide comfort, "On three. One-"

She jabbed the needle into the man's cheek. He screamed from the pain of course, but the nurse continued to inject the antidote into the skin regardless, like she'd probably done a thousand times before.

"And there we go," she pulled the needle out and examined the syringe to make sure all the contents were gone, "Easy peasy. Not unlike the man you torutred. That will be a harder challenge. But I took the measures to make sure you got...the fastest treatment." She winked with a surprising amount of coldness as she walked back into the back room to check up on the young man. The other man's breathing slowed a bit as the pain from the poison receded. His eyes went from filled with pain to filled with rage as he shot a glare towards Radegast.

Radegast stared down the man with wild eyes. “Count yourself lucky,” he nonchalantly spoke as he glowered. Reggie’s single eye stared down in unison, but the ancient blade and shield otherwise said nothing.

“Jolder,” Radegast turned to the Salazzle, “Could you meet up with North and let him know to bring the police here?”

“Sssure thing, Lord-Regent.” Jolder smirked as she slithered out the doors.

As they waited, Radegast glanced over to the cafe, and spotted a newspaper stand. With a deep breath to reduce his heart rate, Radegast headed over and picked out a paper. He then brought the newspaper back to a close-by seat, and he began to read.


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As Radegast began catching up on the local news on the string of robberies that took place last night, the Pokemon Center resumed to a state of "normalcy" for the most part. The nurse went back to helping the next person who walked in, an eleven year old with a team of three who'd just got wrecked by Kiawe's Trial. The patrons in the area went back to drinking their beverages or buying whatever they needed from the PokeMart. A few glanced back through the double doors, a few more shot looks towards the man tied up in the corner of the room being guarded by an Aegislash and a Gengar. Conversation resumed, but it was quieter than before and laced with the mentioning of what had happened here a few minutes ago.

The doctor arrived a moment later, bursting through the double doors with a stride in his step as he made his way back towards the back room. The nurse walked with him and was filling him in on the situation as the back room doors closed behind them. Things went back to a normal pace.

The police filed in soon afterwards, two officers led by a Salazzle and a Magneton. Both were average height and had brown hair underneath their caps. However, one was more burly set while the other was thinner. The burly cop wore his hair super short and hid his eyes behind aviator sunglasses while the thin cop had longer hair and was looking around the place with brown eyes. They both rested those eyes on the man in the corner and knew exactly that they were in the right place.


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“There they are,” Margriet hovered a hand over her eyes to block the sun in her eyes. From the South, a pair of Charizard were on rapid approach. They had just registered the ride Pokemon, and subsequently called their rides.


The ground shook as an enormous black figure shifted from its rest. Like metal scraping on glass, the figure scraped over some rocks as it moved.

On the Sorth side of the Akala Volcano, a black, translucent entity stood up on two short legs. It stirred when a beast roared from high above. Like a cawing rooster, the creature took the sound as a reason to awake from its slumber.

SUSTENANCE. NEED. The creature hummed as it began to float. AM. FLOYD.

It was stolen then… Radegast thought back to the sorry state of the Ragged Bone Man’s yard. A Pokemon Restoration Centre… But who took it? Why?

It was then that the police arrived, led by Jolder and North. Radegast stood up. “Sirs,” Radegast waved them over.

Jolder once more slithered back around the sixteen-year-old’s torso. North, however, eyed the tied-up man. “Lord-Regent,” North said, “Where is the second one?”

“The second guy got away,” Radegast replied, “We prioritized getting the victim to the hospital. Officers,” He bowed his head, in an unusual habit that he hadn’t conducted in a long time, “If there’s anything you want to know about the situation, just ask.”


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As Margriet and Logan both saw their rides approaching, another fun friend appeared by flapping his tiny little wings to the top of the volcano and perching an a familiar spot on Logan's shoulder.

"Pek?" The Pikipek cooed as he gave Logan a friendly face and began searching for more of that rice.

The officers glanced towards the dreadlocked teen, giving quizzical brows at the teen's conversation with the Magneton.

"This guy nuts, you think?" the skinny one whispered out of earshot from Radegast and his friends.

"Don't think so, but we're not here to investigate that. We have to get to the Intercept Point ASAP."

