The 6th Order

The former group seeking to wreak destruction and chaos.

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[The 6th Order]

[On Our Undying Honor]



COLORS: Black, White, and Red


Supreme Leader - Hristofor Guryev Denisovich IV (Deceased)
Grand General - Dragomir Lubomirov Sotirov
Grand General - Vít Nováček
Grand General - Devvrat Karavadra
Grand Admiral - Leonard Staszewski
Grand Admiral - Albertus Sosius
Grand Admiral - Dirk Eskes
Grand Admiral - Georg Ruutel
Admiral - Stefan Szymkowiak
Admiral - Rokus Van Der Zwaag
Admiral - Jonas McCourtney
Admiral - Simon Payne
Admiral - Semsochi
Admiral - Svartkollr Halldorsson
Admiral - Rajmund Sopko

(More to come)

Stolen Weaponry: The 6th Order has an incredible knack for raiding other cultures and taking their equipment and gear, thus utilizing it for themselves. This practice goes so far as to how their starships are created, taking the best aspects of ships they've salvaged and putting them all together. There are very few weapons that are truly originally designed by The 6th Order, however one could consider their combinations of many different culture's weapons to be unique to them.

Psychic Severance: This is a process that is inflicted upon the second class citizens of The 6th Order, using psychokinetic energy to sever their sense of self from their mind and leaving no replacement. This leaves them with a "Mindslave" which function as the working class for The 6th Order. They feel nothing, and obey without question. When someone has been turned into a Mindslave, what makes them their own person is gone, leaving a malleable husk for their new owners.

Psychic severance is also used as a form of torture, severing the target's mind from happy memories one by one, and exacerbating the most painful and depressing memories they possess. After the process is finished, the recipient is left with the memory that all of their happy and cheerful memories have been taken from them, but they have no recollection of what those memories even were.

The 6th Order's largest strengths lie in their ground troops, tactical decisions on the ground, and their complete lack of restriction when in combat. There is no hesitation in the eyes of the men of The 6th Order. Whether it is through heavy drug use or other means, their men have managed to completely disregard emotions which would hold them back in their conquest. Some men have gone through Psychic Severance specifically to have these emotions removed from them.

The naval fleets are the weakest point of The 6th Order, requiring lots of funds and using ships stolen from other sources. This isn't to say their battleships and cruisers aren't powerful, however their lack of funds gives them sub-par weaponry when dealing with enemies who have weapons which can wipe out planets easily. While this can prove problematic in some encounters, they rarely engage in all-out space combat due to the risk it poses.

Each Admiral listed in the Key Members of the Organization section possesses cruisers, Grand Admirals receiving improved cruisers and Grand Generals receiving the best of the best: cruisers which rival the strength of planet-busting enemies they must face. Admirals are usually accompanied by four battleships meant to make-up for the lack of consistent firepower in the cruiser while it unloads ships and defends itself. Grand Admirals tend to have a better armada for attacks, being accompanied by two Admirals in cruisers and twenty battleships. Finally, Grand Generals have the best defenses with the occasional Grand Admiral following them while the rest of their men get to work: their men consisting of five Admirals in cruisers, and seventy five battleships. Battleships and cruisers which are specifically outfitted to defend Grand Admirals and Grand Generals are much deadlier than the singular Admiral with his own four battleships; these specifically outfitted ships possessing improved tech, much stronger weaponry, much stronger shields, and enhanced ramming capabilities allowing each of the ships the ability to deal significant damage when colliding with enemy ships without taking the brunt of the damage. Because of this, they tend to have long and flat heads to the ship almost like a drill, giving the ships which accompany Grand Admirals and Grand Generals the title of "Drill-Class Cruisers" and "Drill-Class Battleships"


Army: 1,250,000,000+ Troops
Oceanic Navy: 20,000+ Troops
Terrestrial Air Force: 40,000+ Troops
Star Fleet Navy: 84,000,000+ Troops



Highly armored power houses, juggernauts use incredibly durable power armor to take insane amounts of physical punishment in a short span of time, yet still be healthy enough to continue a fight. Their suits have medical kits and healing reagents constantly working to heal them as well, ensuring that even if they take physical punishment they'll recover quickly.

Silence Specialist

Stealth and assassination specialists of The 6th Order, Silence Specialists are armed with DX-80 Pistols, and use a specialized form of Slack Armor that grants them stealth benefits. It's missing some of its armor pieces, making it even lighter than normal.

Standard Soldier

The standard-issue soldiers of The 6th Order. They come in many varieties, species, and ranks - but none are particularly specialized. They carry Davaab Rifles and Pistols as well as what's known as "Slack Armor", a biologically enhancing light armor that allows its wearer to move faster than normal while avoiding the invasion of their nervous systems as much as possible.


"The Alpha" Space Station

Not much is known about this space station except for its apparent existence as the personal ship owned by the Supreme Leader of The 6th Order - Hristofor Guryev Denisovich IV.

Delta Station

A giant space station which allows travel between Negus-Sol and regular Sol. It also has strange magical and other supernatural powers associated with it that The 6th Order doesn't understand and is conducting further research to better understand this device. Due to this, they have claimed ownership over the gate so as to not expose outsiders to the potential dangers of Negus-Sol.

The Core

Deep within Delta Station is an incredibly ancient and powerful crystal hooked up to the massive machine of Delta Station, powering it indefinitely and paradoxically powering the crystal as well, creating a never-ending cycle of energy. This crystal is said to be the "Paradox Box", creating many temporal and dimensional paradoxes around it. When a paradox occurs, living beings must not interact with the paradox lest they completely erase themselves from time and space as we know it. At least, this is what the research of The 6th Order has concluded. In reality, nobody knows where those who experience a paradox end up. Most believe they're lost forever, either in some alternate dimension of pure chaos or in some land of unspeakable horror.

The Event Horizon

A top secret military project being worked on by The 6th Order and recently having been finished and ready for testing, this massive starship acts as one giant weapon. Its single super-massive concentrated beam it fires is made of the purest form of magical energy - arcana. This blast bypasses the defenses of both magical and non-magical beings, starships, and entities. The blast is powerful enough to tear into a star and cause a supernova, however this is in theory only. This has only been tested on planets which it has shown to destroy effortlessly. The beam takes 1 minute to charge, and 1 minute to cool-down after firing.

Tactical Command Cruisers

Tactical command carriers are the most expertly built of the starships in The 6th Order's Navy, the ship is built with a single bridge in the center while the twin engines roar to life. The engines of TCCs use 10.5 Gigaton of yield in each of the 8 engines, powered by a nuclear reactor. The shields of this ship are incredibly powerful, enough to withstand a ram from a ship as large as the TCC (16.1 km). Weapons of the TCC include various plasma launchers, 15 or so heavy laser cannons, and hundreds of light laser cannons. Each Grand Admiral is issued a personal TCC.

Damnation-Class Cruiser

Cruisers meant to blot out the sun with their intimidating appearance and overall titanic form, these cruisers support four incredibly powerful weapons: twin graviton press guns, and twin microwave beams. The graviton press guns act similar to the Graviton-Class Allegiance Battlecruiser Hybrid's gun, however it increases the gravity to such a damaging degree that those who aren't able to function in high gravity collapse as they are pressed to the floor by the now extreme artificial gravity. The microwave beams act as a tormenting device, increasing the internet heat within the ship it hits. This can lead to engine failure due to the coolant engines being afflicted, and can lead to spontaneous immolation of crew members on-board.

