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The Asteran Empire

"Long live Emperor Kaisaar!"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by EmperorCaesar


What are the Asteran People?

The Asterans are an elf like race of people that believed that they evolved from some sort of cat-like homonid. Their hair colors usually varry from white to blonde, eye colors silver to yellow to green, and they have varying skin tones between light brown and snow white. Most females never cut their hair for they believe it to be strange and taboo. The males often keep their hair long as well but it doesn't usually exceed past the shoulders, with the exception of the Emperor of course. Asterans never get any taller than six feet tall and hardly ever exceed two hundred fifty pounds. They can live up to five thousand human years! Imagine all the things they've seen if they'd have been born on Earth!

Race would be similar to races on Terra.

Ethnicity would be Asteran...

Species would be Kyumal.


What are they like?

Most Asterans are extremely patriotic and will be glad to die for their Emperor or Emperess. They consider themselves to be 'better' than the mongrel races, humans being one of the 'mongrel' races, though they almost consider humans their equals.... not quite though. Although, Emperor Kaisaar's recent arguments with the Senate have most civilians having second thoughts about humans and are considering letting all of their human slaves free.

Do they have a religion?

Yes. The Asteran religion consists of six primary entities:

-Almighty Xem, Emperor of Creation
-Sek'zi Son of Xem and Prince of Bravery
-Faltikzi the Fallen, he is the ruler of the Asteran's version of Hell
-Spirit of Xasalem, The energy that flows through every living mortal entity
-The Emperor of the Mortals
-The Priests of Xem and Xasalem

You see, the Emperor is not just a political figure he is also a religious figure head aswell, though the Priests may do more communing with the gods, the emperor is the Mortal Symbol (An allegory if you will) of Almighty Emperor Xem.

Important Asteran Terms:

- Names of skin tones -

Okro - One of white skin

Urero - One of fair skin

Faro - One of tanned skin

Juoro - One of dark skin

- Days of the Asteran Week -

Kunlan - Sunday

Gorlan - Monday

Xemlan - Tuesday

Firlan - Wednesday

Xaslan - Thursday

Crolan - Friday

Surlan - Saturday

- Other Terms -

Vioko - Friend

Elget - Enemy

Liolat - Emperor

Destu - Senator

Asteralio - Asteran Empire

Oug'la - Church/ Temple

(will come up with more as soon as I think of them lol)


The Interplanetary Imperial Military was founded by Emperor Auri Aster XVII in the tenth era, and has only gotten better since it was first founded.

Ground Units

Standard ground unit's armor with assault rifle:
Image Asteran Mark VII combat armor (will remove if asked)

Centurion- Standard infantry unit
Warpriest- Medical unit
Praetorian- Engineer unit
Shadow walker- Night operations unit
Scout- Sniper unit
Emperor's Talon- The Emperor himself and a very select few of his special units. (special operations basically)

Royal Mark VIII Asteran Combat armor:


Primary: Asteran KA-1 Laser Assault rifle
Secondary: Asteran XA-6 Laser pistol
Melee: Asteran combat shock knife
Tactical: Thermal detonators (grenades)

Primary: Asteran AA-12 Laser shotgun
Secondary: Asteran XA-6 Laser pistol
Melee:Asteran combat shock knife
Tactical: medical kits

Primary: Asteran OA-10 Shoulder mounted plasma cannon
Secondary: Asteran XA-8 Laser submachinegun
Melee: Shock Gauntlets
Tactical: Plasma mines/ jetpack

-Night Operations-
Primary: Asteran KA-1 Laser assault rifle
Secondary: Asteran XA-8 Laser submachinegun
Melee: Asteran combat shock knife
Tactical: Stealth field generator

Primary: Asteran ZA-26 Laser rifle
Secondary: Asteran XA-6 Laser pistol
Melee: Shock gauntlets
Tactical: Recon drone

-Emperor's Talon-
Primary: Asteran KA-1 Laser assault rifle
Secondary: Asteran XA-6 Laser pistol
Melee: Asteran Shock blade
Tactical: medical kit/ recon drone/ plasma mines

