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The Crimson Legion

The Crimson Legion rises from the ashes of wars long past and now take on a new form.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Marcus


The Crimson Legion


The Crimson Legion, an organization that is rather new to the multiverse, has a history paved in blood and glorified in coin and carnage. What can be said about the Legions style of doing things is said to be not only horrifying for those who are not accustomed to war but down right cruel. Let it never be said that the warning that are given before a job is accepted are simply for those of the faint of heart. The Legion follows a simple code of conduct and a wisdom that goes a long way in acquiring what they need to survive and keep themselves going for many years.

The Primary Scourge:The Emperors First Thought and Troops.
A written log found in an old Council Base on Planet 1A23: The Emperor had once asked me if the cloning process would be able to produce the ultimate warrior? A soldier who was unswayed by those who would beg for mercy and capable of finishing any job that was presented to them even if it would eventually mean suicide. It was that very question I asked myself for generation upon generation as I cloned myself once more in order to complete the Emperors Will and when I was finally able to complete the task at hand I was granted a rather prestigious reward. I was granted an audience with the Sith Lord, our emperor himself, and a few of his followers. All wanted to see my progress and when I showed off my finest soldiers my Lords and Ladies were very pleased with me. I had explained to them that these troopers were the best at what they could do and in all rights it was simply true. Commander Havel S. Thorn, one of my clone troopers, was given his first assignment to defend the Emperor as there had been several attempts on my lords life already. When the threat arrived Thorn ordered his men to take up the following positions while the Emperors Guard escorted their master to safety allowing for Thorn and his men to do their best to prevent the enemy from getting past. A bloody battle ensued from what I am told and all that was said to me on the subject besides that I was hired to create more clones was that thorn impaled the assassin with the custom Vibroblade and was not scathed during the confrontation. Later reports I picked up said that it was not a lone assassin but a small group of Jedi who had infiltrated the inner sanctum of the Emperor's meditation chamber. To think that as of right now I am going to be considered a rich man in the end.

The Armor and Weaponry : Much like that of the clone troopers during the era of the Galactic Republic and its Later Empire era the technology is mostly based upon the Phase II clone trooper Armor yet is highly reminiscent of the old Sith Trooper armor. The armor like its predecessor was designed specifically to induce fear in opponents. The armor casing, made up of several plates of hard material over a black body glove, was emphasized; the trooper's face was completely obscured from view by a polarized one-way visor, creating the impression of a faceless enemy (a disturbing attribute when the wearer spoke). The Scourge armor incorporated a more advanced air filtration and oxygen supply system, and an annunciator to make speech more comprehensible. In addition, the boots are magnetized and incorporated a grav-field alternator to ensure stability. Another useful feature is that the armor and the bodysuit can be pressurized, allowing the Emperor's troops to fight longer in a vacuum environment than its predecessor. The Scourges standard issue arsenal consists of either a DC-15S blaster or the larger DC-15A blaster rifle. It was this combined with thermal detonators and a vibroblade that provides these troops with the much needed firepower to survive on the front lines of war.

The Primary Shadows:The Emperors Second Thought and Troops: Continued.
A note on the new Gamma Troopers and evolution: Though many of you will recall how those who were part of the Gamma Squads were in all rights nothing more than human creations it could be said that even though they were not the first meta-humans they were indeed a new breed of human kind. Much like the Scourge the Emperor wanted clones of his finest acolytes yet many of them became failed experiments and though it was through a cover by the council to use these failures to guard the old long forgotten bases they left behind the process was finally refined. Now The Gamma troopers have taken on a new appearance and now are simply called the Emperors Shadow. Using force techniques to hide themselves from sight and mind these members, of an elite caste, guard Darth Mor's most precious secrets and only move in total darkness as it is their way. The armor that the Emperors Shadow wears is a reminiscent variant of the Cyricept Personal Concealment Systembend which has the ability to bend different kind of waves, including light, sound, and electromagnetic, around itself, making the suit and its wearer essentially invisible. The suit and mask were also able to raise or lower the emitting temperatures to match those around it, making the suit invisible to thermal sensors and preventing the water vapor in the wearer's breath from condensing in cold temperatures. The suit often included a similarly cloaked pouch, which was large enough to carry a blaster pistol and any other personal weapon.

