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Ted Ellison

The mind of Mammon's perfect vessel now free.

0 · 372 views · located in Wing City Police Department

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RydeDawg


Ted Ellison


Full name: – Ted Ellison
Gender: - Male
Species/Race: – Aschen/Human
Nationality: – N/A
Current Residence: – N/A
Job/Profession: – N/A
Title: – N/A
Allegiance/Alignment: – Once one of Mammon's perfect vessels.

Height: – 6'5"
Weight: - 210
Build: – Athletic Well built.
Eye Color: - Blue
Hair Color: – Brown/Blonde
Skin Shade/Color: – Caucasian
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: –N/A

Known Languages: – N/A
Personal History/Background: – This is a body created by the most advanced minds in the Aschen Empire. A perfect humanoid created to be stronger, faster, and better than any natural born person, but this advanced body was given no mind of it's own. It was an empty shell with the blood of both Aschen and Mammon running through it. This was an offering created by the Aschen to be given to the Fallen Angel Mammon in exchange for information. But the Aschen were foolish to give the body to Mammon before making him keep his end of the bargain, and Mammon made off with a perfect vessel of his own design. A mortal vessel with much of his blood that ran through it's veins. As of recently though Mammon has abandoned this perfect vessel to make a hasty escape. And left the mind of Ted Ellison behind.

Ted Ellison is but a personality that was slowly created over the course of time. A personality, a mind, created in the brain of the perfect vessel picking up information from the events that surrounded it, feeding off the mind of the Fallen Angel, and picking up bits of humanity from the psychic link between Mammon and Randin. When Mammon felt this growing mind he nourished it inside of himself. Giving it a name and it's own reality with a life and loved ones. All a fabrication to make the mind it's own person. Then, Mammon being the cruel god that he was, ripped Ted from his own reality and made him wonder endlessly through a Hell where he and Mammon could spend "quality" time together. Telling him the truth of his creation, his reality, and his own person.

But now that Ted Ellison is free he can have a life of his own. He his a portion of Mammon's own mind and thus has many secrets of the demon lord, and has the very blood of the demon lord running through his veins.

So begins...

Ted Ellison's Story

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The now three armed cop made a move that did throw the demon lord for a loop, and that was how he was able to get away in the fashion that he did. But he had no time to worry about the mortal’s incoming attack, it was only a shotgun blast that he could heal later.

The Maia made it’s move, and Mammon drew his own angelic blades to deflect the creature’s attack. But unfortunately Randin came in and blasted at Mammon’s legs with two holy rounds.

Mammon groaned in agony as the bullet’s found their targets, and caused the demon lord to stumble over himself as the two Maia blades came at him. But he was able to deflect one of the blades completely off course. The other tore into the Mammon’s side and cut him down to his true self behind the meat suit. Then came the kick that sent him flying.

He hit the wall rather hard and looked at the mangled body. Mammon didn’t have the time to fight both Randin with his holy ammo and a being of celestial energy like himself. He quickly healed his vessel’s wounds, but he was still suffering from his own on a celestial level.

Skylar looked off towards his boss and ripped his own shirt off. On his chest, painted in blood, was Mammon’s incomplete angelic sigil. Skylar bite down on his thumb and finished the sigil with his own blood.

After Skylar had completed the sigil Mammon’s vessel’s eyes glowed brightly. The vessel screamed in pain as the light that emitted soon exited out it’s mouth and ears as well. And soon Skylar’s own eyes, ears, and mouth emitted the same light that the vessel was emitting. The Sigil teleporting Mammon into a different meat suit without having to risk getting hit in his true form.

Mammon looked down at his new body and quickly made a run for it. The new Mammon unfolding six angelic wings and jetting away at a speed that was close to teleportation itself. And with him gone from the field the chaos itself in the department would end.

The demons that were left all left their possessed victims and seeped into the floor. The Legion upstairs returning to it’s black mist like form and seeping out the windows and away from the department. The Hell in the department had finally ended.

