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Team Rocket: Ak-Mun Shiniga

Something isn't right about his Pokemon.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by spark755



Ak-Mun originates from a powerful bloodline known as the Shiniga. Unlike his family, he was not a good guy with bad powers, he was a bad guy through and through. At six years of age, his father left him on Ruula with no way back. Ak-Mun was taken in by a madman and given a single Pokemon and had to catch his own food if he wanted to eat.

Dark Charizard
Black Garydos
Dark Onix
Dark Metang

So begins...

Team Rocket: Ak-Mun Shiniga's Story


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With time to react, Ak-Mun passed on his command order to Garydos, "Hyper Beam!"

At first, it would appear as though a Hyper Beam was actually focusing, but that energy quickly changed appearance. Ice crystals formed around the maw of Garydos as a spiralling ball of frozen energy rage in front of the pokemons face. Garydos had no intentions of using this attack, but it was the attack that formed. This attack seemed to be what Garydos's subconcious registered as Hyper Beam, capable of bolstering the same explosive power, making it seem like the natural thing to do.

"Garydos! What are you doing?!" Ak-Mun shouted.

The Garydos looked back for a split second and Ak-Mun could see it in his eyes that it wasn't a refusal, in fact, it was confirmation that he was in awe himself. After the look, the Ancient Power was released and the Ice Beam launching shortly after. The Ice Beam roared forward as light blue beam with white snow and frost that spiralled around it. As the beam passed, ice crystals formed in the air that fell to the ground.

Ak-Mun knew himself that this attack could put a hurting on Garydos, and Garydos has already shown he is capable of defending himself in split-second decisions. When the blasts collided, a wave of white and blue energy exploded, creating a wall of snow and ice between the two parties. In the center, the energy was creating an orb that ground into the main stone. Garydos stared through the snow at the Aerodactyl as if he could see through the snow wall. Ak-Mun didn't know what to expect, but as the energy grew stronger and began blowing against himself, he crossed his arms over his face and braced for impact as he had a good idea of was about to happen.


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Winter could feel power rushing past him with the wind brought on by the two attacks colliding in the air the way they did. The orb of energy was growing larger, the ground beneath it collapsing. Many of the front circle spectators were now stepping back a few paces, worried about how contained this attack would be. The Indigo Champion had his own concerns as he glanced back at Lucky. "Get behind me!" he shouted over the surging of energy in the air. The Squirtle did not hesitate as he hopped behind his best friend. Winter crossed his arms and braced for impact.

The explosion was massive. A mixture of ice, snow, and rock shot out from the central sphere formed by the two beams, an impenetrable wall for both combatants to be hit by. A humongous bang followed, shaking the ground around them as if it were a Magnitude 4 Earthquake, not damaging to their immediate surroundings, but enough to jostle the ground beneath them. Winter shut his eyes and lowered his head, hoping Ak-Mun would do the same. He waited for everything to settle around them before looking up again.

For a few moments, nothing was visible as ice particle, snowflakes, and bits of pebbles rained down softly in front of them. Dust was everywhere. Winter couldn't even see Rio among the clouds of battle, much less Gyarados and Ak-Mun. Peering up, he saw how high the clouds spread, noting that they would be visible throughout the entirety of Celadon City, perhaps even some people close enough to the area. That was one incredible blast.

Looking back down towards the battlefield, he made out a silhouette amongst the lingering dust clouds...the silhouette of an Aerodactyl.

"Woo hoo!" Winter practically leaped three feet high, pumping his fist as he did so, "Thank Arceus you're okay, Rio!"

Rio snorted and shook off the snow and ice that had chose to rest on him and his wings. Meanwhile, the dust was clearing enough to the point where the makeshift battlefield was becoming visible. Patches of snow were everywhere, coating the field in white. But that's not what grabbed the spectator's attention. What did that was the massive hole that rested in the center of the field, a reminder of the blast everyone had just witnessed.

That'll be an issue for travelers... Winter thought as he made a mental note to donate some money to the mayor and help the city rebuild the road while the dust cleared on the other side of the crater, revealing Ak-Mun and Gyarados and how they fared from the blast.


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The explosion happened and Ak-Mun's vision went white with the fury of the ice and snow. There wasn't much he could do but cover his face with his arms and dig his feet into the ground. When the blast was over, Ak-Mun waited impatiently to see if Garydos still stood. Alas, the mighty dragon still stood with small ice-cycles hanging off of his mouth.

