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The Bubonic Fraternity

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Blazezon



So begins...

The Bubonic Fraternity's Story


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Deep in the belly of the Slumwalks an infection had begun to fester, unbeknownst to even the Guild that called it home. Though the Walks were supposed to be a safe haven for the disenfranchised, a last, welcoming stop for those thrown away by the merciless world above, in the end it was no different than the surface it so loathed. Medical care was non-existent, hygiene was the providence of rich men among paupers, and unless you worked - stole from the Topside till your pockpocketing fingers bled - safe food didn't exist. Illness was an inevitability for the lost, and wayward souls trapped inside the feotid city, and once one of them became too sick to work, and too bloated with disease for "pleasant company," they were exiled. Driven out by force even, if it was deemed "necessary."

For all their pomp, and grandeur the Lucky Men were nothing but cutthroat profiteers. At least to those damned to other side of the Pus Sluice.

Behind that massive, rusted gate laid a much different world. Comprised entirely of six different sewer tunnels there were no houses, no structures beyond the occasional ragged tent, and the filth never ceased. Pus, bile, excrement, and rotted flesh mixed freely to coat every inch of every surface with a crusty layer, all set to the backdrop of the agonized screams of the dying. Left abandoned, and forgotten the people inside had been sealed away to decay until there was nothing left. No hope, no chances, no happiness, no life.

Until recently that was. For The Lord of All was merciful, and his gaze never strayed far from his children. Even in their ignorance.

Change had swept the Catacombs, as they were called, and it was spreading faster than a clensing fire. All through the waste-strewn miles a new idea clamoured, carried from one sick man, woman, and child to the next by the Bubonic Fraternity. Where these men, and women clad in the masks of ancient doctors, with skin so gaunt it stretched over their bones like a dessicated, leathery hide was unknown. All that mattered was that everywhere they went, and everyone they touched was healed.

Not "cured", but healed, and made hole.

Weeping sores exploded under their careful minstrations, bubos swelled, and guts distended, but all that truly mattered was the pain. The horrific, maddening pain that afflicted the lost, and damned sometimes for decades ceased in their presence, and in the wake of their pilgrimages. The strange symbols they imparted, the vile prayers they accepted in lieu of pay, and the ever rising tide of mutations were small prices to pay to laugh again. Even the tiny, feculent Imps that capered about during their sermons had come to be accepted in short order as tiny harbingers of a better tomorrow.

The larger, darker things that crept further in the recesses however were still given a wide birth.

Men, at least they seemed, in corrupted armour stalked the deeper halls, twisted cyclopion stewards at their sides stopping to categorise the muck. Flies the size of basketballs made their nests in the long putrid remains of those who weren't saved in time, and even larger, sanity-rending creatures took the the air. Not a single soul dared venture that far into the darkness for fear of the Corpulent King, and his Court.


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Character Portrait: Dread Pirate Captain Blackheart Character Portrait: Mada 'Sybil' Myrkul Character Portrait: The Lord of Decay Character Portrait: The Bubonic Fraternity
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Sybil shrugged as the immaterium shifted quietly looking about as the misty forest agitated. A bad sign as the machine was more sensitive than herself to warp creatures. They tried to perturb the natural framework of reality just by existing. This synthetic monosurface far more obstinate a machine. The city needed a reinforced locale given how often these umbralkind loosed horrors for minor irritations or just murder for mild amusement.

The creatures stopped their advance as she just stared impassively, "My name was written on my urn. I don't care why the humankind named us that way we serve the Living Emperor by way of our Overbeing. Not the deities of Celestialkind. We're aware of how much this place attracts demonkind from the last one built before I arrived on plane. This time I had them correctly build this layer absent natural dimensional constructs. I leave the reality unconstrained and interfaced for politeness and to not be constantly resolving discontinuities cleanly."

She pointed at the sample, "Like what happens if synthetic planespace under maintained interfaces to natural ones enters the natural in an isolated natural glass vial."

One eyebrow raises at the portal slowly bending out of reality, "Speaking of. Jinhai, just format the remaining gate and vent the natural matter at the other end. There's been a warp shift and those filthy Chaos things aren't getting in. Exponential elemental layer resistance to interface proxies, close all native ingress interfaces, and destroy and reinitialize any altered zones not the current visitors."

A one-sided response to a query she added, "I'm aware of the resulting discontinuity."

The elemental planes iteratively turned bleak and too-smooth as servitors went to work. A short squall of ticking under this reality's nature observed in ceasing its passing of contact to the plane without. Natural energies still came but there was soon a distinct impression of reuse like recycled air's metallic taste coming from the shadow plane now as natural forces were 'reused' from a common pool. The faster one drew the harder it became to draw more as the pool no longer refreshed from without.

The remaining door blinked out of existence its locale in reality replaced in whole from a set image instead. Roughly cut native threads of reality detonate the leeward portal in the sewers a bleeding gash melting the bricks for tens of meters then searing itself shut. Inside such a thing far more regulated as footsteps in the dirt were quietly replaced with the original pattern of reality in a blink of energy at a rough polygonal bounding volume writing an interface. The flickers grew smaller along their path as ever smaller perturbations were unwritten.

Her steel-colored eyes moved but a little more than her face by narrowing them, "Fine, humankind. I have things to do and there's a disturbance in the warp. I don't have access to the Imperium's weaponry designs yet so what do you even want? I don't hold parties or have brunches with guests. I have things older than you and your pup to deal with similarly inclined to pillage, destroy, and maim and a forge that is not done yet even if I can still make some things. I will translocate you and your servitors across the boundary to a suitable location when you leave."