All that was left was the men and women left alive who worshipped the Demon Lord of Greed, but the officers would see that they would give up without a fight with their master gone. Throwing their weapons on the ground, getting to their knees, and putting their hands behind their heads.

But as for Mammon’s vessel that he left behind. That was also left behind and he soon opened his eyes and screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Help me!” he said. “Help me, please! No More...I can’t take anymore of these fake realities!” The man thrashed around and pulled at his own hair. Ted Ellison was a broken man but he was finally free.

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#, as written by Gasmask
"Oh. Zanav." Slim breathed, pushing himself up from the ground and threading the shotgun over his left pair of shoulders, the alien wrenched itself back and threw down his head in a vicious metal headbutt towards the old shell of Ted Ellison. The whining, mewling man wasn't missing an arm, it wasn't his place to cry yet.

Slim lived to regret it though, having three arms really messed with his inner sense of balance and he toppled over onto the asphalt, the ichor had thickened up and the bleedout process had been stopped considerably, but it was still lethal if he didn't get to a surgeon ASAP.

The Scythian righted himself and dragged his butt behind and leaned his back against the wreck of his cruiser, letting his eyes flutter between closed and open.

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#, as written by Nemo
Randin grinned with carnal satisfaction as Mammon was driven off under the combined force of three different attacks. The screaming and explosions rocketing inside the department came to a chilling halt as the possessive energies left the precinct. Once again, the demon lord had been defeated.

The detective frowned. No. Not defeated. Driven off. Forced into a retreat. He'd be back. Next time, perhaps, with bigger armies, with broader schemes... and with him would come even more widespread death, destruction and chaos. As Randin holstered his magnums in the misty wake of the battle's aftermath, he found himself swearing to bring the Demon Lord of Greed to justice once and for all. It was not the first time he'd taken such an oath. He prayed it would be the last.

Bounding into action, the detective ran first to Slim, determined to help his friend first and foremost. He looked warily at the cultists kneeling in submission on the street and at the recently-freed Ted Ellison writhing on the asphalt. His brows knit. Had there been a real man beneath Mammon's favorite facade this whole time?

"Slim!" he shouted, racing to the torn-open police cruiser and quickly taking inventory of the alien's condition. The blood was clotted somehow, thank God. "Slim you goddamn... cocksucking..." A flurry of emotions raced through Randin's head. Most of them came out of his mouth as profanities. "...cunt-mongering... bitchfucking...." He sprang into the car, opening the dashboard and retrieving a medkit. "That was absolutely... reckless... fucked up..." His spat the words out with livid anger as he removed a canister from the kit and began spraying biofoam on Slim's stump. "This is exactly, EXACTLY..."

'What I would have done.'

The realization hit Randin like a sucker punch. Good God. This was EXACTLY the sort of action-movie heroism that was so commonplace in Randin's everyday life. Fighting insurmountable odds... charging evil head-on despite near-certain death. On one hand, he was furious at Slim for making such a foolhardy advance against Mammon without backup. On the other hand, he was absolutely in awe of the Scythian's courage.

"You're just..." Randin shook his head, his heavy tone softening slightly, "'re just a goddamn..." He shook his head. Just a goddamn hero.

A small squad of officers quickly followed Randin. Though beaten and battered from their battle with hell's legions, they nonetheless rounded up the surrendering terrorists with remarkable efficiency.

"Hands in the air!" one of them shouted to Ted Ellison.

Randin turned and watched Ellison out of the corner of his eye.

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#, as written by Awinita
The Maia, now convinced the threat was gone. Went to where Slim laid against the cruiser, holding h is severed arm in one hand, the mystical creature went to the aliens' side and carefully took in his injury. "Don't move" the strange creature said. She then clasped Slims injured shoulder in one hand, and with the other she lifted the severed arm, and gently, yet with enough pressure to prove painful, rejoined the severed appendage. Putting her healing magic to work.

The only problem was if Slim was going to remain still long enough for the healing to run its course.

The other problem was that the Maiar spirit was recently woken up to her true powers.