Though the Emperors Shadow has been known to act as assassins and spies for the Sith and even are known to torture if it is necessary. It is not an everyday blessing to hear the voice that is hidden behind the mask that each of the Shadows wear but normally if they are chattering it can almost be described at clicks and chattering of sorts. What skills the Emperors Shadow do carry would sit in the area of martial combat and stealth kills but many more are proficient with blasters of all kinds and lightsabers of many kinds, if they can get their hands on them that is.

The Fallen and Renewed: The Emperors Third Ideal about the Troops:
Though what many would considered a failed experiment, Mor found use, many more would find the profitable use for weapons of war and a stable echelon of highly trained adepts at the ready. The Fallen, as they have become known, are part mostly the failed experiments who could not control their emotions or even their state of being. On further research however it was with great success that Mars Corp. was able to lend its expertise on the cloning process that the Emperor has at his disposal a large group of force adepts based on old bloodlines from long forgotten families or fallen heroes or villains. Furthermore it is thanks to the suits that these pour souls were that they are able to maintain their sanity.

Their primary use is for record keeping and to act as conduits for the living force and therefor are normally seen while in the company of Sith Sorcerers or Alchemists. Though they are capable of using the force any duration is taxing on their bodies and so many of the Fallen tend to keep to more diplomatic mission allowing themselves to rely little upon the natural gifts and more heavily on what talents they can pick up from anyone they spend enough time with. In theory according to what is known about The Fallen they could pick up how to wield a lightsaber using one of the many forms that are out there in a matter of days but if it came down excessive use in the Force they would fall to temptation and usually without fail fall upon a self destructive path that would overload their neural systems and put them into a deep coma.

The Armor and Weaponry : Much like many Jedi and Sith in the past the Fallen and Renewed find themselves either leaning to wearing robe like garb or bits of armor. What is common amongst them is the mask they were to hide their face. Many carry blades or lightsabers but you will find few that actually use a blaster of any kind.

The Past of Sins: The Emperors Fourth Ideal about the Troops: A proxy for fallen comrades and revived survival.

The New Revival of the Fallen Council: Subject matter classification code 3CZ-00938 A: All in all the real truth has never been fully disclosed to the public about the location of the Council or even if it still exists. History will have noted that once the Star Base that surrounded the planet of Terra was destroyed all surviving members either fled to the surface or escaped in what ships that still lived. For those that do not understand Darth Mor, a Sith Lord as he so calls himself, was one of the thirteen primary seats of the Council and as such held a considerable amount of leadership among those who served loyally. It was when Mor contacted the remnants that he asked for a suit of power armor from a long dead program that we could only serve him and smile at the profit we made back in return. What we offered Mor was a set of power armor that we called Titan.

The Armor and Weaponry : The Titan is a miracle of Council Science and a culmination of the organizations final days before they became exiled from Terran Space. The Titan Powered Assault Armor is a technologically-advanced combat exoskeleton system designed to vastly improve the strength, speed, agility, reflexes and durability of any super soldier in the field of combat. This of course was originally meant to be used by genetically altered humans created by the Council though the program initially failed. The Titan battle suit is constructed in overlapping layers. It is a sealed system, capable of extravehicular and submersible activity or operations in toxic atmosphere. It is hardened against EMP and radiation, and has filters that are completely effective at removing toxins and bacteria from local atmosphere. The armor's outer shell is composed of a multi-layer alloy of remarkable strength and has been augmented with a refractive coating capable of dispersing a limited amount of energy weapon strikes and even assault from a majority of weapons that can be considered slug throwers. The suit contains a gel-filled layer underneath a thick black armored bodysuit. The gel layer regulates temperature and can re-actively change its density. The inner skin suit is made of a moisture-absorbing synthetic material linked to an environment control computer that once was up-linked with the main hive of Council super computers but is now apart of something else entirely. The suit also possesses other features that enhance its wearer's abilities. It has numerous clips, belts, and magnetic holsters for the attachment of additional weapons and ammunition; an advanced Heads-Up-Display(HUD) linked to sensors in the gloves detects the type of weapon and devices held, and to project shield strength, ammunition count, a targeting reticle, way points, a radio up-link for communication, health monitoring and other helpful data.
The Titan battle suit weighs a little more than half a ton and is a fully neural-linked system. With an on board AI using the human mind for parallel processing the Titan battle suit is designed to be the most devastating intelligence tool ever created. Every suit is outfitted with nano bots for automatic repair of both the suit and the user, a next-gen fusion-plasma hybrid power system with an atmospheric insertion systems, slipspace de-insertion capability, and finally limited shaping of the energy shield (partial overlaps, airfoils etc.).