The black Garydos stood tall, but it was easy to notice his heavy breathing and the anger in his eyes. Garydos was standing by sheer will power and nothing more, something Ak-Mun took notice to a lot, contemplating whether to end it or go on. The thought occurred before Garydos let a massive roar towards the Aerodactyl and broke into an Outrage on the ancient beast. Garydos bit, blasted, and beat against the Aerodactyl in an unforgiving rage that went on for some time.

When the attack ceased, Garydos gave Winter a harsh stare before he hit the ground. Garydos fell to the ground, his head falling backwards to land beside Ak-Mun. Ak-Mun didn't watch to see how Aerodactyl responded, watching only Garydos. Ak-Mun retrieved his Garydos and looked at Winter, wondering if Aerodactyl still flew or what his condition was.

Ak-Mun said nothing till everything with the battle was said and done. His team had been beaten, but not without trying. In fact, Ak Mun had never been forced to battle with this much power, having just evolved his Pokemon and knowing attacks that he had seen before. He still had his bases covered and prepared whatever could be said or done by Winter.


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But Winter didn't even let the Outrage breach the surface of existence. With a sudden finger jab forward, the Indigo Champ decided to end this conflict, here and now, before any more damage could be done to the roadway. He knew it wasn't Ak-Mun's intention to take out a street in the duration of a battle, but he thought it best not to push it.

"Rio, let's finish this right! Thunder Fang, go!"

The Aerodactyl let loose a mighty roar before charging forward, it's teeth crackling with an electricity that would rip the Gyarados a sunder. Gyarados would be focused on charging forward with it's attack to dodge. Unfortunate for it, however, as Rio was superior in speed and would unleash the bite of his own before the Gyarados could do what it wished to. Not to mention how vulnerable it was to Electric-Type moves, much more vulnerable than any standard Water-Types.

Gyarados collapsed, his head landing beside Ak-Mun. Rio flew in the center of the arena to gather all the attention. A chorus of applause and whistles erupted as the fight had reached it's end. Winter proved his mettle as a trainer and a champion.

"Rio, return!" Winter called forth the PokeBall and the Aerodactyl obliged. Smiling politely as he retrieved his PokeDex, he disabled the application that had been used to create the equal strength between the combatants, glancing up as the arena barrier receded around them. The applause carried through as Winter stepped around the massive crater they made together and met Ak-Mun on the other side.

"You are a great fighter and a skilled combatant, I must say," he said with sincerity behind his tone, "You fared much better than Lance ever did. That alone makes you commendable by a larger margin than standard trainers."

Murmur went through the crowd at the mentioning of the interim Champion Winter had beaten to claim his spot as the Indigo Champion. This was the first time any information about the Champion-tier battle had been spoken outside of the Indigo League other than the fact that Winter had won. No one knew it was by as large a margin as it was.The spectators watched as Winter extended a hand for the other boy to shake.

"Thank you for the opportunity to battle," Winter added with a smile.


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"You're the first real battle i've ever had... no strategy... nothing but bullish moves that are easily knocked down. One day we'll battle again and that field won't be in place..." Ak-Mun spoke as he attempted to take off.

Before Ak-Mun could fully turn around, he was nearly tackled by the nurse that was flirting with him earlier. After a long, tight, hug, she let go and took hold of his pokeballs. Ak-Mun looked at the nurse like she was crazy, but at the same time he saw her desire to care and please.

"Your Pokemon are beautiful, Ak-Mun! I've never seen such magnificently colored Pokemon in all my life... But with such a handsome and strong trainer like you, I see where they get their looks." The nurse spoke as she winked and turned to take his pokemon inside for treatment.

As the nurse walked off, Ak-Mun turned back to Winter, where he'd notice the teenagers watching him earlier come towards him. Even if Ak-Mun wanted to get another word in with Winter, he didn't have a chance. Noticing he was going to have some Q&A, he took off into the Pokecenter to exit the scene and get away from the others.

Once inside, Ak-Mun answered the teenagers questions, showed them his swords, and even gave them his pokedex number so that they could all communicate. Ak-Mun knew he had followers in this group of people, and with such, made him more welcomed here and able to do business without being deemed a bad guy at every sight.

After a few minutes, the nurse came and ran off the people. When the Pokecenter was cleared out and the night shift nurse took over, she moved over to Ak-Mun, wrapping his left hand around the back of his neck and plopping into his lap. With a innocent smile and sparkle in her eye, she used her charm to ask Ak-Mun a question, "My shift is over. Where are we going for dinner?"

Ak-Mun didn't respond for a minute, pondering on what she really wanted from him, "I don't know, i'm not from here. What do you suggest?"