Blitz-Class Cruiser

Often formed of Marines, a Blitz-Class Cruiser is outfitted with millions of IF-SF Starfighters with their weapons removed and the only power being directed to the shields and the engine - thus allowing for the marine to shoot towards the enemies' ship to board them. The cruiser itself is compact and unlike TCCs they're used more for front-line fighting similar to an EFSF Battleship. Rather than having one single and powerful weapon, the Blitz-Class Cruiser elects for thousands of light laser cannons. Though they don't do much damage individually, a swarm of laser fire will ward off most foes. These ships are built of hardened materials to prevent being rammed and shot with kinetic weaponry, though this ship cannot be used for ramming or else it'll break the durability of their armor and become susceptible to enemy ramming and kinetic projectiles.

Ardent-Class Cruiser

Serving as specialized stealth/transport ships, Ardent-Class Cruisers have a universal cloak surrounding them that jams technological scanners and makes them invisible to the naked eye. The only way to see the cruiser is through heat signatures or lifeform detection readers, revealing the various lifeforms aboard. Once spotted, an Ardent-Class Cruiser has one of two tactical options. Making a jump immediately to a safe location, or trying to 'power through' the opponent's ship with a short jump. The latter option involves an incredibly risky tactic where the Ardent-Class Cruiser makes a short distance jump and tries to land itself within the opposing ship. In doing this, they risk splitting both ships apart and leaving only the starfighters of the Ardent-Class Cruiser to flee and report the mission a failure. These ships, when they go unspotted, are often used to track down enemies of The 6th Order, or as a means to take the enemy by surprise before battle.

Guardian-Class Cruiser

Heavily armored and heavily shielded to the nines, Guardian-Class Cruisers are juggernauts of space combat. They can take immense punishment by being able to withstand multiple nuclear blasts to their hulls and rams from ships ten times their size. Despite this horrendous vitality, Guardian-Class Cruisers have only one means of attack with a Heavy Laser Cannon docked on the top of the ship. This cannon has been modified to deal no damage to a ship's hull, but instead the laser has been modified to disable shields and technologies similar to an EMP. Thus, the beam fired is no longer a laser but instead a concentrated EMP beam. This is used to open the enemy ship up for attacks from battleships and the likes.

EFSF Battleship

EFSF Battleships are the most common of the battleships employed by The 6th Order, at 7.5 km in length these battleships find their primary use as defenders of TCCs and the leaders of smaller crews. The engines of EFSF Battleships use 5 Gigaton of yield in each of their 5 reactors. The shields of this ship are made to withstand rams from ships of their size (7.5 km) or smaller. The weapons of an EFSF include twin plasma launchers, and around 25 light laser cannons. Each Admiral is issued a personal EFSF Battleship.

Singularity-Class Battlecruiser Hybrid

These immense ships are outfitted with some of the best weaponry The 6th Order has for their starships. With thousands of light laser cannons, hundreds of heavy plasma cannons, and a single "Radiation Beam", these ships are a force to be reckoned with. Their signature "Radiation Beam" concentrates gamma radiation into a single beam that's fired upon a ship. Doing this shuts the ship's power off for 1 minute, and thus is only done when a hit is assured.

Graviton-Class Allegiance Battlecruiser Hybrid

Support ships with a single gravity launcher. This gravity-launcher unleashes small bead that, upon hitting a ship, increases the artificial gravity system within the ship. In a sense, this weapon acts more like a hacking system that's fired through the barrel of a gun, however it acts as much more than that. If it hits solid matter that isn't a starship (or it hits a shield), it begins sucking everything within 3 km closer to it, disorienting ships. It doesn't do any harm, however its use is to startle ship captains and shake the morale of crew while they float helplessly.

Mindfuck-Class Psi-Battlecruiser Hybrid

Incredibly specialized, these Psychically charged ships are dominated by psychically active people whose minds have been altered through psychic severance, making them mind slaves which do one thing: obey. These ships have a long-distance teleporter for closing the distance in combat due to their psychic influence having such short range. Being within 6 km of the ship induces hallucinations, paranoia, and dementia in non-psychics. This is used to confuse gunners and pilots into crashing, shooting their own men, and so on. Some manage to land hits on 6th Order ships despite this, but this is usually relegated to a select few a ship that's been afflicted with this. In addition, some ships are able to spread an incredibly deadly mental disorder known as Mind Reaving which sees the afflicted person's brain work in overdrive 24/7, constantly fatiguing them and leaving them with little energy to think or act. This mental disorder is curable, though it leaves its scars in the form of a psychosis that's similar to a drug flashback.

IF-SF Starfighters

IF-SF Starfighters are among the simplest of The 6th Order's ships, they contain pieces scrapped together from various other starfighters they've defeated in the past. The engines of these starfighters are made with plasma reactors, the same plasma reactor being used to fuel the shield that surrounds them and the single light plasma cannon outfitted on the starfighter along with its twin light laser cannons. Due to the output of the plasma reactor being spread thin, these starfighters are recommended not to stray too far from their command cruisers when in battle so they can restock and rejoin the battle. If they are being used as scout ships, the weapons will be disabled to direct full energy into the engines making them last twice as long as a typical starfighter and travelling twice as fast.

Tactical Starfighters

Advanced versions of the IF-SF Starfighters though much less being produced due to their difficulty to control, Tactical Starfighters are used for largely the same purposes though the energy split between the engine, weapons, and shield isn't present. Instead, three different power sources are used on the ship leading to less strain on the plasma battery. To offset this, the ship requires an expert pilot to maneuver properly and control. Only Ace Pilots are allowed to test and potentially use these tools of warfare.

A note on shields: Shield technology is the highest quality craft of The 6th Order due to ships often being used to ram, crash, and suicide bomb into other ships. Due to this, high-end shields softens the blow for the ship and can reflect damage back outwards if the damage being dealt is relatively small. This ensures pilots and entire battleships aren't destroyed in space battle, since some starfighters and even battlecruisers are sloppily put together with mismatched tech, to a point that without the shields even firefights within the ship could puncture holes in the hull and expose everyone to space. It is rare that a battleship is made this flimsily, and those that are will likely be used to detonate within the enemies' line for a final hoorah against the enemy.


Sun Cannon

The 6th Order's most powerful ground-tank when it comes to sheer firepower, the aptly named "Sun Cannon" shoots molten rocks which radiate light like the sun, and are hot enough to disintegrate upon touch. These weapons have a limited supply of these "Sun Rocks", with each cannon ending up with 10. These are typically used for bombardment of buildings and encampments before foot soldiers and smaller tanks storm what's left.

Kuro-Class Medium Tank

Tanks mounted with a single heavy laser cannon and two smaller laser machine rifles. These tanks are used for various missions that both light and heavy tanks are needed in. Though not as effective in either area, they are able to adapt easily to take on many missions.

Pocket-Class Light Tank

The smallest of The 6th Order's tanks, the Pocket-Class Light Tank uses a single light laser cannon, and is mostly used as a supplement for armored vehicles. Pocket-Class Light Tanks are able to support up to 3 crew members.

Toppler-Class Heavy Tank

Named for their ability to topple buildings due to their rocket launcher attachment and single concentrated laser cannon which fires a continuous beam for 5 seconds, these heavy tanks are used to demolish enemy buildings and vehicles.

Adjudicator-Class Transport Tank

More of a moving fortress than a true tank, these function as mobile bases that double as powerful fortresses from enemy attacks. One of these transport tanks can hold up to 100,000 troops.

Heavy Duty Power Suit

Classified as a vehicle despite it being power armor, its massive bulk makes it a walking fortress on two legs. These power suits function as heavily armored space suits with a laser gatling gun attachment on the shoulder that fires effortlessly due to their being almost no kick back.

Low-Altitude Land Carrier

Used to carry various vehicles from a star cruiser and down to the surface of a planet, this Land Carrier houses many different types of land and air vehicles.


AVT-60 Microwave Rifle

A rifle outfitted with a power pack and the capability to harm living beings, this rifle was built as a torture device as opposed to a firearm to be used in combat, however these rifles proved to be so effective in causing immense pain (and thus, hesitation) that they are used in the battlefield as a means to stop an enemy in their tracks, opening them up for attacks from other units.