The weapons that are outfitted to every Titan Battle Suit is not always the same. Mor believed that a uniformed Legion of terror machines would be wonderful if they could strike fear into the hearts of their enemies by being a mixed calamity of death and destruction. Every Titan however is usually outfitted with a heavy quick firing pulse or plasma rifle and even some or outfitted for more destructive reasons for just wanting to make sure that the target is nothing more than a mess on the wall.

So begins...

The Crimson Legion's Story

#, as written by Marcus
What fools.

Darth Mor stood upon the precipice of eternal power and glory as unification was rightfully within his grasps. There was nothing that could stop him as he looked upon the field of battle before him and felt the subtle touch of the force upon his mind and along with that came a rather wicked grin.

"My Emperor I am pleased to inform you that the acquisition of our primary target has been...."

Darth Mor raised his left hand to silence the strange droid. The Sith Lord began to walk towards the docks back entrance while one of the security members of the RIP suddenly looked up and right as he was about to raise a rifle and shout his commands he was thrown violently against the wall and held their with his hands and legs spreed against the wall. Mor smiled as he kept his will set all the while his droids rushed forward activating their active Camouflage while one began to hack into the mans comm link.

"If he gets a call on his radio mimic his voice and make something up. I can feel she is near."

#, as written by Gasmask
Navidson stopped picking his nose, moving his finger out of nose as he saw the the movement on the cameras outside of the RIP building itself. They weren't nearly as stealthy as they thought they were, if the cameras hadn't picked them up, the sudden heart rate pick-up of the guard would've alerted the security room.

"Jack. We know you're in big trouble. We're coming to sort those cunts out, don't worry." Navidson said calmly, he knew what it was like to be helpless. The security guards around him were already loading up, pulling on boots and strapping vests on, some were even throwing rifles to other guards.

Navidson disconnected the helpless guard's radio, stepping off his chair and standing up. "Look. You know we are the first and last fuckin' line of defence. Those fuckheads get in there, God knows what chaos they'll cause. This place fuckin' matters, and I'll personally skullfuck any asshole to come though that dock door for the pay I get." Navidson shouted, banging his gorget.

"Someone get the NPA on the line too, we might be needing some sanctifier's up in this bitch."

#, as written by Awinita
- 8.5F, -8F, -7.5F

The temperture continued to steadly rise in the subzero cell block where Darth Mor's target to aquire was kept. Carbonite could stay frozen for decades. In normal room tempertures. But someone important made sure that whomever it was locked away inside the block of Carbonite was kept on deep freeze. The broken mind of the former Jedi Apprentice was the perfect mold for a Sith Lord.

3.5F, 4F, 4.5F

As Mor got closer the temperture rose quicker. As if the Force was sensing him getting closer and was waiting for him. Warming the place up rather quickly as the temperture rose in the cellblock. Nothing the men in the security room did could stop the steady temperture rising. As it quickly passed the freezing mark it rose quicker as an alarm rang out.

33.5F, 36F, 41F

#, as written by Marcus
One of the droids began to place several strange devices upon the wall parallel to one another as they moved closer to the door just to ready themselves to breach it and make their way through the very maximum security facility. The Droids would not give off any heat signatures that would be easily detected. Mor on the other hand had more interesting planes as he forcefully tossed the guard off to the side smirking as the sound of the young mans neck made a loud and sickening snap.

"Sir. Would you wish for us to unleash the other prisoners, it would provide a rather excellent distraction."

The droid spoke but Mor simply began to exert his will upon the force allowing his very being to be known to the Jedi Apprentice. The Sith Lord was nothing more than every incarnation of sin possible and yet there was something more there.

"Child. Do you seek freedom? Do you seek the truth of this world along side the next? Do you wish for your freedom?"

