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the Black Army

A force unlike anythign you can imagine. They have traveled through the mulit-verse conquering kingdoms, countries, planets, and systems. War shall come.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RolePlayGateway


The army is essentially the souls of warriors, and beings fused with dark energy to create the army. They will destroy anything that get into their way, and can fight any enemy they face. there are several classes of troops, in the army.

Drones: The basic soldier in the army. They are unmoving, unthinking, disciplined, silent and deadly. You can't negotiate with these troops, you cannot truly hurt them. They have no bones, heart, or any organs. Just darkness lies beneath their skin. Every single one is exactly the same, height 6'5", weight 250 pounds. These soldiers will take the shape of the best type of soldier to combat it's enemies.

Dreadnoughts: Is essentially a drone, but larger. They stand at a height of 15 feet, and way over half a ton.

Beasts: Are shape shifting creatures, that change to what is needed. Their original form, is a mix between a Skag, and a bear. These things are powerful, and much tougher to kill than a drone.

Ferals: Is the cross between a Beast, and a Drone. they stand up right, but bare the claws of a carnivorous monster. these beings stand at 6'8", and weigh a lighter 180 pounds.

Mourtiers: The black magicians, that support the army. They are experts in many fields of dark magic, and are sinister in their methods.

Facets: Are used as weapons when in combat, or anything else. These shape shifters, can turn into any object and will be used by the drones as needed. Facets, have proven to be more than they look.


Facets, supply most things in regards to transportation and needed vehicles for fighting.


The army was founded by a being name Kraveak. He discovered the power that souls possessed in his travels, as a spellcaster and decided to harness this power as his own. He was forced to turn to the dark arts, to gain exactly what he was looking for and has never looked back ever since. Every person that is slain by his force, their soul becomes a member of the army growing his numbers. He has marched through the multi-verse gaining allies and power wherever he could find them until eventually he was powerful enough to conquer all that he had seen. He has 5 generals by the names of, Rapheal, Slaverey, Tunija, Chi-Zu, and Malem Fajuhasad. These generals have lead this army through two universes, and have crushed all that opposed them leaving none to survive. Now they turn to the realm of man, with their eyes on conquering.

So begins...

the Black Army's Story

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