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ImageThe Ship looks like it had been built with the parts of several different ships, and that's because it has. Over the years the Captain would get wind of a new prototype engine, or a state-of-the-art outer hull system, or a brand new stealth technology, and the next then you know the crew of the Blood Mary just swiped it from a government or private company. Of course, most of the stuff doesn't work when it's needed to, but the captain loves his new toys.

Most of the crew are talentless lowlifes who are really just there to be cannon fodder, but the core of the crew is four hardened veterans of the space buccaneering business. There is The Twisted Twins who are two brothers, one of which is half cyborg, Drix who is in charge of software and Axel does the hardware of the ship. There's of course Badger, Who is the weapons/assault expert. And then there's Layla, or as Badger likes to call her; Space Bitch, she is the pilot of Blood Mary and is acting first mate seeing as how the last one was murdered by the captain in front of the whole crew.

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The Bloody Mary & Crew's Story


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Inside The Bloody Mary, Cain was picking his teeth with a knife as his different colored eyes followed the white lines on the blue screen in front of him. The Cannibal was studying the schematics of his next victim, the Illumene Museum of History. The heist was to take place soon and it would announce his return from retirement. Everything had to be perfect for the space pirate. Cain recently discovered that his former first mate and lover was stealing money from his vault. Before he got dismembered, Alex had taken over five hundred thousand Aschen Cubits.

This betrayal made The Cannibal realize how soft he had become over the years and it threw I'm into violent depression in which only a flood of chaos and blood could bring him happiness. Cain flinch back as the blade cut across his gums. He still held the knife as he tongued the bleeding wound, tasting the salty red with a tinge of iron. The pirate began to laugh as the blood ran down the corner of his mouth.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew of The Bloody Mary nervously continued preparing for the heist as the sound of their captain laughing echoed through the ship.