Air Units

Gnats- jetpack troopers (these are usually engineers)
Warbirds- starfighters/ fighter jets
Pregnantwhales- large personel/cargo carriers (frigate class ships)
MobilePalaces- small sized cruiser ships built to create colonies/ military hq's on planets made for quick get up and go (destroyer class)
Metalplanets- large cruiser ships built to carry millions of troops and other equipment in it at a time (Carriers/ civilian/ Destroyer ships)

Artillery/ Ground Vehicles

Sand Striders- a jeep like vehicle
Ground Shakers- 15 ft Mech equipped with rockets, heavy mgs, seismic drill, and jump pack.
War Horse- Armored Personel carriers with mounted heavy mgs
Ground Leveler- Artillery cannon/ tank.
(add more soon)


Important People:

Emperor Kaisaar Aster I- Warrior King of The Empire

Royal Advisor S'vix Telran- Advises the Emperor on political and economic matters

Legate/General Faelan Hizix- Advises the Emperor on military matters

Brother Makh Lik'tsa- Advises the Emperor on religious matters and communes with the gods on his behalf

Ambassador Tao- Reaches out to the people of other planets in the name of Emperor Kaisaar

Important Planets

Planet Aster- Home World of the Asteran Empire and economic capitol of the Empire. Home to over one trillion citizens. Capital city Dex'chi city

Planet Xem- Named after their god Almighty Emperor Xem. Main mining planet of the Asteran Empire. Capital city Kento city.

Planet Vixix- Named after Emperor Kaisaar's father. This is the Farming capitol of the Asteran Empire. Capital city Faar city.

Planet Geht- Named after the first Emperor. The Military warehouse planet. Capital city Xalxal city.

Asteran Government : Democratic - Monarchy :: This means that there is a sort of parliment or senate that governs political, and economic affairs. The Emperor controls all military operations and civilain and public service functions. The asteran 'Church' has had a hand in many of the political and economic decisions in the past few thousand years, and due to the senate and the church's corruption, Emperor Kaisaar is working to remove the church from the senate and have it be a seperate entity all together. Of course, first, he needs to spike a revolution to get the people of the Empire on his side. The best way to rule the people is by respect... not fear.

Asteran History : Before the First Era of the Empire there were four kingdoms. The kingdom of War, the kingdom of Peace, the kingdom of the Body, and the kingdom of the Mind.
All four kindoms were constantly at war with one and other. Bombs being sent this way and that, planes flying from one place to the other dropping goodness knows what! Death and destruction everywhere one looked. The Kingdoms of Body and War, and the kingdoms of Peace and Mind had been at eachother's throats for milenia!

The kindom of War wanted to conquer all of the world, which had been previously called Goram and renamed after Aster had united the four kingdoms. They wanted the rivers to run red with the blood of their foes and the screams of their agony to be heard for miles. They believed that the world belonged to them and once they had conquered Goram, they would move to the stars and conquer near by systems.

The kingdom of Body valued physical perfection above all else. They wanted the world to be eradicated of 'breeders', or creatures that bread with anyone of any shape, size and skincolor. The Asteran parallel of Nazis. They, along with the Kingdom of War, had teamed up together in hopes of eradicating the other two kingdoms. However, once they had teamed up, the Kingdom of Body had planned on reradicating War aswell.

However, the other two kingdoms: Peace and Mind, simply wanted the world to live in unity. They tired their hardest to try and convince the other two kindoms that violence wasn't the way and that they could solve their disputes through peaceful means, but the other two kindoms wouldn't have any of it. They simply continued to bombard them with bombs and airstrikes until they had dwindled their enemies morale to nothing to where they would simply give up. But what the Other two kingdoms did not know was, that secretly, one person, from each kingdom had been chosen for a unique little 'experiment' being run by scientists of the Mind.

They took the genetic code from all four people of the different civilizations and created Xem Aster. The perfect er... well... before the first era they called themselves Kyumal. He had the compassion of one of Peace, the Strength of one of War, the Intellegence of one of Mind, and the physical perfection of one of Body. The scientists had originally used him as a sort of super soldier and negotiator to the other two kindoms... However.... The one known as Xem ended up commanding all of their loyalty. Uniting the four kingdoms into the Asteran Empire and beginning the First Era. Eventually, once he had died, he had done so much good to the world that they had ended up worshipping him as some sort of god and incorporated him into many of the old Kyumal myths and even created a heaven and hell. Though now no one really worships him anymore... they just view him as a

So begins...

The Asteran Empire's Story


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