D-80 "Davaab" Pistol

The designs of these pistols vary and often reflect the designs of kinetic firearms, Davaab Pistols fire bolts surrounded by plasma and thus in a way makes them a hybrid of a kinetic and energy firearm. There are three settings to the pistols: bolt, plasma, and plasma bolt. The standard setting is plasma bolt, however just selecting bolt negates the plasma surrounding it and makes it purely kinetic while selecting plasma gets rid of the bolt, expending some of the pistol's internal battery to only fire a small ball of plasma.

YE-20 "Davaab" Rifle

Like the "Davaab Pistols", these rifles vary in design to match kinetic firearms and are similarly bolt/plasma hybrids. They have similar settings as well, however the Davaab Rifle has more that the Davaab Pistol does not have. Being able to serve as both a sniper rifle and a light machine gun, the firearm has three other settings: single, semi, and auto.

DX-80 "Punisher" Pistol

Stealth pistols that have a built-in suppressor. They are kinetic weapons, but can't be set to an automatic mode.

BT-XT "One Shot" Sniper

Sniper rifles that follow an unusual format for their ammunition. Though the Davaab Rifle works as the standard laser/plasma/kinetic sniper, the "One Shot" uses magical cartridges infused with a powerful and condensed energy. This energy, upon hitting its target, directly assaults the mind with psychokinetic force and seeks to render its target brain dead. This energy works like a parasite and the closer to the head the rifle hits, the faster it works. If the limb that was hit is cut off within minutes, the parasite won't spread to the brain.

E1-N1 "Gore Scatter" Shotgun

Outfitted and used for severing limbs through high-impact rounds, the slugs shot out by a "Gore Scatter" have enough kinetic energy behind it to tear the arms and legs off of even heavily armored foes. After hitting the armor, the round will let out a small pulse of electricity to try and electrocute the foe it just hit if they're still close. This is before it even manages to reach the ground, and all happens with in a split second of each other.



At War


Originally hailing from the planet of Negus-Terra within Negus-Sol, a contingency group of rebels broke off from Negus-Terra's dictatorship which tried to rule over the planet with an iron fist. Unstable much like space beyond the planet, with The 6th Order's original founding members being from their chaotic homeworld they learned to adapt to the chaos. To persevere. They succeeded where many couldn't, and through much effort and a lady luck by their side they escaped Negus-Sol with their men still alive. Forming "The 6th Order" not too long after, Hristofor sought to eradicate all tyrants from the Multiverse. Man and God alike, if they were a tyrant he would show them his unending wrath...

After "The 6th Order" parted from Negus-Terra, it fell into chaos. An unknown temporal anomaly caused a red storm of unknown horror to be unleashed upon the planet. With this,
many were killed and those who survived had to try to make do on the streets. Lava flowed from deep within pits in the ground that burned all who were unfortunate enough to fall in,
and an unending storm of red electricity shoots out from the sky. Each 'electric jolt' causes a paradox, slowly and gradually whittling the planet down one strike at a time. Not every strike leads in people completely disappearing with some causing people to appear in walls incredibly malformed and not even resembling what they were formerly. Other such horrific examples include suffocating on land as if they were in the ocean, and inverting their flesh while keeping them wholly alive.

Those unfortunate enough to end up in Negus-Terra find their odds of survival drastically decreasing day by day...

So begins...

The 6th Order's Story


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The black and gray ship traveled through light speed at a steady pace. Three men sat at the cockpit station; the pilot, the co-pilot, and the engineer. They drove a ship meant to be masked as an Aschen trade ship in case the plan went horribly wrong...and there were many ways it could go wrong.

The pilot, Richter, looked down to the display panel of his ship as his captain on the other side spoke with him.

"With your sacrifice, we'll put them in a state of disarray. They'll be weak." The captain spoke, his monotone voice was chilling, almost robotic. He wore the standard armor used in the 6th Order, save that the yellow sections were instead painted a deep maroon color to signify his rank.

Richter nodded his head, pulling out a small amulet from his shirt and taking a deep breath as he held it. The amulet was a strange circular design with many grooves in it, the grooves making out to be a letter of a long lost language. "For Harashaz!" He shouted, the copilot and their engineer cheering in tandem with Richter, roaring out for this 'Harashaz' figure.

"Aim for the tallest building." The captain said once more, lifting his head and saluting the men. "Your sacrifice will be honored and celebrated among our men. We shall forever remember you, Richter."

As the men shifted the lever to come out from light speed, they were just entering the planet's atmosphere. The goal was to get past any blockade which may be forming coming in at full force in light speed. If they crashed into a carrier above the planet, however, they could potentially destroy even more below. More bang for their buck. As the men came careening down towards the surface of the planet, Richter steered the vessel to aim it for the tallest building in their vicinity.

As his vessel flew faster, he closed his eyes. "For Harashaz."


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The blast of the plasma cannon beams and the other energy weapons hit, splitting the cargo vessel into two. The flames inside the vessel killed the inhabitants. Richter, his co-pilot, and the engineer. All were roasted alive by the flames of the vessel. The engineer's burnt body escaped the new hole in the ship as it split apart.

The rear half of the vessel partly disintegrated, having taken the brunt of the damage, however small pieces of the vessel around the size of washing machines rained down from the sky. The front of the vessel remained in one piece after the vehicle was not only disabled, but broken. It careened towards one of the Aschen buildings: if it was able to make contact, it'd only take out half of the building (which is less damage than it'd deal as a full ship), however any damage it could deal could potentially be catastrophic for those around.

All that was left was for gravity to take its toll.


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#, as written by Saarai
"Here!" Yates shouted, pinning the down soldier that was following him. "He's a traitor!" He screamed for any and all responding to hear. There was a decent amount of debris falling around him, the bomb causing damage to the building's structural integrity.

Maybe no one was coming, maybe the other explosions had made the IDF more cautious. Yates was distracted by his thoughts, long enough for the other soldier to break free and throw a hard punch at his face.

The two wrestled each other, both reaching for Yates' sidearm. And then three shots rang out, echoing through the building.

"He's there! I was following him!" The soldier shouted as he ran out of the building looking for anyone that was helpful, he covered his right eye with one hand as blood dripped from beneath his palm.

The soldier didn't waste time heading towards a truck loading up the dead, "I can help." He said, slipping an eyepatch from his pocket and carefully putting it on over his eye. "You should get medical attention." A soldier told him, "I'm fine. Nothing I can't handle."

"Make yourself useful, pack these in, I've got more."

The soldier nodded, doing as he was told. At least at first. It didn't take long for him to climb in with the bodies, hiding himself beneath any piece of dead flesh and charred bone he could find until he was gone.

It took a long time, but eventually the truck was moving and was leaving the base. That meant he wasn't seen, that was good. The only con was the fact that he couldn't see the outside world. He didn't want to get out and end up in the middle of a platoon in the city.

He had a better idea. A dumb idea, but better. The soldier carefully removed himself from the dead, glancing out to see the city passing him by. He drew the gun he had used to kill 'Yates', creeping up behind the truck's driver to fire a shot right into his neck.

The truck spiraled out control, eventually coming to crash into a few cars on the street. This was perfect.

The soldier was quick to take advantage, feigning a more serious injury and jumping out of the truck. "Get help!" He called out, opting to make his way into one of the buildings. An apartment complex, a soldier looking for help after a crash wasn't very suspicious.

Not yet, at least. It was time for the soldier to disappear.

He climbed the staircase up, waiting until he was about three stories up to stop. He headed into the apartment's third floor hallway, scanning the rooms as he passed them by. And then suddenly he threw his shoulder into a door, throwing it off it's hinges completely.