Inside the station hell literally came to a halt. Well, this was something indeed. John took in the carnage, a shit load to clean up he could see that clearly. his radio chirped. "Dagger to Fondue Fork" The voice of Dirk said from upstairs at Homicide "Alls quiet and clear up here. " John smiled, well, the gang was safe, his team was safe, that was what counted as far as he knew.

He turned to the Chief, The man seemed more or less at a tense ease. John knew not to relax too soon. But this was something else indeed. He knew there was something weird in the energy drinks, but there was no idea for sure what exactly there was in the things.

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"Hey, hey, hey, don't panic, a'ight? Yo' dog's gonna be fine." Saiga rose up on her feet with the bleeding dog in her arms. She didn't like this situation very much, but the guy was going berserk about the animal.

And, all at once, again, things just... died down. A lot of things just stopped. The attacks ceased. Saiga gave the gore-splattered office a gander, then a cringe.

"Hey, we should take it slow, a'ight? We get to a vet quick. But the second he's in the vets hands we need to come back and take care of everything here, m'kay? You got that?"

One fucking dog. It whined in her arms.

"We've got injured officers here, and who the hell knows what's up with all the innocent civilians outside..."

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Alex looked around as everything just stopped. Silence. No more corpses coming after them, no more fighting. No more evil it seemed. No more hellhounds trying to kill them. Nothing at all. Alex was on edge at first. It was like in the movies. Things got a lot worse before they got better. Silence was usually a sign that something bigger and badder was coming. But nothing. Not a single thing happened. Alex kept his gun ready though, just in case and listened to the chaos. He was prepared. Well, as prepared as one man could be against the supernatural.

Saiga then spoke and Alex frowned. "I respect what you're saying. But Benji is an officer here too. He probably saved a few lives because he could detect the hellhounds. I know that my comrades are injured and worse, dead. But he's just as much an officer as they are. You can just take him out to the car. I'll drive him to the vets, get myself stitched up and come back to help." He told her.

He didn't care if they didn't see Benji as an officer. He did. Benji was his partner and he was going to make sure the dog got the best care possible. He couldn't quite help with his arm anyway. So while he was at the vets, they could stitch him up too.

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Zosimos arrived via police cruiser to none other than a riot outside of the Wing City Police Department.

The sun had just set, and special accommodations had been made to facilitate the Trial of Zosimos by Wing City and the TNG. This was a hugely controversial trial. While the majority seemed to cheer and jeer for justice to be brought down on the neck of Zosimos, there were small groups of extremists who had come to support the elder vampire. A barricade had been set up to keep the crowd back, cops in riot gear staring stonily out into the crowd every few feet. Some of them were bigger and wore armor that didn't match the others- these were members of the Forces Vankoryth. Lest the allotment of the WCPD failed, they would be there to ensure Zosimos didn't escape.

The elder vampire of the Sangue di Bistreo, Zosimos, stood accused of a number of blasphemies, by a number of forces on Aslund and greater Terra. A part of this tickled Zosimos, to have all eyes on him. He didn't mind the hate. Unlike Casren, he relished it. They could hate him all they wanted. In his own mind, the vampire considered himself superior.

When Zosimos turned a member of the Van Helsing family against their will, it was applauded by many within the Vampire community. This was unfortunately after a treaty between mortals and vampires was made. Those who care about that sort of thing were mortified, upset, and called for justice. He didn't check the crowd to see if any of them were present.

As for feeding off of murders in territories under truce, who was to tell him what to do?

Last but not least, Zosimos figured it rubbed Daemala the wrong way that he was more politically strong than she. Not in this position, for certain. He was being scapegoated. There were many who advocated for the total takeover of vampires. The Masquerade was to be reimplemented was it not? Was he not simply behaving by the rules of the night?

The flashbulbs were so bright it was if the sun had made an appearance. He was lucky artificial light didn't burn his skin. With his head held high, Zosimos was ushered dragging chains by two large vampires. Back in the police cruiser, a sorceress in the front seat focused on keeping the magical weaves of suppression on Zosimos. He was to be booked, processed, and carted off to the courthouse for trial.

The mob roared as Zosimos and his escort disappeared into the Wing City Police Department.