"We could stop by a Ramen shop and go to my place. We can watch a movie, eat some dinner, and relax. I'm sure you're tired and need a place to stay for the night, so what do you think?" She spoke, brushing her red bangs to the side as she blinked slowly.

"" Ak-Mun started to blush when it hit her she was serious, "Okay. Lead the way."

With that, the nurse and Ak-Mun took off into the city. People looked at him, some good, some bad, as the two passed through the city till they reached their final destination. From that point on, if anyone wanted to know what happened, they'd have to question the walls.

The next morning, Ak-Mun woke up with a throbbing headache and wrapped around the nurse, hidden within thin sheets that covered the two from the waist down. Ak-Mun turned his head to the nurse who was smiling in her sleep and pecked her on the forehead before he got out of the bed and got dressed. Ak-Mun left a note with his number on her night stand and slipped out the front door and back into the city.

It was morning time and Ak-Mun wanted to find Winter. He needed to know how to obtain Gym Badges and fight the league Winter just fought. Good or bad, Ak-Mun wanted to be a pokemon master after this battle and losing.


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Winter didn't even bother cutting in with an interjection to Ak-Mun's statement. Truth be told, he used some bullish moves and some simple sets in fighting the boy. He didn't bother with strategy because he didn't need it with him. He didn't even use some of his elite fighters. Weavile was the least experienced on Winter's team to begin with and Mane was his style switcher. Rio was the only high-octane performer and was capable of bringing down such brutes like Gyarados. Had he wanted to really been unfair, he would've won the fight with just one Pokemon. But it was more than that. Ak-Mun may have had some power hitters, but he was nowhere near developed a trainer as the Indigo Champion was. Winter even saw Ak-Mun evolving his Pokemon right before battling him. He knew this would be his first test fight with them. He took it easy on the lad and beat him by the margin he needed to beat him by. Ak-Mun may have not known it, but Winter was in control of this fight from start to end.

Still, that also didn't mean he implemented no strategy. Rio was set up the way he was for a reason. Same for Mane and Weavile. There was some strategy in the moves they learned and the way they performed them. Each Pokemon on Winter's team had their role...even the ones who weren't on his main team of six. Like Weavile. They knew how to be effective together and perform like a team, some more disapproving of that concept than others. Nevertheless, it was why they worked so well together.

As Ak-Mun walked away with the nurse from the Pokemon Center, the Regional Champion was swarmed by countless trainers of old and young. The media stood from the far grounds, taking pictures and writing down notes. News reporters had their films rolling the entire time and the impromptu interviews would begin. Winter suddenly found himself in front of a variety of cameras, microphones, and people of various shapes and sizes.

"Yes Dave, and I am here in the middle of Celadon City with the new Champion of the Kanto and Johto Region, Winter Sakkio! Winter, this was your very first battle as the reigning champion to the public view. Was this battle any different from your other battles now that you have the word 'Champion' listed beside you name?"

Winter smiled politely at the reporter, "No, I don't think so. A title is just a title. I wouldn't dare change my team, strategy, or anything just because I'm the current Champion."

"And Winter, how did this battle go?"

"It was alright, I guess. I did what I needed to do to win."

"Now, there were words said between the two of you that seemed to be as tactical as the fight itself. Can you explain what that was all about?"

"Nothing of too much significance. I was curious about the nature his Pokemon seemed to express themselves with and he didn't take too kindly of that,'s natural to be curious to a new form of training the world had yet to be seen. He didn't want to explain it. It's all fine, though."

"And your theories on what might be the cause of their unique appearance?"

Winter merely shrugged, "Your guess is as good as mine. Had I not had the simulation running, I would've scanned them into my PokeDex to see if anything different popped up. But y'know...only so much that can be done."

"Alright Winter. Thank you for your time."

"Thank you," Winter shook the reporter's hand and turned to Lucky, "Alright buddy. Let's go to the Gym! Maybe watch a few battles before we hit the sack."

"Squir squir!" the Squirtle nodded excitedly and hopped onto Winter's back. The duo made their way to the outlandish mushroom-coated building that stood out from the rest, an air of confidence in their step and a surge of understanding in their smiles.

The next morning, Winter was already gone. He'd left Celadon City early, taking his buddies with him. No one saw him leave and no one knew where he was heading next. The Mayor would open his bank account to notice he received a generous donation of 130,000 Poke, the exact amount Ak-Mun had stolen from the League Champion. With it came a little note, saying this:

Sorry about the hole in the roadway. This should more than suffice to repair the damages. You can use the rest to better the town to your liking.
Winter Sakkio