Inside were a couple, a man and a woman. "I'm sorry." He said to them, drawing a knife from his other pocket. It was slightly bloodied, it had probably cut him in the crash.

He descended on the couple quickly, barely unable to muffle the sounds they made.


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A single flash of white hot pain was all Red felt. The beam split through his armor, his body, melting and boiling everything. A hair of a second after the impact he looked down, catching the tail end of the pink energy as it exited his chest. He didn't even have time to process it, really. The massive spike in internal temperature had nearly cooked his heart, and his body willing shut down. Truth be told it was amazing he stayed conscious long enough to feel the pain, let alone see the bolt.

He might be a human, but he wasn't The Red Switch for nothing.

His limp body toppled forward, colliding with the ground with a solid thud. How could he have known? They tried to plan for everything, but you can only factor so many things, so quickly. The IDF deployed full military hardware that was seemingly invincible within minutes. They prioritized one lone shooter over a base blowing up. Somehow, despite the entire laws of physics, they survived implosion detonations like it was nothing.

How could he have known?

He drifted off in to a sort of dream as his body lay dying. He was alone in a room, the lights were off, and everything felt wrong. He tried to move, but it felt like thick syrup kept him pinned, he tried to shout, but liquid filled his lungs. He was drowning, and started to feel like he was falling. It seemed like it went on forever, but eventually he felt his body impacting with something solid. Something metal. He could feel the heat in his body again, the pain from the blast. He looked up, scanning the darkness for something, anything.

What he saw startled him. A face, distant, and brightly illuminated. A face he knew better than any. Lochlyn's.

It spoke softly, almost caringly. It was hard to make out at first, but eventually Red pieced the words together.

"You know what to do."

With that everything went black, his consciousness fading too far to even dream anymore; because in reality as he lay there on Molecay, his heart stopped. Assuming the Aschen medics could patch him up, and wake him, they'd be in for one hell of a rough ride. They had no way of knowing it, not even from the scars he bared, but he'd been through worse than anything they could inflict on him. They'd get nothing, and all he had to do as wait for The Hessian.


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Erin watched in silence as the sniper in the VTOL Took his shot, the searing white hot beam of particle beam energy coursed across the gap between the sniper and Red.

There was a slight crack, with the rapid expansion of air from the thermal energy of the beam as it superheated the air immediately around it.

Erin's face remained stone cold as Red fell forward, hitting the pavement with an audible thunk, it was at that moment she sent a mental command to her suit. It started with a hiss, and the visor split up into three sections, two retracting into either side of the helmet, and the third retracting into the top to expose her pale face, framed by wispy strands of dark hair.

Her eyes moved over to what was left of the house, blood and viscera covered the debris strewn about the foundation. Though the men tried for cover behind earthen retaining walls, the nature of the implosion meant there was no escape. The bodies were mangled and torn asunder.

Erin looked up, several armored SWAT vans were coming down the street, but her objective for now was accomplished. She managed to neutralize one of the insurgents.

Looking up to the VTOL, it was slowly beginning it's descent, Erin chimed back into the Reverence II that was now looming above the skyline.

"This is CPF Crisis Response, I've apprehended one of the insurgents." She said aloud as she slowly walked across the pavement towards where Red was laying.

"Hold back let me clear him of explosives." She said into the comm link as the VTOL slowly began to land, and she slowly started to walk towards where Red was down. Erin's footsteps were slow and methodical as she approached, the visor snapped shut, and the helmet of her combat skin pressurized.

Shields flared slightly, and a mental command signaled her Blink packs, which initiated their charging sequences.

Her mind considered many of the possibilities, who was this man?Was he a rebel insurgent? He seemed to plan for nearly everything the Empire threw at him, had the shooting of those IDF men not been reported, it was very likely whoever this man was would have never been found.

Erin slowly closed her fists, and then knelt on one knee beside Red, She let her hands run across him, checking for hidden weapons and explosives, while keeping her visor tuned with his life signs.

Tactile sensors on her suit's gloves fed sensory information directly back to her brain, and she moved to disarm him, any weapons, ammunition, and extra explosives were likely pulled from his body, and should he not resist, or the explosives not detonate, they would all be set aside out of reach.

Erin then moved to carefully attempt to roll him onto his back, attempting to undo the straps on the armored chestplate and remove it, if successful, it would be tossed back with the rest of his equipment, which would be confiscated and studied.

This would enable the medics to get access to his wound, if everything was deemed safe, Erin would hold up her hand, and one thumbs up.

She opted to stay close by however, as a trio of trauma medics moved from the back of the Condor VTOL and began to rush towards Red with medical supplies in hand, while Erin was carefully watching his vital signs.

Moving quickly, the Medics moved to inject a biofoam like substance into the chest cavity, this nanotechnology infused material would begin working quickly to repair and stabilize the tissues that were damaged.

The medics would also attempt to move him onto a stretcher, while hooking up IVs, which contained a nanite compound and a mild sedative, this nanite compound was designed to assist the body's natural healing processes.

If successful, the medics would load Red onto the stretcher, pick him up, strapping his arms and legs to the stretcher, before hauling him into the back of the VTOL. With the arrival of more reinforcements, Erin turned and ordered the gear be loaded into a crate, where it could be taken into one of the armored trucks, and shipped to wherever the IIA Deemed necessary.

Once everything was secure, and Erin was aboard the VTOL, it lifted off, Red would likely be stabilized for now, and treated further once in IIA Custody.

However the Molecay authorities were aware there was now more than one insurgent, with the bombings at the IDF Garrison facility, and the bombings in a nearby neighborhood, the jaws would eventually snap shut on the Hessian as well.

The wrecked truck didn't go long until it was reported to the Central Protection Force and Local Police, and while the Hessian was holed up in the apartment complex, several armored SWAT APCs, Local police cars, and MPs from the IDF garrison were en-route.

Every anomaly was checked, and a wrecked morgue truck was no exception.

They surrounded and locked down the neighborhood, as per procedure when a lockdown was initiated.

While everything was going down, someone, somewhere was going over the surveillance footage from the base immediately prior to the detonation of the implosive devices.

Inside an office aboard the Reverence II looming over the city, a set of eyes was quietly going over the surveillance footage from the base. Several different camera angles, plus the visuals from the tactical AI feed were being analyzed.

While the Hessian was hiding in the apartment complex, the IIA were getting involved, silently watching, going over, and analyzing the surveillance footage.


More first responders were dispatched to the site of the crash caused by the 6th order vessel, entire city blocks were demolished by the remnants of the starship, as the Reverence II was unable to destroy the entire vessel.

Smoke and flame plumed up from the crash site, sirens echoed through the cityscape.

Molecay City was slowly turning into a war zone.


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#, as written by Saarai
The Hessian glanced out of a window into the city, that ship crashing down complicated things. But, it also meant that the IDF and CPF were going to spread much more thin than if they were just dealing with him and Red. That made things easier, yet at the sane time harder.

He had changed out of the soldier garb, instead putting on a suit. It was mostly clean, only the blood from where'd grabbed it was present.

The Hessian made his way out of the room, glancing back at the couple he had killed. It was a gruesome scene, but he'd staged it took look like they had fought each other. Rebels trying to tie up loose ends, or maybe they had discovered the other wasn't who they said they were.

As long as the CPF felt they had closed the case, or at least part or it, worked for him. Leaving the uniform in a burning trashcan probably helped with that.

He headed back to the staircase. One floor up, the apartment right above the other room. He picked the lock and was quick to call down to the lobby and report the commotion.

No jaws were snapping down on him any time soon. The Hessian covered his trail like the consummate professional he was. And soon enough he would be off-planet.