#, as written by Gasmask
Navidson held his forehead as the signal flatlined. He'd make the old geezer pay for it. The security officer donned the rest of his RIP loadout, slamming a magazine home and cocking the mechanism. "Get Joran on the phone, get him to lock the facility. We need to shut these fuckheads out." Navidson shouted, thundering down the a narrow corridor with a few chosen enforcers.

The entire facility was constructed with the latest technology, the most ancient of magics and most advanced materials. There was only one way they were going to get in, the only weakness the infrastructure was the doors around the building. The walls were built hard enough to withstand the might of a wraithful god.

That was fact.

The lines of enforcers stopped short of the only door at the docks to gain access to the facility. They were not some green force of rookies, they were the only line of defence against every maniac supernatural killer this side of the galaxy, they were trained for a reason, the NPA had seen to that.

The first line got down on their knees, propping up their rifles towards the door. The second line moved ahead, moving up to one of the walls and inputting a code into one of the control panels which prompted a section of wall to unfold and offer the soldiers a complete armoury of riot shields, batons and turrets.

The second line snatched the shields up and passed them down the first line to prop their guns on and then took position behind them. "They killed one of ours, boys. I think we don't need to give em' standard fuckin' procedure, I say we skip past the fuckin' warnings and we shoot every shithead that comes though that door." Navidson practically screamed, his heart beating for vengeance.

Joran would receive a phone call informing him of the situation and calling for him to activate the facility's lockdown procedure. Navidson put a hand on a heavy breathing, obviously panicked NPA enforcer. "Calm down, mate. You're gonna live till tomorrow."

#, as written by Awinita
45F, 55F, 65F

The temperture rose, so too did an alarm. The cellblock that housed the Carbonite block holding the prisoner was warming up, yet the carbonite itself could remain frozen for decades regardless of temperture around it. The force merely repeated its call.

Find me Master

Master, it called Mor, Master. Why ? Was there something the broken mind felt albiet faintless. Frozen in carbonite there was not much she could do if at all. When he asked his question of if she sought freedom the Force call changed slightly.

Frozen. Cold.

75F, 85F, 90F

The temperture alarm rang shrill the warmer it got in that cellblock.

#, as written by Marcus
As the droids approached the outer door they placed the strange devices they carried upon both sides of the closed portal just to activate it sending a shrill screech through the air at first while it sent from one side to another a large blue energy field that enveloped the steel portcullis. The Sith Lord smiled and took a step forward reaching into his robes and opening them up a bit revealing a strange combat suit underneath while the lining of his ceremonial garb was packed with a multitude of lightsabers, each itching to be turned on and slice into those unsuspecting victims on the other side of that portal.

"Do it." Mor commanded as one of the droids reached through the barrier with a strange looking grenade and placed it firmly upon the surface of the door. Within seconds of it being placed and cleared away from the door began to condense upon itself in a rather strange sickly green light only to shrink down past its point of no return. For those who were looking upon the display from inside the hallway the remains of the door at first would appear to almost blink out of existence as if it had never truly been there at all just to then violently explode in an aura of dark energy as everything was quickly sucked into a swirling black mass. The shield that separated the Sith Lord and his small brigade of droids shuttered violently as it maintained itself before the onslaught of the weapon that was unleashed. As quickly as the small dark mass came it vanished only leaving a variety of gore and mayhem for those unlucky enough to be drawn into its suction. It was only then that Mor gave the orders for his droids to rush in while still hidden beneath their cloaking devices wielding strange ghostly weaponry similar to blaster rifles and even some with exotic looking vibro-blades at the ready in order to plunge them deep within the enemies throats or backs.

One droids however stood next to the Sith Lord and began to pull up a visual display that was projected by a small holocomputer. "Sir. Do I have permission to bring the ship around with the reserve forces?" The droids question was only answered by a nod. Mor had plans for this universe and there would be nothing to stop him once he achieved his goals.

"I'm coming."

#, as written by Nemo
As the strange energy literally compressed the realspace around the door entrance, pulverizing the matter of the door into a tiny speck, the defenders of the RIP would take their stand. Their boots magnetized to the hull floor, NPA Enforcers raised their aether rifles and fired at the incoming droids. Though their cloaking would make it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of their enemies, their energy scouters would give them an edge. They weren't firing blind. Blue-green aether clashed with the red lasers of the droids blasters, the narrowed hallways giving little cover for either party.