"Gotcha," the skinny cop bowed in response to Radegast, returning the favor, "I'm Officer Burrow. This is Officer Beauchamp. You're lucky your Pokemon caught us. We were on the way to an important assignment when your two friends led us to you."

"So what happened?" Officer Beauchamp crossed his arms, "You had a scuffle? Someone tried to rob you?"


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"No, they weren't trying to hurt me." Radegast went on to explain the situation, the two attackers, the victim currently undergoing emergency treatment, and the sixteen-year-old’s part in diffusing the situation as quickly and efficiently as he could. He spoke quickly, yet concisely, as one officer took notes.

He especially noted that the second attacker had unfortunately escaped into the foliage to the North of the city. Radegast also informed them of the location the crime took place, and even offered to lead them to it.


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"We'll have to investigate the place later," Officer Beauchamp scribbled one last note before closing the notebook, "But we know where it is."

"I presume you've had no previous engagements with these men?" Officer Burrow inquired a bit further.

"Excuse me."

Both Officers turned towards the sound of a young 12-year old boy walking towards them. They recognized that brown hair and those sparkling blue eyes instantly.

"Ch-Champion Lukas!" Officer Burrows stuttered in surprise, "We didn't expect you to be here. We thought you'd be leading the charge."

"Just Lukas, please," he replied, "I'm here following up on something. I need to talk to Dreads here real quick."

Officer Beauchamp raised a brow, "We were answering a call about a mugging that this teen had intervened in. What did you need him for?"

"It's more of a private matter, really," Lukas answered, a little too smoothly, "Nothing relating to this situation, obviously. You can question the other guy while I speak with him."

The officers turned to look at each other and shrugged. They didn't exactly want to say no to the Champion.

As the Officers turned towards the other guy, who was still being guarded rather well, Lukas waved for Radegast to follow him outside.


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“He’s not going anywhere,” Radegast called to Reggie and the rest.

With Chrome, Reggie, and Rage back in their pokeballs, Radegast, Elder, and the two caretakers Jolder and North followed Lukas outside. “What’s the problem, buddy?” Radegast asked as he stepped out the doors.


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(Collab between HolyJunkie and NeverEndingFlip)

Lukas was deep in thought as he began to speak to the older teen, "Dreads, I've been trying to figure something out. It's been...a crazy day so far what with the whole string of robberies thing that happened. You've heard about what's been going on, yeah?"

"I did see the crime scene earlier this morning, but I didn't know what happened until I read the news just now," Radegast replied.

Lukas looked a bit puzzled by that, "It's a closed investigation. How'd you get to see the crime scene?"

"I stumbled across it," Radegast replied, "I was by Lush Jungle at the time."

Lukas scratched his chin in thought but went on, "Okay...I guess that makes sense, since I saw you head in there that one time. don't know what happened other than what you've read and what you've seen?"

"Nada," Radegast shook his head.

"Okay, good," Lukas sighed in relief, "I don't think you're involved, then."

He went digging into his backpack in search for something while he continued, "See...there's a reason why this invesitgation is closed..." he grunted if effort as he contorted his body around to pull out a picture, "It's because there's a piece of evidence in there that if leaked to the'd be chaos. I worry some locals may already know about it."

"You mean the..." Radegast paused. In case of eavesdroppers, he leaned closer and whispered, "That fossil thing?"

"No, I'm not talking about what they took. We don't know their motive entirely," Lukas said with a sigh as he handed him the photo, "I'm talking about who took it."

When Radegast took the photo and examined it, he would be able to tell it was done by the docks, specifically in the spot where the ferry was stolen. Scrawled on the wall in spray paint was a graffiti signature that was iconic in Alola: A picture of a skull. Written underneath it were the words: Team Reskull Roolz!

"Did you know anything about what they were planning?" Lukas speech began to get feverish, as if he was on the verge of figuring out something, "Even though you aren't a part of that crew anymore, you still hung out with them, right? You must know something."

Radegast examined the drawing, and recalled the vandalism he had seen throughout Po Town in the past. The people he knew had their particular style and signatures whenever they tagged walls. This one, however, was completely unfamiliar.

"Whoever did it was probably after my time," Radegast replied as he handed the photograph back. "That said, I know Reskull's trying to make good now, so this seems very weird to me."

