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The Cleanser

A mysterious magical entity who likes to cause havoc

0 · 317 views · located in Valenwood

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Gundo


Age: A millennia
Name: Sorada Al Vuerico
Height: 6' 0 (In his most used form)
Weight: 223
Alignment: Chaotic evil (Wants to watch people suffer)

Physique: In his most used form (As depicted above) he is old, but muscular, and can lift up to 300 lbs. He is narrow at the shoulders, and his arms are of a long length. His hands are quite large, especially when compared to the width of his wrists, and do not look like they should belong. His eyes are an all seeing grey, the kind that let you know that he can see right through you. His hair is an elderly grey, with white streaks, and frequent black, and is slicked back.

Personality: He is a very charismatic entity, and can warm you with his words, comfort you, make you think that he means well. Then his words become poison, and before you realize it, you are already dead. He likes to trick and lie, and over the million years he has been alive, he has learned to master the art.

Equipment and abilities: He has a cloak that he has enchanted through his dark magic that allows him to turn into a shadow at any point in time, or blend in with someone else's shadow.
Dark magic: He can drain someone's life force with his dark arts. He can also stop one from clotting their wounds, so they continue to bleed until they die, he has gravitational manipulation, and can easily snap someone's neck with the movement of a finger, or head nod, although he rarely does this because he likes to watch his victims suffer. He doesn't like to grant them a quick death.
He can sense any life form on the planet he is on, and can easily locate a target he wants dead.

History: Little is known about his history. In fact, close to nothing is known about him. No one knows how he got his powers, how he is immortal, no one knows what he is, except of course, himself.

So begins...

The Cleanser's Story