Alarms sounded, lights flared. The RIP was in lockdown mode. Back out on the docking bay, two mounted turrets emerged from the pad, whirring towards the sith lord and his contingent of insurgents. They rotated slowly, picking up speed. In a few seconds, they would demolish the entire landing pad in a barrage of blinding gauss fire.

#, as written by Marcus
The droids that were rushing through the hallway would bob and weave from some of the shoots popped at them but a few the defenders shots landed successfully either lopping off an arm or a head and even some knocking the droids flat on the ground only to cause their cloaking devices to shimmer revealing their damaged bodies for only a second before the lunged back onto their feet and continued their assault. For those that actually got close enough to the NPA Enforcers they would sink their vibro weaponry deep into the gaps of their enemies armor, killing those not lucky enough to get out of the way, and leaving those who did survive wishing they could have ran away from this fight. The other droids who stayed back used their targeting computers to aid in their shots placing a few good rounds into the armored enemies.

Outside of the hallway however, Mor had his own eyes set on the something spinning its barrels towards his location, two of the docks mounted turrets came out to play but a rather valuable question was needed to be asked about the entire situation at hand. Could the RIP facility handle a Sith Lord taking what he wanted from this place without even laying a single scratch on him? With a flick of both of his wrists all twenty of his deactivated sabers fell from his garb and began to fly into the air activating and filling the area with glowing blades from red to yellow. It was with the force that he sent two of his blades to deal with each of the turrets while spinning like a high speed circular saw while the others just began to orbit around him as he held his ground concentrating on what he could feel and drawing upon the force once again in a moments notice if things were to grow more intense by the second.

#, as written by Nemo
The armor of an NPA Enforcer offered hardy protection against the droid's offensive assault, capable of withstanding many laser blasts dead-on without seriously injuring its wearer. Still, against the endless barrage of the sith lord's unholy attack, even the Enforcers could not hope to hold their ground with so few men in such a narrow vantage point. As two of their numbers fell to the droid's whirring vibroblades, the platoon retreated.

"Fall back!" they shouted, "fall back to the interior! Barricade the entrance!" The troops quickly retreated.

The two turrets meanwhile, were sliced in two by the sith lord's expert lightsaber-slinging skills, destroyed without even firing a single round. The landing bay had been taken... but there was an entire facility still ahead of them.

#, as written by Marcus
"Droid 12-A." Mor muttered as one of the droids that stood guard outside with him stepped up towards its master just to nod in respect. "I am going to step through the barrier now. In the meantime call in for more reinforcements and more specifically give the order to bring in my Shadow. I would also appreciate it Commander Thorn would join us here with some of his men." It was with those orders that Mor called back all of his sabers to his orbit while he stepped through the barrier only to chuckle a bit and look back. "Also due be a dear and remove the shield once I return."

The droids who continued to unleash hell upon the rebellious troops began to pursue after them with unhindered results as those with blade or blaster continued to strike at their enemies in hopes of forcing their numbers to dwindle even more.

#, as written by Gasmask
Navidson felt his head, snatching a shotgun off the belt of one of the retreating soldiers and the belt of grenades with it. "Come on fuckers! You want to unleash hell on Terra! You're gonna have to kill me and every single one of these wankers!" Navidson put the belt between his teeth, cocking the shotgun and firing a few shells down the hall.

Navidson held the shotgun in one hand, slam firing it in one hand and swinging the shotgun's strap over his shoulder so he could pump it as he fiddled with each and every grenade's pin. "Come on, come on. Work." The collective thermite, cryo and frag grenades started to beep and pulse. Navidson smiled.

Navidson stopped running to lob the belt over his shoulder and wincing as he ducked down into a roadie run to avoid all the incoming blaster fire coming his way. Navidson was about to crack a smile and get into cover when one of those blade wielding droids came his way, slashing at his shoulder and taking a chunk of his uniform with it.

"Fuckin' jesus." Navidson yelled, colliding with the ground as he narrowly dodged another swing and swung the one on one around the corner as the grenades begun their final countdown to detonation. Navidson slammed his back to the wall and kicked at the droid's feet and patted his hand frantically around the floor for his baton.