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Pain was the first thing Red noticed. A dull, but throbbing ache inside his chest, it was like an extreme bruise, but worse. The smell of singed flesh was stuck in his nose, his sense of time was missing. He reached a gloved hand up to his left breast, nanoweave material allowing him to feel the armor as if it was his bare hand tracing along it. He didn't know what he was looking for, but when his fingers trailed over two jagged lines, he pieced it together.

Disruptor shots. Two of them by the feel of it.

Instantly his mind began wracking through his memories, searching for any relevant data. He jumped to the last thing he remembered, walking out of the house cloaked, and then pain. Definitely a shot from an Aschen weapon, but one that should've killed him. His fingers traced along the rough ridges were the armor had been split apart, and then melted together, his mind swimming. That explained one of the gashes, but where did the other shot come from?

He was coming up blank, and it was letting panic take hold.

That was when his training kicked in, eyes instantly snapping open, but instead of seeing his environment, he only saw black. His helmet was off for some reason, totally shut down. He moved a little, the HUD starting back up thanks to his consciousness. "Strange..", he thought as boot sequences flashed in front of his eyes. "Being unconscious like that might kick in sleep mode, but no-" his thoughts stopped dead as the Clock feature loaded in.

Five hours. Somehow there was five hours between his last memory, and now. A complete black gap.

He shot up with a groan as his visor started giving him multi-spectrum feed. Quick glances showed he was in house, much like the one he demolished. It was pitch dark, and quick sweeps revealed he was alone. "None of this makes sense..", his voice cracked, and lips splintered, he was completely dehydrated. His suits life support functions must've been knocked out, but the only way that could happen was if...

He instinctively reached to his hip for his sidearm, but the holster was empty. His eyes darted around frantically for any kind of weapon he could find, but it was a waste of time. Nothing but furniture. A shiv at best. This was bad, as bad as bad could be. He'd been shot somehow, twice, and taken out of his suit. Somebody had patched him up, too. It painted a pretty quick, and pretty clear picture.

He'd been captured. He just didn't know how, or why exactly, or what they did to him.

None of that mattered this second, though. He pushed himself off the couch he'd been laying on, noticing there wasn't a spec of blood on it. He'd been patched up before he hit, probably dumped here long after the fact. Part of him wanted to reach out to his partner, but he was smarter than that. You don't release a dangerous captive for no reason. He had to assume they were watching, listening, waiting.

He just couldn't make it obvious he was aware of it.

He opened up a comm channel quickly, one that was "secure" on the outside, but he new every Aschen military scanner would pick it up in a few minutes.

"This is Switch Five, I repeat, this is Switch Five. Topside, and Greenlight, requesting all op parties respond." No doubt The Hessian would pick this message up, and being the genius he was he'd decode it in seconds. Right now he was still telling "them" he was alive, and trying to instill the notion that there was a lot of people working with him. "Be advised, Gorillas in Wing City.", hostiles would be on him shortly. "Need immediate evac visa-vi Dangerclose.", stay the hell away. "When can I expect the cavalry?", dear god Hessian, do not respond yourself. "I repeat, Dangerclose evac, mission is still a go.", MAYDAY.

The setting changes from molecay to The Aurora


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Floating in the aurora, one of the flagships cobbled together by the 6th Order. The parts from the ship came from many different nation ships salvaged and placed together. Though it looked crude, the ship was sturdy and the creator did have some knowledge of putting it together, or else it wouldn't remain in space as it does now.

Inside the ship, a high ranking commander "Ackyas Rishon" stood overlooking the window to his room. Outside, he watched two smaller fighter ships circling the larger flagship in order to defend it. The two newbie pilots had been given the smallest and least expensive of ships available to test in, these fighters barely escaping the category of "escape pods". Looking down from the training, he traced his finger over a datapad, letting two other flagships know that the place is suitable to set up a station, and that it didn't look like anyone was active around these parts of space.

Soon, they'd assimilate all, and humans will reign across the stars.

The setting changes from the-aurora to Space


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In the vast reaches of space, one of the command vessels for The 6th Order was flying slowly and steadily. The flagship of Admiral Stefan known as "The Enforcer's Hand" was painted a deep and dark purple, making it almost blend into the blackness of space when viewed from the right angles. It commanded a vast presence among the stars with many smaller purple fighters following it.

Admiral Stefan had his hands folded behind his back, standing from the command bridge with his cold and hard eyes. He had been out recruiting various extremists into his organization. Human supremacists, nihilists, and all manners of fuckers who want to further their cause. Stefan had his own reasons for joining. The 6th Order paid well, which helped with hiring mercenaries. Admirals especially received a good chunk of money due to their high standing and the fact that their surviveability is not expected. Grand Admirals were the ones in the top class ships...but, he had to first prove himself as an Admiral and a tactician before he can be rewarded.

They had a duty though...find ships, and board them. Kill their Admiral or Captain, and brainwash the men and women into joining their cause. After all, they needed more mindslaves for their less savory work...


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Holy Terra Orbit
"Unknown fleet deleted within Segmentim Solar. All forces are on code red, inner sancurary at risk. All forces by the grace of the Golden Throne move forward." An automated voice sounded on every single defence platform there was. Long range orbital stations powered up weapons, Imperial Navy ships began to move their way to the hostile fleet along with the Imperial Fists Space Marines.

"Attention unknown vessel, this is Captain Orius of the Imperial Fists. You are trespassing the Holy territory of The Imperium Of Man. This area is off limits, turn around or you shall feel the fire of extermination. You have only a few seconds to comply." The marines contacted the ship as they powered up Void Shields and began to activate firing rites.


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"This is Admiral Stefan of The 6th Order." He replied in response to the message from Captain Orius. The voice of Admiral Stefan dripped with venom, a distinctly harsh Polish-like accent accompanied his words. "I look forward to seeing you try."

With that all 10 of the starfighters that surrounded the capital ship began to break away and move to focus their thrusters into the maximum speed they could go. Half were aimed at one of the enemies' capital ships, the other half were going for the other capital ship. These starfighters weren't armed with weapons, because their weapon was their speed. They moved faster than any other starfighters in The 6th Order's fleet, and their main weapon? Crashing into ships. This was done to weaken the enemy ship or its shield, or outright destroy it sometimes. The pilots inside the starfighters were all mindslaves, and thus were expendable.

"All men, prepare for battlestations!" Rang out over the intercom as ships began pouring out from the capital ship, these ones were much larger than the suicide fighters and had weaponry equipped. These ships set up a defensive formation around their capital ship while bombers began to come out, readying to make bombing runs against the enemies' ship.


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The Orbital Platforms aimed their massive ship destroying weapons at the enemy fleet. They were entire sectors away however they covered the entire territory of the Imperium. Massive ballistic shells were fired from far away, the enemy fleet would never knew it was fired until a shell directly impacted enemy ships shattering their shields nearly instantly and severely damaging the ship under them.

For the entire Battlefleet, as the suicide ships charged right at them, all smaller anti-fighter weaponry opened up. Walls of gunfire began to fire at the smaller ships with enough shots to ensure even at their vast speed they would have been hit by the vast amount of firepower. Of course even with the wall of firepower the enemy ships passed righ through the Void Shielding and rammed the capital ships damaging weaponry, engines or whatever targets they were going for.

Macro batteries and Prow lances opened fire at the enemy ships. Torpedoes were launched along with contingents of Thunderhawk fighters and Imperial Navy fighters. They also unleashed their own contingent of bombers which escorted by fighters made their way to the enemy fleet.

Being near the heart of the Imperium word got out fast. Small fleet she from all around the Imperium from every space marine Chapter was now beginning warp travel. They would arrive in time however the enemy did not know this. The enemy fleet soon encountered more orbital platforms, blasting down their ships one at a time from a vastly longer distance making it almost impossible to judge its location or how far it actually was.