"Me too," Lukas admitted, glancing around Heahea City before staring back, "I'm trying to find more evidence to back this up, but I haven't found anything yet. The Officers, though..." He bit his lip in hesitation, not wanting to say more.

"Well, even if you had evidence, the police would want an idea on who would be responsible instead," Radegast shrugged, "Jolder here knows the Rampardos, though." He indicated the Salazzle. "If we ask him, we could probably get some sort of description."

"She does?" He eyed the Salazzle, a sparkle of brightness returning to Lukas's face. But another thought dampened it quickly, "One problem...who would translate?"

"Chrome," Radegast replied, "Although my Pokespeak's getting there."

"It can't be you, Dreads," he shook his head, "Some people know your past with Team Skull. Everyone will think you're just standing up for your buddies. Who's Chrome?"

Radegast tapped Chrome's pokeball, and the Metang emerged. "He joined us long after Team Skull."

"It's beautiful," Lukas bent down with wide eyes, examining the shiny exterior Chrome let off as he was unable to help himself from complimenting it. "Can it communicate with a human?"

"Yes," A humming voice seemed to resonate in Lukas' head. "This one is fluent in the human languages."

"" Lukas inquired at the Metang, "I guess you're referring to yourself. Ah...okay, cool."

His gaze went to Radegast, "I guess this could work. You'd just have to let Chrome do all the talking. Now they're keeping the victim of the crime in the Motel on Route 8, away from all the press. Probably to keep him from getting questioned too much about it. However, I think I could get us in there. Especially since we won't be talking to the guy...we'll be talking to his Rampardos. We've got to hurry before the cops hijack that ferry though."

"What do you think?" Radegast asked, "You three wanna go with Lukas here?"

"Ssure," Jolder replied.

"This one is hesitant... It does not know this human."

"Long as you're with North and Jolder, you'll be fine," Radegast reassured. He then turned to Lukas. "Wait... hijack a ferry?"

"Yeah...we've also been getting reports of a large gathering of Team Reskull members on Poni Island. No one's sure why they're grouping, but the police are worried that this may somehow be related to the robberies." Lukas leaned in to whisper to Radegast, "They're worried there's gonna be an uprising of some sort."

"Oh shit," Radegast's eyes widened in shock, "I know why that's happening. When I went to Po Town, there was something really off there, and OG Lee wanted to get the crew together to clear it out, just for safety's sake."

"You serious?" Lukas's was surprised too, "Then we gotta go fast if we're gonna make it to the Intercept Point before the cops start arresting people."

"Yeah, let's roll out," Radegast nodded to Chrome, who vanished back into his pokeball. "Lead on!"

The setting changes from Akala Island to Poni Island


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(co-written by HolyJunkie)

The rest of Lukas's journey went unhindered. With three Pokemon keeping a careful watch on the sea below (Chrome and North from the back of the Charizard and Lukas's Decidueye circling around them), there wasn't much room for another cheap shot like the one they had taken above Ula'ula island. Constantly, Lukas would check behind him to make sure the Metang and Magneton were alright, then glance towards Robin, then towards the Ride Pager Pokemon, then at the sea, and back again. His panicked demeanor was met with understanding from Chrome's perspective. However, the Metang also understood that they were effectively a well-guarded convoy at this point. North, on the other hand, cared only for the job- as he always did. The Magneton was a creature of few words, but spoke normally all the same.

Alas, they began to approach Poni Island just as the sun took position in the west, signifying late afternoon. The bareness of the practically uninhabited island was in full display below them, nothing but canyons and tall grass stood out over the semi-green landscape. The only two landmarks that stood out was the harbor town on the southern portion of the island and the Battle Tree on the northern part. So natural...That was the thought that entered the Champion's head every time he passed through this place, which had been often as of recent. He was still trying to beat Hau's record.

This time around, Lukas paid a bit more attention to Seafolk Village, trying to find a cluster of Team Reskull Grunts or Alolan Officers amongst the wooden bridges and small docked houseboats. He found the former first, and his eyes went wide as saucers when he saw the congregation of skull bandanas below.

"Holy mother of Arceus..." the Champion breathed, "There's loads of them."