Where the fuck was it?

#, as written by Marcus
One of the droids was blown away and its upper half was torn from the rest of its body sending it flailing to the ground and powering down while the others continued their onslaught and rushed further in Many of the droids ran right past the set of grenades that fell at their feet yet one in particular stopped and looked down at the cluster fuck of future destruction and began to reach down for the grenades while another droid was in the middle of fighting Navidson to the death. Darth Mor on the other hand before stepping through the barrier found himself glaring at one of the droids and his sudden prized set of grenades it had just received from the retreating enemy. The droid that hit the ground due to Navidson reached for a small blaster pistol it carried on it and began to take aim and fire on the guard in hopes of killing him as quickly as he could before a certain chain of events could unfold before all of them.

"By the Core you have got to be kidding me." Was all Mor was able to mutter before the mix of grenades filled the hallway with a frozen mix of chaos and destruction. Fire and force were suddenly replaced with a hallway of frozen winter wonder and as Mor looked deep within the icy hallway before him there were at least a few droids he remained in tack but would be to badly damaged to do much against the opposing forces. Quickly Mor rushed through the barrier only to channel the force through him sending a wave of physical energy at the icy wall shattering it and sending large shards of ice and debris towards any who still survived the blast. "You have stalled me long enough!" Mor shouted as he began to move forward into the fray allowing all twenty of his sabers to fall from their holsters and float in the air filling the hallway with a red tent and the constant hum of energy.

The droids outside simply watched in what could be considered awe at the display of power all the while Commander Thorn was being called to send reinforcements to take the facility and acquire the target and her gear.

#, as written by Zarhara
Ahead of Commander Thorn A smaller force was landing on the dock in a civilian transport. A small group of 20 veteran mercenaries and a handful of combat droids emerged. At the head of the group their leader Captain Hawk and Darth Rolak began to pace towards the entrance forming up with the Droids.

"Master, This is Rolak I have Arrived in advance with a small token force of my personal men and we are at your disposal sir." Rolak stated. He would have liked to be the top sith but he also knew that this was not his place, nor would it be. It might have been a thought for Rolak in the past but for now his position and loyalty lay with Master Mor.

Captain Hawk on the other hand was glad to be back on Terra for the time being but this was the last place he wanted to be at the moment. All he wanted to do was return home to his wife Natalie and their baby daughter but instead he was here working for his literally arch enemy but the pay was good and it kept his family alive. Secondly he had given his word and sworn his loyalty to Ventra and working for Rolak was an explicit order. If only Chek Knew I was here.... Hawk thought solemnly to himself.

#, as written by Saarai
An object sped down towards Terra, specifically towards Captain Hawk and Darth Rolak. The object slamming down in front of the entrance, creating a small crater and shooting out all manner of debris.

Kneeling in the small crater was a person, this person wearing a black wing suit and an equally black gasmask. As they stood their feminine form and tall figure became more apparent. The newcomer turned to those attempting to enter the facility, shaking their head at them as if to let them know they weren't allowed in.

The mysterious figure began to carefully remove the wing suit, revealing that underneath it they wore a form fitting black and various armored sections. The armor they wore was dark orange, the color more or less obstructed by the various holsters and handguns the being wore as well.

From revolvers to berettas, to glocks and a couple of desert eagles. Daggers holstered along the left thigh, a combat knife at the right bicep, a grenade pouch strapped to the right shin near the ankle, and finally an Mk.14 assault rifle held by a single strap over their left shoulder.

Defiant as ever the figure stood quietly, stout in the face of being outnumbered. Confident in their ability to fight off anyone in their way and anyone who dared make themselves an enemy of Terra.