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Many of the suicide ships were pelted by the vast amount of firepower directed at them. The pilots inside were soon killed, the few who took hits from the energy blasts were blown to pieces as their shrapnel continued their course for the ship and doing significantly less damage to the capital ships while the ones only pelted by kinetic attacks were sent into the ships. The ships would explode on impact, debris and the remains of the pilots now floating about in space.

The capital ship would wait until all of their ships had been deployed; bombers, fighters, and the suicide fighters. Each of the three classes of starship began to disperse and began heading towards the two capital ships. Meanwhile, The Enforcer's Hand turned its hull to face elsewhere. A very large power surge would be detected from the ship, indicating it was getting ready to make a jump to another system.

The smaller starships while on their way to the capital ship stopped to deal with the fighters which were seeking out their own ships, intending to block their way over to the large ship while it was readying to escape. For what purpose? Who knew, though it was almost like an uncharacteristic pang of cowardice.


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"Enemy energy output increasing, enemy is preparing emergency jump. Engaging immediately." One battleship reported as it charged something up, the ship suddenly 'blinked' in a sense. Doing a micro-jump manuvere it had blinked right next to the Enforcers Hand and powered all engines. "Show no mercy! None shall escape the wrath of the righteous!" The captain of she ship yelled as the ship was about to make a full frontal ran against the enemy ship.

All Imperial ships focused on the enemy Capital ship letting the contingent of fighters and personal defence weaponry take them out. They fired everything. Heavy deck broadsides, frontal mounted heavy prow Lance batteries. Top mounted Lan de batteries. Prow mounted deck cannon. And the Imperial Navy capital ship prepared to fire a Nova Cannon.


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The tunnel of Hyperspce broke only by flashing light had taken her complete attention. Vinh stood before the kleerplas windscreen as reports came in from every station. Calm she was as she stood with her hands clasped behind her back. Finally a calm voice broke in on her thoughts on the Force. "Ma'am, we are receiving a hail from the Sixth Order. It seems one of their attack plans has failed, they require aid, and quickly."

"What planet ?" Came the question

"A planet called..... Terra" Vinh growled at the name, her Master, Emperor Mor had rescued her from there long ago. Why wouldf the 6th Order go there ?

"Aid they shall have" Vinh replied, before barking out, her voice echoing across the ship's bridge "Inform the fleet, 6th Order ships are friendlies, everything else is fair game. Drop from Hyperspace on my mark!" A moment passed and she barked out, "mark!"

The tunnel of light changed briefly to starlines which faded into stars and a Planet suddenly appeared surrpounded by starships. the 38Km vessels appearing from nowhere without even hint of entry into the system opened fire as soon as they appeared. From the prow of the nearest vessel to the 6th Order captial ship a beam of green energy lanced out. using only a quarter of the reactor power, the beam was still deadly. seven focusing lenses allowed the beam to focus on a target.

Within a heartbeat the target was vaproised in light. Whatever was there, an orbital defense platfor, was gone. And already the massive ship was targeting another enemy, this one a ship. "Open a hail to the 6th Order vessel. Flight Group Gray Water, you are cleared for covering of 6th Order vessel." an order came across the PA systems to the strange fleet, massive wedgeship vessels out of nowhere. Paking energy of unknown type, destructive weaponry for sure

Vinh herself went to a side room and opened a private channel. She recognised the lone capital ship. "Admiral Stefan, this is Lord Vinh. Do you require aid ?" The massive ships floqated in space began moving in strange formation, their shields absorbing the incoming fire and began to provide covering fire for the 6th order ship.

She took in the battleplan, this polanet so insigneficant, useless even, she was briefly a prisoner on it. All the more reason to blow it to ash. She waited for Stefans answer. He'd maske a good Star Destoyer commander. One of the massive greyblue ships fired its primary weapon, the green beam of energy focused on a ship. Within a heartbeat it exploded as the beam stabbed into it. The dozen Super Star Destoryers picked their targets at random, if they were using their full power, they'd have destroyed dozens in one shot alone. But no, she wanted to see how her fleet could do with picking and chosing, and such a small output of power.


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The capital ship hadn't been attacked until just now, the blue-gray shields absorbing the blasts of energy while the kinetic weaponry dissipated. Despite this, the shields remained up for the time being. They hadn't been brought over their limit just yet, and their technicians were working to keep the shields up. The power surge in the engines was halted however as the new capital ships began to show themselves. And then, the private channel opened to Stefan who would accept this private channel.

"This is Admiral Stefan of The Enforcer's Hand. My men sent out a distress signal with the intent to call our own troops, but your help is graciously welcomed Lord Vinh. We intend to capture one of those capital ships if at all possible. Otherwise, destroy them."

Not too long after the Super Star Destroyers arrived, two more 6th Order capital ships (16.1 km) arrived with the full entourage of four EFSF battleships (7.5 km) they had scavenged and repaired with their own tech.

The battleships and capital ships were accompanied by many more starfighters which began to engage the Imperial ships. In the midst of this, the two other capital ship announced their presence to not only Admiral Stefan but to the Sith Lord's fleet in order to show their alliance.

"This is Grand Admiral Leonard of The 6th Order." The gold-tinted capital ship announced. Following behind was the gray-tinted ship. "And this is Admiral Rajmund. We're here to help!"

Just as the two ships made their entrances and began to assist, one of the Imperial battleships was doing a ram maneuver, one favored by many in The 6th Order. "Power all shields to that battleship! Relocate energy from the engines to our shield generators!" Stefan barked down to the technicians on the lower levels, their own ship shaking as it felt the brunt of the hit. "Goddammit men! Relocate half of the energy from the shields instead, direct it to the weapons systems. Artillery men, be prepared to fire!" Not too long after, the artillery men began to fire blunted harpoon-like objects at the enemy battleship that had rammed them, intent on pushing them back and away from their own ship.


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"More enemy signatures detected in the star system. Planetary class weapons detected! Warn all Brothers! Holy Terra is in danger! Arm all weapon systems! All ships remain stationary and prepare Vortex Warheads and perform Nova Cannon firing rites. This is a massive emergency." On the Vox for every last Imperial soldier was going out.

More warp signatures this time were detected and hundreds of Imperial ships with all power to weapons and Void shields arrived. They all bore different colors and ship patterns. "Focus orbital platforms on the new ships, all power to weapon batteries! We will not let these blasted hostiles dare even put a mark on this Holy Planet!"

For the battleship that had rammed the enemy capital ship, they were hit by projectiles that began to force the ship away from it.

"This will not stand! How dare they attempt to deface the Emperors home! We will exterminate them all!"

Vox chatter was happening everywhere. Orders were coming in at efficient speeds, with the threat of planetary destruction these holy warriors were now focused, and ready for vengeance.


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Vinh didnt even smile as the holo appeared to have two more men on it. perfect, all the more fun! "Admirals" She merely said, giving no heed to the exact ranking between the two. She then turned from the holo table and nodded to the nearby Droid commander to the unasked question, it was time for her to enter the fray.

Upon returning to the bridge of her massive ship she saw a huge Imperium cruiser pretty much staring her ship down. "Commander" The droid turned to her waiting for orders, Vinh never blinked nor turned from the massive windows. "Get rid of that ship. Full strength"

"Yes my Lord" Came the reply from the droid, turning it quickly issued orders. While outside the vessel the green eenrgy focused and fired. It vaproised the Imperium ship in one go, the trailing energy however spread to nearby vessels and oberting platfomrs. Destroying each one in succession, twenty two ships were destroyed, along with six orbital platforms. Vinh smiled a truly evil smile.

"My Lord, we are detecting energy signatures from massive weapons neaby, shall we destroy the planet ?" The question sparked a brief conflict in the Sith Lord, she was a prisoner there, and she hated that world.