Indeed, there were hundreds of members already on the dock waiting for the ferry to arrive with more seemingly arriving each minute. It almost looked like the combined weight of so many people on the harbor walk was causing the wooden bridges to sink under the weight. The floating barrels that kept the village buoyed above the water were completely submerged. It added to the concerns bouncing around in the Champion's mind.

"Someone's probably gonna hurt themselves with how much weight is on that thing," he mentioned back to Chrome and North, "Have you seen so many people in one place like this?"

"Yes," North simply replied. Chrome's cowardly nature in the face of humans rendered him incapable of speech. His psychic output began to grow to somewhat inefficient levels. Due to Chrome's odd behaviour, North turned to Lukas and nodded.

As they circled lower and lower towards the town, Lukas glanced towards the water and spotted the other side of the argument at hand. The Police boat was floating out a few hundred meters from the ports in Seafolk Village, apparently on standby. Perhaps they knew the bridges couldn't hold much more weight...he rationalized. Otherwise, why wouldn't they have moved in yet. Even from here, he could see the hundreds of Police Officers gathering on deck.

The third factor was the ferry, which was heading for the dock. It would arrive in a few minutes.

"I think we should stop the Officers before warning Reskull," Lukas suggested, glancing back and forth between the two gathering parties, "What do you guys think?"

"Isn't that..." Chrome emitted a sound that seemed inexplicably like clearing a throat, "Isn't that what we came here to do in the first place?"

Lukas furrowed his brow in confusion, then snapped his fingers as he understood, "Ah. Not warning Reskull about the Officers. Warning them about the bridges that could possibly snap under their weight while we talk to the officers."

"They're humans, so what's the issue?" Chrome was half-way through when North nudged the Metang with a protruding magnet.

"They're still the Lord-Regent's friends, not to mention innocent of the crimes they are about to be arrested for." North reminded.

"Fine, fine..." Chrome eyed the Magneton with an air of... something not unlike disappointment.

Lukas's gaze went between the two groups until a smile spread on his face, " it. Charizard, let's take a pass by the village, but keep heading South. Get as close to the town as you can."

The Charizard nodded and took a swoop downward, causing Lukas's stomach to plummet. Chrome and North didn't have that problem as they were metal and not capable of internal organ distortion like that. The Charizard dive bombed until they were only twenty feet above the water's surface, spreading his wings when they reached that threshhold and leveled out over the ever-so-mobile ocean and it's waves.

"Slow down a bit, buddy," Lukas whispered into the Charizard's ear, who obliged just as they were making the pass in front of Team Reskull. Most eyes went up as they spotted the Champion gliding past. There were a few faces that scoffed and looked the other way as he passed, but most looks in his direction were out of curiosity towards why he was there in the first place.

"Off the pier!" he called out to them, waving them in the direction of the island behind them, "The bridge is gonna buckle beneath you guys!"

Most of the Team Reskull grunts looked down and saw just how close to the water they were. Most let out curses and noises of realization as they began walking towards the shore to wait for the ship's arrival. A few ignored the plea Lukas was making, not wanting to be told what to do. A couple even shot back taunts, wanting to provoke a challenge. But he ignored these and, after seeing enough people start making their way off the floating bridges, sighed in relief as he leaned down.

"Good job, buddy," he patted the top of Charizard's head, "Now head for that boat."

The Charizard never stopped moving, continuing his journey past the town and towards the Police Boat floating in the water. Some had noticed the massive shift in Reskull reinforcements while other notice the cause of said shift flying towards them. Fingers abound were pointing in the direction of Lukas and the Seaport Village as the Champion began to hover closer. In a few moments, he landed successfully in the middle of the ship as officers began to surround them. Robin landed directly beside them, to which the champion recalled. Lukas then reared his head back towards Chrome.

"Ya ready?" he showed no signs of nervousness and even let a small smile slip through his professional facade.

"This one has been ready since we met with the big guy," Chrome replied.

"I'm just here to make sure no one gets themselves thrashed," North added.

As Lukas and company stepped off the Ride Page Pokemon, a distinguished figure appeared from the mass of Officers around them. Apart from the usual navy blue garb that everyone else was wearing, the black male with a small brown mustache wore a particularly decorated hat with a large badge ornamenting the center. On the badge was a caption which read "Chief of Police".