#, as written by Marcus
Commander Thorn looked on from his position on the small carrier that he and his men were flying in towards the famed facility. One of Thorn's troops handed over a bit of Intel on the prison at hand and with a smirk after reviewing the information Thorn placed his helm atop his head and began barking orders. "Let the Primary Shadows know that they are to eliminate all hostile forces as quickly as they can and move up to follow under Emperor Mor's command asap. Let them know that force adepts are going to be the most useful in this situation! All members of the Scourge be ready to open fire on selected targets once we land! Gunner, call for reinforcements, we are going to decimate this entire facility once the order is given." The carrier ship that housed the troops suddenly came to a stop right above the docking area and firs the Shadow units hoped down some using the force in mid fall to slow their decent while the Scourge jumped and took on the full brunt force of their landings only to leap into action as if they did not feel a single thing. Some of the dark armored troops took aim and fired their blasters at Anodyne thanks to their combat suits registering friendlies in advance and marking anyone who was not singled out before hand as an unknown and eventually an enemy. Thorn smirked underneath his helm as he plunged out from the ship himself and landed next to two advancing Shadow Troopers who were already engaging the enemy with glowing lightsabers of silver and blaster pistols. The droids who remained outside already had their weapons up and aimed at Anodyne only to relay the information back to Mor as he continued to move through the halls of the RIP Facility mercilessly slaughtering all who got in his way with either sabers or force alone there was nothing that was going to stop this killing machine.

"Rolak I'm surprised that you even decided to show up after your last sparring season with all of my droids again? Regardless have whoever you brought with you kill any who stand in your way. We are after a rather unique subject I wish to mold." Mor spoke into a communications link that was on his right wrist just to then control four of his blades to cut into a panel that was to his left just to reveal a plethora or multicolored wires and strange devices that hummed and vibrated. "Rolak one more thing before I shut this link off between us. Get here and let me know how my Shadow does with this places emissary. You know the one who is outside with you, she is really strong." With that said Mor cut his link off with the other Sith and let his blades go to work cutting into the wires and archaic devices that powered certain parts of the RIP in the section he was in and smiled as the lights went out along with the cameras.

#, as written by Gasmask
The lights didn't go out. They flickered sure but then shone with a bright red light for all of three seconds and were brought back up with a loud hum. Navidson didn't know where the guy knew where a primary security concern would be, but he dismissed as it allowed him momentary confusion to turn the blaster pistol away with an elbow blow to the droid's wrist and popping the head off the droid like a cork off a wine bottle with a strangulation hold.

The cameras continued to click away and rotate to take in the massive enemy forces coming though.

Navidson picked his shotgun back up and darted down the hallway, sliding under blaster fire and sith trying to close into close combat, who were evidently having trouble with the controlled bursts of NPA fire, the NPA had dealt with close combat, telekinesis wielding maniacs before.

The facility was full of them.

Among the assaulting soldiers was a tall, thin force wielder. The alien was clad in black armor with red highlights wrapped in blood red robes with various black markings on them. This alien was Ashan Starek. He moved silently and unscathed among the masses. He was looking for someone in particular, someone he could fight alongside.

Ashan pulled up next Darth Rolak. Ashan made no effort to let Rolak know of his presence. If Rolak knew of Ashan, he knew that the ex-padawan did not alert others to his being near them. Ashan would stick with Rolak until he saw fit to leave his side. Rolak would provide an easy path to Mor. Ashan wanted to meet up with his master. He had heard rumors and he needed them dispelled. That and the path to Mor surely had many enemies for Ashan to vanquish on the way.

#, as written by Saarai
Anodyne's movements were quick to avoid the shots thrown her way, the armored woman advancing on her attackers as she tried to avoid their attack. Every now and then a shot glanced off of the woman, sparking to life the personal shield generator she wore on her person.

She only needed it to work until she could close the distance. Anodyne was a melee fighter above all, but if it had to become a gun battle she was no slack in handling a pistol or rifle well enough to defend herself.

Feeling her luck about to run out the woman rolled forward, simultaneously grabbing a grenade from her pouch and rolling it towards the troopers firing at her near the end of her own roll.

She discarded the pin, scrambling to find cover before the inevitable explosion.

#, as written by Zarhara
Rolak listened to Mor and decided to send a quick response. "As you Wish Master, It Shall Be done."

With the message sent Rolak ignited his saber. His face was fully hidden from his attackers behind his mask. Rolak nodded to Ashan but made no comment instead he began to charge toward Anodyne. As she rolled the grenade he reached out with the force to fling the explosive device from the platform.

Meanwhile Captain Hawk opened a comm to his Mercenaries. "Leave the fighter to the others and Advance into the Facility!" Hawk barked into his comm as he activated his jetpack he rose above the attackers and made a beeline for the entrance to the famed prison.