She looked btriefly towards the planet, then shook her head at the question. "No, Have the Tirthla target one city with one half reactor power. Eliminate it. All other ships, full strength, target at will of the enemy ships." She turned to her commander "We on the other hand will continue to provide covering fire to the Enforcers hand."

"Yes my lord!" Came the reply before another report sprang up "New contacts, behind us! We are surrounded"

Vinh smirked, time to let the ships have a fart attack. "Engine wash 80% strength, burn those ships in our waste!! As soon as the Enforcers hand is aboard and within our hangar, swarm the Droid trifighters on the ships to our rear and clear us a way out!"

Another shot was fired, this one at half strength towards Terra's surface, a city, not extactly important, was the target. One shot was all it took. One shot, straight into the heart of a munitions depot. Almost in slow motion as time seemed to halt, a mushroom cloud of a sort sprang from the city as the energy of the shot spread outwards in a ring. Vaproising and charging the ground which further exploded and crumbled apart in its wake

Of course when later asked just why she had blown up 22 ships and six defense platforms, she simply later replied "the ship looked at me funny" Vinh had no sense of humor, and truly hated it when people tried to show their ships off as better then her own.

Darth Mor never tried to one up her because of the world devesators.... now there was a thought. A World Devestator or six on this planet to churn out weapons for the Empire..... Darth Mor had rescued her, and she came to the rescue of the 6th Order. She turned from the front panels "Eliminate this so called fleet, then ready us for departure to a random vector"

"Yes my Lord" Came the droids reply, orders were swiftly given.


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IAN Navo Vasta Solitudine

800,000 Kilometers in high orbit over Terra...

The battle was underway, ships slugging back and fourth among each other, such powerful displays of energy, along with the signals being broadcast in every direction. It wasn't long before the signals reached some fairly powerful and observant ears.

Commander Bryon Clegg, the commander of the Navo Vasta Solitudine, an Imperious Class command carrier with the Imperial Aschen Navy.

After a long silence, a slumbering beast had opened a single eye to observe it's surroundings.

The Command Carrier dropped out of FTL first, spatial energies cascading all around it, it's engines firing to life as it began a slow approach towards the battle.

Flanking either side, 30,000 kilometers off were a pair of Reverence IIs, their iridescent hulls glimmering in the sunlight as their massive engines came to life.

A split second followed, and several dozen Athena class missile cruisers flickered in, at random positions and intervals among the fleet, standard Aschen wild weasel formation. Following the Athenas, hundreds of cruisers, frigates, and escort vessels flitted into space, forming a loose protective bubble around the trio of command ships.

Admiral Steele stood silently over Commander Clegg's shoulder, alarms blaring all around him as he watched the large projection in front of him.

"Target the largest of the vessels, Commander, with the frag cannons full spread." He ordered, with which the Commander promptly replied. "Sir." He said, nodding to his weapons officer.

The massive tri-barrel frag cannon emplacements on the aschen carrier swiveled to life, moving along their track before coming to bear, all four emplacements locking onto the largest of the 6th Order ships, while the Reverence IIs slowly bore their thousands of individual turbodisruptor emplacements towards the Imperium vessels over Terra.

Beyond moving at low sublight speeds, the Aschen fleet took no other actions other than move into a tactical formation, along with readying shields and weapons, milky white barriers flickering around each vessel as they spread out into a wide crescent formation, standard assault and envelope tactics.

The beast was showing it's face, and a bad day was about to get worse.


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The attack on the holy planet caused Grand Admiral Leonard to raise a single eyebrow. This was most certainly unexpected, however it wasn't an action he would hold against the Sith Lord. It was tactical, swift, and caused a reaction among the space marines. The gold tinted capital ship was the largest of the three (16.8 km instead of 16.1 km) and many of its weapons came to life, beginning to fire many blasts of ion energy at both of the Imperial's capital ships. The ion cannons were meant to take out the shields of the ships first to allow less powerful attacks to hit, and to potentially damage any electronics onboard their ship.

Most of the battleships began their assault against the smaller vessels which were engaging the fighters, trying to break a whole in their offensive to allow smaller vessels to engage further in. One of the battleships stayed behind however, its own weapons focused on the enemy battleship which had rammed into The Enforcer's Hand, focusing all of their attacks on it. Many pulses from plasma and ion cannons went through space, aimed for their own ship.

While the Grand Admiral headed the assault on the Imperial ships, Stefan and Rajmund focused the power from their weapons and halved it, directing the other half of the energy to their shields to help against an onslaught from the Aschen if they decided to take an action. They were here, and chances are they were waiting for the right moment to strike. Rajmund's technicians attempted to open a communication bridge between his ship and the Reverence II. If this transmission was accepted, Rajmund would lay down a proposal.

"I am Admiral Rajmund of The 6th Order's navy. I understand we have assaulted one of your planets in the past, and I understand some tension may exist between us. However, our goal is the Imperium here and we don't wish to engage you now if we do not have to. If you do not engage now, we can offer half of the materials we salvage from any vessels; this includes tech, mindslaves, and resources. Attack, and this offer is off the table and we will consider this an act of war. I hope you act wisely so we may fight another day, and prove ourselves as the greater nation without third parties intruding."


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"Brothers, another enemy fleet has arrived! We must drive these invaders from our most holy capital! In the name of the Emperor we must...What's going on!" One of the Space marines to the Blood Ravens chapter spoke as suddenly the entirety of space was shifting. Many of the Imperial ships in the area faded like mist, planets that were here vanished. Even Holy Terra vanished. A mirage or even an illusion of ones own mind made reality.

The fleet was now down to small fleets of Imperial Fists, Blood Ravens, Black Templars, and Imperial Navy ships. Soon, each of the navigators soon felt and head something in all their minds. "Warriors of Holy Terra, Soldiers of the Imperium. I am proud of you to fight with all your hearts, however you must all withdraw for my sake. You are all veterans of the old world and for that you must not be lost needlessly. In my name, engage warp drives and fall back. I will explain to you all when my job is done." The booming voice of the Emperor spoke and soon the Imperial ships all engaged their warp drive engines about to traverse the Warp. "Oh holy Emperor guide our way through the maws of chaos and protect us from harm. Guide our path and we shall make it through to where you deem fit. Glory to you our Holy Emperor." The Imperial Fleet chanted, stopping all weapons fire and preparing to disengage.


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To the disappointment of the admirals aboard the vessels, the Imperium was fleeing. All of their work just now, and these men were turning tail and running? Bah! If they wished to flee, let them. It'd be marked down that this day was the day The 6th Order caused Imperial vessels to flee from battle. It was a victory in their books, even if they didn't truly defeat them. This would surely boost the morale of men as well, and further send their message.

The ships began turning, their engines receiving the bulk of the power now as well as the shields. Before long, each ship began to disappear, but not before sending a transmission to the Sith Lord which helped them. "Thank you for your assistance in this mission. We will send you a message soon for a future rendezvous and establish a true alliance between us." Grand Admiral Leonard saluted to the ones on the other end, smiling wide. "We shall reshape this galaxy to our own wishes. Until we meet again, Sith Lord. The 6th Order will be here."

And with that, the rest of the ships disappeared into the stars...

The setting changes from space to Mezzadrate


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Deep within space, one of the newest Admirals, Wit Skura found himself on his first mission. He stood on the command deck of his ship and staring at the multitude of stars surrounding his ship as he contemplated what he was about to do. The Grand Admiral who ordered him to do this, Leonard, had given him a tough one, especially as a newbie.

Take the battleship he was on and find a minor nation, and bring it to its knees. If he couldn't destroy it, he was to enact Plan B instead. Letting out a deep sigh, Wit gave a nod to the technicians. "We're entering into the planet's atmosphere soon. Men, prepare to jump. Ready your weapons in case of an immediate counterattack." The gunners manned their stations while the men working on the shields set them online.