"Champion Lukas," the Chief stated with a hand outstretched to shake, which the twelve-year old did, "What brings you our way, friend?"

"You need to call off your men, Chief Haruki," Lukas cut straight to the point.

Chief Haruki frowned, "Right to the chase, eh? And you know better than to meddle in our business. I know you're the Champion and all and we keep you in the know about what's going on, but you're still a twelve year old boy. You need to let us do our job and protect this region like all the other Champions in the other regions do."

"Sir, with all due respect, I've protected this Region too," Lukas countered, exasperatedly, "And all it's people. I may be twelve, but I've done my fair share of investigating and problem solving. I wouldn't come to you with this if it weren't important. You know me better than that, I'd hope. Just hear me out on this one."

Chief Haruki thought for a moment before extending a hand outward, letting Lukas know he had the floor.

"Thank you," Lukas's smile returned for a brief second before he pointed over to Team Reskull, "I have evidence proving that Team Reskull is innocent of stealing the RV, the ferry, and the truck last night."

A few murmurs went through the crowd. Chief Haruki's left brow raised in thought, "Explain."

Lukas continued, "Well, after you all conducted your investigations of the crime scenes and did your interviews, I decided to do a little bit of an interview myself."

"On who?" the Chief crossed his arms.

"The Fossil Restorer's Pokemon. The Rampardos."

More murmurs went through the crowd, a couple Officers who had questioned the Fossil Restorer chatted back and forth excitedly about why they hadn't thought about doing that. Chief Haruki nodded thoughtfully, "Interesting. How did you cross that PokeSpeak barrier?"

"I had help from a friend," Lukas stepped back, showing off the Metang in full view of everybody.

"Hello," Chrome's Ruulan common came through like a magnetic hum in the brains of anyone within fifty metres. Though he did needed to be prodded by the Magneton to encourage it speaking. "Yes, I translated the Rampardos' testimony. As a psychic type, I have also read his memories and..." It turned to North, "There are so many humans..."

"Just testify," North hummed, somewhat exasperated.

"Anyway, I've discovered that the people who had done it were... controlling... Pokemon not native to Alola. Namely a Pansage. The individuals in question were dressed all in featureless black to hide their identity."

"Pansages are native to the Unova Region," Lukas added, reciting what he'd been told by the Fossil Restorer, "They aren't typically found here."

Chief Haruki nodded in agreement, "This is true. But any person can bring any kind of Pokemon from anywhere. People visit this Region from everywhere."

"Right, but Team Reskull has mostly locals among their numbers," the Champion countered, "What are the chances that the average Team Reskull Grunt could get their hands on a Pansage?"

"Very high, given their history," Haruki reasoned, "Also, weren't you were the one fighting them all the time? You should know pretty well that they've stolen Pokemon in the past."

Good point. Lukas didn't want to admit his history with the bad guys turned good, but he did have to step in many a time during his island challenge two years ago to prevent such thefts from happening. Of course that was when Guzma was in charge, but he was going to have a tougher time proving to these cops that Team Reskull was turning over a new leaf. He faltered a bit as he tried to find another angle to convince them from. Still, he thought of one rather quickly.

"Chrome, do ya still got that symbol on you?" he whispered back to the Metang.

Wordlessly, Chrome produced the drawing he had extracted from the Rampardos' memory. The scratched-in symbol of Team Aqua. It was scribbled with a pencil, but looked as if it were printed by a machine. "This symbol was on one of their pokeballs- the only identifying marks I could find within the memory."

"That is a Team Aqua symbol, located within the Hoenn Region," Lukas explained, recalling what he'd been told from the Fossil Restorer, "Which is about as far away from Alola as you can probably get."

The Police Chief still seemed skeptical, "Again, we get plenty of tourists from all around the world. What if they stole a Pokemon from this 'Team Aqua' and used it to try and mislead us?"

"The same group of people who tagged their name on the wall right by the crime scene is gonna try and mislead us?" Lukas found a point in logic right there and Chief Haruki knew it immediately.

"Okay, well-"

"There's also the fact of the ferry," the Champion went on, cutting off the police chief, "A) Where are they gonna hide a boat that big? Probably not anywhere on the four islands. Maybe Poni, but if that's the case, then B) Why are they trying to board this ferry if they've already stolen one?"