And just like that, Admiral Wit's ship disappeared from its current position and within a few more seconds it entered into the atmosphere of the planet. "Order a scan of lifeforms on the planet." He shouted out and crossing his arms. The display came up on a hologram, there were none that they could detect on the planet, however lifeforms were being detected above the planet as opposed to on it itself. This is was very confusing, and indicated some sort of anomaly, one much smaller than the 7.5 km battleship. Wit gave the order to scramble the starfighters to investigate these lifeforms. Little did they know there was more to this than they were seeing.

And with that, they would await the diagnostics from the starfighters.


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Theme: The Monarch-Ending Pledge

It's been a long time coming
I was here a decade ago
They were in the throes
Of change like nobody knows

I saw the king
He stepped up to his little throne
The nobles tossed
And were tossed their little bones

It's like a
Powder keg waiting to explode

You should still feel my resounding echo
I took shape of one of the king's beloved foes
And then the game the started
Here come some long awaited woes


Now here we stand
On the precipice
In the days before
The monarch-ending pledge

We're on the edge
Of the precipice
In the days before
The monarch-ending pledge

It's not a sin
To hate the crown
Now the nobles sign to take him down

We're on the edge
Of the monarch ending pledge

On the edge


I hope the roads don't run red
With blood 'cept for his

But if they do
I'm sure that it's worth some people
Getting hurt for that crown

As we've remolded their minds
And stoked the fire of the town
Now the powder keg will pop
Because of our golden liars
And their golden talk

And soon that crown
Will adorn a new ruler's head
For the last one was taken down
Down with a monarch-ending pledge

And now we're on the edge
Of a new beginning
Of the dawn
Of their ending.

Note: The following note is a copy/paste of the video’s description; please read it: “I wrote and recorded this while sick. I can't sing as well as I could before I was struck my illness. I'm lucky I didn't start hacking. That's why I'm asking you not to judge too harshly. I also didn't memorize the song because I recorded right after I wrote it (I do that sometimes), so that's why I kept looking to that reflection.”

Chatter between the vessels Naval Group #33 about their months-long mission to gain control of the Royal Empire of Mezzadrate with their interspatial primary communications grid was frequent. Encrypted messages were looped through a dimension, and then to its target, it made communications almost immediate and gave a modicum of protection against opponents who would listen or read in, and glean fact from something they should have never had access to. That protection and encryption often didn’t apply for those in the chain of command, as the chatter was being listened to by the commanders and chief councilors of Naval Group #33, and their almond-skinned Admiral, Victor Ferreira. It was standard for commanders, their chief councilors, and the head officer of naval vessels to learn how their crew felt, and though telepathy and empathy were traits imbued in many officers, Admiral Ferreira liked to use an A.I. to scan and detect anything that might prove interesting. Used to scan for threats to Attican Productivities, the A.I. was used by Ferreira so he could see or hear how others felt in wording alongside their thoughts.

An experienced naval officer, Admiral Ferreira knew that people didn’t always say what they felt, and that thoughts sometimes came out differently in writing or speech, and that extra facet to look at this from was why he did this. In the left corner of the second hardlight projected interface was the video message he and his officers were looking at; one of the young ensigns seemed to be worried about returning home to his young wife. Before this video message was played, another crew member had written his third letter to his mother, another letter to his brother, and more to the rest of his closest friends and family - one letter per day, per person, though he admitted he might not be able to manage it.

”The crew is obviously worried about missing their families. It isn’t just the young officers, either. I know this is normal among ships on long missions, but because the rotation of some ships and officers was postponed, I feel as though this should be more seriously addressed. If we had time to let their families board, it would be better, but the ” Councillor Iris Bennet spoke first in her light English accent as she was the councillor of aboard Admiral Ferreira’s ship. Most of the other councillors and their commanders chipped in. It was nearly unanimous that something be done about it.

”You, the other councillors, and the chief medical officers shall figure something out while the mission goes on. Captain Amai, your frigate may now depart from the group to begin the mission.” The Admiral said.

The A.P.S.S. Drunk Monkey under Captain Amai Mikazuki (surname is Amai, first name is Mikazuki) was a marvelous example of Attican technology; the 325 meter long Drunk Monkey was armed to the teeth with weapons, scientific equipment, and the latest technological and superhuman designs of Attican Productivities. An enhanced model Wolverine-class heavy frigate, it had a crew complement of only 82 thanks to automation and drones, and another complement of 4 large drones, and nearly a hundred much, much smaller ones used for multiple purposes, such as investigation, mining, repairs, and sentry work. Sleek like other Attican vessels, it didn’t appear to have any viewing ports (mostly to increase the strength of its hull) and was gorgeous with its dark, dark blue surface, lighter blue accents along the edges, and the ‘flag’ of its company on the left of the vessel. At the center of the ship where most large ‘masts’ would be was a simple point, and the Drunk Monkey, which seemed to be slightly bent in some areas, was one of the prides of Attican design. Using a double-hulled design, a shield generator for each side of the vessel, and the plentiful technologies of Attican Productivities enhanced models, it was seen as superior to the tactical versions of the frigate class sold to customers.

Hidden using dimensional crossover, the Admiral’s hypercarrier and the rest of the 65-ship Naval Group #33, a part of White Fleet 6, were just outside of the star system that Cleo Wright had been in about a decade ago. Ferreira was told that Cleo Wright had been to Mezzadrate as admirals had access to that data, but he wasn’t told that she blended in because of her abilities, instead being told they used cosmetic surgery and DNA mimicry to make her fit in; most everyone knew that Cleo Wright had some sort of magical ability, but she didn’t want them to know the full extent of it yet. Using dimensional crossover as part of their approach stealth technology, the ships were nearly undetectable, being ‘removed’ from this area of space, moved to an artificially created dimension that harmoniously resonated with the dimension the vessel’s originated from, yet allowed to watch events unfold, and use their scanning technology because of this harmonious resonating, and the Drunk Monkey that made a short-ranged jump was no exception. Entering outer orbit around the planet Mezz immediately after exiting its jump, the vessel would take scans of the area, taking note of another vessel of unknown origins that had sent out starfighters. Not knowing the location of the invisible, moving continent of Mezzadrate, the captain and her crew would be patient for the starfighters and their mother ship to leave, or for them to find the continent so that the noble family Malfuseus could have their minds placed under the control of Cleo Wright’s company.


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#, as written by Rulke
Having been busy studying the incomprehensible schematics for the cities data, the woman was annoyed when there was a knock at her door. Groaning in frustration she spoke in a clipped tone, "Come in." a courier entered with information tube, sighing she shooed them away before playing it. The feed on her screen lit up as she watched the recording, "This is Curt Bavee second in command of the crew at Rarize Space Port. We have picked up two ships near to us and one has sent a contingent to scout. Do we uncloak or not?" well this was unexpected after most see the planet abandoned they rarely continue with any further investigation. Persistent certainly but a problem.

Deciding to cut out a middle man she opened a feed straight to Rarize, "Deactivate the cloak and patch me through to both ships. I wish to address this personally." the person on the other side nodded and immediately set about activating the measure so her voice could be heard clearly by both, "This is Elish Virunok, speaking on behalf of the Virunok Noble Family and Mezzadrate. We demand you reveal your intentions. Be warned any attempt to attack us will be met with resistance. If you comply with this, I shall meet you both at our spaceport. Remember, this is only a courtesy if you test my patience in any way. You will find Mezzadrate while small is very much prepared to fight back." ending her message she prepared the response.

The cloak meanwhile switched from that of invisible to a powerful shield, revealing a great sprawling floating continent, with powerful engines keeping it aloft. It was impressive to see, and it also appeared to have its own eco-system created allowing weather and atmosphere. Truly beautiful and yet nothing like this had been comprehended by human minds.