Now the chief was on the defensive, "Maybe they're trying to keep themselves on the down-low?"

"And again, the same group of people who tagged a wall at a crime scene-"

"ALRIGHT! I see your point!" Chief Haruki held up a hand to stop the twelve year old, "So say Team Reskull didn't do it. Who did? Team Aqua?"

"Close," Lukas now recalled what he'd overheard from Dreads, "A splinter cell within Team Aqua known as the Regicide Crew. I don't know why they took it or what they intend to use it for, but someone who wanted to go through the trouble to keep their names out of the press by forging Team Reskull's must have something big planned. And they're keeping you on this wild goose chase after these guys so they can continue to work without notice."

More murmurs within the crowd of police. Chief Haruki rubbed his chin in thought once more, "Hmm...perhaps you're right. But then why are so many Team Reskull members gathering here?"

Lukas once again had the answer, "They got word of an invader within Po Town and are regrouping to take back their HQ."

"How do you know all this?" Haruki's voice couldn't hide the incredulous tone behind his words.

"Mostly by listening, but I had a lot of help," Lukas turned back towards Chrome and North, "Couldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks a bunch!"

"No, thank you for vouching for us," Chrome replied, somewhat relaxed despite being around so many humans.

"We all owe the Lord-Regent a great deal," North added, though no one else really understood what he said.

Chief Haruki sighed, eyes on the floor before glancing back at Lukas, "If you're wrong about this, we lose our only chance at getting all these guys in one swoop."

"Trust me," Lukas simply said, "They're not the ones you're looking for."

In the next few minutes, a lot of movement happened. Police Chief Haruki began ordering his troops to return to their assigned stations while he took the police boat back to Akala Island. The ferry arrived and the numerous Team Skull grunts boarded the ship (one at a time) and awaited the ride back to Ula'ula. The sun moved in positioning to where it was on the western horizon, letting everyone know that night was approaching.

As for Lukas, Chrome, and North, they began the flight back to Akala Island, where he promised he would drop them off safely.

"Thanks again for coming along," he repeated his gratitude again, "I know you didn't have to, but you both truly helped out the Alola Region today. Not just your buddy Dreads."

"All for the Lord-Regent," North replied.

"He said it was no problem," Chrome translated.

He leaned over to get closer to the Charizard's ear, "And thank you for sticking it out with us, even when you got hurt. It really means a lot to me."

The Charizard grinned back at him, continuing his pace towards Akala Island.

Lukas leaned back a bit, relaxing for the first time since he woke up today. It had been a hectic one for sure. Waking up to the news that someone had stolen the Fossil Restorer's home in addition to a ferry and a truck had set his senses on fire. He had immediately gotten out of bed and had been working non-stop trying to figure out the case. This was his first moment of levity since then and it felt good. He took the moment to appreciate the sunset, to take in the view he had over the Alola Region. It already looked stunning, but something about this view at this time made it look...just brilliant.

It made it worth protecting.

"Now then, let's go ho-" Chrome was about to say.

But then something happened, far off the Akalan shore, well within their line of sight. A flash of light, a sickly green plume of unearthly fire, blazing ferociously, and reaching high into the heavens, only to suddenly spread outward as they reached the invisible limits of the atmosphere.

"What was that?" Chrome asked.

"No... That's impossible!" North's pupils shrank to the tiniest of dots.

"What's going on?" Lukas turned back to the Magneton, clearly seeing the fear encapsulating it, "What is that?"

"We need to double-time it!" Using inherent magnetism within himself and Chrome, the Magneton shot forward, speedung off towards Akala- specifically the Lush Jungle. The Metang couldn't translate fast enough before North was outside of hearing range.

"Something terrible," Chrome replied flatly, "We need to hurry."

Lukas brows narrowed in determination, nodding curtly towards the Metang before pointing at the speedy Magneton, "Faster, Charizard! Catch up to him!"

The Charizard, who was already freaking out a bit, managed to compose himself at the voice of Lukas and began tearing through the sky like a bolt of lighting. As fast as they could, the group began heading straight for Akala Island while the orange sun began to fade and the green aura began to set in.